Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 3 is here

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 3:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!


I decided that since I was a mother now I should look the “type” so I got a new outfit. Do I look motherly? 

With all the worries in my head I decided that I would just have to make time in getting my garden back into shape so that I could earn some money. I was surprised about how fast my garden was healthy again.



Oh my look at my little Xerxes… he is walking all by himself. A tear welled in my eye when I saw this. I have feelings that no matter how many children I have Xerxes will always hold that extra special place in my heart because he allowed me my experiences with all the firsts. Don’t get me wrong I will love all my children but there is just something about your first born… I can’t explain it.


Times were busy with taking care of the children and the house and it was hard to find time to get out of the house to look for the next guy for my 100 baby challenge. 


Mr. Colors visited at times and when he did he only wanted to spend time with this little girl Riley. My heart was warmed when I saw them together. They were like two peas in a pod and I was glad that Mr. Colors would be around if something shall ever happen to me. It also saddened me a little because Dudley hadn’t been around to visit little Xerxes, but that was a risk you take when doing the 100 baby challenge. Some men will want to be involved and some won’t. *sigh*


With the demands of an infant I made the decision that it was time for Xerxes to grow into a child. I did struggle making this decision for I felt I was taking Xerxes childhood away, but I reminded myself that he was a happy healthy little boy, I could use the help around the house, and this decision was one I made when I took up this lifelong challenge.

It seems as if we always have their birthday parties in the dark. Oh well perhaps that will change someday.



Look at my baby boy…well I guess I can’t call him that anymore. He is a fine young man now. It seems as if he got most of his father’s features with the plumper belly and the bigger nose. He did get my eyes and ears, but the skin…It was very light and hinted on green, but wasn’t fully green. He was an awkward looking boy but I thought he was handsome and rugged. 


My little Xerxes loved sweets. He really enjoyed his birthday because I let him have two pieces of cake. I know I am a push over, but how could I say no to a sweet face like that?


Xerxes was a very friendly child. A child couldn’t ask for better traits. He had the love the outdoors, good and excitable traits. With that being said he loved to give out hugs and take care of people when they needed it.


With Xerxes finally in school I found a little time to get out of the house with Riley. She too loved the outdoors so she loved being in town. While there I met a few people. Trace Mc’Dougall (Thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher). 

Trace and I hit it off and I was physically attracted to him as well. I thought about bringing up the challenge to him, but thought better of it. For now I was just enjoying being out of the house. I had been going stir crazy. My house always seemed dirty and noisy, but again I had no regrets of my choice.


I also met Africa Angel. Wow a real angel. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a child of an angel? He was unique and beautiful and I really wanted him to be part of my challenge, but when I found out he was married to a very angelic angel I had second thoughts. However, I enjoyed talking to him none the less.


As I have said before Xerxes is a very good boy. He comes home from school and does his homework. He seems to understand his studies pretty well and I couldn’t be prouder of how he is turning out. The fact that he has aged up faster than a normal Sims doesn’t seem to affect his personality at all. Every time I looked at him or Riley I knew that the 100 baby challenge was right for me.


A couple of days after I met him Trace came a calling. I was touched at how much he liked kids. He was drawn immediately to Riley and snuggled and played with her. As I said before I was attracted to him the first time I met him, but I was struggling with asking him because this challenge should be about rounding out my children not choosing a partner based on looks, but seeing him with Riley made me decide instantly that he had to be part of my challenge.


I asked him if he was single and that made the pot sweeter when he told me he was. I filled him in on the baby challenge and he smiled. He told me that was why he came over. He had been talking to Dudley Racket (Xerxes – baby 1- dad) and after hearing Dudley’s story about his son he was intrigued. I couldn’t believe it. Someone was offering and I wasn’t asking. I explained the rules to him and explained how Dudley had had a hard time with them at first and he told me not to worry. He confessed his attraction to me, but said that right now he was happy being single, but wanted a child. This was great news.


I was so happy that I jumped into his arms and by the look of his thought bubble he was ready to get to work. HAHAHAHA.


I gave him a little kiss to show my gratitude and my attraction for him and that kiss led us right to my bedroom.


With the other two daddies it was just part of the process, but with Trace it was fun and exciting and passionate. I was trembling all over.


