Ashby Lemi – babies 46, 47 and 48

BABY 46, 47 and 48

After Jones and Seely were born Ashby found herself in another lull in her challenge. She was in no hurry to contact Ao Emerald, the next father in the challenge, and get on with it. She wanted to enjoy her boys and her family, but she find it difficult to do when Asher seemed to be M.I.A. all of a sudden.

Right before the birth of the latest twins he had started to go out of town for work. First it was a day or two and then right after the birth it became weeks. Then one day he came home from one of his trips with a surprise.

“Asher, I’m so glad you are home.” Ashby snaked her arms around her husband’s neck. The day had been long and rough. The boys had been fussy all day, Leven and Hooper had gotten in a scuffle with some kids from school and Orchid and Dutton were being typical teenagers and refused to help out around the house.

“I’m glad to be home. Babe, have you contacted the next father?” Asher asked excitedly.

“No. Why?” She gave him a puzzled look.

“I want to take you and the kids on vacation.”


“Ashby, we never got to go on a real honeymoon and I want to enjoy some time as a family away from our everyday life.”

Ashby wasn’t sure at first but after several discussions and convincing by her family she finally agreed to taking a vacation and putting her challenge off for a little while.


The Lemi’s enjoyed their vacation immensely, it was filled with extremely fun activities.

A lot of time was spent at the beach were the kids, and even Ms. Sassy, enjoyed time in the water. They would play for hours and then eat a wonderful picnic lunch Ashby would prepare.

 Then as the sun would set Ashby and Orchid would get Seely and Jones into the water. Jones seemed to enjoy the seawater in his face and often made Orchid sit with him so he could get as wet as he could, while his twin, Seely, seemed a little less sure about it.


It was the day before they were to fly back to Sunset Valley when Asher dropped some heavy news onto Ashby.

He took her out to eat at a fancy tourist spot and as they waited for their desert he sprang the news. “Ashby, I have been coming here for business for some time now and I have been given an opportunity to invest in the new casino they are building and to become the new head chef.”

Ashby’s hands went to her mouth and awe. “That is wonderful darling. I’m so proud of you.” As the waiter placed their treats in front of them realization washed over her. “But won’t that mean…..”

“Yes babe, I want you and the kids to relocate to Areca Island’s with me.” Asher took a bite of his apple pie.

“Asher that is a lot to ask. It doesn’t just affect me, but the kids and the future of my 100 baby challenge.” Ashby pushed her chocolate cake away from her. She had lost her appetite for something sweet.

“I know it is, but I really want this. It is a great opportunity and this place has a lot of tourists that come through here that will give you more options for your challenge. I’ve given a lot up to support you with your challenge. Please just think about doing this for me.”

The two of them didn’t at all on the way back to their hotel and when they got there the kids were fast asleep with all the suit cases packed. The next morning Asher and Ashby sat the kids down and asked them what they thought of moving. Orchid, who had fallen in love with Areca Islands, voted to stay along with Hooper. Dutton was unsure and Leven, who had a best friend back home wanted to go back to Sunset Valley. The family flew back to Sunset Valley, after many days of fighting and discussing it was decided that the Lemi family would relocated to Areca Islands and Asher would take on the new job opportunity.

Asher had flown out a week before the rest and arranged the purchase of the Lemi’s new home. Here are just a couple of the rooms:

Asher just knew the kids, and Ashby would be happy on the Island.

The family had been on the Island for a week before Ashby sent the kids off to school. The day before Dutton sat in the backyard worrying if he would make friends and if people here would accept him and his differences.

What do you think? Do you think the kids of Areca Island will accept Dutton?

Hello World who are these boys? Yep that is right it is Seely and Jones right after they aged into Children.

While the other kids were at their first day of school Ashby witnessed her babies age up into fine children. These two boys turned out cute as a button with Seely getting his dad’s hair coloring and Jones with his Grandpa Lawrence’s. It seems to me that another one of Ashby’s boys had the same color and look to his hair as Jones. Newbie Starr-Bright to mention a name.

Do you think Jones and Newbie look alike?

Ashby had aged them up in the morning so that she could spend the day with them before they too went off to school and she would be alone. She took them to the grand park and the boys had an awesome time. Ashby had brought her camera and made sure to capture their time together.

These two boys had a great day with their mom, but they were looking forward to starting school and meeting kids their own age.

This park is awesome if you like it you can download it here


Three weeks past and the kids were doing well in school. Orchid and Dutton seemed to be getting along well with a group of kids, who were all fostered by the same couple, in their class. Hooper and Leven were pulling great grade and Jones and Seely were popular amongst the Island’s children.

Ashby had taken up photography and with all her kids in school, her friends so far away and no idea about the fate of her challenge she wandered about the Island taking pictures of all the fantastic places and things the Island had to offer.

One day as she was exploring and taking pictures of one of the parks she heard giggling from a nearby park bench. She whirled around to see a couple, who look so much in love, sitting on the bench. She tried to excuse herself but the woman yelled out to her.

“Hey there are you Ashby Lemi?”

Ashby was surprised that the woman knew who she was. “Yes how did you know?”

“I’m a big fan of your blog. I run the local foster home here on the Island and your blog has helped me in accepting each child into my home.” She stood from the bench and forced herself into Ashby’s arms for a big hug.

“Well aren’t you friendly.” Ashby laughed into the woman’s hair. “And who do I have the honor of hugging?”

“Oh I am so sorry. My name is Summer Eason and this my boyfriend Franklin Velasco.” You must think I am crazy lunging at you like that.

“No it is okay, really. I am glad to meet you both.” Ashby shook Franklin’s hand.
The two women started talking and soon they were fast friends and before Ashby left the park that day she had plans to meet up with Summer the next day.

They spent the day at the beach and soon they were great friends. For the first time in a long time Ashby finally felt connected. She finally felt that she could survive in Areca Islands. She still missed her friends terribly, but spending time with Summer helped that void.

It felt good for her to have a friend again, someone to have coffee with and someone to go shopping with. Friends are important and they are very much needed. You don’t always have to have a brood of them, but one goes a long way.

The foster home kids throw a party on the beach just about every weekend and once Dutton and Orchid were invited they felt they were finally part of the group.

One of the favorite past times of the boys (from left to right: Rod McGrath, Ahmad Call and JohnPaul Madden) is soccer. They enjoyed playing on the beach and during the party.

While the boys were wrapped up into the soccer game and the girls were cheering them on Dutton took the opportunity to talk to Daisy Connor. He had a terrible crush on her and even though he spent a lot of time with her “group” he could never muster up the courage to talk to her, but today he made a promise to himself, and he was pleasantly surprised that she acted interested in him and the more they talked the closer they grew.

“I got it I got it.” Orchid cried as Rod jumped up and slammed the ball over her head and to the other side of the net.

The kids were really enjoying the party and their new friends.

While the Volley Ball game was going on Dutton took the opportunity to stand on the side lines with Daisy. He was a little confused and excited when she leaded up against him and allowed him to kiss her bare shoulder. He was falling hard for this girl and she was making it very easy for him. JohnPaul felt a little uncomfortable, but just tired to focus on cheering about the game.

After the game the kids sat down and enjoyed a nice hearty picnic and some rest before continuing the day’s activities.

“Do they have no shame?” The purple clad Leilani Baron crinkled her nose up at the sight before them.

Daisy and Dutton were relaxing on a blanket deep in a conversation. They both enjoyed being close to each other.

“My brother isn’t normally like this.” Orchid tried to defend Dutton, but she so desperately wanted to be part of this group so she didn’t say much more.

“Well I think it is distasteful and I wouldn’t be caught dead rubbing up against a boy like that.” Leilani let the venom ooze from her voice.

“I think they are cute.” Kia Lyons, who was not part of the group home, but a local girl that hung out with them, said. She smiled at Orchid and stood up. Come on Rod and JohnPaul are getting ready to have a climbing race. I want to go watch.” She grabbed Orchid’s hand and pulled her from the blanket.

“Go JohnPaul Go!” Orchid yelled with force.

Kia laughed and went back and forth cheering for JohnPaul and Rod.

“Come on Rod.” Leilani’s was upset that he was losing. She had, had a crush on him since she moved to the group home but he never paid her any attention. She thought that if she showed interest that someday he would take notice.

In the end JohnPaul won two out of three races.

No beach party is complete without some beach dancing. As the sun on the Island the kids grooved to some fun music.

“Dutton, do you know what would be fun?” Leilani asked with a grin.

Dutton didn’t like the look on her face, but he asked what anyway.

“Some fireworks would be lovely. I brought some if you would light them for me.” She pulled the fireworks out of her bag.

“Leilani, I don’t think we need fireworks tonight.” Daisy looked at Dutton and tried to give him a look warning him it was a bad idea.

Leilani shoved the fireworks into Dutton’s hands. “Come on Daisy they will be so pretty in tonights clear sky.”

Dutton took them and went to the edge of the water. Leaning down he lit them and backed up quickly. The fireworks were beautiful, but what Dutton didn’t know is that they were illegal on the beach and Officer Peralta rounded the beach every weekend at that time.

Dutton was handcuffed and Orchid begged the officer not to take him. She tried to tell him that they didn’t know it was illegal, but the officer wouldn’t listen. When Orchid heard Leilani laughing behind them she knew that she had set up her brother, and she was angry.

“Don’t worry D I will call mom.” Orchid yelled after Dutton and Office Peralta.

Orchid flew at Leilani with extreme anger. “You knew they were illegal. You set my brother up.”

“Your brother is a bozo.” Leilani crossed her arms over her chest.

“I will show you looser.” Orchid balled up her right fist and pulled back to throw a punch, but Ahmad grabbed her arm.

“Come on Orchid she isn’t worth it. I will take you home.” He drug her away from the group and they walked to his car.

In the patrol car Officer Peralta finally heard Dutton out and decided to let him off with a warning and drove him home.

“Dutton, what happened?” Ashby sat Dutton down for a serious talk after Officer Peralta left.

He explained everything to her. From the day he had with Daisy to what Leilani did to him.

Sighing Ashby took his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. “Honey, there will always be people that have to put others down to make them feel good. You just need to stay a good person and not associate yourself with those kinds of people.”

“Okay mom.”

“And I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about that other girl.” Ashby called behind her as she headed to answer the front door. “Dutton it is for you.”

“Dutton, before you say anything please hear me out.” Daisy begged as Dutton stepped out onto the porch.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, but didn’t say a word.

“First of all I want you to know that I really do like you. I want to get to know you better and I want us to be more then friends. Leilani is a bully and she makes my life hell if I don’t go along with her. I hate it, but it is better to do what she says then take what she dishes out. I really hope you can forgive me.”

