Ashby Lemi – babies 46, 47 and 48

BABY 46, 47 and 48

After Jones and Seely were born Ashby found herself in another lull in her challenge. She was in no hurry to contact Ao Emerald, the next father in the challenge, and get on with it. She wanted to enjoy her boys and her family, but she find it difficult to do when Asher seemed to be M.I.A. all of a sudden.

Right before the birth of the latest twins he had started to go out of town for work. First it was a day or two and then right after the birth it became weeks. Then one day he came home from one of his trips with a surprise.

“Asher, I’m so glad you are home.” Ashby snaked her arms around her husband’s neck. The day had been long and rough. The boys had been fussy all day, Leven and Hooper had gotten in a scuffle with some kids from school and Orchid and Dutton were being typical teenagers and refused to help out around the house.

“I’m glad to be home. Babe, have you contacted the next father?” Asher asked excitedly.

“No. Why?” She gave him a puzzled look.

“I want to take you and the kids on vacation.”


“Ashby, we never got to go on a real honeymoon and I want to enjoy some time as a family away from our everyday life.”

Ashby wasn’t sure at first but after several discussions and convincing by her family she finally agreed to taking a vacation and putting her challenge off for a little while.


The Lemi’s enjoyed their vacation immensely, it was filled with extremely fun activities.

A lot of time was spent at the beach were the kids, and even Ms. Sassy, enjoyed time in the water. They would play for hours and then eat a wonderful picnic lunch Ashby would prepare.

 Then as the sun would set Ashby and Orchid would get Seely and Jones into the water. Jones seemed to enjoy the seawater in his face and often made Orchid sit with him so he could get as wet as he could, while his twin, Seely, seemed a little less sure about it.


It was the day before they were to fly back to Sunset Valley when Asher dropped some heavy news onto Ashby.

He took her out to eat at a fancy tourist spot and as they waited for their desert he sprang the news. “Ashby, I have been coming here for business for some time now and I have been given an opportunity to invest in the new casino they are building and to become the new head chef.”

Ashby’s hands went to her mouth and awe. “That is wonderful darling. I’m so proud of you.” As the waiter placed their treats in front of them realization washed over her. “But won’t that mean…..”

“Yes babe, I want you and the kids to relocate to Areca Island’s with me.” Asher took a bite of his apple pie.

“Asher that is a lot to ask. It doesn’t just affect me, but the kids and the future of my 100 baby challenge.” Ashby pushed her chocolate cake away from her. She had lost her appetite for something sweet.

“I know it is, but I really want this. It is a great opportunity and this place has a lot of tourists that come through here that will give you more options for your challenge. I’ve given a lot up to support you with your challenge. Please just think about doing this for me.”

The two of them didn’t at all on the way back to their hotel and when they got there the kids were fast asleep with all the suit cases packed. The next morning Asher and Ashby sat the kids down and asked them what they thought of moving. Orchid, who had fallen in love with Areca Islands, voted to stay along with Hooper. Dutton was unsure and Leven, who had a best friend back home wanted to go back to Sunset Valley. The family flew back to Sunset Valley, after many days of fighting and discussing it was decided that the Lemi family would relocated to Areca Islands and Asher would take on the new job opportunity.

Asher had flown out a week before the rest and arranged the purchase of the Lemi’s new home. Here are just a couple of the rooms:

Asher just knew the kids, and Ashby would be happy on the Island.

The family had been on the Island for a week before Ashby sent the kids off to school. The day before Dutton sat in the backyard worrying if he would make friends and if people here would accept him and his differences.

What do you think? Do you think the kids of Areca Island will accept Dutton?

Hello World who are these boys? Yep that is right it is Seely and Jones right after they aged into Children.

While the other kids were at their first day of school Ashby witnessed her babies age up into fine children. These two boys turned out cute as a button with Seely getting his dad’s hair coloring and Jones with his Grandpa Lawrence’s. It seems to me that another one of Ashby’s boys had the same color and look to his hair as Jones. Newbie Starr-Bright to mention a name.

Do you think Jones and Newbie look alike?

Ashby had aged them up in the morning so that she could spend the day with them before they too went off to school and she would be alone. She took them to the grand park and the boys had an awesome time. Ashby had brought her camera and made sure to capture their time together.

These two boys had a great day with their mom, but they were looking forward to starting school and meeting kids their own age.

This park is awesome if you like it you can download it here


Three weeks past and the kids were doing well in school. Orchid and Dutton seemed to be getting along well with a group of kids, who were all fostered by the same couple, in their class. Hooper and Leven were pulling great grade and Jones and Seely were popular amongst the Island’s children.

Ashby had taken up photography and with all her kids in school, her friends so far away and no idea about the fate of her challenge she wandered about the Island taking pictures of all the fantastic places and things the Island had to offer.

One day as she was exploring and taking pictures of one of the parks she heard giggling from a nearby park bench. She whirled around to see a couple, who look so much in love, sitting on the bench. She tried to excuse herself but the woman yelled out to her.

“Hey there are you Ashby Lemi?”

Ashby was surprised that the woman knew who she was. “Yes how did you know?”

“I’m a big fan of your blog. I run the local foster home here on the Island and your blog has helped me in accepting each child into my home.” She stood from the bench and forced herself into Ashby’s arms for a big hug.

“Well aren’t you friendly.” Ashby laughed into the woman’s hair. “And who do I have the honor of hugging?”

“Oh I am so sorry. My name is Summer Eason and this my boyfriend Franklin Velasco.” You must think I am crazy lunging at you like that.

“No it is okay, really. I am glad to meet you both.” Ashby shook Franklin’s hand.
The two women started talking and soon they were fast friends and before Ashby left the park that day she had plans to meet up with Summer the next day.

They spent the day at the beach and soon they were great friends. For the first time in a long time Ashby finally felt connected. She finally felt that she could survive in Areca Islands. She still missed her friends terribly, but spending time with Summer helped that void.

It felt good for her to have a friend again, someone to have coffee with and someone to go shopping with. Friends are important and they are very much needed. You don’t always have to have a brood of them, but one goes a long way.

The foster home kids throw a party on the beach just about every weekend and once Dutton and Orchid were invited they felt they were finally part of the group.

One of the favorite past times of the boys (from left to right: Rod McGrath, Ahmad Call and JohnPaul Madden) is soccer. They enjoyed playing on the beach and during the party.

While the boys were wrapped up into the soccer game and the girls were cheering them on Dutton took the opportunity to talk to Daisy Connor. He had a terrible crush on her and even though he spent a lot of time with her “group” he could never muster up the courage to talk to her, but today he made a promise to himself, and he was pleasantly surprised that she acted interested in him and the more they talked the closer they grew.

“I got it I got it.” Orchid cried as Rod jumped up and slammed the ball over her head and to the other side of the net.

The kids were really enjoying the party and their new friends.

While the Volley Ball game was going on Dutton took the opportunity to stand on the side lines with Daisy. He was a little confused and excited when she leaded up against him and allowed him to kiss her bare shoulder. He was falling hard for this girl and she was making it very easy for him. JohnPaul felt a little uncomfortable, but just tired to focus on cheering about the game.

After the game the kids sat down and enjoyed a nice hearty picnic and some rest before continuing the day’s activities.

“Do they have no shame?” The purple clad Leilani Baron crinkled her nose up at the sight before them.

Daisy and Dutton were relaxing on a blanket deep in a conversation. They both enjoyed being close to each other.

“My brother isn’t normally like this.” Orchid tried to defend Dutton, but she so desperately wanted to be part of this group so she didn’t say much more.

“Well I think it is distasteful and I wouldn’t be caught dead rubbing up against a boy like that.” Leilani let the venom ooze from her voice.

“I think they are cute.” Kia Lyons, who was not part of the group home, but a local girl that hung out with them, said. She smiled at Orchid and stood up. Come on Rod and JohnPaul are getting ready to have a climbing race. I want to go watch.” She grabbed Orchid’s hand and pulled her from the blanket.

“Go JohnPaul Go!” Orchid yelled with force.

Kia laughed and went back and forth cheering for JohnPaul and Rod.

“Come on Rod.” Leilani’s was upset that he was losing. She had, had a crush on him since she moved to the group home but he never paid her any attention. She thought that if she showed interest that someday he would take notice.

In the end JohnPaul won two out of three races.

No beach party is complete without some beach dancing. As the sun on the Island the kids grooved to some fun music.

“Dutton, do you know what would be fun?” Leilani asked with a grin.

Dutton didn’t like the look on her face, but he asked what anyway.

“Some fireworks would be lovely. I brought some if you would light them for me.” She pulled the fireworks out of her bag.

“Leilani, I don’t think we need fireworks tonight.” Daisy looked at Dutton and tried to give him a look warning him it was a bad idea.

Leilani shoved the fireworks into Dutton’s hands. “Come on Daisy they will be so pretty in tonights clear sky.”

Dutton took them and went to the edge of the water. Leaning down he lit them and backed up quickly. The fireworks were beautiful, but what Dutton didn’t know is that they were illegal on the beach and Officer Peralta rounded the beach every weekend at that time.

Dutton was handcuffed and Orchid begged the officer not to take him. She tried to tell him that they didn’t know it was illegal, but the officer wouldn’t listen. When Orchid heard Leilani laughing behind them she knew that she had set up her brother, and she was angry.

“Don’t worry D I will call mom.” Orchid yelled after Dutton and Office Peralta.

Orchid flew at Leilani with extreme anger. “You knew they were illegal. You set my brother up.”

“Your brother is a bozo.” Leilani crossed her arms over her chest.

“I will show you looser.” Orchid balled up her right fist and pulled back to throw a punch, but Ahmad grabbed her arm.

“Come on Orchid she isn’t worth it. I will take you home.” He drug her away from the group and they walked to his car.

In the patrol car Officer Peralta finally heard Dutton out and decided to let him off with a warning and drove him home.

“Dutton, what happened?” Ashby sat Dutton down for a serious talk after Officer Peralta left.

He explained everything to her. From the day he had with Daisy to what Leilani did to him.

Sighing Ashby took his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. “Honey, there will always be people that have to put others down to make them feel good. You just need to stay a good person and not associate yourself with those kinds of people.”

“Okay mom.”

“And I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about that other girl.” Ashby called behind her as she headed to answer the front door. “Dutton it is for you.”

“Dutton, before you say anything please hear me out.” Daisy begged as Dutton stepped out onto the porch.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, but didn’t say a word.

“First of all I want you to know that I really do like you. I want to get to know you better and I want us to be more then friends. Leilani is a bully and she makes my life hell if I don’t go along with her. I hate it, but it is better to do what she says then take what she dishes out. I really hope you can forgive me.”

For several minutes Dutton just stood there looking at her and finally he said, “I don’t know Daisy. I guess I just need time.” He turned and went back into the house leaving a heartbroken Daisy on the porch.

It’s time for a change. Ashby went to the local salon and had her hair colored drastically. She really liked it. How about you? What do you think?

“Ao. Ao Emerald? What on earth are you doing here?” Ashby was surprised to see the next scheduled father in her challenge here on Areca Island.

Ao stuffed the last piece of his lunch into his mouth, wiped his lips and stood up.

“Ashby, I’m so glad to see you. I flew down here to surprise you and let you know I am still interested in being the next father is you are still doing your challenge.”

Ashby threw herself into the man’s arms. “Oh Ao thank you so much.” She was so excited at the prospect of continuing her challenge that she dragged him to the hospital right then and there. They were told that they could get an appointment in a week’s time. Ao was okay with staying that long and Ashby was over the moon.
Before Ashby knew it, it was time for another Lemi birthday. The four eldest in the household were about to embark on their new stages of life.

Look out world Orchid and Dutton are on the loose now. Look at these two…Wow. I think these two will go far.

Thick as thieves Hooper and Leven aged up so well. These two are going to be interesting to follow for one cannot do without the other. Leven is smart and outspoken but she could not be as brave as she is without Hooper’s encouragement and quite soft spoken could not be as into his music without Leven telling him it was okay to be a little withdrawn for the sake of his music. I for one can’t wait to see what these two have in store for us.

Orchid and Dutton said their good-byes and headed off for their new lives. Before she left Orchid told her mother that she had sent in an application to be on a T.V. series and she was accepted to be in We All Love Luke. Ashby new her little girl would be incredible and promised that she and the family would tune in every week once it started. Dutton did forgive Daisy and he went straight to her house and swept her off her feet. They eloped several days later when she aged up into a Y.A.

As mentioned before Hooper loved music and he took every lesson and class he could. He is learning to play the bass here.

Leven made a best friend rather quickly after starting high school. Everyone meet the lovely Graciela Whitmore. I am sure you will see her face around the Lemi’s quite often, and yes she is a sweet as she looks. There is mask with this sim.

Just days before the new Lemi arrivals Ashby had family pictures taken, and what a lovely family too.

Everyone meet the Emerald-Lemi triplets. From left to right we have Fern, Tyme and Little Barklay. These three cuties will fit nicely with the Lemi’s.

Yes folks not only did the Lemi’s add three new babies, but another pet. Meet Caesar. Asher missed JackRabbit so badly that he adopted this noble steed from a family that was moving from the island to the big city. Caesar is making himself quite comfortable in the Lemi home. Looks like Asher is quite happy.. Ride Um Cowboy… *giggle*

Jones you don’t have to be afraid of Mr. Caesar. He is very friendly.

Yes he is doing quite well in the Lemi household.

Well I am going to leave you with this cute picture of Jones and Sassy. She has really taken a liking to the young lad and I think they are going to be the best of friends.

I want to thank you all for reading, but hey be on the watch I have an update on one of Ashby’s kids coming up really quick. Another Lemi child has found love and I think you will be surprised at who and with whom it is with.

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Ashby Lemi – babies 44 and 45

BABY 44 and 45

The house was now filled with two adults, a Teenage boy, twin children and twin toddlers.

This being said the sets of twins tended to bond. Orchid and Dutton could be found playing domino’s or at the park together.

And Leven and Hooper could be found in their room playing. Playing is used loosely, Leven loved to scare her younger brother, but even though she did this Hooper loved her and followed her everywhere.

All this bonding left O’Deen feeling a little left out and his neediness returned soon after he turned into a teenager and he decided to tend to that neediness with a girlfriend, but it seemed that most girls didn’t like needy.

He met Leslie Feldman in his history class and he was very attracted to her. He was actually surprised when she agreed to go out with him and soon the two of them were spending a lot of time together, but their relationship was more about making out then talking or really getting to know each other.

Leslie was a fun-loving gal who liked to hang out with her friends as well as her boyfriend, but she didn’t like to mix them and when O’Deen started to complain about spending time with her friends she started to lose interest with him.

And finally one day she went over to his house to break up with him. O’Deen didn’t like this much and a huge fight occurred and ended with Leslie storming out of his house. She had hoped they could remain friends, but that didn’t happen.

A few weeks later He got involved with a gal named Mercedes Quintanilla. She was a cute sim but all she was interested in is athletics’ and staying fit.

O’Deen found himself at the gym all the time. He liked being fit but they didn’t talk about anything other than work outs and healthy food and physical affection was an illusion. Soon O’Deen just stopped calling her and she didn’t seem to mind.

The last gal he tried to have a relationship with was Bertha Doe. She was a smart gal who loved the library. Every time O’Deen tried to kiss his gal she would pull away. He figure she was just shy or something like that, but two weeks after they started dating he went looking for her. He couldn’t find her at her house, or the coffee shop they frequented so he went looking for her at the library and caught her making out with someone else there.

He was devastated. Ashby tried to calm him, to tell him that this is just high school and when he grows up he will meet more mature women and have better luck in the love department. She told him how handsome he was and any girl would be lucky to have him, but he just didn’t believe her.