It was nothing like Dudley or Mr. Colors (yes it took three times with him, but none of the times were like this). The lullaby came quickly and I was sad that it was over. I contemplated on breaking the rules or giving up on the challenge and asking Trace to stay and be a family, but the need to accomplish this challenge was much higher so I didn’t.


Trace loved to hang out in his underwear and I have to admit that I didn’t mind. We couldn’t keep out hands off of each other and I really wanted him to stay. I imagined what he would look like as an elder and just knew he would age gracefully. 


The longing for him to stay was even greater when I saw him talking and getting along with Xerxes. Why Creator? Why did you allow such a perfect Sim to come into my life and only be with me for a short time? I was beginning to get frustrated with this challenge.


Xerxes knew there was something wrong and tried to distract me with asking about cooking lessons. I explained that we couldn’t afford them at this time, but I would be more than happy to teach him myself. He was happy that we got to spend more time together.


I knew with baby three on the way I needed to spend time with Xerxes because before I knew it he would be a teenager. The two of us loved to play tag together. 


Even pregnant I kept working on my garden. I believe that being is the garden all the time is the reason my babies loved being outdoors. I was grateful for that.



With another baby on the way I knew it was time for Riley to grow into a toddler. I had a party for her and her daddy Mr. Colors was there encouraging his baby girl to grow up. 


As I said in my last post I needed to befriend some woman and as my baby girl started to age up I greeted one of the women at the party and I have every intention of becoming friends with her.


Look at my little girl. She is beautiful. It doesn’t appear that she got any of her father’s features. She looks very much like me with my hair and eyes and skin….wonder if she will get her dad’s bunny ears as she gets older?


My parties were starting to get popular and with the limited seating it appears that some chose to sit on the toilet to eat their cake. I really have to figure out how to some money soon so that I can get a bigger house.


After the party my little angel was very tired. I put her in her crib and kissed her tiny forehead. Man I love my children.


Riley really took to playing with her blocks. If she wasn’t eating or sleeping she was playing with her blocks. I loved watching her at play. I was very excited to see how this precious one would turn out.


A couple of days after Riley became a toddler it was time for baby number 3. Once again I had to have a home birth due to lack of funds for a babysitter and hospital bills.


Welcome to Twinsbrook baby Gideon Storm (thanks to Diane Luvsamanddean Bosworth). Another mint green skinned baby. 

Stay tuned.

Will he be as handsome as his dad Trace?

How will Xerxes be as a teen?
What will happen when Riley becomes a child?

Comments are welcomed and appreciated. 

Thanks for reading I hope you are enjoying.







The Storm Family’s 100 Baby Challenge – Baby 2 whoo hoo


100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 2:


100 Baby Challenge: Baby Two is here



I brought my little tyke home and I was thrilled about how beautiful he was and as I looked into his eyes I imagined all that he could become. I had a feeling that he was going to be quite handsome. He had inherited my unique eyes and had somehow gotten ashen colored skin. He was lovely.


At first things seemed to be easy. We didn’t have much money at all, but we had enough to eat and we had each other. We played and bonded and for just a “minute” I thought motherhood was going to extremely easy, but I was wrong. It wouldn’t take me long to find out that being a single mother was hard enough, but adding the 100 baby challenge made it even harder.


One day while I was out in my yard with little Xerxes I saw a moving truck drive by and realized that I had a new neighbor. I have the person a few days to get acquainted with their new surroundings and then Xeroxes’ and I went to introduce ourselves. 

When he greeted us I was taken slightly taken aback. He was very different looking. I know my skin is green and people think I am different looking, but this guy had bunny ears, a huge nose, multi colored hair, face painting (or perhaps it was a birthmark) and he didn’t wear any shoes.

We spoke for a while and I learned that he too was family orientated and the more I spoke to him the more I liked him. I decided that I was going to get to know this man and then ask him to be part of my 100 baby challenge.


Meet Mr. Colors Colors (thanks to McCallumJ). What do you think? I wonder if his offspring will inherit the ears?

Not long after I got home, after meeting Mr. Colors, Dudley called to check on Xerxes. We chatted for a while but when he mentioned that he wanted to be a family with me and Xerxes I had to cut him short. Why he couldn’t abide by the rules of the 100 baby challenge was beyond me.