For several minutes Dutton just stood there looking at her and finally he said, “I don’t know Daisy. I guess I just need time.” He turned and went back into the house leaving a heartbroken Daisy on the porch.

It’s time for a change. Ashby went to the local salon and had her hair colored drastically. She really liked it. How about you? What do you think?

“Ao. Ao Emerald? What on earth are you doing here?” Ashby was surprised to see the next scheduled father in her challenge here on Areca Island.

Ao stuffed the last piece of his lunch into his mouth, wiped his lips and stood up.

“Ashby, I’m so glad to see you. I flew down here to surprise you and let you know I am still interested in being the next father is you are still doing your challenge.”

Ashby threw herself into the man’s arms. “Oh Ao thank you so much.” She was so excited at the prospect of continuing her challenge that she dragged him to the hospital right then and there. They were told that they could get an appointment in a week’s time. Ao was okay with staying that long and Ashby was over the moon.
Before Ashby knew it, it was time for another Lemi birthday. The four eldest in the household were about to embark on their new stages of life.

Look out world Orchid and Dutton are on the loose now. Look at these two…Wow. I think these two will go far.

Thick as thieves Hooper and Leven aged up so well. These two are going to be interesting to follow for one cannot do without the other. Leven is smart and outspoken but she could not be as brave as she is without Hooper’s encouragement and quite soft spoken could not be as into his music without Leven telling him it was okay to be a little withdrawn for the sake of his music. I for one can’t wait to see what these two have in store for us.

Orchid and Dutton said their good-byes and headed off for their new lives. Before she left Orchid told her mother that she had sent in an application to be on a T.V. series and she was accepted to be in We All Love Luke. Ashby new her little girl would be incredible and promised that she and the family would tune in every week once it started. Dutton did forgive Daisy and he went straight to her house and swept her off her feet. They eloped several days later when she aged up into a Y.A.

As mentioned before Hooper loved music and he took every lesson and class he could. He is learning to play the bass here.

Leven made a best friend rather quickly after starting high school. Everyone meet the lovely Graciela Whitmore. I am sure you will see her face around the Lemi’s quite often, and yes she is a sweet as she looks. There is mask with this sim.

Just days before the new Lemi arrivals Ashby had family pictures taken, and what a lovely family too.

Everyone meet the Emerald-Lemi triplets. From left to right we have Fern, Tyme and Little Barklay. These three cuties will fit nicely with the Lemi’s.

Yes folks not only did the Lemi’s add three new babies, but another pet. Meet Caesar. Asher missed JackRabbit so badly that he adopted this noble steed from a family that was moving from the island to the big city. Caesar is making himself quite comfortable in the Lemi home. Looks like Asher is quite happy.. Ride Um Cowboy… *giggle*

Jones you don’t have to be afraid of Mr. Caesar. He is very friendly.

Yes he is doing quite well in the Lemi household.

Well I am going to leave you with this cute picture of Jones and Sassy. She has really taken a liking to the young lad and I think they are going to be the best of friends.

I want to thank you all for reading, but hey be on the watch I have an update on one of Ashby’s kids coming up really quick. Another Lemi child has found love and I think you will be surprised at who and with whom it is with.

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Ashby Lemi – babies 40, 41, 42 and 43

BABY 40, 41, 42 and 43

***There is a little bit of language in this post as well as a hit of mature content***

O’Deen was a very needy baby, but smart as a whip. Ashby had never before had such a needy baby before. She was very thankful when he learned his skills rather quickly and she was able to age him up.

It doesn’t look like he is too happy to be a child. I think Ashby may have some trouble on her hands, but let’s hope I am wrong.

Even tough Song and Cindi-Lou weren’t as close as they were when they were both in the children age Song still idolized her big sister and took every advantage in getting some sister time.

“Read to me Cindi.” She would beg.

“Oh alright squirt.” Cindi-Lou would say with a smile and they would pick out a book and head to bedroom. Song would get her pj’s on and snuggle down into bed and Cindi-Lou would read her story to her with animated text.

“Mom, why doesn’t Song like me?” Rue was very upset that her twin sister didn’t want to spend time with her.

“Honey, it isn’t that she doesn’t like you. Sometimes people just don’t have the same interests and they find they get along better with certain people.” Ashby wasn’t sure what was going on with her girls, but she couldn’t let Rue walk around thinking she was hated.

“But we are twins. That is something that only her and I share.” Tears filled the little girls eyes.

“Come here baby.” Ashby swept the girl into her arms. “You are loved baby girl. Don’t you ever forget that.” She kissed her on her forehead. “You and Song will find your way to each other, but the time just isn’t now.”
Rue seemed to take that and she hugged tight to her mom letting her hum to her ever so gently.

Scrooge felt a little out of place. Besides O’Deen he was the only boy in the household and with such an age gap between the two of them he decided to get to know Asher better.

“Dad,” Many of Ashby’s kids called Asher dad even though they were never told they had to. “I was wondering what you were doing today? Would you like to hang out?” He asked one sunny Saturday afternoon.

“I was getting ready to head to the gym. Would you like to go?” Asher was very happy that Scrooge wanted to do something with him.
“Yeah sounds like fun.”

“Come on Scrooge you can do it.” Asher encouraged the young man.

“I am not sure I can.” Scrooge’s voice was strained and tired.

“Okay let’s call it a day.” Asher clapped the boy on the back and they went and grabbed some lunch.

When Scrooge and Asher got home that day Scrooge fond O’Deen playing one of his favorite video games and couldn’t resist joining his sibling.

“I didn’t know you like video games.” Scrooge said trying to make his little pixel guy jump over the box.

“You have never asked me.” As I have said before O’Deen is pretty smart.
“Perhaps we can hang out more Dude.”

The two got lost in their game.

Ashby always looks for new things to participate in and when she read that a new family from England needed a place to stay while their house was being built she signed up.

Meet the Dudley family. They are a bunch of fun, silly people. The Dudley family became very close with the Lemi family, but especially the twin boys Zeke and Zion.

In the weeks that they stayed with the Lemi’s love started to bloom.

Zeke and Marlie could be found singing karaoke or just watching the stars together. He just got her and she got him and they were so comfortable with each other.

Cindi-Lou and Zion were a little more carefree. They enjoyed the beach and talking late into the night.

Both love affairs were on their own course, but it was Marlie and Zeke who shared a first kiss first.

And she couldn’t wait to get home to tell her sister all about it.
“What was it like?” Cindi-Lou asked with a giggle.

“It was soft, sweet and kind of wet.” Marlie whispered in her ear.

“Ewwwe…wet? I am not sure I would like that.” Cindi-Lou scrunched her nose up at her sister.

“No..no..it wasn’t gross. It was beautiful. I felt as if my body was consumed by fireworks.”

The girls gossiped into the night.

Scrooge on the other hand wasn’t into girls or making a lot of friends. He wanted to learn music. After school and homework he would convince Ashby to play the guitar with him and whenever the karaoke machine was available he got O’Deen to sing with him.

He was so musically talented but he wasn’t sure if he was going to make a living with him or if this was for his enjoyment.

Whatever he decides I think he is going to be successful. How about you?

Then before anyone was really ready it was time for a Lemi birthday bash and another trio of Ashby’s kids to move out.

First up were the triplets. Scrooge, Marlie and Cindi-Lou grew up beautifully.

They said good-bye to their mom and for the first time they all left separately. Scrooge moved out and headed to a friend’s loft to play music 24/7 and figure out what he wanted to do with this life.
 Marlie and Zeke headed to the apartment they had rented.

While Cindi-Lou and Zion move across town to the house they rented from another of the Lemi kids.

Even though the party was mostly family Song and Rue’s dad Don Turner attended. He was quite shocked that his girls were already teenagers. Look at these two girls. They have the right combination of Don and Ashby don’t you think?

O’Deen had the choice to stay a child or age up and he chose to stay a child for a bit longer.
Ashby decided to take some time before getting pregnant again.

She spent time with her overly needy son O’Deen.

She and Asher took long walks in the park while the kids were at school.

And she took some much needed time with her friends Christy Quinn and Violet Newbie.

They went for a picnic in the park and for some drinks and pool in the evening.

“Do tell us your secret Christy.” Ashby urged.

“Yes do tell us darling.” Violet leaned over Ashby to hear what Christy has to say.

“Well Ashby dear, apparently your Simi and my James have been caught around town together.” Christy whispered with a smile.

“Isn’t that a big strange?” Violet innocently asked. “James and Ashby have a daughter together making Bay and Simi half sisters.”

“Simi and James have no relation.” Ashby defended. She was so happy that her baby girl had found such a great guy like James Quinn.

“I for one approve.” Christy winked at Ashby and the ladies continued on with their night.

Asher even took some time to spend with his brother A.J. When you get the two Lemi boys together you never know what will happen. They had planned to go fishing, but instead decided to go rock climbing and without the proper equipment. Luckily they made it safe and sound and spent several hours up there just talking about life and rehashing the past.

They even talked about their dearly departed friend Connery Bright. The boys missed him terribly and Asher found it hard to bring him up to Ashby. So it was good to have some brother time.

Remember this guy? Yep Ashby couldn’t put it off any longer and Baby 40 was conceived with Amethyst Eggplant.

(From left to right: Song, Rue, Perkins, Peeta (Ms. Young’s son), Ms. Young, Julie, Monika and Spenser)

Song and Rue were doing so well in school that they got chosen to go to France with a group of classmates and their teacher Ms. Young.

It was an opportunity of a life time, filled with hopes, dreams, friends and even romance. The trip was planned for the students to learn about the French culture and they had several assignments they had to do in regards to what they learned. The girls were excited.

Perkins Smith was a ladies’ man, or at least in his mind he was, and had decided on the plane ride that he was going to get with Rue Lemi. He had been watching from a far for a while and just knew he had a chance with her. He waited till they went on their first tour to make his move.

He waited until she was viewing an exhibit taking notes about what she was view. Creeping up behind her he grabbed her around the waist and gently kissed her neck.

Dropping her notebook Rue whirled around screaming. “How dare you! You don’t just come up to a girl and kiss them without their permission.”
“Oh honey you know you like it.” Perkins gave her what he considered his dazzling grin.

“Perkins Smith you are disgusting. Stay away from me.” In a huff she grabbed her notebook from the floor and walked away.
“What a Bitch!” Perkins was put off by Rue’s behavior. “Oh well her sister is kind of hot. I bet she would be into me.”

Seeing that Song was a little bit more on the quieter side then her sister he decided to try a different approach with her. He followed her around, making sure to sit next to her on the bus and volunteering to be her partner when projects were assigned.