Ashby worried about O’Deen giving up on women, but hoped it will return when he ventured out into the “real world”. Until then she made sure to spend extra time with him.


You would think that Ashby would be use to raising a household of children, but every child is different and every group of children who live together are different and with this group she had her hands full.

“Mommy…Mommy..come play with us in the sand.” The Eggplant triplets would call.

As soon as she would sit down in the sand with the twins the younger set of twins would toddle behind her. “I wanna pway.” Leven would squeal as Hooper crawled into Ashby’s lap.

“We want to play with you mommy.” Orchid would howl. She wasn’t taking it well that there were younger “babies” in the house.

“We can all play together.” Ashby would say in a calm voice.

“Forget it. Come on Dutton let’s go play in the tree house.”

Ashby would just pull her babies into her arms and let out a heavy sigh.

The Aquamarine twins also loved books and Ashby found herself reading to them a lot. She loved this time with the babies and just knew that this would enrich their lives. Perhaps one will grow up to be a professor, or a scholar or well anything they want to be.


This time around Asher really hadn’t bonded with any of the children the household. Oh don’t get me wrong he loved them all and they loved him, but the four youngest were momma’s kids and O’Deen had decided that his best friends were the dogs so he found himself with some spare time. In that spare time he decided to take up gold.

With Asher out playing golf and the children vying for her attention left Ashby with little time to herself, but when she got a call from her son Quinn Starr-Bright she found an excuse to do just that, take time for herself.

Asher, who has always supported her spending time with her kids, agreed take care of the house hold the upcoming Saturday. Ashby sat down the kids and told them that she was taking a day and that Asher was in charge. None of them were happy about this, but Ashby knew in her heart they would behave.

Quinn had explained to Ashby over the phone that his company, oh I should take the time right to tell you that Quinn is an architect, had built a horse and dog race track in Sunset Valley and he and Newbie wanted to take her to the grand opening. He told Ashby that there would be several familiar faces there and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Two days after she got off the phone she got a postcard in the mail with an appointment for a dress fitting for the Friday before. Her boys had went in together and ordered her a fancy dress for the event.

She went to her fitting and she felt like a princess in her fancy dress and big floppy hat. She was ecstatic about the day to follow.

Ashby woke up early in the next morning and put breakfast on for her family. When they were done eating she changed into her new dress and waited for her ride. When she heard the limo honking for her she squealed like a little girl, kissed Asher and the kids headed out for her day.

When her car pulled up to her destination she gasped out loud. The place was beautiful and she was so proud that one of her sons was the lead architect on the project. She couldn’t wait to see her boys and find out who else has been invited to the event.

She opened the car door and was greeted by a large, friendly hand and soon found herself hugging a beaming Quinn. She kissed him on his cheek and then moved to hug her son Newbie. She was so happy they were in town.

When Christy Quinn came up behind her and put her hands over Ashby’s eyes Ashby was startled but when she whirled around and saw one of her very best friends she hugged her and then shoved a camera into her friend’s hand.

“Take a picture of me and my boys, will ya Christy?”

“Sure thing Ash.” Christy turned on the camera and got ready to shoot.

“Come on boys. Hey Christy did you know that Quinn did all this?” Ashby was bursting with pride.

“He told me when he called me. I am so proud of my smart Godson.” Christy snapped the picture.

“Mom, Christy I was part of a team. I didn’t do this alone.” The always modest Quinn expressed.

“Come on let your mom be the proud mother she is.” She slide her arm in his. “Will you take a picture with your ole’ Godmother?”

“Of Course. Mom will you come take one?” Quinn asked.

Ashby got this cute picture by the marble fountain. Awe what is this I see. Quinn making the love of his mother and Godmother know. He is such a sweet boy.

After Ashby took this picture she was rushed by the other special guests. The other guests in attendance were Violet Newbie, Dawn Turner, Addy McKnight, Her and Asher’s first son Derrick and she was introduced to Newbie’s girlfriend Breeze Roman. Ashby felt like a kid in a candy store surrounded by so many people she loved.

Being that it was opening day there was only one race scheduled for the day and it was later in the afternoon. However all the other features of the track was open.

The group started out together and enjoyed seeing the morning rituals the race track held. Jockey’s taking care of their horses, dog trainers working with their dogs and vendors preparing for the day at hand.

“Oh I am going to stop at this gift shop.” Ashby broke from the group and wandered away with Addy on her heels. She had spotted a cute little shirt that would be perfect for her Ivy.

“Breeze you come with Quinn, Christy and I. We would like to get to know you better my dear.” Violet grabbed Breeze’s hand and they wandered toward the lounge area.

Dawn and Newbie found themselves alone. Not thinking much of it Newbie reached over and grabbed her hand as they walked. As they walked a horse, named Cobalt, followed along the fence trying to get their attention.

“I want to pet him.” Dawn said turning in front of Newbie and letting go of his hand.

She reached forward over the fence clicking her tongue trying to make the steed come closer. When the horse began to grow closer Newbie, who had never really been around horses before, got nervous and grabbed Dawn trying to pull her away.

“What is wrong with you?” She asked giggling.

“I don’t want it to bite you. It is so big.” He said innocently.

“Newbie, I wouldn’t put myself in danger. The horse just wants his neck rubbed.” She rolled her eyes at him and he let her go.

She climbed up on the bottom rung of the fence trying to get closer to the horse, but her shoe slipped causing her to fall backwards, but Newbie was there to catch her.

Dawn turned her head to smile at Newbie, but she her eyes met his she didn’t turn away like she should nor did she let go of his hands around her waist. Newbie stared deeply into her purple eyes and his face began to inch closer to hers and Dawn tilted her head back slightly, but when her hat began to slip off her head their moment was broken.

Pulling her hat back on her head she laughed. “Thanks Newbie for catching me.”
Newbie laughed along with Dawn, but he wasn’t sure it was a laughing matter. His was left wanting that would be kiss, but also with an abundance of guilt because someone close by was his girlfriend. “I should go find Breeze.” He muttered and walked away.

“There you are beautiful.” Newbie said putting his hands on the bar and leaning toward Breeze.

“Come here handsome.” She put her finger under his chin and guided his face to hers.

Newbie felt like a deer in headlights when Breeze placed her dainty lips on his, but he returned her kiss. There was no need to ruffle their relationship, was there?

When they break the kiss Newbie took her hand, “Come on I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?” She asked.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.” He chuckled.

“This is such a great experience.” Breeze gushed as she rubbed her cheek against the regal steeds mane.

Newbie had asked one of the Jockeys if he and Breeze could get a picture on his horse. Newbie wanted to know how it felt to be on the back of a horse and frankly he enjoyed it and started thinking about perhaps purchasing one in the future, perhaps when he settles down in his forever home. As much as he loved his brother, Quinn, he didn’t plan on living with him forever.

“Derrick, my boy, will you come and take a picture with me and your brothers?”
“Sure mom.” Derrick wiped his mouth and threw his napkin down on the remaining of his hotdog and stood up.

“Say Cheese.” Violet said as she snapped this great family photo.

The afternoon air was hot and the betting for the race was opening soon so the group took some time to relax.

“So Newbie who are you betting on?” Violet leaned over to hear Newbie’s answer.
Newbie thought the question over. The near kiss with Dawn enters his mind and he blurts out his answer. “Cobalt!”

“Well good luck.” Noticing the betting booth opening Violet stands up, straight’s her dress and heads to make her bet.

After the bets were made the group made their way over to the track to experience their first horse race.

As they made their way over to the track Newbie hung back and grabbed his mom’s shoulder. “Can we talk?”

She assured the group they would catch up and she took Newbie’s arm. “What’s the matter dear?” Ashby asked in her best mom voice.

“Mom, I am struggling with some feelings.” Newbie admitted.

“What kind of feelings?”

Reaching his arm up to scratch the back of his neck he lets out his conflict. “Feelings that I shouldn’t have about Dawn. She is my best friend and I care about Breeze and dating her, but lately I have been getting jealous in regards to Dawn and even thought about kissing her.”

Ashby let out a soft chuckle and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Son, I can’t tell you what to do with those feelings, but what I can say is life happens the way it should and whatever is to come don’t fight it. This situation could result in hurt feelings, but no matter what happens just listen to your heart. Make sure you are happy and if hurt feelings should come about make sure you do it as gently as you can.”

Newbie looked at this mom with a quizzical look. He wanted to ask her what that was supposed to mean and what is he suppose to do about his confusing feelings, but they were interrupted by Addy’s excited voice.

“Come on you two we don’t want to miss the race.”

“Just remember what I said.” Ashby smiled, grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the track.

**I want to thank Elise Costa for making this track**

“And they’re off.” The group heard the announcer over the loud speaker.
The race was so exhilarating and they found themselves cheering, jumping up and down and encouraging the horse they bet on. In the end Cobalt won the race.

Challenge mom’s Dawn Turner, Violet Newbie, Ashby Lemi, Christy Quinn and Addy McKnight had a wonderful time at the track that day. They relished spending time good friends and the short break from their kids. It was a great day!


Ashby got in late and all of the kids, dogs and her husband had been asleep. The next morning when she descended the stairs she was greeted with this site.

“Mama, Mama…” Hooper spotted his mom, nudged the sleeping Sake off his foot and waddled to where she stood. Ashby swept him into her arms.

“How are you my boy?” Ashby asked kissing him on the top of his head.

“I missed you mama.” Hooper whispered into her ear.

“I missed you too sweetie.” Ashby hugged tightly to her son as the realization that he wasn’t going to be a toddler for much longer entered her mind.


Remember this guy? He is one of the Birthstone dads, Diamond White-Birch and he was the next guy Ashby had an appointment with.

I wonder what his kids will look like?


“And the prince and princess lived happily ever after.” Ashby finished the story and kissed the toddlers on the head.

“Again mommy…again.” Leven clapped her hands.

“No sweetie, it is nap time and when you wake up we shall have your birthday.”
“Oktay Mama.” Hooper smiled up at Ashby.

“Sleep well my little angels.” Ashby said as she closed the bedroom door.
She went downstairs to start the birthday bash.

First up the eldest in the household, O’Deen. What a handsome young adult he is. I am sure his luck will change when he moves forward, don’t you?

Orchid got her father’s eyes, but the rest is all Ashby. She is a stunning gal who loves to having fun.

Dutton what is that face? He grew into a very kind-hearted teenager.

These two are crazy. They keep Ashby laughing all the time.

Then it was Leven and Hooper’s turn. They had their picture taken with the puppies and that was the last photo’s taken of Sally and Sake as puppies, because they too aged up.

Sassy Lemi

Sake Lemi

O’Deen said good-bye to his family and moved out after the party.


The day before the new little ones arrived Ashby had an amazing thing happen to her. She was watching a deer run in the field across from her home and decided to try to get closer. The deer actually let her pet him. It was truly beautiful.


And I introduce you to Jones (named after Kira Teagan Jones) and Seely White-Birch Lemi. Gosh these little boys are too cute for words. What do you think?

I think their older siblings think so too.

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Ashby Lemi – Baby 37and 38


BABIES 37 and 38


There is a little bit of “adult” content in this post. I believe it is done tastefully but I wanted to let your readers know before you read.


After the holiday season things did not settle down for the Lemi’s.  Just the opposite happened.  Things began to change and not necessarily for the best.

Asher and Jackrabbit went for an early morning ride every day, but two weeks after New Year’s Asher went to get the horse from his stall to find him lethargic and very sick.  The Vet came and took a look at him and Asher was told that his pal didn’t have much longer to live.  Asher was beside himself wondering if it was something he did wrong in the care of the horse, but the Vet assured him that it was nothing he did wrong.  Sometimes animals get sick and all we can do is let them go back to their maker.  Asher spent night and day with Jackrabbit and after two days he passed and Asher was left with a huge hole in his heart.

The day after Rian, Riker and Rollin moved out Mask began disappearing and daily Riker would have to bring him home explaining the cat came looking for him.  After about a week Ashby couldn’t deny the bond the two had and she allowed Riker to keep the stray cat he found so long ago.  Riker and Mask are so much happier being together, but the Lemi household was left with this huge emptiness that no one talked about.


The adults threw themselves into the raising of the children in the household, but nothing they did could fill the void they didn’t know existed between animal and sim.  It never occurred to either of them that they could adopt a new pet.  Pet’s in the Sim3 world was so new, so they just pushed away the longing and moved forward with life.

Go Go Cindi-Lou.

 The Christmas triplets were fast learners and before Ashby and Asher knew it the triplets had learned all their skills.


A family picnic to the park was planned before it was time to age up the triplets.  They had a grand time playing, talking and enjoying family time.


“Today you will age up into a fine young man.  You will work hard and become a man like your step-dad Asher.”  Ashby cooed to Scrooge as she waited for the guests to show up for the triplet’s birthday.

The party was a success and the triplets aged up so beautifully.

Scrooge got his mother’s eyes and his father’s hair coloring and skin tone.  He loves his sister’s, but can’t help rolling his eyes in irritation every time Ashby makes him post for pictures with them.  He can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110775

Cindi-Lou has her grandma’s hair coloring and she is too cute for words.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110770

Marlie, gosh what a child, she is stunning but has a little bit of a rowdy streak.  She is going to be a handful for Ashby and Asher.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110776

One night Ashby and Asher got a call from their son Keskey asking for them to come over.  Ashby had other plans already so Asher set out to see his son.  They hadn’t seen much of Keskey because he was out trying to make his mark on Sunset Valley as a firefighter.  It took up a lot of his time.

“I didn’t you know had a dog son.”  Asher greeted the cute female dog.

“That is part of the reason I invited you over dad.  I have a gift for you.”  Keskey lead Asher to the living room.

“A gift for me?”

When they entered into the living room Asher saw three cute puppies and a big smile on Keskey’s face.

“My dog had puppies’ dad and I know you miss Jackrabbit.  I know a dog will not replace a horse, but I want you to have one of these puppies.”

“I can’t take one of these cute pup’s.”  Asher said as he leaned down to scratch a cute little female on her head.  The puppy wagged her tail and rubbed against Asher leg.

Asher and Keskey had a great time catching up and when Asher left……


He left with little Miss. Sassy would not leave his side the whole time he was at Keskey’s house.

Sassy was a great addition to the Lemi family and everyone loved her.  She had a sweet disposition and Ashby was so thankful to her son Keskey.

And yes Ashby has gone back to her Original hair color.


Ashby and Asher got an offer from the city to house two foreign exchange students.  Ashby thought that taking in someone from another country would be beneficial to the children. It would give them an opportunity to learn about other people and their cultures and lives.  Asher couldn’t have agreed more and Fawna (left) and Flora (right) Channing came to stay with the Lemi’s for their senior year of high school.


However, no one predicted a love connection.  Ever since Woody had turned into a teenager he started wearing black and withdrawing from his family and steered clear of making friends.   He tried to play up the “Goth” image in hopes that people would just leave him a long.

Ashby thought it was a phase, but what was really going on was much deeper.  Woody Lemi hated being a 100 baby challenge child.  He hated that everyone in Sunset Valley knew who his mom was, what she was doing and who he was without an introduction.  He knew that he was lucky in the fact that his parents were at least married when many of his siblings and other challenge kids don’t even know their fathers, but he hated his mother’s choice in life.  Another thing that annoyed him was the fact that some many people knew more about his siblings then he did, and he refused to read this blog to find out more.  He just hated the life.


When Fawna and Flora moved it that all changed.  He really liked both sisters, and loved that they didn’t know anything about him, and enjoyed spending time with them, but instantly a connection was formed between him and Fawna.  Soon they began to talk more one on one and in depth about themselves, and when he moved in for their first kiss he was amazed that she didn’t pull back or laugh at him like he thought she would.


Then it was prom time and without a need to even ask the two planned on going.  They had become inseparable, but every day Woody questioned how Fawna felt about him.  Sure they kissed and talked and shared intimate details about one another, no words of love had been uttered and what if this is how friends acted back in her country?

At prom Flora told them that she was going to go and spend the night at her best friend’s house and when they got home the house was empty.  There was a note from Ashby told him that she and Asher went out for the night and would stay in a motel and the triplets were at Aunt Violet and Uncle A.J.’s house. This was the first time that the two of them had been alone together in the house.

Woody headed to his room to change out of his tux and was surprised when he turned around, to throw his shirt in the laundry, to see Fawna standing in the doorway.  He watched her close the door and turn back to him as she unzipped her dress.  She let it slip to the floor as she planted her lips firmly against his and as she guided him to his bed he knew they were about to embark to a place that neither of them could return from.


Afterwards they lay there together and he protectively held her.  He knew he was in love and nothing could come between that love.  He was trying to figure out how to tell her when her velvet accent rose from the bed, “I love you.”  He had to choke back tears as he leaned over, kissed her on her temple and whispered into her ear, “I love you too.”

Scrooge took up animal collecting.  He brought home a snake and called him Dante, a turtle he called Precious, and a gecko that he called Pete.  He was very responsible in cleaning and feeding these little creates, but Ashby wasn’t thrilled Precious became a little escape artist.  They spent more time looking for her then actually caring for her.

As mentioned before Marlie was a little trouble maker, but she had taken a real shine to Sassy and Ashby encouraged her to play with the dog whenever she could.  She hoped that Sassy could be a distraction for Marlie’s meddling ways, but only time will tell if this “theory” is working.


It was time for Woody’s birthday and his entrance into Young Adulthood.  Fawna and Flora aged up the same time.  Fawna was scheduled to head back to her county a week later, but Flora had already applied for a work visa right after they moved and it was granted so she moved to start her adult life in Sunset Valley.


Oh what a handsome young man he became.  He sure was a product of Ashby and Asher Lemi with their steel grey eyes and flawless facial structure.  He was sure to make his parents proud.  He stopped wearing all black but he couldn’t get rid of wearing hats.  He requested to say in the house for a few more days before moving out and Ashby agreed.  She felt that he had big plans and she didn’t want to miss a step of it.


Bay too sensed a change coming as well and she wasn’t looking forward to her big brother moving out.  The two of them had gotten real close and she was afraid that he would leave and forget all about him.  She began diving into the chemistry set in hopes it would keep her distracted from the thought of her brother moving out.


The day after they aged up Woody found Fawna in the back yard longingly looking into the distance.  He presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and saw the tears in her eyes over the gift.

“What’s wrong babe?  Are you already thinking about the trip home?”  He didn’t want to go back to her country.

“Yes, but the thought of how I don’t want to leave you more than home itself.”  Was her reply and this gave his heart hope.


He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him.  This startled her and she dropped her beautiful flowers.  “What if I could keep you here with me?  Would you stay?”  He breathed nervously into her ear.  She pushed him arms length away and just looked at him and that is when he dropped to one knee.


“What are you doing?”  She exclaimed and tried to pull him back up.

He remained firmly on the ground and removed a box from his pocket.  “Fawna Renee Channing will you stay with me forever in Sunset Valley and be my wife?”

The ring was small, but she didn’t care.  She loved Woody with all her heart and was over the moon that he felt the same way.  Without a thought to it she accepted and leapt into his arms crying and laughing at the same time.  She kissed him all over his face and neck and they fell to the ground in a heap of happiness.


Ashby was so impressed with the impact that Fawna had on Woody and how much the two of them loved each other.  Everyone knew they had a short time to plan a wedding in order to keep her in Sunset Valley, but Ashby would not allow them to get married without a Bachelor/Bachelorette party.

She sent Asher and the “guy” away from the house for Woody’s party and she threw Fawna a grand party where Fawna got to meet several of Woody’s sisters.

The party was a grand success and Fawna felt so lucky that she was marrying into such a great family.

The couple was so thankful to their family for being so supportive but they wanted to get married in private.  The night following the party they went down to the beach, were Fawna set up a little something for them, and said their vows before their maker.



And then it was time for Ashby to get her good-bye pictures and Woody and Fawna moved out.

With Woody and Fawna gone and the triplets in school, and waiting for the arrival of the next dad, Ashby had a lot of time to fill so she took up virtual reality.  The experiences were tripping and fun but she would much rather be spending her time with her children.

Then it was time to embark on another birthday.  It was time for Bay to become a teenager.  Bay was thrilled to see both her dad and Grandma Christy came to the party (for those of you who read Christy Quinn’s blog…let’s say this party was before her accident).

Stunning…Bay I think you got the perfect mix of James and Ashby.  ***Note*** she has deep brown eyes that are beautiful.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091562

I bet you are all wondering who the next father of the challenge is.  Let me introduce you all to Don Turner.  He is cousins with famous challenge mom Dawn Turner.   Asher met him at A.J.’s Bachelor party and the two had kept in contact and when Don mentioned that he might want to be in a challenge to try and understand his cousin a little better Asher brought this to Ashby.  She contacted Don and they decided that it would be a good match.  He was more willing with her due to she does invetro instead of the “old fashioned” way.

He is pretty excited to be a dad now.

Another party?  Yes it is this time it isn’t for a birthday day.  It’s a baby shower for Fawna.  She and Woody are expecting.  Bay, who was now okay with her brother’s new life, decided to throw her sister-in-law and baby shower, but one where men could come as well.  Fawna’s mother even made a trip to Sunset Valley (she is the woman in the sweat suit) to see her daughters and join in on the festivities.

Welcome Razz Lemi to the Lemi clan.  Fawna had a beautiful baby boy who got her hair coloring and features and Woody’s steel grey eyes.

Okay really Lemi family??  Ashby has had 36 children and you are going to still freak out.  Haha I love you all so much.

Welcome Song Turner Lemi to the clan.  She appears to have gotten mostly Ashby’s look.  She got her hair color and her eyes for sure, but time will tell if she will take on the Turner genes or the Lemi genes.  She can be downloaded here:  http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091558


Rue Turner Lemi how cute does she look with the Turner genes, but Ashby’s eye coloring.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091560


Thank you all for reading.  Without you I couldn’t continue with this daunting task.  I appreciate you all so very much.

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Ashby Lemi – Baby 34, 35 and 36 ~ Part 2


BABIES 34, 35 AND 36


The days following more of Ashby’s children began to arrive.

Violet Newbie’s Granddaughter’s babies: 17, Heavenly, 16, Bren, and their families; Heavenly’s teenage son MyTie, Bren’s husband Matthew and daughter’s Silva and Flower.

 And the last to arrive were the first born.  Babies 2 Hannah and Baby 1 Harmony and Harmony’s family husband Max and daughter Wing.

Ashby’s heart was overfilled with happiness and she couldn’t believe so many of her babies were home for the holidays.


A week before Christmas Eve Ashby worked hard and got everyone who was home in a family picture.


Due to the approaching holiday and so many people in the house Ashby did something she rarely did.  She aged up four of her children.  Rian, Riker, Rollin and Woody all aged up three days before Christmas Eve.

The three of them, Rian, Rollin, and Riker, aged beautifully into young adults.  Ashby got her goodbye picture and a promise they would be back for the Christmas Eve party.

Woody aged into a handsome Teenager, with an obsession to dark music and dark baggy clothes.  Ashby was use to teenage antics and knew she had to let him be himself unless it starts causing problems with others or himself.

At the party Ashby was pretty heavy with baby 34 and even though Ash had the evil and mean spirited traits he loves his mother and he doted all over her and the unborn baby.

At the birthday party Heavenly was able to tell her mother that she was going to have a boy, and this excited Ashby.

Bonding time with her children is something Ashby craved and held dear to hear heart, and tried as often as she could to do this.

The next few days felt like one big party with the Christmas Eve party just days after the birthday party.

This is a good time to introduce you to father of baby 34.  Here is a Who from Whoville created by Gingerbuttons: The Who From Whoville

He had come from Whoville after the Grinch had spread the rumor that Ashby Starr was a, well he wasn’t very nice in his words, so the Who looked her up and asked to participate in the challenge and since this would be another Christmas baby Ashby jumped at the chance.

During the party Ashby went into labor.  The children and even Asher began to freak out.

When Asher did calm down he head to get the car, but Ashby calmly reminded him of the arrangement.  The father of the baby gets to come to the hospital and besides he needed to stay and take care of Bay.  Asher hated this part of the challenge, but he stayed back and allowed Ashby to drive herself to the hospital.

After Ashby delivered her babies and she was resting peacefully, before the first feeding, she had the most wondrous experience that she just refers to as her Christmas miracle.


“Ashby…Ashby…I’m over here.”  An angelic but familiar voice called out to her.  Ashby followed the voice through the beautiful park.

When she found the source of the voice she gasped in pure shock.

Standing on water before her was her guardian angel and the father of Newbie and Quinn, Gabriel Holy.

“Where are we?”  She finally managed when she was able to talk.

“That doesn’t matter.  What matters is why I brought you here.”

He moved closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder.  “I’ve decided to give you a Christmas gift.  I have brought back some of your loved ones that have passed on, but just for tonight though.”

“Connery and my girl’s?”  Ashby squealed in delight.

“Ashby I couldn’t find Connery’s soul, but your girls will be here.”

Ashby couldn’t believe her ears; she was going to see her five beautiful girls that she had lost due to a meteor.  However she couldn’t keep herself from wondering why Connery wasn’t among them.

“Mom?”  She hears from behind her.  She looks up into Gabriel’s eyes and sees the pleased look on his face and she turns around as he dissipated.

Ashby turned around to see Callum, JayLeen and Roisin standing before her.  Tears splash down her face as she runs to them hugging them so very tightly.  She didn’t want to let go.  She didn’t want this time with them to be over ever again.

Then two more angelic voices ring out uttering the words she had always wanted to hear from them, “Mom.”

Ashby turned to see Rooney and Royce and a lump formed in her throat.  The last time she had seen them they were toddlers and standing before her were two gorgeous young ladies.

“Babies.”  Ashby choked out and fell to her knees.  The girls ran to her embracing her.

This was truly a miracle.

They spent their time together having a day in the park and catching up.  They assured Ashby that they were happy.  They missed her and their siblings but they were happy and not in any pain at all.

The girls had many questions about Ashby and her challenge.  They wanted to know what baby she was on and when Ashby told them that she was married they wanted to hear all about Asher.

The time held a lot of hugging and crying and smiling, but it was time that Ashby would never forget and with all the wonderful things in her life and the new babies being born on Christmas Eve she couldn’t help but think that Gabriel gave her the best gift ever.

As their time together came to an end Ashby and her girls just sat taking in everything.

When Ashby “woke” up it was to a screaming, hungry baby.


When Asher got the call from Ashby letting him know she was fine and that she had more than one baby he had no choice but to age Bay up. He wanted to wait for Ashby but bringing home three new babies and having a toddler at home would be a lot for her.

She grew into a beautiful child with a style of her own.  She has James’s eyes, Ashby hair and skin tone and a personality that filled a room.

Ashby had three babies on December 24, 2011.

Let me introduce you too:

Scrooge Who Lemi, he is named after the famous Ebenezer Scrooge from the Christmas Carol.  Scrooge is quite the cutie with Ashby’s eye color and many other features from his father.

Marlie Who Lemi, she too was named after a character in the Christmas Carol and that character is Jacob Marley.  She got her Grandma Mirid’s hair coloring and eye coloring.  She has Ashby’s skin tone and she is one cute little girl.

And Cindi-Lou Who Lemi, she was named after a famous Who, with just a slightly different spelling.  She got her grandma’s hair coloring and a good mixture of her mom and dad’s features.

These three tikes are a wonderful addition to the Lemi household.  Stay tuned to find out what these three Christmas babies have in store for them.

Also several of Ashby’s children who had come home for Christmas has moved to Sunset Valley.  Keep an eye out to see who comes for a visit.

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Ashby Lemi – Baby 34, 35 and 36 ~ Part 1


BABIES 34, 35 AND 36


Time moved on for the Lemi’s and before anyone knew it the holiday’s of 2011 were upon them.  Thanksgiving, for a challenge mom, was small.  None of her kids in Sunset Valley or otherwise could make it except for Newbie and Quinn, but they didn’t stay but a couple of hours and not even for dinner.  When Ashby found out that they heated up Turkey T.V. dinners when they got home she was utterly heartbroken.  Ashby made a dinner for her, Asher and the children at home and then she and Asher stopped by Violet and A.J.’s house.  It was a beautiful, fulfilling Thanksgiving, but Ashby missed her children.

During the short time Newbie and Quinn had been home during Thanksgiving Asher and the two of them had taken time out to go to the park to play some football and from the time they came back Asher had been acting strange and secretive.  Ashby couldn’t understand why and when she questioned him about it he would tell her that he wasn’t acting any different so after a while she just pushed the thoughts out of her head.

Every year a week after Thanksgiving Ashby sets aside a day to get her home ready for Christmas, and this year was no exception.  When Asher left to get the tree Ashby climbed into the attic and took down the decorations and began to sort what she had and what she had bought during the Friday after Thanksgiving.

When Asher got home with the tree Ashby got the surprise of her life.  She received an early Christmas present, one that will keep giving until shortly after the holiday.

Quinn, Dawn Turner and Newbie pulled in behind Asher.  Asher ran up the stairs, kissed an excited Ashby on the cheek and all four of them yelled, “SURPRISE”.

“So this is what you have been keeping secret?”  Ashby laughed hugging her husband.

“Yes.  It was killing me not to be able to tell you, but I promised the boys.”

Bounding down the porch steps Ashby rushed to her children and her good friend.

“Baby boy, I’m so happy to see you.”  Ashby pulled Newbie into her arms.

“Mom you just saw me a week ago and you know I hate when you call me baby boy.”

Ashby just ignored him and moved to Quinn.

After a similar hug to the youngest of the twins she asked the question on her mind.  “How long do I get you this time?”

“Dawn will have to head back later tonight, but Newbie and I are staying until after Christmas.”

The excitement on Ashby’s face was priceless and the boys were so glad they were able to take time away from their life to give their mom the best gift and that is the gift of time and love.

“Asher, can you go make Dawn and I some coffee?”  Ashby asked as she took Dawn’s hand and led her into the house.

Ashby and Dawn made themselves comfortable for good quality catch up time.  They talked about their kids and how they spend their time away from their kids and then about love.

“So what is going on between you and my son?”  Ashby asked with a smile on her face.

Dawn reached over and softly hit Ashby on her knee, “Oh stop Ashby.  Nothing is going on.  We are best friends and nothing more.  You know I am involved with Lerk, but Newbie has been so great in his absence in being there for me when things are rough.  I am grateful that you raised such a wonderful son.”

“I’m not sure I had such a hand in the man he has become.”  Ashby let slip her insecurities of being a challenge mom and how fast a challenge child grows and moves out.  “I think a lot has to do with the fact that his father is an angel.  With that kind of blood coursing through one’s body there really can’t be much room for error.”

Dawn took her friends hand and squeezed.  “Ash, we all do our best.  All of us struggle with how fast out children age and are out on their own, but let me reassure you Newbie and Quinn and all your other children wouldn’t be who they are without you as their mother.  Have faith in that.”

“Yeah all of them even Lockland.”  Ashby muttered under her breath.

Dawn caught it, but just as she was going to try to change the subject Newbie called from the other room.  “Mom, Dawn we have the tree up and it is ready to decorate.”

The two women pull themselves away from girl time and head to the boys to start decorating.

The decorations were going us as the Christmas music filled the room.  Quinn grabed his mother and began spinning her around the room in beat to the music.  Asher, Dawn and Newbie clapped their hands as the two danced.

Then Newbie took Dawn into his arms and dipped her and kissed her gently on her forehead.

 They were all having a grand time dancing and decorating and the house looked beautiful.  Asher grilled a delicious dinner for them and the kids and then it was time for Dawn to head to the airport to fly back to Twinbrook.

Newbie led her by her hand to the door and the awaiting cab.

He hugged her and watched her move down the stairs to the cab and with a heavy heart he went back inside.  With the late hour all the kids were in bed, Asher and Ashby were upstairs trying to calm Bay down and Quinn was checking email so Newbie headed out back for some air.

 Quinn noticed his brother seemed perplexed and followed.

“Upset that she is gone bro?”  He asked leaning against the slide ladder that Newbie was already sitting on.

“Yeah.”  Newbie had a faraway gaze on his face.

“Dude, are you in love with Dawn?”

Newbie was shocked by Quinn’s question.  “No…Um…Of course not.  She is my best friend and besides she is with Lerk.  I just worry about her all alone while we are here.”

Quinn gives his brother a look that says “Okay?” and the two talk about the upcoming holiday season.

The next morning over coffee Newbie and Quinn sprung it on Ashby that there is more to their surprise, but they were not going to tell her what it is.  They just told her to be on the lookout for little surprises from then until Christmas.  Ashby couldn’t think of what more she could ask for or want, but the boys would not cave and tell her.

That afternoon Ashby arranged Christmas pictures with everyone in the house.




Ashby was very pleased with the results, well all except for Riker’s expression, and she couldn’t imagine her Christmas getting any better then what she already had.

The next morning after the kids went to school Ashby heard honking from the driveway.  She was puzzled and when she walked onto the porch she was once again surprised.

Babies 23, 24 and 25 were standing outside.  Ashby was downright shocked.  She hadn’t seen twins Addison and Taloria since they moved overseas and Lockland, she hadn’t seen him since he ran away to be with his dad.

From phone calls, emails, skype and the occasional letter Ashby knew that Addison was doing well as a model; she saw her picture on many different ads for clothing and perfumes.  Taloria was doing very well in her clothing design and even had her own brand on the market, nothing that Ashby could afford but she loved looking at her stuff and seeing how beautiful it was.  When Taloria introduced her to her fiancée Europe Bonjour Ashby was overjoyed that her daughter had found loved.

Then there was Lockland one of her three vampire babies, when he aged into a teen he ran away to be with this dad, Darko Mulberry, after his dad poisoned his mind against Ashby and Asher.  When Ashby saw him she ran over, grabbed his face in her hands and looked him dead in his red eyes.  “Baby, I am so glad you’re here.”

“Mom, I..Ah..”

“The past is the past.  I am just so grateful that you are here.  I thought I would never see you again.”  She hugged him then took his hand to lead him into the house.  “Who are this lovely lady and cute little boy?”

Lockland introduced his wife Silk and his son McKay.  When they went inside and he saw Asher he got the same greeting from Asher.  Asher wasn’t his true father, but growing up he loved him as he was.

That night at dinner Lockland informed them that soon after he became a young adult he started to question the things Darko did and said and soon he wasn’t agree with them.  After witnessing several questionable things from Darko he wasn’t to be cured of his vampirism.  However if you are born vampire they don’t just let you get cured.  They make you go though counseling first and during the group part of it he met Silk.  In the end she was cured and he decided that he was a vampire, but he didn’t have to be like his father.  They married soon after meeting and McKay was born shortly after that.

Ashby was sure blessed to have this many of her kids home and once again she had the kids change into their Christmas outfits for pictures.



The pictures once again turned out great.  Ashby was so on the verge of tears when she was able to get a picture of her and her son Lockland and her cute grandson McKay.

Within the next week six more children arrived at the Lemi house to spend the holiday with their mom.

 Babies 6, Sunshine, 5, Stella, and 4, Simi.

Babies: 3, Greyson; 9, Ash and 12, Kenyon.

Ashby was overcome with emotion that so many of her children were home for the holidays.  She couldn’t believe her luck and the love she was blessed with, and after the kids were settled Ashby had Asher get out the camera once again for Christmas pictures.

The house was full, but full of love and so it didn’t seem like there were so many people in one house.

 Ashby stood in the doorway watching Ash and Kenyon play a video game together.  These two weren’t raised together but they were taking time to get to know one another.  This is what family is all about and Ashby loved observing her children.

 Next to arrive were babies 7, Jury, and 8, Journey and Journey brought her girlfriend Sami Blood.

Several days after Jury, Journey and Sami had been there Ashby decided she needed to talk to Journey about Sami.  Sami’s behavior was something that Ashby didn’t approve of and even though it wasn’t the ideal time and place Ashby was still Journey’s mother and she felt they needed to talk.

“Sweetie we need to talk about Sami.”  Ashby tried to approach her daughter with an even temper.

“What about Sami.”  Right away Journey was on the defense.  She wasn’t sure how her mother was going to take the fact that she was a lesbian.  She had never really “come out” to her and just sprung Sami on her.

“Well she has been quite rude since she has been here.  She has cursed in front of Bay, she has given not so good styling advice to Rian and she is just downright rude to Asher and the boys.”  Ashby rubbed the back of her neck.

“Are you just lashing out because you don’t like that I am in love with a woman?”  Journey’s tone is full of venom.

“What?  No.  Honey, I don’t care that you are a lesbian.  I love you no matter what, but if Sami is going to stay in my house she has to be respectful that is all I am saying.”

Tears slide down Journey’s face.  “I will talk to her about it.  I’m sorry and I am sorry for my outburst.  I guess I just wish I would have told you about Sami and about who I am.”

Ashby pulled her daughter into a hug.  “Please don’t ever be afraid to talk to me about anything.  I am your mother and I love you.  I am just a phone call away my Love.”

As Journey wiped her tears away she gave Ashby one more present and that was that she, Jury and Sami were moving to Sunset Valley.  The house she and Sami were going to rent would be ready for them to move into in two days and Jury was moving to her new place the day after.  Ashby couldn’t be more excited.




Ashby Lemi – Baby 33



Time always goes by so fast in the Lemi household and before they even got use to having a new baby in the house it was time for Woody to age into a toddler.

Ashby made arrangements for a big party.  Everyone who loved Woody was there: Big Brother Keskey, Aunt Vi, Uncle A.J., and even “aunt” Christy Quinn.

The kids played on the outside toys while the adults had some much needed catch up time.  Ashby was surprised that Keskey was still single.  He is such a handsome boy, but she knew that he was happy and that was all that mattered.

What a carbon copy of his folks.  Woody Lemi is going to be just as handsome as his daddy.

It didn’t take long for Capri to figure out that with Woody a toddler it would soon be her and Carter’s turn to become young adults and leave the nest.  She really didn’t like the thought of leaving her mom and Asher.  She loved being a Lemi and she wasn’t ready to leave.

The next few weeks after the birthday party she became distracted with school and being a teenager.  She stopped stressing about having to leave and decided just to enjoy the time she is at home.

When she won prom queen at prom she was thrilled.  She walked around the house with a dreamy look on her face.  The only thing that could have made it better is if she had a boyfriend to share the honor with.

Ashby got her family together for a family photo and since October is the month for breast cancer awareness she had them dress in pink for the cause.

Top left: Rollin, Rian, Riker, Ashby, Carter, Capri, Woody and Asher; and a stunning family they make.

Having only one child and Asher and the other kids gone all day, gave Ashby plenty of bonding time with her 32nd baby boy.  They had skill lessons, snuggle time and even took long walks around town.

Even though in the back of her mind having on child at a time meant that her challenge would take longer, she really enjoyed having this one on one time with her boy.

Things started to change in the Sim world and Sunset Valley wasn’t missed.  One night after homework and dinner the kids heard a pleasant musical sound coming from outside.  When they peeked out the window they saw an ice cream truck.  They were so amazed and got very excited.

Asher and Ashby, who had heard that this was traveling around the neighborhood, distributed money and allowed the kids to get a nice ice cream treat.

Rollin, who isn’t into sweets, pocketed the money and went into his room to play video games.

Rian got a fun pink ice cream cone with sprinkles.

As Riker exited the house he heard a faint meow from the corner of the porch.  He looked over and saw a dirty, hungry cat.  He reached down and the cat sniffed at his hand and then began rubbing around his legs.  Riker ran in to get a saucer of milk for the sweet little guy but when he can back out the cat was gone and so was the ice cream truck.

Knowing their birthday was right around the corner the girls were very dedicated to their school work.  They came home each day and settled down at the kitchen table and dug right into their homework, but they always reward themselves when they were done.  They enjoyed jamming along with some Flo Rider and other music.

“So what kind of party do you two want?”  Ashby asked them one night at dinner.

“I want to wear costumes.”  Carter chimmed in with a mouth full of food.

“Oh I know.  Let’s have one of those Murder Mystery parties I have read about.”  Capri replied.

“Sounds fun.  Where can we find the stuff for a party like that?”  Ashby asked.

“I will look online before school tomorrow.”  Capri smiled at her mom.

With the kit purchased, the costumes made/bought, and the menu planned it was time to celebrate the twins birthday into young adulthood.

“Mom, Dad…they don’t have cavemen and panda’s in this game.”  Capri was mortified about how they were dressed.

“I love it.”  The always unique Carter chimed in.

“Well lets get this party started.”  Asher avoided feeding Capri’s annoyance.

The family had a great time acting out the game and in the end it was discovered that  Rian’s character was the killer.

After the game it was cake and then the girls aged up.

Carter, wow what a beautiful girl.  She is a carbon copy of her mom and got none of her dads looks.  She is still as unique as she was the day she was born.  Her nose ring actually brings out her features.  Carter Greensnip Lemi

Capri was just as stunning as her sister.  She too didn’t get any looks from her father, but wow what a stunning girl she is.  Capri Greensnip Lemi

Ashby got her good-bye picture with her girls and then her girls left the Lemi household.

The next morning, Saturday, Riker left the house early and came back around noon.

“Mom… Mom.”  He yelled as he crashed through the door.

“What is it son?”  Ashby said as she came around the corner.

Standing at the front door was Riker holding the dirty cat that he first saw a few weeks before.

With desperation in his eye Riker cleared his throat.  “Mom can I keep him?  I have been going around town finding him and taking care of him, but today when I went looking for him I had to stop a dog from picking on him.  He would be safer here and I would take care of him and my allowance would go toward food.  Pleeeeeassse.”

Ashby looked at her son and saw the connection he had formed with the cat and how the cat looked up at him with gratitude and adoration.

“Riker do you promise that you will take care of this animal?  Asher and I will help for the next week, but after next weekend when you are teenager it will be your sole responsibility.”

“Yes mom..I promise I promise!” He cried in excitment.

“Well then if you promise you can keep it.”

Riker set the cat down gently and ran to Ashby and threw his arms around her.  “Oh thank you mom.  Thank you!”

 That evening Riker, Mask (that is what Riker called him) and Asher went to the new pet store in town and bought all the things Mask would need to be a part of the Lemi family.

The weekend and the triplets birthday was upon the Lemi family and the kids wanted their party with just family at the park.  They played all day and then that evening they had a nice picnic of grilled salmon, made my Asher, and then it was time to age up.

First up was Rian.  She is a cute girl with her fathers features, and her grandma Mirid’s skin and eye color, with Ashby hair color.

Next up was the middle twin and cat owner, Riker.  He got his fathers hair, eye shape and skin color, but the rest of the features are more of Ashby.

And last but not least Rollin.  He got a his grandma’s hair color, his father skin and and eye coloring and a nice combination of Ashby and Terrance’s features.

These three could be trouble with their good looks and their close bond.  I guess we will see.

Mask was making himself comfortable in the Lemi household.  He could be found playing with the various toys Riker bought him or basking in the sun.  Riker had been true to his word and he and Mask are the best of friends.

It wasn’t long and the Lemi’s were adding a new pet to the house.  It seems that Rian has the same kind heart as Riker and one day she decided to walk home from school instead of taking the bus and she came across this bird.  His wing was broken.  She spent some time getting it to trust her and once it did she scooped him up and brought him home to nurse him back to health.  She called him Kokoro (thank you to Sonny Wells for the name).

One Sunday morning there came a knock on the door.  Asher was at work and the triplets were out doing teenager things and Woody was taking his nap.  Ashby wasn’t excpecting anyone and found it curious that she had a visitor.

She opened the door and found a young man standing there.  “Hi I’m….”

“James Quinn, What are you doing here?”  Ashby said excitedly.

“You know me?”  He asked with a grin on his face.

“Of course I do.  Your mom is one of my best friends ever.  What do I owe this honor?”  Christy Quinn

“Well this is a bit awkward, but..”  he rubbed the back of his neck fishing for the words.  “I would like to participate in your challenge.”

The request made Ashby smile.  She loved the thought of having a child that would be Christy’s grandchild.  She already had one of Violet Newbie’s grandchildren and now Christy’s.  This just made her day.

They made plans for Ashby to make an appointment at the hospital and two weeks later she had been inseminated.  With a promise to call him once the baby was born James hugged her and bid her farewell.

The pets were a big hit in the Lemi household, but it was questionable if they liked each other.

With all the new things in the Sim world Asher decided to take up a new hobby and took a riding class.  When he came home he came home with a new addition to the family.

Meet Jackrabbit.  He is the new addition.  Everyone fell in love with him right away. The house and yard are now very crowed, but everyone is very happy.

With her due date just around the corner Ashby threw a party for Woody to age into a child.  She invited family and friends who all came excited to see the little one age up.

“Wow mom, you are big.”  Carter chuckled as she entered the house.

“Why thanks.  That makes me feel so beautiful.”

“Hello little baby.  This is your big brother Keskey.”  He called to the baby.

“You don’t have to shout son.  The baby can hear you in your inside voice.”

“Mom can I feel?”  Carter asked placing her hand on her mother’s stomach.  “Wow this is amazing.”

The birthday swirls took over little Woody and he aged into a handsome young man.  As you know he was named after Addy McKnight (her maiden name is Woodrow) so Ashby sent her a picture of him and she asked her if his outfit attire was done on purpose.  At first she didn’t get it but then it struck her.  hahah.  Woody from Toy Story was a cowboy.  Woody just loves Asher’s horse so much he wants to be a cowboy.

Without further ado I introduce you to baby 33 Bay Quinn Lemi.  She was a very healthy baby girl who was born at home as Ashby was working out.

About a week after Bay was born Ashby got Rian to watch her and she and Asher took some time to just be with each other.  It was their time to reconnect and keep their relationship strong despite the fact that she is having children with other men.

Before anyone knew it Bay was ageing into a toddler and her party was huge with her grandma Christy, her father James, her aunt and uncle Vi and A.J. and her siblings.

What a beautiful little girl she is too.  Her father’s eyes and nose, Ashbys skin and hair.  She is going to be a heart breaker.

Ashby decided she was going to try and start getting pictures of the kids with their fathers to make scrap books for them.  It was something she found important and James was more then willing. He was a proud papa and a wonderful friend.

Here is Bay with her parents and her grandma Christy.

Bay’s auntie Vi and Uncle A.J. bought her this fun swing for her birthday.  She absolutely loves it and Ashby is so thankful for her family.

Thank you as always for reading.  Please I would love to hear your thoughts.  Leave me a message here or find me on facebook under Ashby Lemi.