I finally had a little time to work in my garden and was able to sell my produce at the market for a small profit. It was nice to have a couple of hundred dollars, but being a single mother and bills coming in it didn’t last long.


I decided that one thing I wanted to do was to be able to cook a nice meal for my children so I started to read cookbooks, well really only one because soon after Xerxes needs really started to kick in and I was run ragged. I read and learned how to make Ratatouille. I sure hope that my baby boy grows up to enjoy this dish. It was very fun for me to learn.


Dudley called frequently to check in on us, but he never came over to visit. I found that was a good thing because I was truly missing his friendly personality and I was longing for some help around the house and with Xerxes, but one of the rules is I have to it by myself and another is I can’t marry any of the fathers. I wasn’t in love with Dudley, but I was very fond on him.



I decided it was time I start building a relationship with Mr. Colors. So I invited him over. I was beginning to doubt if I could do the 100 baby challenge because I didn’t know if I could bounce from daddy to daddy without having attachments to each and every one of them, but as I saw how Mr. Colors was with Xerxes and I experienced the conversations we had I started to realize that perhaps I could do it. If I didn’t look at how many interesting people, yes men, I would miss out on meeting and look at how many people could be good influences in my children’s life. I started to trust that I had made the right choice for my life.


It was hard to get out of the house because either I was too tired or Xerxes need a bath, to be fed, a nap, to be held, to be played with or house work needed to be done, but I did make it out a couple of times.

On one of my outings I met Donnie Dreary (Thanks to Krazygirl1988) and I planted his image into my memory to remind myself that he was a potential daddy for my challenge.


When I got home from town that night Mr. Colors was there. I thought that was a sign that he was ready to be approached with the 100 baby challenge. His reaction wasn’t what I had expected from this easy going guy. I was disappointed, but knew that for some it wouldn’t be as easy as others to agree to do something like this.


Even though he didn’t agree to be part of my challenge he had no problem spending the night and eating my food. As annoyed as I was at him I was at least glad not to be the only adult around, he was good company and he made me laugh. I called him my little bunny man due to his ears. I don’t think he liked it much but we got along famously. **As you can see Mr. Colors helped me move my bed down into the basement so that I could have a bit of privacy to carry on my 100 baby challenge**


In the SIMS world you can allow yourself to grow up naturally or you can buy a magic birthday cake and age up whenever you want to. I enjoy this feature of my world and I think it is going to help me out with my challenge. I decided that if I was going to pursue Mr. Colors I should age Xerxes up from an infant to a toddler. That way he would be able to entertain himself for short periods of time with his blocks or bear and I could spend a couple of extra minute’s smoozing Mr. Colors.

I decided that a nice formal birthday for my first baby would be special and even if he wouldn’t remember it I would. I invited the only people I had met so far in Twinbrook and surprisingly they were all men. Should I be concerned about that? After taking note of my “friends” I decided I would have to make some female friends. Every woman needs another woman to talk to from time to time.

I was extremely tired. I was only able to take short naps here and there but they weren’t sufficient to keep me going to my full capacity. However, I still put my best foot forward and tried to be social. I talked to Donnie Dreary (again thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher) and at first we hit it off but when I started to complain about my money woes, then he was a little turned off. I sure hope I can mend that bridge because he is a candidate for sure. 


It was time to blow out the candles and with Xerxes dad watching we leaned down and…..


The wind got to the flame before my breath did and the cake caught on fire. Dudley, as a reminder he is in the law enforcement career, panicked. I searched for a place to put Xerxes away from the flames.


The flames grew and my guests rushed over to it, but instead of being helpful they all just freaked out. The fire department didn’t show because I couldn’t afford a smoke detector to alarm them that there was a fire.


I grabbed the fire extinguisher and fought the fire with all my might, but I was unable to save the cake, the table or the balloons. I was granted $39.00 from my insurance company for my loss, but my baby was not able to age up to a toddler. It made me sad, but we will try again soon.


After I did the house work the next day I called Dudley to come over and the three of us tried again with the cake to age my precious Xerxes. This time it went off without a hitch and my infant grew into an awesome toddler.

Look at my little one. He has very ashen skin, and he inherited my grey eyes. I am a bit concerned that he is so bald, but overall I am very impressed with the progression of my little boy.


