Ashby Lemi’s – Babies 57

Time moved along like time does and the kids were thriving in their new town.  For once the dynamics between two of my children and their father was different from any of my other kids.  This was because Raven and Hardy’s dad was in the challenge community.  Logan knew the importance of being active in his child’s life and he stopped over often to spend time with his kids.

Hardy loved his dad just as much as Raven did, but for some reason Raven had become a daddy’s girl.  Anytime Logan walked into the house, no matter what she was doing, she would toddle over to him, reach her little arms out and say, “Daddy, Daddy, pick me up Daddy.”  Logan would scoop her up and tickle her making angelic giggles escape her lips.


It also amazed me that at such a young age she was obsessed about being a werewolf.  Somehow she knew that her dad and brother were different from her and she didn’t seem to like it.  Even though I wasn’t different like them and I tried to tell her that she still didn’t seem to be satisfied with that.

“Mommy, I wanna be woof like Daddy and Harwdy.”  She would say over and over to me when we had or bonding time.

“Baby, you are beautiful and wonderful just like you are.  You are like mommy and that is okay.”  I would tell her.

She would always get upset with me after that and cross her arms over her chest and stick out her bottom lip.  “No..I wanna be woof like Mia.”  Mia is her sister on Logan’s side.  There was no winning with her so I had to distract her with bacon ice cream, a treat she started liking while visiting her dad and watching the little werewolf kids there eat it.

It really worried me that she was so obsessed, but what could I do but hope she grew out of it.


Hardy was becoming a handful.  Logan had sat me down and explained that he was a werewolf and that is appears that Hardy had received that trait.  He filled me in on how to raise a werewolf child and I had been following all those instructions, but Hardy was still a handful.  He was a sweet and caring little boy but he had these tendencies and all at once he would start to flail around and then start shredding things up.  It was getting expensive having to replace and fix things.  I just hoped that as he aged he would calm down.


My three oldest were in school all day and Asher was at work.  Logan and Becks had their own lives to tend to and I didn’t know anyone else in town yet.  I spent a lot of times with my tot’s watching them and thinking about how fast they grew up.


In the morning, after we sent the triplets off to school,  we would go to the park and do some yoga.  It was cute to see them try to copy my moves.


That time together was peaceful but often I would sit there and worry about who the next daddy in my challenge would be.


“Luna I think you are doing that problem wrong.”  Older sister Lavinnia would help Luna with math which was her worst subject in school, but Lavinnia’s best.

The five children in my household made me so very proud.  The triplets were so very close and the twins were so much fun.


The weather was turning colder and the nights longer and just around the corner was Halloween.  Typically it is my favorite holiday of the year, but this year I felt out of sorts and lonely.  The triplets had a party to go to and Logan had asked to have the twins and Asher had to work.  I agreed to Logan, but the thought of being alone didn’t help the emptiness I felt inside.

Halloween was upon me and after Logan picked up the twins I sat down in the kitchen to dive into a carton of ice cream but hung on the refrigerator I saw a note that said: Go up to the bedroom.  The note was written in Asher’s script so I decided to see what he had waiting for me.  I was sure he had picked up on my mood and decided to try and cheer me up with something.

Laying on the bed was the most amazing costume with another note that said: Put me on.  I figured that he thought that if I dressed up it would help me cheer up.  It was a cute thought and I decided to try it.  I put on the costume and headed downstairs to prepare for the trick or treaters and eat that ice cream, but when I went downstairs I was surprised with all of my friends in their own costumes.


We had a great time.  Becks, Logan and Addy came as zombies, Christy Quinn was a circus performer, My boy Newbie and his wife came as fairy folk and Violet and A.J. came as the 50’s couple.  Asher and I were a zombie hunter and victim.  I was so impressed and thankful that my husband flew in our friends and family and surprised me with this.  It was something I truly needed.

I was sad that our out-of-town guests had to leave the next day, but it still had been a grand Halloween.


It was time for another Lemi birthday and since all five children were ageing up we decided to have a pool party.


“Hardy, my boy you are going to age up today.  Are you excited?”  I cooed as I looked into the sweet face of my little boy.

My only birthday wish for him was to be able to control his werewolf urges a little better as a child.


“It won’t be long now my girl.”  I tickled Raven and we both laughed.

My only birthday wish for her was that she realize she didn’t need to be a werewolf to be beautiful and special.

The party was super fun.  The guest and the kids had a great time swimming, playing and visiting.


“Mom look what I can do.”  Weaver called out. I turned just in time to see him do some fancy dive.  It almost gave me a heart attack when he came real close to hitting Luna.


The party was a success but I had to admit that I was a bit concerned when Logan was spotted in his werewolf form rummaging in my garbage can.  Remind me to talk to him about that.


The triplets turned out stunning.  Lavinnia and Luna with their pink skin, like their dad, and Weaver with his grandma Mirid’s skin tone.  They were all so different and I was looking forward to getting to know the teenagers they were to become.


Raven and Hardy, what cutie’s they turned out to be.

“Hey you kids.  Quit jumping on the bed.  You’re going to knock the cats off. ”  They were a rambunctious pair.


The night of their birthday was a full moon and poor Hardy couldn’t control changing into his beastly self.  I was a bit disappointed that he was unable to control the change, but at least he didn’t tear anything up.  I guess that is a good start.


Poor Raven.  She was still pretty obsessed with becoming a werewolf, but when she saw Hardy change for the first time she fainted over in fright.  I’m really worried about her.  I decided that I needed to have a talked with Logan to see if he thought her obsession was natural or not.  If he didn’t agree then I would have to look into getting her help.


Peridot Guppie

My worries of who the next challenge dad would be was washed away when I got a knock on my door and behind it was Peridot Guppie, the next birthstone dad that had been slotted, asking if I was ready for him.  I asked how he had found me and he told me that he reads my blog and saw that I had used Logan Fey as the last dad.  He was still eager to join so here he was.


Peridot blessed me with another baby girl.  It was my first single birth since baby 33 Bay Quinn Lemi.


Jenixa Guppie Lemi was a shy, sweet girl who loved “her” cat fire.


The currently Lemi Household:  Luna, Lavinnia, Hazel, Fire, Jenixa, Raven, Weaver, Hardy, Ashby and Asher.

Thank you for reading.  I want to say thank you to you all.  

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Ashby Lemi: Babies 29, 30 and 31


BABY 29, 30 and 31



            A couple of weeks after the babies came home Ashby went out and bought her and her family matching jerseys.  She decided that a family picture was in order and this is what she got.

What a beautiful family the Lemi’s are.

            “Oh today is your birthday my sweet baby.”  Ashby cooed in Carter’s ear as she hugged her tight.

            “And I can’t forget you my little darling.”  She said to Capri.

She put the baby back in her crib and moved to the dresser to pick out new outfits for her girls when they became toddlers.

“Babe, can you come down here?”  Asher called from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m getting things ready for the girl’s party.”  She called back down.

“I know but I really want to show you something.”  His voice was very insistent.

Ashby sighed and put down the cute toddler shirt she was holding, nice thing about being a challenge mom you are prepared with a lot of different clothing, and headed down the stairs.

“What is it Asher?” When she got to where he was standing she saw two peculiar looking dolls.  “What are those?”

“I’m not sure, but they came from… well… from anonymous.”  Asher crunched his face up in confusion.

“Who on earth….?”  She asks taking the dolls from Asher and turning them around in her hands inspecting them.

“Here is the note that was sent with them.”   Asher hands her a note that looked like had been through a lot of trouble to get to its destination.

Ashby set the dolls down and read:

Dear Ashby and Family,

                                    I know this is an odd thing receiving a letter and a gift from a stranger, but I really am not a stranger.  I am sorry I can’t revel my identity, I truly wish I could, but I have reasons why I can’t. 

                                    Anyway, I am sending you these two dolls for your newest members Carter and Capri.  My children had them growing up and I want your twins to have them now.  They will bring them great fun, comfort and companionship when they need it the most.

                                    If you look closely to the dolls shirt you will see a name on it.  I would like King to go to Carter and Bow to go to Capri. 

                                                            Please know these are sent with love,



“This is strange.”  Ashby observes and looks up at Asher, “Was there no return address on the package?”

Asher shakes his head no.  “Odd very odd.”  Ashby says, “Do you think they are safe to give the girls?”

“I think so.”  So it was decided that as part of their birthday presents Carter and Capri would receive these two odd dolls.


            It looks like little Carter name be a carbon copy of her mama.  She has Ashby’s eyes, skin tone and hair color.  Not one of her father’s, Basil Greensip, genes are apparent, but she sure is a cutie.

            Capri looks just like her sister in facial features and skin tone, but it appears that she has inherited her grandpa Lawrence’s hair coloring.

These two little girls are beautiful and they make their parents so very proud.

            These dolls that the girls received were very peculiar.  They seemed to move on their own and follow the girls around.  Wait that can’t be possible, can it?

             The girls seemed to love them.  Capri loved the outdoors and it was a fight for Ashby to get her inside so Ashby always let her play just a tad bit longer with Bow.  Ashby of course would just be up on the deck keeping a very watchful eye on her.

            Carter too loved to snuggle with King and did so with every spare moment she had, which was a lot because what responsibilities do toddlers have?  LOL

            Keskey was a wonderful big brother.  He was so happy about having siblings that he would come home from school and right after homework was done he would play with his sisters.  Peek-a-boo seemed to be a favorite game among the children.   Carter and Capri loved Keskey too.  In fact I think when they were learning how to talk Kes, their nick name for him, was one of their first words.

            “Ride em’ cowgirl.”  Ashby encouraged Carter to use her imagination and make believe she was on a ranch riding a blue steed.

            “And you my dear are a pirate princess.”  Carter giggles at her mama’s stories.

            At bedtime Capri went down with no problem, after of course her extra play time outside with Bow, because she loved it when her “daddy” read to her.  Let me explain the girls knew who Basil was because he sent emails that Ashby read to them, video chats, cards and phone calls, but they had taken on calling Asher daddy.  Basil knew about it, for those of them that wanted to be part of the children’s’ life Ashby always filled the dads in on what was going on, and surprisingly he was fine with it.

            On the other hand Ms Carter was the staler of the two.

“Mama, I have a secret.”  She said in her cute little girl’s voice.

“What is it Love?”  A small smile played on Ashby lips.  Most nights Carter told her something just goofy and silly.

“Kes doesn’t believe me but King is real.”  Carter giggled.

“You are such a goofy girl.”  Ashby tickled Carter and carried her upstairs to her crib.

            Time went along and on one of her trips to the E-store Ashby found this bizarre stand with a book.  The sales person told her that it would teach her magic.  She was skeptical, but bought it out of curiosity.  When she got it home she began memorizing the spells in the book but just a bit frightened to try it out.  Perhaps she will have tried one of them for the next post.


            Keskey decided to try painting and wouldn’t you know that he was a natural.  I wonder what his biological parents were like.  Were they painters, actors, or scientist?

             “Sister, it is our bifhday.”  Capri tells Carter.

            Carter replied with just a single word, “Cake.”

Ashby and Asher, who at this point kept the children’s aging a private affair and this meant family so A.J. and Vi were invited, set up cakes for their daughters and watched them grow into splendid children.


            Carter was a stunning child who loved the thought of flowers in her hair.  Ashby made her a flower crown and the child was insanely happy.  In conjunction with her insane and virtuoso traits she rolled the Party Animal trait.  I think Ashby and Asher are going to have their hands full with this one.

            Capri was a little more conservative, and in addition to her Absent Minded and Neurotic traits she rolled the Coward trait.

These two girls were very different but they were sisters and not just mere sisters but twins.

At the party Asher’s brother A.J. and his fiancée Violet informed them that their new house was ready to be moved into.  This was fabulous news.

            Who on earth is Carter playing with?  She keeps telling us it is King, but all we can see is her hitting the air with her pillow, silly kid.

            It took the Lemi’s a couple of weeks to pack and prepare to move to the new house, and once they got to the new lot it was so worth it.  Vi and A.J. had done a wonderful job and Ashby knew that she and Asher had make the right decision to continue the challenge.  They knew they were going to be a happy thriving family in this new house.


            Even though it was Saturday the girls wanted to get their homework done so they had all day on Sunday to help unpack and get to know their new house.  The atmosphere of the kitchen was perfect for learning and feeling calm while having a meal.

            This is part of the boy’s room.  Asher and Ashby are forever grateful that even though Vi and A.J. were going through some things they took the time to make them this lovely home.


            This is the girl’s room.  Carter and Capri were super excited that their aunt, well soon to be, remembered their favorite Sims band and hung a poster of them in there.  The first night in the house Carter didn’t even try to stall going to bed.

****AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thank you Molly aka Violet Newbie, for taking time out of your busy life and you sims playing to make me this beautiful home for my sims.  Your friendship is a blessing.  *hugs* ****


            It was time for Keskey’s birthday into teen hood, but first Ashby wanted a family picture.  It seems like since the death of her other children she has been more set on getting pictures.   Carter refused to look at the camera and Keskey couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his sister.  This was the best of the set that were taken.

            Keskey Lemi is a handsome boy, but how did he get so skinny?  I have watched the boy eat.  I guess it is just in his genetics.

It was that time again and after interviewing a few candidates Ashby and Asher, yes he was part of the decision making of the challenge now, decided that the next dad would be their good friend Terrance Phillip.


 Terrance owned the local gas station and repair shop.  He wasn’t interested in settling down right now and didn’t know if he ever would be and thought that having a child with his DNA would be a good thing.

Ashby made their appointment and after a few weeks she found out that it had been successful.

As she began to show she got a crazy idea that Asher was no longer attracted to her.  She thought that he had decided that her having a child with other men was disgusting and he no longer wanted to be with her.

Where did she get these ideas you ask?  Asher had been working late and usually fell asleep on the couch when he got home.  The reason for this was that he was trying very hard to get a promotion so that he could provide better for the family and when he got home late he didn’t want to disturb Ashby so he just crashed on the couch.

Finally one night she waited up for him and when he came in the door he saw her standing at the top of the stairs.

“What are you doing up Sweetheart?”  He asked as he climbed the stairs to her.


            As he climbed toward her she busted into tears rambling to him all her fears.  When he reached her he took her in his arms and held her close.  He whispered into her ear how much he loved her as she sobbed against his shoulder.

When she had calmed down some he pushed her at arm’s length, looked deep into her eyes and pulled her into a kiss of a lifetime.  This one action eased her mind.


            “And Carter comes around the corner taking the lead.”  Carter shouts in an announcer type voice.  Carter was a very odd girl, but loveable and enjoyable to watch.

            Keskey is very popular in high school, but he seems to be a one woman kind of guy.  He has himself a girlfriend, but has yet to formally introduce her to his family or to me.  Hopefully by the next installment I can tell you, the reader, who she is.

            Then one day while Ashby was at the market she went into labor.  The hospital was only a few blocks away and since this was her 29th child Ashby decided to waddle there on foot.  On her way she called Keskey, Asher and as agreed Terrance for he was going to be there instead of Asher.

            Keskey went looking for the twins to let them know that their mom wouldn’t be home for a couple of days and when she came home she would have a new baby with her.

Capri was ecstatic that she would have a new baby sister or brother and after Keskey told her the news she went to find Bow to tell her the news.  Keskey just rolled his eyes at his odd sister and went to find Carter.

He found her dancing in her room alone.  She was really into the music and didn’t hear him come in and when she twirled around to the music he scared the living daylight out of her.

“What do you want?”  She asked him hatefully.

He never took Carter’s tone serious and told her about their mother.

            As he closed the door behind him he heard Carter yell, “Noooooooooooooo….”

            He stood on the other side of the door listening to her rant about the baby.  She was determined not to let the new little one take her place with their mom.  He cracked the door a bit and saw her standing in the middle of the room yelling and pretending to choke herself.  Carter tends to overreact and over dramatize everything.  Make sure her playful acts weren’t causing real harm he shut the door behind him.  Soon he heard the music again and knew that Carter had moved on.

            A couple of days later Ashby returned home with:

            Rian Phillip Lemi.  How exciting is this?  This is the first of Ashby’s children to get their grandma Mirid’s skin tone.  With her mom’s hair and eye color and her grandma’s skin tone Rian is a beautiful girl.  At birth she rolled the Neurotic and Good traits.

            Riker Phillip Lemi.  He got his dad’s skin tone, hair color and nose shape.  We aren’t sure where the eye color comes from, but he is a most handsome young man.  He got the Disciplined and Genius traits.


            And Rollin Phillip Lemi.  What a beautiful boy with his Grandma Mirid’s hair coloring and his father’s skin tone, eye coloring and nose shape.  He rolled the Clumsy and Eccentric traits.

            Here are Ashby’s 2nd set of Multi-gender triplets (her first actually being Twins Elvira and Ash) with their father Terrance Phillip.  Would love to hear any thoughts you have.


Thank you dear reader for taking the time to join me in Ashby’s life, without you I wouldn’t have the motivation to write about her.  Please leave me a comment here or on my facebook page…you can find me under Ashby Lemi.


Ashby Lemi – Babies 26, 27 and 28 Part 2

After Holden and his family left time just moved along line normal, kids grew and moved on and life was good.

            I had to leave for my home country for a while on a family emergency, so I am unable to get the pictures during that time. 

**Author’s note: I lost my game again so I was unable to get some of the pictures I normally would have had L **

            Ashby told me that Addison and Taloria aged into beautiful teens and moved to France. Taloria is going to design clothes for a company out there and Addison is going to take in the scenery for her new book.

            Life was going along greatly, but then Lockland turned into a teen and found out that Asher wasn’t his dad. After he learned this his behavior started to be destructive and rebellious. He wouldn’t listen to either Ashby or Asher, and when he was at his most vulnerable Darko entered the picture. He went behind Ashby’s back and would meet Lockland outside of the school and tell him about his vampire heritage and how much he was sorry that he was forced out of his life as a baby, toddler and child. 

            Lockland had been so hurt at finding out that Asher wasn’t his dad and Taloria and Addison were only his half sisters that he bought into all of Darko’s lies and soon he ran away from the Lemi household forever and moved in with his dad. This devastated Ashby and Asher, but as a unit they are strong and they got each other through it.

            This event caused Asher to push Ashby even harder to continue her challenge and to get cured of her vampirism. She finally consented to being cured, but wouldn’t budge on continuing her challenge.

            With Ashby being so stubborn the two learned pretty quickly that the house they were living in was too small for just the two of them so they moved from their beach house property to a lot nearby. The bought a quaint little two bedroom cottage and for a while they were content. 

            In hopes that Ashby would one day continue her challenge Asher made her promise not to get a job so it wasn’t long before she felt the silence of the house when he was at work, and when she finally came to him with the suggestion of adopting a child he was all for it. He too missed kids around the house and he hope that it could be an opening to get Ashby to continue with her challenge.

            Ashby called the adoption agency and set up an appointment. While Asher was filling out paperwork Ashby met and spend the afternoon with a little boy name Keskey.   She fell in love immediately and wanted him to be the one she too home. The agency told her that wasn’t possible, but Ashby would not take no for an answer. A few weeks later Keskey came home to the Lemi house.


            Welcome home Keskey Lemi.





            Keskey was a cute and imaginative young boy. As soon as the Lemi’s brought him home he began to flourish and he loved the old costume chest the other Lemi kids left behind. 

            He wanted to be prince and rule over the whole house, he wanted to be a astronaut and explore the skies. 


            He wanted to be a submarine captain and hunt down Moby Dick.


            He wanted to be a general to lead the Sims into battle and leave it in peace.



            He wanted to be a great adventurer and travel the globe and tell every one of those adventures.



            Keskey kept Ashby and Asher on their toes, but the couple knew that to make a marriage work they had to find time for each other as well. The two would spend time together at the park, or go to a movie or just for a stroll. There was never any doubt that the two were in love.



            With all the dreams Keskey had Ashby and Asher wanted to help him make them all come true, but how? They started by getting him enrolled in after school scouting on M, T and Thursdays. He had a great time and learned many things such as saluting and tying knots.


            Time does what time does and it moved along. Then Asher got a wild idea to take his small family on a vacation. As he logged onto the computer he found a file that he had never looked at before. Being a curious sim he doubled clicked on it and the video that Ashby’s first husband and Asher’s dear friend Connery made for her. (for those that don’t remember the video or is new to the blog you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plqFb2Aiwy4 )

            It moved him and brought tears to his eyes. He knew he could not allow Ashby to give up her challenge. It meant the world to her and he was determined to make her remember that.


            When Asbhy got home from helping out at Keskey’s school Asher poured them both a cup of hot coffee and they sat down to talk. He told her everything he was feeling from watching Connery’s video to wanting more kids around the house to him wanting her to continue her challenge.

            She told him that she did want to continue her challenge, but she couldn’t bear to be with any other man. 

            Then Asher surprised her……

            “I have a plan about that. We are going to continue your challenge as a sold couple but we Lemi’s are going to break some more rules. I propose that we talk to Vi and A.J., and by the way they will be here in an hour, about IVF. If we incorporate that, having children of our own and adopting we should get through the next 74 children with no problem.” Asher gave her a big smile.

            “You called Vi and A.J., and don’t you mean 75 children?” Ashby questioned.        

            He winked at her and said, “We are going to count Keskey as baby 26 and move forward. So what do you say? Are you back on board with this challenge.” 

            “What will the other challenge mom’s think of me including adoption and kids of our own?” Ashby was worried about the rules she has already broken and the rules they were thinking of breaking.

            “Babe, it really doesn’t matter. Those women are your friends and they will love you no matter what. You need to do what you need to do for your challenge and with the issues you have had and us getting married before you ending the challenge I think this the best way.”

            After more talking Ashby finally agreed.


            Their visit with Violet and A.J. was very productive. Violet gave her the number for the IVF doctor she used and told her what to except and how it worked. While the girls chatted about that A.J. and Asher came up with a plan for a new house for Asher and Ashby.   You see AandV design had agreed to build them a new home. Ashby once again began to get excited about her challenge.


            A few weeks after it was decided that Ashby would start her challenge again an old friend from Twinbrook showed up on their door step with a familiar request.


            “Basil Greensnip, what brings you to Sunset Valley?” Ashby hugs her old friend and is glad to see him.

            Basil, as animated as ever, begins to explain how crazy Twinbrook is without her and that he missed their friendship. She reassured him that she missed him too, then he came out with the real reason he was in Sunset Valley.

            “Ashby, as you know I moved to Twinbrook to take part in your cousin, Harmony’s, 100 baby challenge, but she disappeared and then you and I became real good friends. We talked about me partaking in yours but the time was never right. I read Mother’s Monthly and it says you are thinking about not continuing your challenge and I am here to implore you not to give up on it and let me be the next dad.” He said this all in one breath and took a sigh of relief when he was done.

            “Well Basil if you have read that you know that I am married to Asher now…”

            He cuts her off, “Yes I do and I think that is wonderful. I was there when Connery passed I remember your heartache, but….”

            It was her turn to cut him off. “I am going to continue my challenge just not in the traditional way. Basil, if you are willing to go through IVF then I would love for you to be the dad to baby 27.” 

            He grabbed her hand and smiled broadly. “Thank you Ashby thank you.”


            The night after Ashby went through her first IVF treatment she tucked Keskey into bed, kissed his forehead and told him he may have a new brother or sister soon.


            When the first signs of pregnancy showed on Ashby’s body she couldn’t help but smile.

            And soon the Lemi household was blessed with two bouncing baby girls.

            Carter Greensnip Lemi (named after fellow challenge mom Carter Mason). Carter rolled the Insane and Virtuoso traits.

            And Capri Greensnip Lemi, she rolled the Absent Minded and Neurotic traits. 


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Ashby Lemi – Babies 26,27 and 28 part 1


BABY 26. 27 and 28

**Author’s note: this post is not written in the correct tense…most of it is past tense and I am sorry for that. I should have gone back and corrected it, but I just wanted to finally get it out. I apologize for the mess and hope you still enjoy.***

If you are 15 or younger please make sure you are ok’d to read this. I have adult content and I don’t want you to get in trouble.


            Ashby went to take Lockland up to his crib, when Taloria stopped her.  

            “Mom, what is that?” She asked in her most quizzical voice.

            “This is your new brother, Lockland.” Ashby was very tired after giving birth, but she always made time for her children.

            “He doesn’t look like daddy.” Taloria cocked her head to the right and look upon the small babe before her.

            Ashby sighed. How could she explain the situation to the young girl? She just smiled at the girl, reached up and bushed her thumb across her daughters chin in a loving manor and said, “Sweetie, Lockland is tired. I need to take him to bed.” 

            Taloria as okay with that and went to find Addison to play before it was their time to go to bed.


            Wren got asked out for her very first date by a guy from another school, they met at the park, but she was heartbroken when he didn’t show up. She had saved her allowance for a new dress and hair do, and she felt that it was for nothing. Ashby tried to explain to her that these things happened and that it was him and not her, but she would not believe her. We think this is the even that triggered Wren to become a difficult teen. 


            One sunny afternoon Ashby was sitting under the canopy of her newly redecorated deck, being a vampire didn’t allow her to be outside for very long in the sun and she missed out on what her kids were doing so Asher and A.J. built her the deck, when Addison came around the side of the house yelling at her.

            “Mommy, Mommy, look!” She ran up to Ashby and kept waiving a magazine at her. 

            She was so excited that it took Ashby several minutes to get the young girl to settle down enough to hand her what she had been waiving in her face. Ashby was stunned to learn that she had been featured in Challenge Mother’s Monthly. She had been interviewed when she first moved to Sunset Valley, but she never expected to be featured. This was a spectacular even for the Lemi household and it was all the kids talked about for weeks. Addison even took the magazine to school for show and tell. 

***Author’s note…I would like to thank Dawn Turner for making this for me. This is truly special! ***




            Holden has always looked up to his big sister Wren, and seeing her pull pranks and putting hair dye in her shower when he was a child gave him the prank bug. From ding dong ditch to setting frogs loose into the school he spent his free time pulling pranks.


            Asher and Ashby finally got frustrated with all the trouble he was getting into and they enrolled him some afterschool activities. There he and his childhood friend Bella Bachelor became close. After school they were together in their activities and on the weekends they were together doing homework or just spending time around town. 

            They were very cute together.


            The vampire in Ashby started to take over. She was out for one of her late night strolls when the urge to hunt hit her. This time her target was none other than her best friend Violet Newbie. 

            Luckily Ashby’s Sim side was able to get the Vampire side under control and she fed on someone else. 

            She didn’t like what she was becoming but she still felt it was a worthy punishment for letting down her girls.


            Even though Lockland wasn’t his biological child Asher didn’t love him any less. He spent a lot of time with the babe and took him outdoors during the day when Ashby wasn’t able to. He still hated Darko for the why he treated his wife, but he couldn’t hate the outcome.

            The two spent oodles of time together and Lockland had no clue that Asher wasn’t his daddy.


            While Ashby encourages Holden improve on his schooling and skills Wren devises a devious plan.


            And that night as Holden got ready for bed he was the victim of that devious plan when the sink went haywire and soaked him from head to toe, the pranks in the Lemi household was getting out of control. Would this behavior catch on with Addison, Taloria and Lockland?


Where are you going my little one

Little one

Where are you going my baby my own

Turn around and your 2, turn around and your 4

Turn around and you’re a young man walking out the door.

Turn around Turn around

Turn around and you’re a young man walking out the door.

            Ashby sang to her little boy. She knew it was only a matter of time before it was time to age Lockland into a tot. 

***Author’s note: this song is something my mom sang to my brother and I (mine was young lady) when we were growing up***


            Holden and Bella continued to spend a lot of time together. They two were inseparable and Ashby and Asher thought that she was a good influence on him for his pranks and misbehaving had subsided. 


            It was time to age Lockland up and he inherited his mom’s hair coloring and his dads red eyes. He was a very handsome toddler and was loved by the whole Lemi household.


            In one of his last rebellious acts Holden added blue and green to his hair. Actually I think he looks pretty handsome so his act backfired on him.




            “I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna to get you.” Asher teases Lockland as he tickles him with the “claw”.

            With Ashby still a vampire and not allowed in the sun much Asher spends even more time with Lockland making sure that he got out side for fun and fresh air time. Ashby felt so left out, but she was so glad to have a man like Asher as her husband. 



            Who are these fine men? Oh yes they are the Lemi twins, A.J. on the right and Asher on the left. Violet, A.J., Ashby and Asher get together quite often. Ashby is grateful that she moved to Sunset Valley where she had some many people that loved her. After her parents died she felt quite alone in Twinbrook.


            Addison is the dreamer of the family. She would go to bed early and just sit in her bed thinking of new and interesting stories. 




            Then she would talk Taloria into dressing up with her and acting out the story. 

            Once upon a time there lived two princesses. The land had come upon hard times when pink dragon (dinosaur costume was all they had) threatened the livelihood. He would swoop down on unsuspecting people on his flying contraption and scare them half to death. The people of the land wanted the princess to save and protect the, but the two young girls didn’t know what to do. One day a strangely dressed stranger came to the princesses. He told them that he was from the future and that he could help them with their problem. The girls took him up on his offer and the man in the white suit disappeared into the fog and neither he nor the pink dragon was heard from ever again.

            She has such an imagination and the Lemi’s think that someday she will grow up to be a write or something creative like that.




            Being a child of two vampires tends to show itself in the most inopportune times. Lockland is both a sweet and beautiful boy with a nasty temper and weird behaviors, like trying to suck the blood out of his teddy bear. 

            Tisk Tisk *Ashby* was this a good idea?



            Time seems to flies when you’re having fun the old saying goes, and it was soon time for Lockland to be a child. What a handsome boy. He wears these goggles because he says he wants to be a super hero and save mommies like Ashby from mean doers, but no one has seen a super hero with a temper like his.


            See what I mean?




            A few days after Lockland aged up it was time for Wren to be a Young Adult. The Lemi’s had a family party (and me) and after Wren aged up and designed herself a new dress Ashby sat the kids down and told him a scary story. 

            Perhaps that imagination Addison has comes from her mommy.



            Ashby decided that a picture with the kids before they leave is going to be a new tradition with the Lemi family. Asher was a bit excited about the prospect of Wren graduation and couldn’t keep himself from cheering. Perhaps he will be a little more calmed down when it is Holden’s turn.


            What a breathtaking young woman she turned out to be.

The next morning the whole family dressed up in their Sunday best and headed to the court house where Wren graduated. After the ceremony she hugged her parents and siblings and got on a bus and headed to her new life. She was heading back to the land where her biological parents grew up in hopes she can find out more about her and Holden’s parents and life before the Lemi household.



            What is happening at the Lemi household? Boys driving on the couch and a princess and a dinosaur playing video games? 




            Ah young love. Do you think that Bella will become Mrs. Starr Bright or do you think she will leave Holden and fulfill her destiny of being with the Goth boy?





            It was time for the twins to age into teens. Ashby got them together for a cute childhood photo, don’t they look cute? Taloria with her fire red hair like her mom’s and Addison with darker red hair with blonde highlights like her dad’s, these two girls are just precious. 

            Aging didn’t change the views of the girls at all. Taloria still wanted to be a fashion designer when she grew up and Addison wanted to be a well renowned author.    I sure hope these two make their dreams come true.




            Time passed for the Lemi’s and soon it was time for Holden to age into a young adult. To Ashby’s surprise Bella came to her and asked they could throw a double party for she too wanted to age up. She couldn’t bear not being with him. Ashby agreed and the Bachelor/Lemi families held a big coming to age party.

            Holden grew into a handsome young adult. He decided to keep his rebellious hair-do and it looks great on him. 

            Bella has very long features, and pretty big eyes. I can’t wait to see if these two have kids… I have a feeling if they do they will be pretty cute.



            The two got some “couple’s” pictures as the party went well into the night. The next day the two graduated, but Holden decided to stay at home for just a bit long and Ashby was thrilled.



            Soon the days turned into weeks and finally Holden popped the question to Bella. He asked her to be his one and only and she could say nothing but yes.

            The next step was to send out the invitations to all. 

***Author’s note: I would like to thank Violet Newbie for making this invitation for me. She did a beautiful job. ***


            Holden is Ashby’s 2nd child to get married and since Elvira and Lars eloped Ashby insisted on a big wedding. She would not take no for an answer. All the arrangements were made, the bachelor/bachelorette parties were had and finally the day came. The two would join together.

            Ashby cried as any good mother should and the two had a great day with their family and friends. 

            At the reception the newly married couple made an announcement that they were expecting. Ashby was over the moon with this announcement. This would be her 3rd grandchild (her firsts are Dallas and Tucker Turner read about them in Dawn Turners blog here: http://dawnturnersbabychallenge.blogspot.com/p/chapters.html ). 

            She insisted that Holden and Bella stayed with them until at least the baby was born and the young couple agreed, both of them were very comfortable in the Lemi household.        



            Being stuck indoors gave Bella and Ashby time to get to know one another better. Ashby was enjoying being on the outside of a pregnancy for once. She talked to the baby and she and Bella exercised almost daily. It was a great boding experience for them while the men were at work and the children were at school.


            Soon Bella and Holden came home with a beautiful baby girl named Alyce. The three of them stayed on until Alyce became a toddler and then they moved on to their own home.


            Here is little Alyce as a toddler. Isn’t she cute? She got her daddy’s hair and I am sure her dark eyes are from her mom’s side. Ashby just loved this little girl and it was hard to think that after her party she and her parents would be moving on.



            At Alyce’s party Ashby made sure the family photos were taken. First was Holden with his parents. Asher what is up with you always cheering when your kids are getting ready to leave the house?



            Next is Holden and his new family. I think Alyce looks a lot like her dad. 


            Finally Ashby, Asher and their granddaughter Alyce.



            To Be Continued………


Ashby Lemi – Baby 25




***Author’s note*** this contains some adult content. If you are 15 or younger please make sure it is okay for you to read this. Thank you




                It would soon be time for Wren to age into a teen so she decided to get some good quality time in with her brother. She felt so lucky that Ashby had taken them both in and that they didn’t need to be separated. It was hard enough to lose her parents; she couldn’t bear to think that she could have lost her brother too. 



            “Mom, come and dance my last practice with me. Tomorrow I will be a teen!” Wren hollered at Ashby. 

            Ashby was soaking in the hot tub with Asher, and excused herself by saying, “Sorry honey my baby needs me.” She winked at him and went and had a dance with her child. 


            The next night they had a party for Wren and it seemed like everyone came. Vi, Christy, Derrick, myself, and many others as well. *sorry the pictures of the party were just too dark* Wren had a great time as well as her family and she grew into a fine looking young lady. She thought that her hair was a bit plain so she added some purple highlight and this writer thinks she looks great.



            “Look little brother, it is me Wren your big sister.” Wren tried to encourage Holden to not be scared. She may look different but she was still his big sister and she loved him.

            After hearing her voice Holden knew who she was and just wanted to snuggle with her.


            With Teen hood Wren developed a love for exercise. She even convinced Ashby that working out would make her feel better. Ashby was willing to try anything. She was slipping into a deeper and deeper depression over the loss of her girls. She hated this because she was happy with her current life as well. 


            It wasn’t long after Wren aged up that it was time for Holden to grow into a child. What a handsome boy with his piercing amber eyes and darker complexion.   He is really into logic games such as chess, when Asher gets home from work and before Holden goes to bed, the two of them can be found trying to beat the other in a good healthy game of chess.


Addison Lemi


Taloria Lemi


            It was soon time for the twins Addison and Taloria to age into tots and begin learning their skills. These two girls are just little angels. Addison got her mom’s hair, red with red highlights, and Taloria got her dads, red with blonde highlights. 

            The twins are such silly children they keep the family laughing. Look at Taloria with her tiny finger up her nose. I mean really…….


            Wren wasn’t a genius like her brother, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. She found that she had a love for writing and was determined to have a book published. Between school working, helping around the house and dancing she could be found working on the computer. 


            Ashby and Asher helped the girls with their skills and once they were all mastered it was time to age them up.


            What a fun little girl Addison grew into. She likes working the chemistry set and playing on the playground with her sister. 


            I think Taloria got all her mom from hair, skin, eyes and style. She is so much girl that it makes Addison look like a Tom-boy when she really isn’t. She loves to be surrounded by people and friends and she is thinking of being a fashion designer when she grows up.


            After the girls aged up Ashby tucked them into bed and kissed their sweet foreheads. 

            The next morning things had changed drastically in Sunset Valley, The Sims world was introduced to Generations. This new addition to the Sims world has opened the doors for Sims to do so much more with their lives. The Lemi family was excited to try everything and anything this addition had to offer, but not all of it was good.


            The day after the girls aged up started a long weekend for Memorial Day. Early Saturday morning Ashby and Asher went to the store and bought several new items for the house and their family. 

            The first thing Taloria did was run to the costume chest and dressed up into a pretty purple princess. After putting on the costume her imagination took over and she pretended she was Princess Taloria ruler of the Lemi household, but got pretty frustrated when her siblings and parents wouldn’t listen to her “requests”.



            It appeared that with the new stuff that was introduced new ideas and behaviors started with the Sims around town. 

            Wren got an idea in her head that it would be fun to pull a prank on the inspecting Holden. She fiddled around with the toilet and then went and found her brother. When she did she began talking about running water and different things and soon it was in his head to use the restroom and …. BAM her trick hit him full force in the face. 

            Wren got in trouble for her actions and was even Grounded!! However this didn’t stop her from finding the humor or the fun she had from pranking her brother. I feel that the Lemi children are going to start getting into no good.



            While Addison and Taloria played in the new Tree House……


            And Holden played Green Dinosaur….





            The adults and eldest daughter decided to try out the new water slide. Wren was a pro right off the bat doing tricks and having fun. The athletic Asher also did well, but his wife wasn’t so lucky. At first she was a bit uncoordinated and kept getting water in her face.   Asher couldn’t help by snicker at her bad luck, but it was all in fun. 

            The Lemi family had a blast with their new activities and played well into the night. 



            It was late when the family crawled into bed. Being the only boy in the house Holden begged Asher for a story even though he was very tired. Asher jumps at any opportunity to be with his kids.


            The next day, Sunday, was just as crazy with family time and trying new things. Wren decided to take her hand at the new hopscotch game. She turned out to be pretty good at it and loved playing.


            Taloria broke some dishes and got in trouble. Asher knows that accidents happen but she was trying to juggle them. He had to give her a stern talking to about freedom of expression, but also being respectful to other people’s things.


            Asher had to go into work for a little bit on Sunday and Wren wanted to go hang out with her friends in town, so they killed two birds with one stone, and Asher gave her a driving lesson to meet her friends.



            Memorial Day they did more of the same things played in the water, had a picnic, played on new playground equipment and at the end of the day Asher, Addison and Taloira wound down with a video game.

            Ashby was busy online researching what the school now offered with Generations and she signed Holden up for Scouts, and Addison up for Ballet lessons.



            The next day as Wren was getting ready for school she had a much unexpected surprise. Holden had decided to get back at her for the toilet prank and filled her shower head with hair color.

            Luckily the color was washable, but since she had been running later already she had to go to school with a full head of purple hair. 


            Weeks past and with the building guilt and the stress of life in general Ashby began to feel a bit restless. She and Asher would talk for hours and one night he told her that he would watch the kids and she just needed to go let off some steam. He told her to go and check out the new club in town. 

            Ashby called everyone, Vi was unable to make it due to her upcoming surgery and Christy already had plans. Of course the Della’s were in Bridgeport, and Nessa too had plans. Ashby decided to go anyways.

            She had a great time at the Grind eating bar food and chatting with the people she met until she met HIM, the Vampire Darko Mulberry. She had heard the stories of this Vampire but never thought they or he was real, but this night changed her views and life forever.

            He told her that he was the one who had called asking to be in her challenge and that he really wanted her to reconsider her answer. She politely declined again setting Darko’s anger off. He began to insult her and her family and when he brought up her dead girls her blood began to boil and she began telling him off.


            Darko didn’t like to be talked to in this manor and stuck her in the face. Ashby reached up and rubbed the spot with her knuckles and glared at him. She was not about to make more of a scene then they already had and she turned on her heels and headed out of the establishment.



            Darko wouldn’t let this alone and ran after her. He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. Taking her arm he sank his teeth deep into it as Ashby screamed for her life. 

            When he was done he wiped his mouth and watched as the bats consumed her. Then he left Ashby in a state of confusion.


            Ashby called Asher as she walked home (she was too scared to drive). She told him everything that had happened and he wanted to go after the guy that hurt her, but she told him that all she wanted was to be in his arms when she got home. He agreed to leave it alone for now but when she walked into the house she could not find him anywhere.

            “Asher?” She called with a dry voice. 

            She had reached the top of the stairs when she heard him come in the front door. “Babe?” He called.

            “Up here.” 

            He ran two at a time up the stairs and when he got there he handed her a beautiful bouquet of purple roses. “It isn’t much but I want to try and cheer you up.” 

            “You are the best husband a gal could ask for.” She mustered a smile for him and smelled the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Then she winced in pain as Darko’s bite began to burn.

            Asher snaked his arm around her waist and led her downstairs into the kitchen. He washed out the bit and look at it carefully. He suggested that she go and see the doctor but she waived him off and told him she would be fine. He bandaged her up and they headed off to bed.


            A few days later Ashby woke up with a splitting headache and when she looked in the mirror this is what she saw. She finally understood what Darko had done to her. He hadn’t just drunk her blood he had changed her into a creature of the night. Her temper flared and she headed to Darko’s house.



            When he saw who was at his door, Darko, began laughing. He told Ashby that he knew he would be seeing her and wanted to know what she thought of his gift.

            She got right into this face and began shouting at him.  She cursed him for turning her and for his overall behavior. As she yelled, screamed and cried at him Darko just stared into her big grey eyes, never once did he divert his eyes from hers. Pretty soon she began to feel light headed and disoriented. 

            When she left it was three hours later and she had no memory of what happened from the time she got there and yelled at him till the time she left his home. 


            On her way home she ran into her good friend Christy Quinn. She filled Christy in on everything that had happened with Darko. Christy was shocked and reached out to place a comforting hand on her friends shoulder.



            Before Ashby had time to think she grabbed Christy’s arm and sank her teeth deep into her flesh pulling out Christy’s warm, salty blood.

            Christy was too stunned to struggle or scream or anything. She just stared at Ashby wide eyed. 


            The effects of human blood cased Ashby to go insane. Vampires refer to this behavior as blood lust. She quickly got herself under control and began apologizing over and over to her friend.


            Christy had encounter vampires before and told Ashby that she loved her and that she was okay. She advised Ashby to go home and talk to Asher and get it worked out. Being drunk from makes a Sim tired so Christy hugged her friend and headed home for some much needed rest.


            When Ashby got home she changed her clothes and she and Asher sat down for a much needed talk. She told him that she was now a full fledged Vampire and their lives would now change. She told him about confronting Darko and that she had a missing three hours from her memory, and she told him her suspicions about what happened during those three hours. 

            Saying what she suspected caused her to break down. She cried as Asher held her in his arms. He rubbed her back, cooed in her ear and when her sobs started to cease he pushed her to arm’s length.

            “Babe, you are all I am ever going to want so the fact that you’re a vampire doesn’t change that. It just changes some of our behaviors.   As far as the other matter is concerned I have been asking you to continue your challenge and you keep avoiding the subject. Tonight we need sleep but I propose that if your suspicions are accurate then we actually sit down and talk about your challenge. Deal?”

            Ashby looked deep into her husband’s eyes, “Fine, but I can’t stand to think about being with another man. How can you look at me like that if what I think is true?”           

            Asher kissed the back of her hand, “I will admit the thought of you with another man does not make me happy, but we can figure that out when we decide if you are going to continue your challenge. As far as what Darko has done if I thought I had a chance against a vampire I would be at his house right now.”

            He took her hand and led her to their bedroom.


            Time went by and soon a baby bump began to develop on Ashby. She knew that her fears had been true. 


            She did some research on vampires and found out that a vampire’s sire could be very controlling but even though they could make their “children” do many things they could never really get them to do something that wasn’t in their heart.

            Perhaps deep down Ashby truly wants to continue her challenge. 



            The night had become Ashby’s time. She missed her kids because they were out playing and enjoying the sunshine during the day and slept when she was allowed to go out at night. 

            Walking was good for the baby and almost nightly she would go walking around time. One night she met Darko at the park.

            “Wow, look at you. When is my son due?” Darko said with a toothy grin.

            “You will stay away from my baby.” Ashby shot at him.

            “This baby is half me.” Darko said as he reached forward and tried to place his hands on Ashby’s stomach.

            She slapped his hands away, “You stay away from me, my family and this baby.” She turned on her heel and fled.



            A few weeks before the baby was due Taloria came down with the flu. She couldn’t keep anything down. Asher carried his little girl upstairs, tucked her into his and Ashby’s bed, read her a bed time story and allowed her sleep away from the other children. 


            Missing her sister Addison would come home from school, do her homework and then play in the sandbox. 

            Taloria was only ill for a few days and was soon back running around with her sister.


            Soon it was time for Holden to be a teenager. Asher and Ashby threw him a party.   They party was a success and everyone cheered as Holden spun into teenage-hood.


            What a handsome young man Holden turned into. He has very soft, kind eyes and features much like his sisters. Ashby was worried however when he inherited the new Rebellious trait. She wondered what that would cause her little boy to do.


            As the party started to wind down the most unexpected thing happened. Ashby went into labor.  Due to the circumstances she had a home birth.


            Sunset Valley TX, please welcome your newest member…. Lockland Mulberry-Lemi. Even though Ashby didn’t like Darko she felt it was only right to include his last name on the birth certificate. Lockland had the right to know someday.


Thank you as always for reading. I hope to hear what you are thinking of Ashby’s life. Please leave a comment or find me on facebook under Ashby Lemi.


Ashby Starr Bright – Babies 23 and 24


BABIES 23 and 24

            Hello again readers of Ashby’s blog it is I, Nina Nestor, back to provide you another update in Ashby’s life. I’m sad to report that this update may not be full of flowers and butterflies, but it is what has happened. 

            As you saw in the last blog update we ended with the birth and aging of Royce and Rooney into toddlers. Ashby was all set to begin them on their skill training when she got a call from the adoption agency. They told her that a set of siblings had just come into the state’s custody. They told her that the Child, named Wren, and the toddler, named Holden, was orphaned two weeks ago when their parents were victims in a bank robbery gone badly. Ashby didn’t need even a minute to answer with a big yes. She asked the Princess Triplets, Roisin, Callum and JayLeen to watch Royce and Rooney, and set out to pick up the new additions to their family.


Wren Starr Bright



            Holden Starr Bright


            The children were precious and pretty well adjusted despite their loss. Ashby thoroughly enjoyed getting acquainted with them during their time at the adoption agency. However, their time was cut very short when Ashby received a call from the local police department.

            She was told that another meteor had hit her house.   The house was beyond repair and this time there were causalities. Roisin, JayLeen, Rocye and Rooney had been killed instantly, but Callum was at the local hospital life support.

            Ashby was a mess. Someone from the agency drove Ashby to the hospital and they kept the kids there for the time being. I have mentioned before I am not suppose to get involved, but I knew Ashby wasn’t in any shape to make phone calls so I called Victor and before I knew it he was back in Twinbrook by his last surviving daughters side. 

            Distraught with grief and worry the next two weeks went by in a blur. Ashby’s good friend Asher Lemi came and picked up Wren and Holden and stayed in a motel with them as Ashby planned and held the funerals of four of her daughters and when she wasn’t doing that she and Victor took vigilance by Callum’s side.

            Beautiful princess Callum lasted two weeks before slipping away from this world. Her death took away Ashby’s last strand of happiness and she dropped to her knees, cursed God and cried until she had no more tears. She vowed that she would never continue the 100 baby challenge, using many colorful words to describe it and how trying it was on people.

            Callum was buried next to her sisters and two days after Victor flew home and Ashby was convinced by Asher and Violet to move to Sunset Valley. Yes she had children still in Twinbrook who wanted her to stay, but Ashby felt that they needed to continue with their lives and not be worried about how well their mother is doing.

            Oh before I leave out any details Victor asked me to stay on and continue to report on Ashby’s life and I followed the Starr Bright family to Sunset Valley.

            Since Asher had a nice house and no roommates the plan was for Ashby, Wren and Holden to stay with him until Ashby could find a suitable house for them three of them. As many of you know there has always been something between Asher and Ashby and one night, after the children were tucked into bed, Asher went out to take a night time stroll when he came upon Ashby grieving for her loss. He took her into arms and held her. Soon he was kissing her neck, cheeks and lips and finally he confessed the feelings he has had for Ashby all these years. Ashby was so touched and overwhelmed with his confession that she kissed him and that night they were intimate for the first time since they conceived Derrick. 

            The next day Asher proposed to Ashby and she agreed. I, Nina Nestor, isn’t sure she agreed for all the right reasons, but I have to say that Asher Lemi is the perfect guy for Ashby and if he can’t help her deal with her grief then no one can.

            A week later they went to the justice of peace and had a very private wedding. Their friends and family were a bit disappointed that they chose to be so private, but many understood the grief Ashby was experience that they chose not to voice their disappointment. 


            The two set out right away to find a house that would be theirs and not just Asher’s. It didn’t take them long to find this house by the beach. It was a fixer upper, but Asher is handy and liked working with this hands and it was something that could help distract Ashby. 



            Derrick talked to his wife Sally and with her blessing he came and helped his parents move into their new home. With mixed feelings of happiness that his parents were finally together and worry about his mother’s terrible loss he stayed through the weekend. 



            Both Ashby and Derrick had a blast spending time together. Ashby had always longed to be a bigger part of Derrick’s life and the weekend they spent together was like going back in time. Derrick wanted to impress his mom and Ashby wanted to dote on him. At the end of the weekend it was time for Derrick to get back to Sally and their family. Again Ashby felt a loss, but with this loss she knew that she would see Derrick and his family more often now that they lived in the same town.


            Family life and routines started quite early. Homework for Wren, Dinner time and together time were being instilled in the children right away. Ashby didn’t want to feel the ache and loss she felt with Derrick with any more of her kids. 



            Every day Asher looked at the little face of Holden and tried to talk to Ashby about her challenge. He wanted her to continue, much like Connery did, and knew how much it meant to her even though she was still talking out of grief and said that it didn’t. She just refused to listen to him or talk about it. All she said was that she was done and that was final. This made Asher sad, but overall he was full of happiness to be married to the woman of his dreams and helping her raise two of the sweetest children he had ever met. He couldn’t believe how well adjusted they were considering what they had been through.


            Asher would often find Ashby starring into space with a sad look on her face. Not once did she fail to meet the needs of either Wren or Holden, but he got the very distinct feeling that she continued to blame herself for the death of her five girls. He didn’t understand how she could feel it was her fault. How could she have stopped a meteor?



            Asher thought that a good dose of friends and family would be a mood booster for Ashby. He invited her best friend, and soon to be sister-in-law, Violet Newbie over as well as their good friend Christy Quinn. He also had Derrick come over to take care of Holden so that he and Ashby could have some adult time. 



            While Christy and Ashby were outside chatting Asher and Violet sat down and had a very in-depth talk about Ashby and her moods. 

            “Asher, you just need to be patient with her. You have to let her go through the grief process. Ash has been through a lot the past couple of years, first losing her mom, then Connery, her dad and then five of her children. I can’t imagine how she is able to be as strong as she is right now.” Violet always knows the right words to say to people in need.

            She and Asher talked extensively about and what he could do for her but the conversation didn’t end before he gushed about how happy he was that he and Ashby were married. He had loved her for so long and had intentions of revealing his feelings, but when he found out Connery was sick and had the same feelings he had totally backed off, but the wait was well worth it.


            “Ashby, I have to admit that I have always wanted you to realize what a special man Asher is.” Violet admitted not looking into her best friend’s eyes. 

            “Are you sure you aren’t just saying that because you are smitten with his twin brother Ashley?” Ashby giggles.

            “That could be part of it, but even before I met A.J. I knew Asher was the best man for.” 

            Ashby just shook her head and when I asked what she had been thinking about she just said “Connery.”


            Ashby and Asher enjoyed their adult time and Ashby was very grateful that her two best friends were able to spend the day with them. She missed her kids back in Twinbrook, but she was warming up to living so close to good friend’s, and it helped that she heard from one or more of her kids every day.


            Since the time she started school in Sunset Valley Wren begged to be in dance and finally Ashby and Asher consented but her she would only be allowed to continue if she kept her grades up as well as work in practice time. Every night before bed she goes outside to the dance floor and practices. She is rather a good dancer.



            Even though I feel that Ashby agreed to marry Asher out of grief and loneliness they truly are in love, but even with a strong love there are problems and their current problems were 1) Asher wanted Ashby to continue her challenge and she refused to and 2) Asher wanted to have kids with Ashby but again she was doing everything she could to avoid that.



            Ashby and Asher make a great team and wonderful parents. Holden is well rounded and learned his skills quickly and Wren is doing very well in her dance class and has been on the honor roll in every grade so far.


            Dance, good grades, and baking, Wren was a well rounded girl. Even thought she didn’t sell anything during her first bake sale she had a blast talking to the people at the park.


            Even though Ashby was being very cautious about getting pregnant she and Asher still conceived. Ashby had mixed feelings on the matter, but as her pregnancy went on the more and more she got excited about it.


            Asher on the other hand was excited from day one. Every time he walked past Ashby he would grab her arm and stop her in her track so he could talk to their little one. He couldn’t wait for the baby to be born.


            Time went by and finally the day came for the Lemi baby to be born. Ashby opted on a home birth and after house of labor she and Asher were blessed with…..


Addison Lemi



Taloria Lemi


            Ashby was in the nursery talking care of Taloria when she got a strange phone call. The person on the other line wouldn’t answer her greeting and just about the time she was going to hang up an old shaky voice came on and said, “I want to be in your challenge”

            Ashby said, “I’m sorry I am not doing the challenge anymore.” And hung up.


            As I was leaving the Lemi house that night I took this picture this is the sight a strange man standing in the bushes was looking at. As I was leaving I heard him mutter, “Reject me? I will teach you to reject me.” 


            Thank you as always for reading. Please come back to see if Asher convinces Ashby to continue her challenge and find out who the strange man in the bushes was. Also I know Ashby would love you to hear you thoughts. Leave a comment here or on her facebook page at Ashby Lemi.


Ashby Starr Bright – babies 21 and 22





            Hello my name is Nina Nestor, and I am from the same small country as Victor Noosebaum. Prince Victor has hired me to come to Twinbrook USA, follow Ms. Ashby and her family around and continue her blog for her. You see in one of their phone conversations Ashby expressed how hard it was to maintain her blog while taking care of her children. Prince Victor didn’t want her to stop blogging and now I am here to continue telling her story for her. So let’s get started.



            Ashby, as she often does after every delivery, changed up her look. She decided to go with an up-do with a simple dress. Another set of triplets in the house is going to make things a little busier around the house.


            Things went along normally with not major events. Ashby took care of the babies, the children grew and the teens attended school and did teen things.

            Then it was time for the triplet’s to become toddlers. Ashby needed to get them started on their skills so they could grow into prospering child, teens and finally young adults.

            Here is little Roisin fully clad in her purple outfit. Judging from her red eyebrows she may inherit her mother’s red hair. She certainly got the signature Starr eye color and skin tone.


            Look at little Ms. Callum. She too has gotten the red hair, and her mother’s eye color, but her skin tone is a little lighter, a nice combination of Ashby and Victor if I do say so myself.


            And last by not least little Ms. JayLeen. It seems like she has gotten more of Victor’s rounder face, but has inherited a lot of her late grandma Mirid, the black hair and dark blue eyes. 

            *****Ashby is having some trouble uploading some of her kids to the exchange, but you can find any of them that have been uploaded under her user name Xur28 on thesims3.com*****


            I was right, two red heads and a brunette. These three are so darn cute and they get along real well, but in observing them it seems like JayLeen is a little bit withdrawn from the other two, but I am excited to see them grow and develop.


            Bren has decided to take up inventing. I wonder if this will be something she will enjoy or just a passing phase.



            What are these two doing out so late. I know it is the weekend, but if they aren’t careful they are going to be brought home by the police and I don’t think that Ashby needs that kind of stress. I would love to tell these girls to go home, but I was hired to write not to get involved.


            It is moment’s like this that I am really glad I took this job. Ashby taking the time just to enjoy her children, it really touches my heart.


            Perhaps I was wrong about JayLeen she and Callum seem to be getting a long splendid. They are such funny little girls. Are they seriously comparing boogers? These little girls make me laugh.


            Peek-a-boo JayLeen I see you. I thoroughly enjoy watching these little girls and this family. They are so loving and understanding and when I came into this job I thought that a family of 21 would be distant and strange, but they aren’t. It is a pleasant surprise to watch them.


            It took several tries to get these three active girls to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of them all together, but when Ashby got excited about the prospect of these types of pictures I knew it was worth it. I guess she always wanted to get pictures like this but being a challenge mother sometimes made her a little absent-minded.


            I don’t know Ms. Ashby very well, yet, so I am not sure if this is normal behavior but she seems to be withdrawing from her family slightly. She has been working with the triplets on their skills, but as soon as she puts them to bed she takes off. Sometimes it is fishing, other times it is to play her guitar and others just to be alone. I sure hope she is okay.



            With as many children as Ashby has she is bound to run in to one or two every time she goes out. Kenyon and Kemper gave their mother a tight hug and unleashed months worth of catching up.   The Grinch triplets seemed to be doing well. Although they are all three still single they are happy living their lives one day at a time.



            With mom being away it was up to the teens and children at home to help out with the triplets when needed. When JayLeen and Callum both woke up with bad dreams the ever so sweet Bren and Heavenly were there to comfort them. Roisin seems to sleep quite heavily and rarely wakes up until it is time to wake up.



            After the twins got the toddlers settled back down they took some time to play peek-a-boo with them before putting them back in their crib. It is just wonderful to see how well adjusted the Starr Bright children are and it still surprises me that a family of the 100 baby challenge can like this. Perhaps someday, after I am done reporting on this challenge, I can observe other challenges.


            Look who is finally walking. This was the last skill the girls needed to learn before they could become children.


            What a little beauty little Roisin has become. With features much like her mothers, I am sure she will be catching the eye of little boys far and wide, even if she does have cooties. However, she did get the slob trait and despite her classy looks she has some undesirable manners.


            Wow look at this beauty. Callum is stunning and all girl, she loves playing dress-up, dolls and house and she loves to take care of her sisters even though she is in the middle of the three. It seems that she too has gotten most of her features from her mom, but not matter if that is true or not it is panning out that Ashby and Victor have beautiful children.


            And the youngest of the bunch, JayLeen. Except for her skin tone and face shape she looks nothing like her sisters. If her skin was darker she would be the spitting image of her grandma Mirid. JayLeen lives in her own special world of fairies and kindness. She is very artistic and if she would be allowed she would spend all of her time writing or painting.



            Day night, night day JayLeen painted. Her talent was revealed pretty early and Ashby couldn’t be prouder of her little girl.


            Boy aren’t these girls are so ambitious. Bren, Heavenly, Roisin and Callum all are increasing their logic skills together. It won’t be long until Bren and Heavenly will be teenagers.

            And speaking of aging up it was time for the Holy twins to become Young adults.

From teens


To Young Adults



            Twins? Yes the boys have similar features, but twins? What handsome young men they turned out to be. They were worried about leaving their mother with how distance she has gotten, but they knew this was part of the rules and they hugged her tight, said their goodbyes to their sisters and promised to call and stop by often. After they left I saw tears spilling out of Ashby’s eyes and she excused herself to her room.

            She knew that it was time for find the next father for her challenge, but before she set out on the task Bren and Heavenly expressed that they wanted to age into teens a few days early. Ashby thought about it for some time and finally agreed.


            Bren is breathtaking. She asked her dad, Brogan Newbie, for contacts as a give and he wired the money to Ashby asking her to set up an appointment to make that happen. Ashby would have been willing to do so, but expressed to me how happy it made her knowing how close these two girls are to their dad and that he was the type of guy that would be there for them. 

            Bren got her grandma’s eye coloring, her mom’s redish hair, but her skin tone and facial features are more like Brogan then Ashby.


            Then there is Heavenly and her name really suits her looks. She got Ashby’s eye color but everything else looks more like Brogan.

            The Newbie – Starr Bright girls are beautiful.


            Callum I think you can take her. The girls had been out fishing with Ashby but when curfew rolled around Ashby sent the girls home and she stayed to fish some more. I wonder what could be so important that a mother couldn’t go home with her children to find them dinner.


            With Ashby away Heavenly decided to learn to cook and make her siblings a real dinner instead of having them eat cereal or soup. She read the instructions to the tee and made a decent meal. She really enjoyed cooking and decided that she was going to get better at it.



            When Bren became a teen she asked for piano lessons and as easily as painting came for JayLeen beautiful music came for Bren. Every time she played the family couldn’t resist gathering around to listen.


            Peek this little bear just showed up one day and she can be found in various rooms and places at the Starr Bright house. She is too cute for words and the kids enjoy having her around.


            Finally I know what was so important to keep Ashby away from her family. The death fish…she was trying to catch the death fish. So what could she want with it? Is she going to try and bring Connery back? Wait didn’t he make her promise not to do that?  My instinct is to ask, but I will just wait and see what happens.



Ambrosia is what she has made and she sat down and ate it. Why did she do such a thing? You, reader, know her better than I can you answer that question?




            Before Ashby started her challenge she traveled to China in search for her lost cousin Harmony. There she learned some songs and when JayLeen heard her singing one she was interested to learn it too. Ashby taught JayLeen who had to teach Callum and when Roisin saw the two of them singing together she didn’t want to be left out so she went to Ashby to be taught. Now singing can be heard all over the house. It is quite nice to hear the singing and the piano music floating out of the house as I approach. 



            The time came for Bren and Heavenly to age into young adults and move out of the house. Ashby threw then a party and Bren was super excited when her mom’s good friend and her Godfather Asher Lemi was able to attend. The two spent a good time catching up before she and her sister aged.





            The two sisters love each other so very much and they were excited to go and see the world. Their dad had arranged a trip for them to see their grandma Violet and they were very excited to see her and spend some time with her. They knew that their grandma was going through a lot of stuff right now so their plan was to be there when she needed them and the rest of the time they were going to explore Sunset Valley and perhaps get to know some of their aunts and uncles and of course spend some quality time with their dad Brogan.


            When the triplets saw me taking pictures of the twins they asked for theirs to be taken. This was the best of our session and they are so fun to photograph.


            Callum has taken up star gazing and before she was a teenager she had discovered and named a medium yellow sib giant star The Connery after her mom’s late husband, a large yellow sub giant start The Callum after herself and a new planet which she named Casbar.  


            Then without warning the next father of the challenge showed up, his name is Adam Watson and he is a friend of Ashby’s friend Christy Quinn. I apology dear readers for my lack of a better picture of the gentleman, but he is very handsome with his multi colored hair and built body. He arrived on Ashby’s doorstep and explained that he was out to be in as many challenges that he could be in. Ashby liked his look and his niceness and allowed him to participate.



            Ashby’s pregnancy went along just fine. While the girls were at school she went out and mingled with her friends, neighbors and her children. When she ran into her daughters Journey and Stella she couldn’t resist taking time to catch up and announce her pregnancy. 


            During her pregnancy Ashby decided to take up inventing and it looks like she really got into her work. She invented a couple of toys for her future children and she made a harvester for one of her neighbors. 


            Days before Ashby had her baby(s) the triplets aged into beautiful teenagers.


            Roisin went with a funky hairstyle that suits her face perfectly. She is spunky and fun and she has a great personality despite her “slob” trait.


            Callum is still the most girly out of the three and went with a side braid and her favorite time frame is the Fifty’s and she went to a vintage store and find a fun yellow poodle skirt.


            JayLeen, the ever free spirit is stunning with her piercing eyes and smooth features.



            The day before Ashby went into labor Newbie called her. He told her that he had participated in fellow challenge mom Dawn Turner’s challenge and they have twin boys Dallas and Tucker Turner.   Newbie was so very excited about being a father and Ashby couldn’t be happier about being a grandma. Although she did wish that they lived closer so that she could visit them.



            Labor was brought on a bit early for Ashby when a meteor stuck their house. Thank Sims God that everyone was fine, but clean up took days. During the commotion two beautiful girls were welcomed into the Starr Bright home and they were both safe and health.

Readers please welcome the newest Starr Bright’s:


Royce Starr Bright and


Rooney Starr Bright.


Thank you for reading. Ashby would love to hear what you think please leave a message here on the blog or find her on facebook under Ashby Starr Bright.