Another boy in the group also found himself volunteering to be Rue’s partner. The day that Perkins hit on her she had run out of the museum trying to keep back tears of shame. She had never had a boy treat her with such disrespect before and she didn’t know how to handle it. Her father, Don, her step father Asher nor any of her brothers behaved like Perkins and her mother had never prepared her for it. She wasn’t looking where she was going and she literally ran right into Peeta Young.

“Are you okay Rue?” He asked patting her back when she pushed up against him and wrapped her arm around him. She just wanted to feel comfort.
When Rue calmed down she told him all about Perkins and she felt so comfortable with him. They ended up walking back to the hotel and from that day forward they had become inseparable.

Then a trip to the nectary changed both of the relationships.

Perkins finally swindled Song into making out with him.

And after sharing a bottle of nectar Peeta blurted out that he loved Rue and admitted that he wanted to be with her. He wanted to be her boyfriend.

Rue squeaked with delight and accepted willingly. That night they left the nectary arm in arm, in love and contemplating taking their relationship to the next level.

The trip many good things as I have said before and the most important is that it brought the sisters together. Rue finally had her twin in her corner and since they had grown so close she decided she need to let Song what she thought of Perkins.

“Perkins Smith is a disgusting pig and I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Rue pointed out to Song.

“He is just misunderstood.” Song assured her concerned sister, but I will be careful she assured her.

“I have your back. Just remember that.”

A great time was had by all in France and by the end of the trip they were all ready go to home and get back to their lives.

When Song and Rue were in France Ashby gave birth to babies 40 and 41 Multi-Gender twins. Meet Little Orchid Eggplant Lemi. How cute is she? She has her mother’s hair and skin coloring and her dad’s eyes.

Let me introduce you to Dutton Eggplant Lemi. He is so unique with his skin coloring and his already great style.

The delivery was one of the worst Ashby has had to date and she found herself watching over her new babies as they slept. The doctor’s had told her they were fine, but she couldn’t help but worry about them.

Song took to Dutton like a fish to water. When she wasn’t in school, doing homework or with Perkins she could be found playing with this little guy.
“You are the cutest thing every.” She cooed as she tickled the little boy.
About a month had passed since the girls came home from France and things in their life were changing rapidly. Perkins seemed to be pulling away from Song and one day when they were hanging out in her bedroom things came to an abrupt halt.

They had been making out when Perkins got a telephone call. Breaking their kiss he got up and took it with no regard for Song still on the bed.

“Hey babe….Oh really….Yeah I can come over. Give me fifteen minutes.”
“Wh…who was that?” Song was confused by the word babe and the abruptness that he wanted to leave.

“Cassidy Barns, my girlfriend.” Perkins dropped a bomb.

“Your….Your what?” Song jumped off the bed.

“You heard me.” He slides his phone into his pocket. “Catch you around.”

Song threw herself off the bed and grabbed his waist bringing them both to the ground. Perkins twists to face her and took a hold of her hands. “Ggggirlll.” He said in a wicked voice and pulled her to her feet.

Startling her by pushing her up against the wall he looked deep in her eyes.

“Listen to me girlie. In France I wanted your sister not you, but she refused me so you did in a pinch. Cassidy has been my girlfriend since before France and that is the way it is going to stay. Do you hear me!”

“But what about after France?” Song was a afraid to ask, but she forced herself.
“Hhahahah…well you turned out to be a great kisser and I was hoping to get laid.”

Pushing him away from her she stated screaming at him. “Get out. Get out of my house and stay away from me and my sister. Rue was right you are a disgusting pig.”

Perkins let out a little chuckle. “Whatever babe, I’m out of here.” He left that day never to return to the Lemi household.

Rue’s relationship with Peeta was changing as well. They had, had such a great time in France, but when they got back they found it hard to find things to talk about. Rue still loved being kissed by him, but she wasn’t as comfortable with him as she had once been and she wasn’t sure what was going on.

Everyone in the Lemi household loved Peeta and thought that Rue found a good match in him, and that made everything she felt inside ten times worse.

The two were invited to a pool party and the whole time Peeta followed Rue around like a lost puppy. She encouraged him to go and hang out with his friends, which he hadn’t done since they got back, and just have fun, but he refused and just kept company with her.

When Rue thought she was about to scream she moved away from the group of youths trying to find some peace and get her thoughts together.

“What’s wrong babe?” Peeta came up behind Rue and put his loving arms around her.

She looked up into his kind eyes. “I don’t know. I guess I’m not feeling well.”
“Do you want to go?”

“Yeah I think that it is a good idea.”

They said good-bye to their friends, changed and Peeta walked her home giving her a soft kiss on her doorstep.

A week later he took her to the local teen hangout for a date. They had a great time playing skeet ball and pool, but when night began Peeta began feeling amorous. He pulled her over to the couch for a teenage make out session, but when his lips found her Rue felt nothing.

She kissed his forehead and pulled away from it. Tears instantly begin to flow down her face. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” Peeta’s voice was worried and scared.

“Us. Peeta I can’t pretend there is anything between us anymore. I think France was our romance.”

“What are you talking about?” Peeta’s voice raises a few octaves and they are asked to leave.

Once outside their first fight emitted. Peeta did a lot of yelling and begging and Rue did a lot of listening and crying and in the end Rue left Peeta standing outside the hang out and she walked home.

After Rue walked away from the heartbroken Peeta he aged himself up and left Sunset Valley. The only thing he left behind was a text message to Rue that said: “Rue if you ever cared about me at all please don’t tell my mom what happened between us. I have left Sunset Valley for good and I don’t want anyone to follow. Peeta.”

The next day Ms. Young called Rue in a panic looking for Peeta. Rue had cared for Peeta and she did as she was asked and lied. She told Ms. Young that she didn’t know where he was and last she saw him was outside the hang up after their date. Ms. Young began frantically calling all of his friends after that.
A few days passed and Rue’s heart was breaking. It was breaking for having to lie to Ms. Young, it was breaking for having to hurt Peeta and most of all it was breaking because now that he was gone she missed him like crazy. She was beginning to doubt her decision to break up with him.

Rue found herself at the park seeking solitude when Song found her. “There, there, little sister. It will be okay.” She Hugged her sister tightly. “You can’t beat yourself up because you wanted to be happy.”

“That’s it Song I don’t know if I made the right choice. Now that he is gone my heart aches for him and I miss him.” Rue admitted out loud for the first time.
Song spun her around and wiped the tears from her face. “Rue, whatever is going to happen will happen. You can’t stop life from happening nor can you stop making choices. Some of those choices are going to be good and some will be back. Some you will learn from and others will just make you happy. If you and Peeta are meant to be then the two of your will find each other again. For now Rue Turner Lemi you need to dry those tears and move on with your life.”

The girls spent the rest of the day at the lake.

“Song we are about to age up soon and we don’t have boyfriends or being life plans.” Rue pointed out.

“That is true dear sister, but we will be fine. We finally have each other, we have a wonderful mom who loves us. We have several brothers and sisters who will always be there for us and a Step-Father that has loved us as if we were his own since the day we were born. On top of all this our father is Dawn Turner’s cousin. I think that will all that support behind us we will be fine.” The always optimistic Song pointed out.

That night when they walked through the door Ashby noticed that Rue’s eyes were red and they were glossed over with fresh tears.

“Come here baby.” Ashby pats that couch next to her. “Song run upstairs and check on the twins for me, will you?”

Song went up stairs and Rue sat next to her mother.

“What happened Baby Girl?” and took her daughters hand.

Rue told the whole story to her mother.

As fresh tears stain Rue’s face again Ashby pulls her into her arms, and much like when she was a little girl and fretting over Song she comforted her. She kissed the top of her head and said, “Honey, heartache is part of life. It is part of what makes a person well round. Learn from it, nurture it, but don’t dwell on it.”

“Oh mom.” Rue buried her face in Ashby’s protective hold.

At the time she had the bonding moment with Rue Ashby was well on her way to bring babies 41 and 42 into the world. The Father… you remember this guy, right? Caribbean Aquamarine.

The Lemi’s welcomed Leven Aquamarine Lemi.

And Hooper Aquamarine Lemi.
Another Lemi birthday rolled around.

Rue and Song Turner Lemi. Look at these stunning girls. They grew up so well and with their own styles and personalities, but most of they have finally become each other’s best friend.

They said good-bye to their mom and the rest of the family and set off into Sunset Valley to find their way in life.

O’Deen from needy baby and young man to a handsome teenager.

And the Eggplant twins, Dutton and Orchid. Aren’t they too cute for words?

Thank you as always for reading. I want to mention that I know Christy Quinn has taken a different direction with her blog/story, but I just couldn’t take her out of my game. She is one of Ashby’s bff’s so stay tuned to see differences between her blog and mine. Also I am not sure the relationship status of James in her game, but mine put him and Simi together and I thought it was cute so I wanted to keep it that way in mine.
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Ashby Lemi: Babies 29, 30 and 31


BABY 29, 30 and 31



            A couple of weeks after the babies came home Ashby went out and bought her and her family matching jerseys.  She decided that a family picture was in order and this is what she got.

What a beautiful family the Lemi’s are.

            “Oh today is your birthday my sweet baby.”  Ashby cooed in Carter’s ear as she hugged her tight.

            “And I can’t forget you my little darling.”  She said to Capri.

She put the baby back in her crib and moved to the dresser to pick out new outfits for her girls when they became toddlers.

“Babe, can you come down here?”  Asher called from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m getting things ready for the girl’s party.”  She called back down.

“I know but I really want to show you something.”  His voice was very insistent.

Ashby sighed and put down the cute toddler shirt she was holding, nice thing about being a challenge mom you are prepared with a lot of different clothing, and headed down the stairs.

“What is it Asher?” When she got to where he was standing she saw two peculiar looking dolls.  “What are those?”

“I’m not sure, but they came from… well… from anonymous.”  Asher crunched his face up in confusion.

“Who on earth….?”  She asks taking the dolls from Asher and turning them around in her hands inspecting them.

“Here is the note that was sent with them.”   Asher hands her a note that looked like had been through a lot of trouble to get to its destination.

Ashby set the dolls down and read:

Dear Ashby and Family,

                                    I know this is an odd thing receiving a letter and a gift from a stranger, but I really am not a stranger.  I am sorry I can’t revel my identity, I truly wish I could, but I have reasons why I can’t. 

                                    Anyway, I am sending you these two dolls for your newest members Carter and Capri.  My children had them growing up and I want your twins to have them now.  They will bring them great fun, comfort and companionship when they need it the most.

                                    If you look closely to the dolls shirt you will see a name on it.  I would like King to go to Carter and Bow to go to Capri. 

                                                            Please know these are sent with love,



“This is strange.”  Ashby observes and looks up at Asher, “Was there no return address on the package?”

Asher shakes his head no.  “Odd very odd.”  Ashby says, “Do you think they are safe to give the girls?”

“I think so.”  So it was decided that as part of their birthday presents Carter and Capri would receive these two odd dolls.


            It looks like little Carter name be a carbon copy of her mama.  She has Ashby’s eyes, skin tone and hair color.  Not one of her father’s, Basil Greensip, genes are apparent, but she sure is a cutie.

            Capri looks just like her sister in facial features and skin tone, but it appears that she has inherited her grandpa Lawrence’s hair coloring.

These two little girls are beautiful and they make their parents so very proud.

            These dolls that the girls received were very peculiar.  They seemed to move on their own and follow the girls around.  Wait that can’t be possible, can it?

             The girls seemed to love them.  Capri loved the outdoors and it was a fight for Ashby to get her inside so Ashby always let her play just a tad bit longer with Bow.  Ashby of course would just be up on the deck keeping a very watchful eye on her.

            Carter too loved to snuggle with King and did so with every spare moment she had, which was a lot because what responsibilities do toddlers have?  LOL

            Keskey was a wonderful big brother.  He was so happy about having siblings that he would come home from school and right after homework was done he would play with his sisters.  Peek-a-boo seemed to be a favorite game among the children.   Carter and Capri loved Keskey too.  In fact I think when they were learning how to talk Kes, their nick name for him, was one of their first words.

            “Ride em’ cowgirl.”  Ashby encouraged Carter to use her imagination and make believe she was on a ranch riding a blue steed.

            “And you my dear are a pirate princess.”  Carter giggles at her mama’s stories.

            At bedtime Capri went down with no problem, after of course her extra play time outside with Bow, because she loved it when her “daddy” read to her.  Let me explain the girls knew who Basil was because he sent emails that Ashby read to them, video chats, cards and phone calls, but they had taken on calling Asher daddy.  Basil knew about it, for those of them that wanted to be part of the children’s’ life Ashby always filled the dads in on what was going on, and surprisingly he was fine with it.

            On the other hand Ms Carter was the staler of the two.

“Mama, I have a secret.”  She said in her cute little girl’s voice.

“What is it Love?”  A small smile played on Ashby lips.  Most nights Carter told her something just goofy and silly.

“Kes doesn’t believe me but King is real.”  Carter giggled.

“You are such a goofy girl.”  Ashby tickled Carter and carried her upstairs to her crib.

            Time went along and on one of her trips to the E-store Ashby found this bizarre stand with a book.  The sales person told her that it would teach her magic.  She was skeptical, but bought it out of curiosity.  When she got it home she began memorizing the spells in the book but just a bit frightened to try it out.  Perhaps she will have tried one of them for the next post.


            Keskey decided to try painting and wouldn’t you know that he was a natural.  I wonder what his biological parents were like.  Were they painters, actors, or scientist?

             “Sister, it is our bifhday.”  Capri tells Carter.

            Carter replied with just a single word, “Cake.”

Ashby and Asher, who at this point kept the children’s aging a private affair and this meant family so A.J. and Vi were invited, set up cakes for their daughters and watched them grow into splendid children.


            Carter was a stunning child who loved the thought of flowers in her hair.  Ashby made her a flower crown and the child was insanely happy.  In conjunction with her insane and virtuoso traits she rolled the Party Animal trait.  I think Ashby and Asher are going to have their hands full with this one.

            Capri was a little more conservative, and in addition to her Absent Minded and Neurotic traits she rolled the Coward trait.

These two girls were very different but they were sisters and not just mere sisters but twins.

At the party Asher’s brother A.J. and his fiancée Violet informed them that their new house was ready to be moved into.  This was fabulous news.

            Who on earth is Carter playing with?  She keeps telling us it is King, but all we can see is her hitting the air with her pillow, silly kid.

            It took the Lemi’s a couple of weeks to pack and prepare to move to the new house, and once they got to the new lot it was so worth it.  Vi and A.J. had done a wonderful job and Ashby knew that she and Asher had make the right decision to continue the challenge.  They knew they were going to be a happy thriving family in this new house.


            Even though it was Saturday the girls wanted to get their homework done so they had all day on Sunday to help unpack and get to know their new house.  The atmosphere of the kitchen was perfect for learning and feeling calm while having a meal.

            This is part of the boy’s room.  Asher and Ashby are forever grateful that even though Vi and A.J. were going through some things they took the time to make them this lovely home.


            This is the girl’s room.  Carter and Capri were super excited that their aunt, well soon to be, remembered their favorite Sims band and hung a poster of them in there.  The first night in the house Carter didn’t even try to stall going to bed.

****AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thank you Molly aka Violet Newbie, for taking time out of your busy life and you sims playing to make me this beautiful home for my sims.  Your friendship is a blessing.  *hugs* ****


            It was time for Keskey’s birthday into teen hood, but first Ashby wanted a family picture.  It seems like since the death of her other children she has been more set on getting pictures.   Carter refused to look at the camera and Keskey couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his sister.  This was the best of the set that were taken.

            Keskey Lemi is a handsome boy, but how did he get so skinny?  I have watched the boy eat.  I guess it is just in his genetics.

It was that time again and after interviewing a few candidates Ashby and Asher, yes he was part of the decision making of the challenge now, decided that the next dad would be their good friend Terrance Phillip.


 Terrance owned the local gas station and repair shop.  He wasn’t interested in settling down right now and didn’t know if he ever would be and thought that having a child with his DNA would be a good thing.

Ashby made their appointment and after a few weeks she found out that it had been successful.

As she began to show she got a crazy idea that Asher was no longer attracted to her.  She thought that he had decided that her having a child with other men was disgusting and he no longer wanted to be with her.

Where did she get these ideas you ask?  Asher had been working late and usually fell asleep on the couch when he got home.  The reason for this was that he was trying very hard to get a promotion so that he could provide better for the family and when he got home late he didn’t want to disturb Ashby so he just crashed on the couch.

Finally one night she waited up for him and when he came in the door he saw her standing at the top of the stairs.

“What are you doing up Sweetheart?”  He asked as he climbed the stairs to her.


            As he climbed toward her she busted into tears rambling to him all her fears.  When he reached her he took her in his arms and held her close.  He whispered into her ear how much he loved her as she sobbed against his shoulder.

When she had calmed down some he pushed her at arm’s length, looked deep into her eyes and pulled her into a kiss of a lifetime.  This one action eased her mind.


            “And Carter comes around the corner taking the lead.”  Carter shouts in an announcer type voice.  Carter was a very odd girl, but loveable and enjoyable to watch.

            Keskey is very popular in high school, but he seems to be a one woman kind of guy.  He has himself a girlfriend, but has yet to formally introduce her to his family or to me.  Hopefully by the next installment I can tell you, the reader, who she is.

            Then one day while Ashby was at the market she went into labor.  The hospital was only a few blocks away and since this was her 29th child Ashby decided to waddle there on foot.  On her way she called Keskey, Asher and as agreed Terrance for he was going to be there instead of Asher.

            Keskey went looking for the twins to let them know that their mom wouldn’t be home for a couple of days and when she came home she would have a new baby with her.

Capri was ecstatic that she would have a new baby sister or brother and after Keskey told her the news she went to find Bow to tell her the news.  Keskey just rolled his eyes at his odd sister and went to find Carter.

He found her dancing in her room alone.  She was really into the music and didn’t hear him come in and when she twirled around to the music he scared the living daylight out of her.

“What do you want?”  She asked him hatefully.

He never took Carter’s tone serious and told her about their mother.

            As he closed the door behind him he heard Carter yell, “Noooooooooooooo….”

            He stood on the other side of the door listening to her rant about the baby.  She was determined not to let the new little one take her place with their mom.  He cracked the door a bit and saw her standing in the middle of the room yelling and pretending to choke herself.  Carter tends to overreact and over dramatize everything.  Make sure her playful acts weren’t causing real harm he shut the door behind him.  Soon he heard the music again and knew that Carter had moved on.

            A couple of days later Ashby returned home with:

            Rian Phillip Lemi.  How exciting is this?  This is the first of Ashby’s children to get their grandma Mirid’s skin tone.  With her mom’s hair and eye color and her grandma’s skin tone Rian is a beautiful girl.  At birth she rolled the Neurotic and Good traits.

            Riker Phillip Lemi.  He got his dad’s skin tone, hair color and nose shape.  We aren’t sure where the eye color comes from, but he is a most handsome young man.  He got the Disciplined and Genius traits.


            And Rollin Phillip Lemi.  What a beautiful boy with his Grandma Mirid’s hair coloring and his father’s skin tone, eye coloring and nose shape.  He rolled the Clumsy and Eccentric traits.

            Here are Ashby’s 2nd set of Multi-gender triplets (her first actually being Twins Elvira and Ash) with their father Terrance Phillip.  Would love to hear any thoughts you have.


Thank you dear reader for taking the time to join me in Ashby’s life, without you I wouldn’t have the motivation to write about her.  Please leave me a comment here or on my facebook page…you can find me under Ashby Lemi.


Ashby Starr Bright – babies 21 and 22





            Hello my name is Nina Nestor, and I am from the same small country as Victor Noosebaum. Prince Victor has hired me to come to Twinbrook USA, follow Ms. Ashby and her family around and continue her blog for her. You see in one of their phone conversations Ashby expressed how hard it was to maintain her blog while taking care of her children. Prince Victor didn’t want her to stop blogging and now I am here to continue telling her story for her. So let’s get started.



            Ashby, as she often does after every delivery, changed up her look. She decided to go with an up-do with a simple dress. Another set of triplets in the house is going to make things a little busier around the house.


            Things went along normally with not major events. Ashby took care of the babies, the children grew and the teens attended school and did teen things.

            Then it was time for the triplet’s to become toddlers. Ashby needed to get them started on their skills so they could grow into prospering child, teens and finally young adults.

            Here is little Roisin fully clad in her purple outfit. Judging from her red eyebrows she may inherit her mother’s red hair. She certainly got the signature Starr eye color and skin tone.


            Look at little Ms. Callum. She too has gotten the red hair, and her mother’s eye color, but her skin tone is a little lighter, a nice combination of Ashby and Victor if I do say so myself.


            And last by not least little Ms. JayLeen. It seems like she has gotten more of Victor’s rounder face, but has inherited a lot of her late grandma Mirid, the black hair and dark blue eyes. 

            *****Ashby is having some trouble uploading some of her kids to the exchange, but you can find any of them that have been uploaded under her user name Xur28 on thesims3.com*****


            I was right, two red heads and a brunette. These three are so darn cute and they get along real well, but in observing them it seems like JayLeen is a little bit withdrawn from the other two, but I am excited to see them grow and develop.


            Bren has decided to take up inventing. I wonder if this will be something she will enjoy or just a passing phase.



            What are these two doing out so late. I know it is the weekend, but if they aren’t careful they are going to be brought home by the police and I don’t think that Ashby needs that kind of stress. I would love to tell these girls to go home, but I was hired to write not to get involved.


            It is moment’s like this that I am really glad I took this job. Ashby taking the time just to enjoy her children, it really touches my heart.


            Perhaps I was wrong about JayLeen she and Callum seem to be getting a long splendid. They are such funny little girls. Are they seriously comparing boogers? These little girls make me laugh.


            Peek-a-boo JayLeen I see you. I thoroughly enjoy watching these little girls and this family. They are so loving and understanding and when I came into this job I thought that a family of 21 would be distant and strange, but they aren’t. It is a pleasant surprise to watch them.


            It took several tries to get these three active girls to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of them all together, but when Ashby got excited about the prospect of these types of pictures I knew it was worth it. I guess she always wanted to get pictures like this but being a challenge mother sometimes made her a little absent-minded.


            I don’t know Ms. Ashby very well, yet, so I am not sure if this is normal behavior but she seems to be withdrawing from her family slightly. She has been working with the triplets on their skills, but as soon as she puts them to bed she takes off. Sometimes it is fishing, other times it is to play her guitar and others just to be alone. I sure hope she is okay.



            With as many children as Ashby has she is bound to run in to one or two every time she goes out. Kenyon and Kemper gave their mother a tight hug and unleashed months worth of catching up.   The Grinch triplets seemed to be doing well. Although they are all three still single they are happy living their lives one day at a time.



            With mom being away it was up to the teens and children at home to help out with the triplets when needed. When JayLeen and Callum both woke up with bad dreams the ever so sweet Bren and Heavenly were there to comfort them. Roisin seems to sleep quite heavily and rarely wakes up until it is time to wake up.



            After the twins got the toddlers settled back down they took some time to play peek-a-boo with them before putting them back in their crib. It is just wonderful to see how well adjusted the Starr Bright children are and it still surprises me that a family of the 100 baby challenge can like this. Perhaps someday, after I am done reporting on this challenge, I can observe other challenges.


            Look who is finally walking. This was the last skill the girls needed to learn before they could become children.


            What a little beauty little Roisin has become. With features much like her mothers, I am sure she will be catching the eye of little boys far and wide, even if she does have cooties. However, she did get the slob trait and despite her classy looks she has some undesirable manners.


            Wow look at this beauty. Callum is stunning and all girl, she loves playing dress-up, dolls and house and she loves to take care of her sisters even though she is in the middle of the three. It seems that she too has gotten most of her features from her mom, but not matter if that is true or not it is panning out that Ashby and Victor have beautiful children.


            And the youngest of the bunch, JayLeen. Except for her skin tone and face shape she looks nothing like her sisters. If her skin was darker she would be the spitting image of her grandma Mirid. JayLeen lives in her own special world of fairies and kindness. She is very artistic and if she would be allowed she would spend all of her time writing or painting.



            Day night, night day JayLeen painted. Her talent was revealed pretty early and Ashby couldn’t be prouder of her little girl.


            Boy aren’t these girls are so ambitious. Bren, Heavenly, Roisin and Callum all are increasing their logic skills together. It won’t be long until Bren and Heavenly will be teenagers.

            And speaking of aging up it was time for the Holy twins to become Young adults.

From teens


To Young Adults



            Twins? Yes the boys have similar features, but twins? What handsome young men they turned out to be. They were worried about leaving their mother with how distance she has gotten, but they knew this was part of the rules and they hugged her tight, said their goodbyes to their sisters and promised to call and stop by often. After they left I saw tears spilling out of Ashby’s eyes and she excused herself to her room.

            She knew that it was time for find the next father for her challenge, but before she set out on the task Bren and Heavenly expressed that they wanted to age into teens a few days early. Ashby thought about it for some time and finally agreed.


            Bren is breathtaking. She asked her dad, Brogan Newbie, for contacts as a give and he wired the money to Ashby asking her to set up an appointment to make that happen. Ashby would have been willing to do so, but expressed to me how happy it made her knowing how close these two girls are to their dad and that he was the type of guy that would be there for them. 

            Bren got her grandma’s eye coloring, her mom’s redish hair, but her skin tone and facial features are more like Brogan then Ashby.


            Then there is Heavenly and her name really suits her looks. She got Ashby’s eye color but everything else looks more like Brogan.

            The Newbie – Starr Bright girls are beautiful.


            Callum I think you can take her. The girls had been out fishing with Ashby but when curfew rolled around Ashby sent the girls home and she stayed to fish some more. I wonder what could be so important that a mother couldn’t go home with her children to find them dinner.


            With Ashby away Heavenly decided to learn to cook and make her siblings a real dinner instead of having them eat cereal or soup. She read the instructions to the tee and made a decent meal. She really enjoyed cooking and decided that she was going to get better at it.



            When Bren became a teen she asked for piano lessons and as easily as painting came for JayLeen beautiful music came for Bren. Every time she played the family couldn’t resist gathering around to listen.


            Peek this little bear just showed up one day and she can be found in various rooms and places at the Starr Bright house. She is too cute for words and the kids enjoy having her around.


            Finally I know what was so important to keep Ashby away from her family. The death fish…she was trying to catch the death fish. So what could she want with it? Is she going to try and bring Connery back? Wait didn’t he make her promise not to do that?  My instinct is to ask, but I will just wait and see what happens.



Ambrosia is what she has made and she sat down and ate it. Why did she do such a thing? You, reader, know her better than I can you answer that question?




            Before Ashby started her challenge she traveled to China in search for her lost cousin Harmony. There she learned some songs and when JayLeen heard her singing one she was interested to learn it too. Ashby taught JayLeen who had to teach Callum and when Roisin saw the two of them singing together she didn’t want to be left out so she went to Ashby to be taught. Now singing can be heard all over the house. It is quite nice to hear the singing and the piano music floating out of the house as I approach. 



            The time came for Bren and Heavenly to age into young adults and move out of the house. Ashby threw then a party and Bren was super excited when her mom’s good friend and her Godfather Asher Lemi was able to attend. The two spent a good time catching up before she and her sister aged.





            The two sisters love each other so very much and they were excited to go and see the world. Their dad had arranged a trip for them to see their grandma Violet and they were very excited to see her and spend some time with her. They knew that their grandma was going through a lot of stuff right now so their plan was to be there when she needed them and the rest of the time they were going to explore Sunset Valley and perhaps get to know some of their aunts and uncles and of course spend some quality time with their dad Brogan.


            When the triplets saw me taking pictures of the twins they asked for theirs to be taken. This was the best of our session and they are so fun to photograph.


            Callum has taken up star gazing and before she was a teenager she had discovered and named a medium yellow sib giant star The Connery after her mom’s late husband, a large yellow sub giant start The Callum after herself and a new planet which she named Casbar.  


            Then without warning the next father of the challenge showed up, his name is Adam Watson and he is a friend of Ashby’s friend Christy Quinn. I apology dear readers for my lack of a better picture of the gentleman, but he is very handsome with his multi colored hair and built body. He arrived on Ashby’s doorstep and explained that he was out to be in as many challenges that he could be in. Ashby liked his look and his niceness and allowed him to participate.



            Ashby’s pregnancy went along just fine. While the girls were at school she went out and mingled with her friends, neighbors and her children. When she ran into her daughters Journey and Stella she couldn’t resist taking time to catch up and announce her pregnancy. 


            During her pregnancy Ashby decided to take up inventing and it looks like she really got into her work. She invented a couple of toys for her future children and she made a harvester for one of her neighbors. 


            Days before Ashby had her baby(s) the triplets aged into beautiful teenagers.


            Roisin went with a funky hairstyle that suits her face perfectly. She is spunky and fun and she has a great personality despite her “slob” trait.


            Callum is still the most girly out of the three and went with a side braid and her favorite time frame is the Fifty’s and she went to a vintage store and find a fun yellow poodle skirt.


            JayLeen, the ever free spirit is stunning with her piercing eyes and smooth features.



            The day before Ashby went into labor Newbie called her. He told her that he had participated in fellow challenge mom Dawn Turner’s challenge and they have twin boys Dallas and Tucker Turner.   Newbie was so very excited about being a father and Ashby couldn’t be happier about being a grandma. Although she did wish that they lived closer so that she could visit them.



            Labor was brought on a bit early for Ashby when a meteor stuck their house. Thank Sims God that everyone was fine, but clean up took days. During the commotion two beautiful girls were welcomed into the Starr Bright home and they were both safe and health.

Readers please welcome the newest Starr Bright’s:


Royce Starr Bright and


Rooney Starr Bright.


Thank you for reading. Ashby would love to hear what you think please leave a message here on the blog or find her on facebook under Ashby Starr Bright.


Ashby Starr Bright – babies 18,19 and 20


BABY 18, 19 AND 20




            As with every new baby there is a new look for me. This time I decided to be a little conservative. I think, for once, I look like a mom.

            ***UPDATE*** The children who have now left my home are all doing well. Some of them are advancing in their jobs, some of them are trying to discover themselves and others are traveling. However, only three of them are in a relationship. My eldest Harmony is dating a guy named Neil Chacha. Elvira and Lars Newbie are doing well together and I am sure there are wedding bells in their future and I found out that my eldest adopted Son, Bennett Starr, is dating a gentleman by the name of Godrick Kane. I wish the two of them luck.


            It was a Tuesday when the Grinch Triplets aged into Young Adults and moved out of the house. I decided they could skip school that day and we had a party. It was the first time since my mom’s funeral that I really got to spend some time with my dad. Little did I know it would be the last time I saw him too. A few weeks later he passed in his sleep. Aunt Magic said it was because he couldn’t live without my mom, and you know what I believe that. 

            The party was great, but in a way I was sad to have it. It meant another three of my children leaving and since the day was so busy we forgot to take our good-bye pictures. So my handsome Grinch boys left my home without a good-bye.


            Handsome, Handsome Kole, he kept his curly hair and he has very handsome features. 

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3937669


            Here is my little insane boy Kenyon. I sure hope the girls can get past that trait and see how wonderful he is. He will have beautiful babies with some girl if he chooses to. 

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3937670


            And last, but not least here is Kemper. I think he got more of my facial features then the Grinch’s. 

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3937671

            I miss my Grinch Triplets, but I wish them well in life and I know they will do wonderful things.



            A couple of days later while Newbie and Quinn were at school it was time to age up Brogan’s girls so I could get them started with their skills. 

            Here is Bren; she is such a cutie with her dad’s cool skin tone, her grandma Mirid’s eye color and my hair color, but with a hint of pink from her dad.

You can download this tot here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3937674


            Here is Bren’s twin Heavenly. She is a stunning child with big grey eyes, and pink hair like her dad. She too inherited her father’s skin tone and I believe she is going to be my dreamer. I often find her staring at nothing… just space…just dreaming.

You can download her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3937672




            That weekend we had another party and two more of my children aged up. This time it was Newbie and Quinn’s turn. Both had been pestering me for weeks to age up, yes even before the Grinch Triplet’s were YA’s, and finally I relented know that I would need help with teaching Bren and Heavenly.

            Newbie’s ambition in life is to become a star. I just don’t understand it since he is a genius, but he wasn’t to be rich and famous. Upon his age up he decided to go with a more suave look. I think he pulls it off. What do you think?

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3957355



            Too handsome for words, here is Quinn. His skin tone is lighter than his brother’s, but they look very similar. They both got my eyes and cheek bones, but Quinn’s hair is a brownish/yellow while Newbie’s is red with white highlights.

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3957354


            We got busy teaching the girls their skills. Both Newbie and Quinn are so very helpful. They are so doting on their baby sisters, but as much as I love the help I wish they would get out and make new friends and just do teenager things.


            Our family is pretty tight knit right now and I am very happy with that. I love reading to the girls. They are like little sponges and take in everything.


            Bren and Heavenly are very close. From playing together to just sitting and being with one another the two of them were never very far away from each other.



            I found myself getting distracted from the challenge and I was enjoying spending time with my kids and practicing my guitar where ever I could.


            It wasn’t until I heard one of those nasty rumors about me having children out of wedlock that I decided that I better get back on track with my challenge. The sooner it was over the sooner I could get the rumors to stop for good. When the rumors start I always got to court for slander and I have never lost one of my cases, but it will be nice to not have to do that every couple of months.


            If you recall my best friend Violet Newbie created my new beautiful house for me and I loved how she had the nursery, but one day when I was out shopping I saw a new nursery set that I just had to have for my children so I ordered it. Once I got word that my order was in I set forth redecorating it. It isn’t a Violet Newbie original but I think it turned out okay. My girls seemed to like it.

            The girls learned their skills quickly and soon it was time for them to age up and for me to continue my challenge. I watched my little girls play the hours before I aged them up and they never ceased to take my breath away. I was both thrilled and in agony about ageing them up. Thrilled to see what they would look like and what they would do and in agony that time flew for children in the 100 baby challenge. 

            I sure hope that all of my children understand why I do this challenge and I hope none of them end up resenting me for taking away so much of their precious time.



            First to age up was Bren. As you can see her favorite color is green…she is my tomboy of the twins and she loves being outside and playing catch with her big brothers, well I should say brother since Quinn hates going outside. 

You can download her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3970917




            Heavenly lives up her name. She is very angelic looking with her cool green skin, her silky pink hair and her steel grey eyes. She may have gotten my eye coloring but I think she picked up more of the Newbie features. Her favorite color is blue, but she is defiantly the girly girl of the twins. She found this dress at the EA store and she reminded her of those old Victorian stories and she begged me to let her have it. Of course I gave in as I always do when my kids show signs of really wanting something.

You can download her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3970914



            The next day I sent the kids off to school and since it was the first time in a while that I had my day to myself I decided to go for a job. I went upstairs and changed but when I walked outside I saw this guy sitting my bench. He looked at me and gave me a sweet smile. 



            I took a seat next to him and smiled back. He introduced himself Victor Noosebaum. His accent was very heavy and he explained that he was from a distant land and his family was pressuring him to get serious with someone and create an heir. 

            I asked him why it was so important to have an heir and why his family was so pushy, but he told me in the most polite way that it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that he wasn’t ready to settle down with a woman and while he was browsing the internet one day he came across my blog and after reading it knew I was the answer to his dilemma. He went on to say that he left his little country and flew to Twinbrook right away, and that he didn’t have a lot of time but he was hoping that he could spend the day with me and hopefully I would allow him to take part in my challenge. The only thing he requested is that he could have involvement with his child and that when they are old enough they would be flown to his country and taught about this family. 

            How could I resist such a sweet handsome foreigner? 



            I went up to change and when I came back down Victor had found my dance floor. We had a great time together and when we finished dancing we went and relaxed in the hot tub where baby number 18 was conceived. 

            Soon after Victor left to catch a plane back to where he is from. I had a little time before my kids got home from school so I logged into the computer and googled Victor Noosebaum, and do you know what I found out? I found out he was a prince of a little country far from here. A prince!! I was going to have real live royalty children. This was very exciting to me. 


            Time went on pretty fast after that.   As always my little family found a routine. My pregnancy was going well and everything was right in the world. 


            One night the family was woken up by an awful noise in the back yard. We all rushed down there as quickly as we could to find a man had drowned in our pool. When we arrived on the scene death was already there to take him.

            Does he look familiar to any of you? He should. Upon an autopsy it was discovered that the young man was Steel Storm, the third missing child of Harmony Storm and Mr. Green. He was going by a different name and he and three women had just moved to Twinbrook.

            This news rocked my world. How could one of Harmony’s children be dead and happened to meet that untimely death in my pool? It was crazy to think about. 

            His funeral was heartbreaking. The three women were there two were pregnant and one had a small child. I didn’t introduce myself, but I saw Mr. Green talking to each of them and it didn’t seem like he liked what he was being told.

            A few weeks after the funeral I paid a visit to my good friend Mr. Green and the visit left my heart in turmoil. The women at the funeral had filled him in on his son’s life. They told him that Steel, or Darvon, as he was going by, was bounced around from home to home after he was found and no one wanted him due to this evilness. The three women he lived with were all his, the young child was his and the other two were pregnant with his babies. He had been trying to rob me the night he fell in the pool and drowned. 

            Gosh I can’t image what Harmony would do or say if she found out that her son lived such a hard life.


            During my pregnancy I received many phone calls from Victor asking about my health and the health of his unborn child. He really is a sweet man. 

            It has seemed like only yesterday that I had met Victor and he requested to be in my challenge and I was coming home with a baby carrier. Victor and I had multiple children. Three to be exact…. Sims World and Twinbrook please welcome:


Roisin Starr Bright


Callum Starr Bright



JayLeen Starr Bright

            Life has a way of twisting and changing and with the discovery of another one of Harmony’s children I just feel as if I may be closing in on the truth about what happened to her. 

            Also with both of my parents now gone I feel that much alone. I know I have wonderful friends, like Vi, Asher, Della (both of them), Addy, Danny, Ava, CheyLee, and many many others, but doing the 100 baby challenge can be lonely because of the rules you really have to keep your heart guarded and family is a huge support for this task. I still have my kids and that helps, but I truly miss my parents. 

            **As always I want to thank you for reading my blog. I hope you are all still enjoying Ashby’s challenge. Please I would love to hear what you think. You can leave me a message here or look me up on Facebook under Ashby Starr Bright. ~Jen~ **


Ashby Starr Bright – babies 16 and 17


BABY 16 and 17




                As always with new babies I sport a new look. I colored my hair back to red but without the yellow and turquoise highlights. I am really enjoying this new look. I hope the rest of you do as well.


                Newbie and Quinn were very good babies. They required a lot of attention but their personalities and demur is very sweet.

                After losing Connery I have decided that I am going to have my children baptized from now on and since Gabriel proved to me there are angles I decided that it is better to be safe than sorry. I called up my children’s name sakes, Violet Newbie and Christy Quinn, and asked them if they would do me the honor of being the boy’s godmothers. Violet agreed to be Newbie’s Godmother and Christy agreed to be Quinn’s. 

                I know it is a little unusual to have different Godparents for twins, but no one said I lived by the rules. I also told both women that I wasn’t choosing a Godfather because if either one of them ends up settling down after their challenge then we will just make their spouse’s the godfather by proxy. 

                We had a nice ceremony where Pastor Pratt baptized my kids and announced that my two best friends were their godmothers. We had a nice picnic lunch afterwards and I was glad to spend some time with my children and friends. 





                I try to encourage my kids to be all they can be and when Kenyon came to me expressing an interest in art I told him to go up to my room and see what he can do on the draft table. Also the following week I had him signed up for art classes after school.

                My boy is actually pretty talented and I hope he keeps up with his art as he gets older and moves along in life.


                Kemper is very attached to the babies in the house and I loved watching him with Newbie and Quinn. Once the twins were born Kole wasn’t seen around much. He stayed out late with school activities and went to friend’s house. I am not sure if is uncomfortable with the new babies, if he is feeling neglected or what his issue is. I really should sit him down and have a talk.




                Before I knew it, it was time for the twins to age into toddlers. Here is little Newbie Starr Bright. You can’t see it in this picture very well, but he got my eye color and even my red hair and I didn’t even have red hair when he was conceived. 

                Newbie Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3900124



                Little Quinn got my eye color as well and I think his dad’s hair color. I am not sure on that because with Gabriel’s buzz hair cut I really didn’t know what color it was. 

                Quinn Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3900108

                Both boys are little angles and I love that they are in my life. 


                It looks like the boys are going to be good friends. I really do hope this is the case. They are really lucky to have each other. 



                They wanted to do everything together. When one was potty training the other wanted to be. However, Quinn took a bit longer to learn that skill. He was not too sure about the potty chair. 


                For a little insane Sim Kenyon is the most advanced of the Grinch Triplets. He is always trying and learning new things. He is perpetually grumpy and wakes up on the wrong side of the bed many days, but I love him more and more every day. Perhaps someday he will a master chef or a famous painter. The world is at his feet and I can’t encourage him, as well as his siblings, enough to go out and take the world by storm.


                I miss Connery everyday but having these precious tots’s around help keep me distracted from thinking too deeply about the pain in my heart. Newbie is the faster learning out of them but Quinn is my cuddler. 

                I am so glad that Gabriel convinced me, even if he had to use his angle powers, to have these boys. I just wish he were around to see how beautiful they are growing up to be. Well I guess he is looking down on them. I am eager to see them progress and grow.




Magic Storm: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3900131

                I recently had a visitor. I don’t really know how to describe our visit. I can only really say that it was awkward.   My Aunt Magic, Harmony’s Mom, came to visit my parents. She and my mom haven’t seen each other in years and except for Magic telling my mom about Harmony’s disappearance they haven’t even really spoken. 

                I think I have mentioned before that my aunt Magic has always been jealous of my mom Mirid. She believes that mom got the life that she was supposed to get. 

                During their uncomfortable visit my parents told her that I was doing the 100 baby challenge to honor Harmony. They told her about Connery and my children and Magic decided that she wanted to see me after all these years. I haven’t seen her since I was a little girl. 

                The beginning of our visit was uncomfortable but pleasant and then the topic of Harmony was brought up and Magic lost it. She lost it and began shouting at me that it was my fault that my cousin went missing. She told me that if I hadn’t gotten everything I wanted out of life and she got nothing she would never have gotten involved in the 100 baby challenge and would never have gotten hurt. She went on to say that she thinks one of the men who was in or wanted to be in her challenge that has done something to her. 

                I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My aunt was accusing me for Harmony’s disappearance based on my life. This was typical for Magic, but it was still very hurtful. 

                Our visit didn’t last too much longer after that. My mom called me as soon as they got home, and since they live across the street it was almost immediately, apologizing for her sister. I told my mom that it wasn’t her fault and to not worry about me I know who my Aunt Magic is and it didn’t bother me. That was a little white lie. I couldn’t allow my mom to get upset even more about this. You see she has been sick for some time and she didn’t need that added stress.

                After Magic left and hopefully doesn’t come back, I couldn’t get it out of my head that she thinks a challenge father or a potential challenge father could have done something to Harmony. Doing the challenge I hadn’t had a bad experience with the men I have chosen, but I know others who have. Vi and Della Alex were both raped and there have been others that have had questionable experiences with some of the men who have come into their lives. 

                Could one of these men have hurt Harmony, or worse? Could the 100 baby challenge be the reason why my cousin is missing? Many thoughts whirled around in my mind. I decided that I would call the police chief that was still working on Harmony’s case and let him know Magic’s theory, but that would have to wait till the next morning.


                I really enjoy when my children bring home friends. It allows me to be introduced to other families in Twinbrook, I don’t get out as much as I want because I always have babies to look after, and it shows me that my kids can be independent and when they are ready to move on they will be okay.

                It is especially nice to nice to see my Grinch Boy’s make friends because they stigma of being the Grinch’s son can be a little much sometimes.   Here is Kole with this new friend Fellow Stine. 


                Now he is trying his hand as sculpting. My boy is so talented, what can’t he do. Oh wait I know the answer to that question. He can’t do his homework. I have been having trouble with keeping this boy awake after school to do this homework. He comes home, takes a nap, eats and then works on his talent, and sometimes does his homework.

                I have been called into the school for a parent teacher conference about Kenyon. They say he falls asleep in school and that he is always grump and disrupts the other students. I just don’t know what to do. It is times like these when I wish there was a “man” of the house to help guide my boys. Their father isn’t any help because he encourages this type of behavior. I may have to call on my fellow challenge mom’s for advice. 


                Kole and Kemper are so good with Newbie and Quinn. Kenyon isn’t very fond of the boys, but to each their own I say. I am so thankful to have the help in teaching the Angel Twins their skills. These two boys will grow up to be great fathers someday.


                I had another one of my dreams, or was it? I haven’t mustered the courage to as Kenyon if it was real or not. I am afraid of his answer. I dreamt that I came downstairs for a snack and Kenyon was there asking for Connery’s autograph. The sight was too much for me to handle and I dashed back up to my room. Could Connery’s ghost be haunting us or was just another dream conjured up by my missing him?



                Having children is wonderful, but it also has its frustrating times. Quinn and Newbie are like night and day. They are both exciting to watch and teach, but Quinn seems to be the one who gets bored easy and then a tantrum follows suit.


                My blasted aunt came over for a second time. It was late and she woke my sleeping tot’s with her loud voice. Then she had the Gaul to complain when they started to cry. I have no idea what she wanted but my dad escorted her back to their house. I just wish she would leave me and my family alone.


                Yippie look at my baby go. Oh wait who taught him how to open the door? Great now I am in trouble. 



                Before I knew it, it was time to age up the Angel twins and sends them off to school. 

                I think Newbie got more of my looks then his dad’s. He sure got my eye color and skin tone.

Newbie Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3900117



                Facial features it appears that Newbie and Quinn look alike and they both have my eyes, but Quinn’s hair color is different. I can only guess that he got the brown hair from his grandma Mirid and the blonde streaks from his dad.

Quinn Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3900107


                Speaking of my mom, Mirid, she passed away. My already broken heart was shattered. Growing up and even in adulthood I was close to her and now she was gone. We buried her in very sunny part of the cemetery. I think she will be happy there, but will I? Will my dad? My futures kids are going to miss out on so much not being able to meet their grandma. 



                One day while I was “visiting” my mom, which I found that I did a lot now that I didn’t have any babies or tot’s in the house, I was tapped on the shoulder by this handsome gentleman. It was Violet’s son Brogan Newbie. 

                I was so happy to see him and asked what he was doing in Twinbrook. He was very blunt and to the point that he wanted to be in my challenge. I was taken aback by his request. I mean I have known him since he was a very small boy, how could this little boy be here asking to be in my challenge?

                ME: “What? I..I…” 

                Brogan: “Ashby, I have admired you from a far for a long time and I have had a crush on you since I knew what a crush was. I know there is no way that you could return my feelings, but you could allow me to be with you one time and join your challenge.”

                ME:  “But Brogan you’re just a little boy.”

                Brogan: The laugh that emitted from him was far from a little boy’s laugh and he grabbed my shoulders. “Ashby, look at me. Really look at me. I’m not a little boy anymore.”

                And he wasn’t either. When I finally allowed myself to look at him for who he was and not as my best friend’s son I saw that he was anything but a child. He was handsome and sweet and made me tingle, but I wouldn’t admit that last part.

                ME: “Well I can see you are a man now, but it would be weird. You are my best friend’s son for heaven sake.”

                Brogan: “So, that that means is you know me. You know I am from a good family. You know that you can trust me and you know that I understand the 100 baby challenge being a child of one.” 

                All of his points were good, but I still couldn’t get the fact that he was Violet’s son out of my head.

                His hands were still gripped around my arms and he tried to pull me in for a kiss, and I quickly pulled away.

                ME: “Brogan, STOP IT! I said no.” 

                I came off a bit more angry then I intended too because the truth of it I did want to kiss him. Was it because I was lonely without Connery? Was I really attracted to this young man? I didn’t really know, but my head was telling me I had to be the grow-up here.

                Brogan: He gave me a big smile and then said, “I will let you think about it. In the mean time why don’t we go get a bite to eat?”


                I reluctantly agreed and we had a very nice meal at the Bistro. Afterwards he took me to the theater where we decided to take a tour.   While we were backstage in the dark I felt hands grab my shoulders from behind and pull me into a closet. Once Brogan’s lips found mine I was no longer able to be the adult and baby number 16 was conceived in a closet at the local theater. 


                He walked me home afterwards and he spent the night, but we did nothing but talk and cuddle all night long. Early the next morning, after breakfast, he headed back to Sunset Valley.




                Newbie and Quinn, for being so different in personality, seem to get along very well. They start their mornings out with a chat and the end their night with a game. It is quite nice to see this especially since the Grinch Triplets aren’t real close to one another.


                The months went quickly and I tried to plan a lot of family time. I knew once the babes were here they would take a lot of my time.

                “Go boy go…catch that huge fish for dinner tonight.” I try to always encourage my kids.


                “Mom, why does your tummy look and feel like a basketball?” Newbie asked.


                “I’m not sure.” I answered with a shrug, “But there is a baby in there. You and Quinn were in there once.” I informed him.

                “What? Quinn and I were in your basketball?” 

                Kids they are so darn cute. I explained to him about the baby and he walked off with a disgusted face. I couldn’t help but laugh.


                I was tossing the football around with Newbie when I went into labor.



                Newbie, who has never witnessed anything like this before, freaked out. My little manly boy screamed like a little girl, but everything was fine. I ended up delivering two healthy baby girls outside.


                And introducing Bren Starr Bright.  


                And Heavenly Starr Bright.


Thank you for everyone who reads my blog. I am truly appreciated of you. I hope are enjoying Ashby’s challenge and I assure you that soon it will be revealed what happed to Steel Storm and in later posts we will find out what happed to Harmony. I would love to hear what you think. You can leave a message here or find me on facebook under Ashby Starr Bright.


Ashby Starr Bright – Babies 14 and 15


BABY 14 and 15

            The girls, Violet Newbie and Christy Quinn, picked me up and whisked me away for some down time. 

            First they took me to a salon where we all had makeovers. As I was getting pampered Vi and Christy took the liberty to un-pack my luggage and repack it. Meaning they got rid of all my black, mourning clothes and replaced them with colors and cheerful clothes. I wasn’t happy with this, but I was too tired to argue with them.




            We arrived in Barnacle Bay and Christy asked the drive to take us to an address and not to a hotel. I questioned it and she just told me to lean my head back against the cabs seat and to not stress. The one rule of the week was no stress allowed. 


            I did as instructed and soon we were pulling up to a cute three bedroom house. We got out of the cab and as Vi paid the driver Christy handed me a set of keys. 

            “What is this for?” I asked looking down at the cute little heart keychain. 

            “This is Connery’s surprise for you. This is your new vacation home. This house has been in his family for years and now it belongs to you.” 

            “Wh…?” I chocked on my question and tears began to well in my eyes.

            “What do you think sweetie?” Vi came up behind me and put her petite hands on my shoulder. She gave them a gentle squeeze and before I knew it I was in her arms crying on her shoulder.  

            She rubbed my back and stroked my hair and when my sobbing turned to sniffles she said, “Shssh now honey. Dry your eyes and let’s go inside.” 

I removed my face from her shoulder and turned to Christy’s extended hand and took hers into mine. I didn’t know this woman very well, but I knew why Connery treasured her friendship. The three of us walked in and the décor was warm and cozy and I immediately felt at home.  


            The girls allowed me to find my room and get myself together. After sitting in my room for about an hour I went into the bathroom and went to find my friends.

            “I’m getting a bit hungry.” I tried to smile to let them know I was going to try and have a good time.

            “I know the perfect place.” Vi got excited and ran to her purse. She pulled out a flier and threw it on the table. “When Connery told me where he was sending us I did some research and Hogan’s Deep Sea Dinner gets the best reviews in the area and the best part is it’s in an old pirate ship.” 

            Seeing Vi as excited as one of our kids when they discover new made my attempted smile turn into a genuine one. I started to remember that I had so much to be thankful for. Yes my heart was broken, but I had great friends and I was blessed with so many wonderful children and I was even blessed to have Connery in my life even for a short time.



            The dinner wasn’t far from my new home and the food was as wonderful as the reviews said it would be. After we left the dinner we walked down to the beach. Violet and I decided to relax and listen to the waves crash against the shore while Christy decided to explore, and what she found would give us hours of entertainment. 


            She found a little rec center down the beach. While there we started to get to know the locals and had some fun playing games, chatting and just being women. 




            We called it an early night the first night and I went straight to bed when we got home. My emotional state and the day’s events left me exhausted. Christy decided to work on her mixology skills and begged Vi to help her out. The next morning I got to hear all about their time. Vi told me that Christy can’t make a decent drink to save her life. Good thing she is an awesome mom. It sounds like the two of them had a great time.


            After breakfast we took a cab into town. We had a whole day of just being outdoors.


            First we went to the park. We went back to our childhood days and played on the park equipment and played tagged. We had a picnic with sandwiches and chips and it was a fun fun day.



            That night we built a fire by the shore and told ghost stories and talked about our kids.


            However, talking about family brought up my feelings for Connery and the plans we, I should say the plans that I, were making. I had to excuse myself and in the shadows of the night I wept over my loss and again I started to question how I was ever going to continue with my challenge.




            The girls found me in this state and decided that a ladies night is what I needed and they took me to one of the local hangouts. I am not sure what it was called, but we had a good night.

            We had a little too much to drink and I found myself spilling my woes to the mixologist. He was a good sport though and just listened to me. It surprised me to find out that the mixologist’s grandma and Connery’s mom were friends and it saddened the guy to find out that Connery had passed.

            It didn’t take long for the drinks to go to my head and I let loose and tried to dance away my worries. It seemed to work at the time. 


            The next morning I could not stomach food nor could I stand that smell of it. I couldn’t believe that Vi and Christy could, but according to their story the mixologist that I thought was so nice and friendly kept feeding me drinks in hopes that I would agree to let him be in my challenge. Thankfully I have two great friends who know I wasn’t ready for that and didn’t allow it to happen.


            After my stomach started to settle down we decided to go to the local pool. Don’t we look hot? 

            We had a great time swimming, dancing and meeting the locals. We wanted to make sure that we got to do everything we wanted to do because we would be heading home the following morning. 



            That night we dressed up in our finest and went out on the town. We stopped for drinks first, I ordered club soda this time, and then it was dinner and finally dancing. 

            The next morning as our plane floated through the sky I thought about the time we just had and I felt peaceful. For the first time since Connery passed I didn’t have this overwhelming feeling of dread. I didn’t have a knot the size of a baseball field in the pit of my stomach. For the first time I really thought that I would be able to continue my challenge. That is what my husband wanted. That is what Harmony wanted, and for the two of them and the sake of my future children that is what I wanted too.



Christy and Vi dropped me off at a house I didn’t recognize. 

            “Surprise!!” My children, Vi and Christy yelled as my kids came running from the front door.

            “What is this?” I asked wondering why my kids were in this breath taking house. We didn’t know the people who lived here.

            “Ashby, you are my dearest friend and my heart breaks for what you have been through. Your Kids, all of them, Della, Addy, Christy, and myself designed this house for you. We started the plans sometime ago, before you found Connery and AJ and I started the constructions months ago. After Connery past we thought about waiting to present our gift for you, but we feel this will help you with your fresh start and to continue your challenge without so many memories.   We hope you like it.” Violet handed me the second set of keys I had received in the past few days.

            “This is too much. I love you all.” I couldn’t find the words to completely express what I was feeling, but I think they knew. 

            After I was able to gather myself I went to my children……



            only to find that they weren’t as I left them. The boys decided to age up without me. 

            Levi told me that he aged up to take care of the triplets because Ash and Elvira started to get real busy with their new lives. He just wanted to help out. 

            What a handsome young man my baby turned into. He still has own unique look, but I think he makes it work.

            You can download Levi as a YA here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3861014

            The Grinch Triplets had also aged up. Kenyon told me that they knew how said I was and how much I missed Connery. They wanted to be able to help out more so they aged into teens.





Kole Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3861015



Kenyon Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3861019



Kemper Starr Bright: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=3861021


            It appears that the boys got mostly The Grinch’s looks, but Kenyon got my eye color and Kemper got his grandma’s eye color. My Grinch boys are all unique and have very different personalities, but they are my boys and brothers. I am blessed to have such unique children.



            After hugging my newly aged children I excused myself with promises to tell them all about my trip and headed upstairs to find my new room and to get cleaned up. 

            I showered and went to my new walk in closet to find yet another gift. My friends are too much. They got me a whole new wardrobe. I noticed that there was very little black clothing.  I know they mean well and they want me to feel better, but a little part of me feels guilty that I am not wearing the traditional mourning garb to honor my love. However, Connery wasn’t such a traditional guy, so perhaps he is up there smiling down on my new look.


            Levi stayed with us and had supper and I told the boys all about my trip.   They were fascinated that I ate in a real pirate ship and deiced that someday they would take a trip to BB and see that in person. 

            After dinner I asked Kenyon and Levi to join me outside. Violet had given me a beautiful bench in front of the house and I decided that the new Starr Bright family tradition would be to have a good-bye picture taken before any of my children move out. Kenyon did a great job at capturing the moment and it was finally time to bid my 2nd adopted son good-bye.

            “Mom, I want to thank you for what you have done for me. If you wouldn’t have adopted…”

            I cut him off, “Baby, you are my son and it doesn’t matter how you came to me. I love you and there is no need to thank me. You go off and do great things in this world, okay?” I cupped his cheeks with my hands and kissed him squarely on the forehead. 

            As he left tears leaked from my eyes. I really hated the leaving part of this challenge, but I guess every child leaves at some point to make their own way in this world.



                The first night at in my new house in my new house was a strange one. The house seemed empty with only me and the three Grinch boys and I had the strangest dream. At least I think it was a dream.

            I dreamed the Connery came to me. He wasn’t in a corporeal state, but in a ghostly one. He told me he was proud that I was going to finish my challenge and that I needed to find a new dad soon. 

            It was very strange to say the least.




            After Levi let it didn’t take long for the Grinch Triplets to fall into a routine. I spent as much time with them as I could before and after school and on the weekends. 






            A few weeks after I returned from my trip Derrick’s father, Asher Lemi, came to pay his respects to Connery and to see how I was holding up. He is such a great friend and I am grateful that he and I share such a wonderful son together. 

            We had a terrific time together catching up, laughing about old times and even mourning over Connery. His visit was very short, but I was so glad he was able to make it.




            Then the unexpected happened. A man showed up at my door and asked to be part of my challenge. I should have expected this, because I didn’t announce that I was quitting my challenge and I vowed to continue, but I was thrown off by his request.

            He seemed to sense that I was uncomfortable and proceeded to introduce himself.

            “Let me start this over. My name is Gabriel Holy and I am an angel from Sim heaven. I have been watching you since you were a little girl, I am your assigned guardian angel, and I admire your decision to do the 100 baby challenge to honor your missing cousin. Watching you and Connery and the love you shared and lost made me want to help you continue your challenge. I was granted a pass and now I am here imploring you to allow me in your challenge.”

            My jaw dropped. This man was telling me he was an angel, but not just any angel my guardian angel. I didn’t want to believe it, but something about him was very familiar and something about him told me he was telling the truth. 

            “Well… err….” I stammered not knowing what to say.

            “I can tell you aren’t completely ready so how about a stay a few days and we go from there?”

            Again I felt I could trust this man and I agreed to let him stay for a few days.


            My Kenyon is a very strange boy, but I think that is one of the best things about him. He marches to the beat of his own drum and despite his grumpiness that he got from his father; he seems to be a very happy boy.

            Days went by and Gabriel was such a caring loving man in the household. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t Connery but his presence made a person feel relaxed and at ease. I am sure it is his angel nature or something.



            I have to admit that I was very attracted to Gabriel and I found myself acting like a little school girl around him. I even snuck in and took his picture while he was in the shower. WHO DOES THAT??!!?? 

            When he caught me in the act he didn’t get mad or upset he simply looked at me with the sweetest expression on his face and then winked at me. I slowly crept out of the bathroom. 



            It had been just over a week since Gabriel came to stay with us and the boys were all out for the evening visiting friends. I decided to relax in the hot tub and was surprised that Gabriel deiced to join me. The whole time he had been there he hadn’t tried to kiss me, come on to me or even brought up my challenge, but now he was in the hot tub with me. I stiffened up and at first I wouldn’t look at him. It was hard to feel intimacy to anyone other than Connery.

            He turned to me and said, “Ashby, my time is running short. I hate to do this, I wanted you to come around on your own, but I really want to be part of your challenge.”

I tensed up even more for I feared that he was going to force himself on me but he did no such thing. He just sat back and closed his eyes enjoying the relaxing hum of the hot tub. I was confused by what he had said to me and I started to relax. Then I got too relaxed. I am not sure if it was the bubbles from the hot tub or if Gabriel used his angel charms on me, but I started to giggle and then next think I knew I was making the first move and soon baby 14 was conceived.

After the hot tub he picked me up and carried me upstairs where we fell asleep in each other’s arms. He held me so close and I felt safe and protected. When the sun rose the next morning Gabriel was gone and the only things he left behind was a single white feather and his unborn child.


I love it when my children come to visit me. Harmony came for a visit and I was able to share with her the good news of baby number 14. I hadn’t even told the Grinch Triplets yet, but I thought it was very fitting that my first born be told first.


            I didn’t have morning sickness, thank God, with this pregnancy but I did find myself reacting to anything I ate, and it wasn’t a good reaction. Now I am worried that angel children may need special food like vampire children do. No one told me how to raise an angel child. Will I do an okay job? 

            Except for the reaction to food my pregnancy went well. When the day came to have my precious little one I decided a home birth was the best way to go.


            The pain was intense this time and the labor lasted a lot longer then I was used to but in the end I delivered two healthy, I know they were healthy because both Xerxes (Harmony’s oldest) and my Harmony was visiting and they both work for the hospital, baby boys. 




            Welcome Newbie Starr Bright to our family.



            And Quinn Starr Bright.

            I named the boys after Violet Newbie and Christy Quinn. I wanted to remember that these two women were part of the reason I continued my challenge. They were great friends and they cared for me, as I them, deeply.

            Having a home delivery didn’t stop the rumors from flying around town. The whispers of me having children out of wedlock began circulating and those I was use to but the whispers about how quickly I moved on from Connery and how having a child with another man so soon was considered unfaithful even though he was gone ripped my heart out of my chest. People don’t think before they talk and they don’t understand how hurtful they can be. However, as always I held my head up high and wadded through the gossip with class and poise.



            Days after the angel twins were born I was taking the recycling out and through the window of the nursery I saw the most unexpected sight. I saw my middle Grinch son showing great interest in tending to the needs of the twins.

            Luckily I had my camera in my pocket and I was able to snap a picture of him and Quinn through the window. I rushed inside and when I got to the nursery he was already tending to little Newbie. 

            This sight surely warmed my heart and perhaps Kemper won’t be so closed off like his father……


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