I almost cried the first time I put a bowl in front of him and he discovered how to feed himself. If I am this emotional with my first baby can I do this 99 more times?


We spent many hours bonding doing things like potty training and teaching him to walk. I couldn’t believe how smart he was. I couldn’t wait to see what his next stage in life was going to bring us.


 Wow going to the bathroom all by himself already? I just can’t believe.

In between housework, gardening and the precious bonding time with my boy I kept my relationship with Mr. Colors going. Finally I convinced him to partake with my 100 baby challenge. I had to assure him that he could visit his son or daughter whenever he wanted to, but they just couldn’t live with them nor could we have a committed relationship. 


While Xerxes slept Mr. Colors and went into action. We had a great time and when it was over I expected to hear the sweet sound of lullaby but as I drifted to sleep the music never came. Was there something wrong with me? Was there something wrong with him? Why didn’t the sweet tunes float into the air?


I asked him to spend the night. While he took a short night I changed into my sexy lingerie in hopes that would increase my chances of getting pregnant. When he woke up I snuggled up to him and whispered my best pickup lines and we went another round. Again the sounds of lullaby failed to echo though my room. 

This was certainly a disappointment. Was this a sign that I shouldn’t do this challenge? Was this a sign that I shouldn’t have chosen Mr. Colors? I just didn’t get it.

However I was not a person to give up. I invited him over the next night and even though I was tired and stressed I cooked him a nice dinner and flaunted my newest sleeping clothes.


And finally after all that work the sweet sweet sound of lullaby filled the room and I could finally get some rest.


As the water crashed against the shore Twinbrook and I slept. However, my sleep was cut short by little Xerxes crying. I got up and was elated to know that I was pregnant with baby number 2 and that I was finally moving forward with my challenge. I almost skipped upstairs to take care of my first miracles needs.


This time around I was going to try to be a little smarter. I bought and started to read a popular baby book that all Sims talked about, but was never able to finish because Xerxes always needed me and frankly I missed him when I was away from him for too long, but what I did read I was sure was going to help me in the months and years to come.


Even though I was showing quite a bit I never let down Xerxes. I took him on outings and I always showed him that he was loved. I loved spending time with him and I knew I would miss my little boy once he grew up.


Finally the day came and due to lack of funds I could not afford to get a babysitter for Xerxes so I could go to the hospital so I opted for a home delivery. 


Having a home deliver has its up’s and down’s. On the one hand the baby is born in surrounds it will become familiar with and in turn will feel safe in, but on the other hand it is a lonely long process. Mr.Colors, unlike Dudley when I gave birth at the hospital, did not show up. The process was a long grueling one and I feared for Xerxes who didn’t have anyone to feed, change and love him while I was giving birth to his new sibling. 

Despite all my worries and concerns during the delivery process it was all worth it once I saw my new child.

Introducing to Twinbrook Riley Storm (thanks to Krazygirl1988/Valerie Fisher). Isn’t she beautiful? Look at her smooth green skin and her big open eyes. She was born with the same two starting traits as her brother: Loves the Outdoors and being a good person. I can’t wait to see what she will look like as she grows up. Again I wonder if she will inherit her father’s rabbit ears. Wouldn’t that be something?

After the long birth I placed the two children in the cribs and stumbled downstairs for some much needed sleep. I knew that I would have to age Xerxes up to a child so that he could be a little more self-sufficient. This would help in the care of the little Riley girl. This was a problem for after selling my last collection of produce I was able to buy a second crib but that left me with a total of $9.00. My garden wasn’t thriving as much as it once was due to the demands of my children and I began to worry about how I was going to continue the 100 baby challenge without money or means of getting money. How was I going to be able to buy the $30.00 magic cake that was going to allow baby Xerxes to grow into a child? How was I going to care for my children with so little money and how was I going to meet baby daddy three with so many new responsibilities? I don’t regret my choice, but I was worried. As I drifted off to sleep worries filled my head…..

Stay tuned for baby 3…..

Will Harmony figure out the fund situation?

Will Riley inherit her father’s bunny ears?

Will Xerxes grow hair?


Thank you for ready…..please leave a comment to let me know what you enjoy or didn’t enjoy. I would love to hear from you.




100 Baby Challenge – Baby 1

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 1:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!

Hi My name is Harmony Storm:

I have been reading Ms. Harmony Sims 100 baby challenge and I have been inspired to take on the task. I moved out of my parent’s house and have moved to Twinbrook to start my quest.

When I got there I found out that Twinbrook was a very expensive town to live in, but totally worth it. I found a small one bedroom house with basement near the swamp and moved it. After paying for my new home I was left with $33.00. How was I going to manage with that when one of the rules to the 100 baby challenge is that I can’t get a “real” job? I guess I will figure it out. 

I woke up early the next morning and set out to explore Twinbrook and to hunt down the first candidate for my 100 baby challenge. In town I met a few people, but one stood out to me. His name was Dudley Racket. In talking to him I found out that he was in law enforcement. This intrigued me because I wanted my children to be good and he was very nice to me. 

The next day I invited him to my house where we took some time to get to know one another.

After a couple of days I knew that Dudley would be a great first daddy to my challenge, but things just didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked. I had to work my charms so that Dudley would want to be intimate with me and I had to figure out how to earn some money to buy a crib before I could have a baby.

I read somewhere that Twinbook had a community garden where produce and seeds are out of the taking. I have a green thumb and I was itching to get a garden set up for my property was perfect for it even though it wasn’t the best place for kids.

It wasn’t long before my garden started to look like something. I planted apple trees, tomatoes, lettuce and I found two uncommon/unknown seeds in town. I couldn’t wait to find out what they would become.

While cooking one night my stove caught on fire and I had to extinguish it myself for I couldn’t afford a smoke detector to get the fire department to come. When I finally got it out the damage was already done and my insurance took out a claim. How the heck am I going to afford a crib now? Dudley was getting close to consenting to partake in the 100 baby challenge with me.

I thought that I could earn some money by entering a cooking contest, but because I had no stove I had to make an Autumn Salad. I thought it looked great and tasted wonderful as well, but I only came in 2nd place and didn’t win a dime. I have to say so far earning money in the 100 baby challenge is turning out to be a very difficult thing.

My garden was flourishing and I got a call from a couple of my neighbors asking for my fresh produce to use in their receipts. After selling some of my garden goods I was finally able to buy a small yellow crib. Finally – now it is time to invite Dudley over.

I bought new lingerie and did my hair in an up-do in hopes that would increase my chances of getting Dudley to finally agree to help me with my 100 baby challenge. We cuddled for awhile and he was so nice with his kind words and requests. He wanted to marry me and be family with me, but I reminded him that one of the rules to the 100 baby challenge is that I cannot marry any of the fathers and the babies need to stay in my care until they are ready to move out on their own. After more talking he agreed because bottom line is that he was crazy about me and wanted to make me happy. 

Dudley was splendid and he did everything right.   He was the kind of guy that every girl would like to have for the first father of the 100 baby challenge. It wasn’t long before the sweet sound of lullaby echoed the room. I was pregnant, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

The next morning Dudley went to work as normal and I didn’t talk or see him until out little tyke showed up. It was sad because I was fond of Dudley, but I knew it was what I had to do if I wanted to accomplish this challenge.

I had heard of morning sickness before, but my goodness it was awful.

During my pregnancy I took lots of naps. I was always tired.

Because I didn’t have a stove peanut butter sandwiches were my staple food. They were good, but I craved a home cooked meal.

When I began to show I trembled with excitement. The little tyke would be coming soon. I wanted a boy so badly, but I would have been just as happy with a girl. When were they coming into my life?

I did wonder into town a couple of times when I had a little bit of energy, and announced that I was pregnant to anyone who would listen. I wanted to go out to meet the next daddy, but found I wasn’t as charming when I was so tired. Hopefully soon I will meet the next hunk of my life.

I also entered an eating contest while I was out on the town and won and a nice purse at that. How exciting is that? I was able to buy a new stove and felt better that I could at least cook for my children now. However, once the purchase of a new stove was made I was back to very minimal funds.

Finally the day came and I rushed to the hospital and even though I hadn’t had much contact with Dudley during my pregnancy he met me there and was just as excited when our beautiful bundle of joy was born.

And welcome to the world Xerxes Storm(thanks to Alex Ferrell). He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. I can’t wait to see what he looks like as a toddler, a child and a young adult. Can you?

Stay tuned for baby 2: