Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – babies 14 and 15

100 Baby Challenge:

Babies 14 and 15


It is time for my Winchester-Storm twins to grow into beautiful Young adults.

Destiny looks stunning in purple.


Faith what beautiful skin you got my girl.

Soon the girls would be moving out on their own so I talked with Leon and explained that I would need help with the smaller children once the girls were gone and told him I wanted to age him into a teen early.


He was happy about that. 


Here is my unique boy as a Teen.


Emmett has taken a liking to our goldfish and he makes sure Nicolas is fed every day.



Next it was time to age up the triplets into toddlers so I could start working with them on their walking, talking and using the potty. Once again, as in my early years of parenting, the cakes caught on fire and it was a disaster, but this time I had some older children around to help me clean up and the triplets were able to age up. Ambry girl don’t just stand there help me put this fire out!


Little Diamond, her skin is so dark, but she is so very sweet.


Onxy Storm, he got my hair.


Steel Storm, he got my hair and skin color, but his father’s distinct facial features.



Diamond and Onyx love their cars. 


The triples play so well together.   Here are steel and Diamond playing with the doll house.


Leon I told you that Steel had to develop some of his skills before I would allow him to watch tv. How can I get upset at this sweet scene? Two brothers watching TV. 


Homework homework homework there is always homework at the Storm house.



Leon is a handy kind of guy and helps me fix up the stuff around the house.


Next it was Emmett’s turn to age into a Teenager. We had a grand party with his dad and all of his siblings. My loner vampire boy sure has a lot of people who love him.


He may look a bit scary, but he is a sweet sweet boy.


I received a call from Destiny and Faith telling me they are both dating. Destiny is dating the Troll Man (yep Leon’s dad) Created by Monchi98.

Faith is dating Willy Widley created by Krazygirl1988.

I also got a call from JayLeece telling me that she and Bob Plum have had a baby together. His name is Noah. Oh My I am a Grandma!!! I gave her a small lecture about not calling and telling me she was pregnant, but quicky after expressed my happiness and excitement to meet him.


**HAHA** look at the weird glitch.

Leon helped me teach the triplets to walk, talk and use the potty.


Go baby go!! Look at how well Onyx is walking now.


In a moment of weakness and loneliness I agreed to be Lady Guy’s girlfriend. The rules state that I can’t marry any of the fathers, not that I can’t have one of them as a boyfriend. He understood my challenge and what I had to do but still wanted me to be his girlfriend. He also agreed to be a daddy of my next baby.


We went upstairs and got busy with the baby making.


After we went downstairs to get something to eat and he made a nasty comment about my other children. I don’t tolerate that kind of talk in my home and realized that I made a mistake by saying yes to being his girlfriend. 


I broke up with him then and there and told him to leave my home. 


The next day it was time for Leon to become a Young Adult.


Very much like his father he is.


Peek-a-boo I see you Diamond.


This pregnancy went by quickly and without any excitement. Lady Guy hasn’t tried to contact me nor did he show up at the hospital when the baby…or should I say babies…came.

When I left the hospital I left with the rare baby carrier and two beautiful baby boys.

Please welcome:


Mordechai (thank you Supernatural for the name) Storm



Cervantes Storm (thank you Krazygirl1988 AKA Val Fisher for the name)

Now that the Green-Storm triplets have learned all their skills as toddlers it is time for age them up into children.


Diamond Storm.


Onyx Storm


And my little Evil Steel Storm.


Once again thank you for reading. 

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Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 11, 12 &13


100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 11, 12 & 13

First set of Storm Triplets and Multi- Gender to boot!!



Since we moved to the new house we found that we spent more time at home and didn’t feel cooped up.   The new house had a lot of things to do. Fishing, a swing set and a slide, toys for the younger children and I bought a sculpture stand and a drafting table for everyone to enjoy and build skills.


It is always a treat to have teenage girls in the house. I really miss Riley, the Angel twins and Ambry, but I have to say out of all my girls Faith Winchester-Storm is the most amusing to watch. She is so fascinated with her looks.


My little Leon loves to paint just like his big brother Gideon. 


My skills in the kitchen growing and I love that I can make healthy meals for my children.


Doing homework is never fun for the Storm children, but I am glad they have a support system in each other to get them through it.


I always enjoy meeting my grown children around time. This particular night when I met LaRae she told me that she was dating someone, but wouldn’t reveal who because she didn’t want to jinx it. I wonder who my little girl is interested in. Is he treating her right?


Leon loves his swing set. I sure hope he makes friends soon.


There is always something to fix around the house. I’m glad that Malakai left a good set of tools behind.


I decided to give the sculpting stand a try and found I really enjoyed it. Creating something out of clay or wood is very fulfilling.


Reading cookbooks in my past time is something I love to do. I just recently learned how to make Angel Food Cake and my kids love it.


Having a T.V. at the Storm household is a treat and it is new to us. It took a while, but now on occasion we take the time to sit down and enjoy a good show.


I decided that it was time to start looking for the daddy to baby number 11. I went the Green resident where I had heard was a bachelor pad for many eligible bachelors. Once there I ran into my old friend Smokie Lava. “So this is where you live?” I inquired and we got to chatting. Since the last time I talked to him I found out that he got promoted to a Resident at the hospital. I was thrilled that meant he would be able to help me with the Gender of my unborn babies. I have always been attracted to Smokie. His gold eyes and his dark smooth skin and I finally asked him if he would be part of my 100 baby challenge.



He quickly agreed and we headed to his bedroom. We got a little hot and steamy but before we could get on with making of baby 11 he backed out stating that he was a bit uncomfortable with the non-commitment part of the deal. I had to respect his wishes, but I was a little disappointed.



At the new house Malakai had a snake charming basket. Faith couldn’t sleep so she decided to try her hand at luring the cobra from the basket. “Child what are you doing sticking your hang in there? The snake could bite you?” And I thought my children were smarter than that.


Leon had been bugging me for a pet so I finally broke down and bought the kids a goldfish. Meet the newest member of the family Nicolas.



 It is time for Emmett to become a toddler. I invited all the Storm kids as well as Apple Seed and my grandson Jeremy.

It was a grand party and we all had a great time.


What a handsome little boy. He inherited the Storm hair and smooth green skin, but look at those big green eyes. “Beautiful”


Even though Emmett is the son of a vampire and rolled the Loner trait he still enjoyed working with me on his walking, talking and potty training and he accomplished these skills pretty quickly.


“Why do the kids at school tease me?” Leon asked one day. 

“Baby, kids are cruel and the will find a way to make fun of others. You are different, but learn to love your difference and not be ashamed of it.” I told him and gave him a hug. 



Yikes leave it to my fearless Destiny to actually make the snake come out of the basket. 


Faith found a laundry gnome while doing the wash. How cute is he?


I got a call from Smokie asking me to come over because he rethought his decision about backing out of the challenge. When I got there he was ready to go when before we made it upstairs his roommates showed up and once again he chickened out. Ugh… what is going on here? I need to find a daddy soon.


My sculpting is improving.



The girls decided they needed a girl day and went and got new hair styles. Destiny went with a tight up-do with fashion barrettes. What a gorgeous gal she is.




Faith went with a short ponytail and a bandana. She likes to keep things simple.


Destiny, who loves to exercise, liked to work out before she ate. I am not sure why before instead of after, but that is what she likes to do.


Leon always takes his studies so serious. Which is good, but I really want him to have a friend.


I got another call from Smokie and once again I headed over to his house. I changed into my sexy lingerie and tried to seduce him into the whohoo, but once again he got cold feet. What is up with this guy? Why do I keep agreeing to him when he called me up? This is insane and it is taking a lot of time away from my challenge.


I was hopping mad and as I paced around Smokies upstairs one of his roommates, and long time friend, Mr. Green (Created by McCallumJ) approached me. He told me he wanted to be part of the challenge and he was ready to go anytime I wanted to take him up on the offer.


To his room we went and proceeded with the making of baby # 11.


The morning sickness hit me hard with this pregnancy.


Soon there will be an infant or infants in the house so it is time for Emmett to age up into a child.


What a handsome young man. Even though his father is a vampire it appears that Emmett has gotten a lot of my genes. I sure hope he gets “teeth” like his fathers.


It is such and awesome feeling to feel a life growing inside you.



I finally got information on who LaRae was dating when she called me and told me she was engaged to Jared Johnson (created by Krazygirl1988).

JayLeece is dating as well. She is dating my old friend Bob Plum (created by Krazygirl1988). I was hoping that Bob would participate in my challenge, but I am glad he has found love with one of my precious daughters.


I went to Mr. Green’s house to announce my pregnancy and he was thrilled.


I spoke with Smokie and even though he was unhappy he wasn’t the father he did help me out with the gender of my baby. He told me I was going to have a girl. Well I decided to try the multi-gender trick I read about in Cadence Sierra’s blog.


I went straight to the supermarket. I bought and ate 10 apples to ensure I was to have a boy as well as the girl that was already predicted and when I got home I change the radio station to kids music and watched a kids TV show before going to bed.


Liam, the resident ghost, made an appearance and was thrilled that another child was going to be running around. I need to see if I can work it out to make him a father before I move to a new home.


Faith has decided that she wants to learn to fix things so when it is time for her to move out she can run a smooth household. 


I find myself extra tired this time around. 


Leon does love his computer time.


When the time came I didn’t have a chance to get to the hospital. The contractions came fast and they came fierce.

In the end it was worth it.

Please help me in welcoming the Storm Family’s first set of triplet and they are Multi-Gender to boot!


Diamond Storm


Onyx Storm


And Steel Storm.


Thank you as always for reading.

Comments and feedback is always welcomed.


Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 10

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 10:



My Ambry is a very smart girl, but she can’t cook a lick. It seems like she inherited her sister LaRae’s luck with cooking and fires.


The Troll Man turned out to be a loving father. He was so proud that someone allowed him to be a father and that he had a boy. He came over as often as he could so that he could see little Leon.


Now I understand the stress relief a trampoline can give someone. Flying though the air this way makes me forget that we live in such a little house and bills are always building up.


Ambry is going to make someone a wonderful wife and mother someday. She is very attentive and super smart.

Before anyone of us knew it, it was time for out little Leon, the only boy in the house, to age up into a toddler.



We had a big party and all of his siblings and his dad showed up for the event. With his family looking on Leon aged into a very sweet toddler.


Well it appears that he got more of his dad’s looks then mine, but a mother’s heart doesn’t love a child based on their looks but the bond they have between them and the kind soul they become. I am determined that Leon will be such a good boy that people will see past his looks and into his heart.

Download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2950080


I really enjoyed it when my kids come for the sibling’s birthday parties. I feel complete when my kids are all under one roof. We laugh, we talk, we hug and we eat cake. We eat lots of cake. I am surprised none of my kids are heavier than they are.


Like his siblings before him Leon loved his blocks. Will he be an architect someday? What a bright future my son has before him.


What a very sweet boy.


**Update on Xerxes and Gideon**

Not long after Xerxes and Riley moved into their new home Xerxes met Apple Seed (created by buckyandchey), she was a well know Doctor from her land, but had to start all over in Twinbrook due to the education system. It is quite annoying for her to say the least. 


She and Xerxes hit it off immediately and they have fallen in love.  They aren’t engaged or married, but they are boyfriend and girlfriend and whether or not they ever get married they will have a bond forever in my grandson Jeremy Seed.

You can find her: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2824749



So much like his dad, my sweet grandson. 


Gideon and Asia have moved their relationship forward as well.


They are living together and enjoying one another at this time, but they have yet to make a commitment. I believe it will just be a matter of time.


I was really happy to see Jeremy when he came home with Destiny one day. We were able to catch up and he was able to get to know his aunts and his young uncle.


It was time to get cracking on finding the next daddy for my challenge. I was wondering around time when I met a vampire, a real live, or should I say undead, vampire. His name is Malakai Rose (thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher)

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2939274

I think he used his vampire powers, because I hadn’t made a conscious decision to ask him to be part of the 100 baby challenge when I found myself at his house and in his room.


The first night I was there we talked and made out on his bed, but nothing more. When I left in the morning was left wanting more.


Even though Faith rolled the Snob trait she loved to play peek-a-boo with little Leon. The two of them are so cute together.


While meandering around town Ambry ran into her dad, David, and they had a nice talk. Since she turned into a teen she hadn’t been the best in keeping in contact with him. 


Destiny and Faith still love their trampoline and they are so unafraid. It thrills me watching them flip and jump higher on it.


A couple of days later Malakai called me up and asked me to come over. Once again he used his magic on me and took me in his arms and passionately kissed me. Yowza… that man knows what he is doing.


He told me he wanted to be the daddy of baby # 10 so that he had someone to leave his legacy to. He told me that in doing so I would have to agree to one thing, and that was after I was for sure that baby # 10 was conceived that my family and I would have to move in and once the baby was born he would move out. 

I reviewed the rules of the 100 baby challenge and did read that rules can be changed or modified, but the rules state that neither I nor my kids could get jobs. This wouldn’t be a job. I could not hire anyone to help me out. I wouldn’t be hiring him and marry any of the daddies of the 100 baby challenge. Well I have no intention of marrying him. I thought about having a vampire baby and it thrilled me so I agreed to his terms.


Soon after the making of baby # 10 was underway followed by the sweet sound of the lullaby.


Not long I started to show and was at Xerxes house annoying that I was pregnant again. He was thrilled. We talked for hours about our families and I was so happy to see my little, or not so little, boy happy and healthy.


Then, per my deal with Malakai Rose, it was time to move. I called the movers and off we went.


We moved to the Forgotten Mansion (created by glitzyangel)

You can download it here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2907381

It has three bedrooms and a nursery, three bathrooms with laundry room and plenty of room for my kids to run and grow in. However, the grounds weren’t big enough for us to take out trampoline and that really upset Destiny and Faith, but I assured them there would be plenty of other stuff for them to do.


The lower level


The upper level.


Look at all the stuff there is for the kids to do. It is a little creepy, but we, The Storm Family, fit right in.


Oh wow it is time to head to the hospital. Wow it doesn’t take long at all for a little vampire baby to be born.


Twinbrook welcome our first vampire child Emmett Storm. 

Now normally I would end my blog with the birth of my newest baby, but I have more to tell before I am done for this entry.


I took my first bath since starting the 100 baby challenge. It was heaven. Our old place just had a shower and this new one had two three bathtubs and one shower.


It is time for the 1st birthday in the new home. Leon is aging into a child. How exciting.


Well…..he really got is dad’s looks but my hair. 

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2980884


The next day it was time for Ambry to age into a young adult.


I hugged her tightly and shed some tears as she got ready to move out of the house. I was a bit worried that she didn’t have any siblings to move out with, but she was ready and I knew, deep in my heart, that she was going to be okay.


She called a taxi and before I knew it she was out of our house. I knew I would see her around town and at her sibling’s birthdays, but I was already missing her.


The next day it was time for Destiny and Faith to age into teens.

First up the oldest twin Destiny, she thought very hard about what she wanted to do as a teen and how she wanted to conduct herself.


Faith was just having a good time. She was so excited about becoming a teenager.


Destiny Storm, what a pretty girl, she got her father’s skin tone and my eyes and hair. 

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2974749


Faith Storm, She is the spitting image of her father except for my eyes.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2974750


Thank you avid reader for returning again, stay tuned for baby 11. 
Please feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.


Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 9

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 9:





My kids continue to be kids and do what they love, JayLeece loves playing and being on the slide while her twin LaRae continues to increase her skills in painting.

I too continue to do the things I love and am good at like cooking and gardening. My cooking is starting to become so popular that Gala Ball called me up and invited me over to share cooking tips.


Gideon really enjoys his guitar and will play it anywhere even at the park.

The it was time for the twins LaRae and JayLeece to age into teens. 


What a beautiful young lady LaRae turned into I was in awe at how her wings just sprouted from her back; white as snow with black edges. I had talked to Africa once while the girls were children and asked why neither one of them had gotten wings and he had explained that an angel doesn’t get visible wings until they hit teen hood and if either one of his half human/angel girls were going to get them, then that is when it would happen. I had been waiting ever since, and I was not disappointed.

She has skin like her fathers and hair like mine. She is the right combination of her parents.

Download her at: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2884527



JayLeece, my wonderdful JayLeece, how unique she is with her red eyes and hair and her green skin and to my amazement fire red wings. 

Download her at: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2884519


My two angles are sweet and beautiful as they sleep, but look at their room. What a mess!

As I have mentioned in my blog before I will not have my children age up on the same day again. So the next day we had a celebration for Ambry to age into a child.



Ambry is a different looking girl. She has green skin like me and the black hair, but she has very long features. She is not the beauty of the Storm family, but she is very smart. She did get the Genius trait after all.

For that reason David Opsisits (her father) and I went and got her a chess table.

You can download her at: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2884503



And how she loves it.


Even as a teen JayLeece stayed focused on her writing. I really love watching my children grow and excel.



Ambry is also a little social bug and loved to gossip to anyone who would dish or listen. 


Wow look at this. I found a seed when I was out and about and look what it turned into.. a money tree. This will help with the family finances for sure. How exciting is this?


JayLeece is also very helpful with the twins Destiny and Faith. I think being a twin herself she knew what it felt like and wanted to make sure the affection was spread evenly.



I sense that love continues to bloom in our little house. Asia is here all the time and I keep seeing her and Gideon hidden in corners whispering and steeling hugs. Her being here is also a great way for LaRae and JayLeece to get to know their half-sister.

I realized that during this challenge I have been stuck at home mostly and decided to have the older kids watch the tot’s and I went to explore Twinbrook.

While I was out I went to the laundry mat and I met four men that could be good potential for the daddy of baby 9. I met:


The Troll Man (thanks to Monchi98)

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2832014



Lady Guy (thanks goes to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher)

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2819252


Icee Slurpee (Thanks goes to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher)

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2824644




Bob Plum (again thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher) – wow look at his awesome violet eyes.

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2819254

I found out that the four of them were roommates and they came to the mat, as they liked to call it, quite often to get their laundry done.

I liked all four of them, however Lady Guy did creep me a out just a little.. I mean come on Hello Kitty, but I had narrowed the next daddy down to two of them. Since I hadn’t decided on which one to ask this time around I left and told them all I would see them again.


The angel girls are becoming best of friends and that is a wonderful thing. There is nothing like having a sister to protect your back. I’m not sure why I said that because I don’t know what it is like to have a best girl friend let alone a sister.


I have to keep fixing the computer because it keeps breaking down, and most of the time it is Ambry who is using it when it does. Girl you have to give the machine a break.


Where does the time go? It was time for the twins Destiny and Faith to become toddlers. 


First it was little Destiny. She inherited the Storm dark hair, but she has her dad’s skin tone and eye color. What a striking child.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2898557



Next was Faith. It appears that she is the spitting image of her father with her light skin, hair and same eye color.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2898651


Our washer continues to break, but LaRae has decided that she wants to learn how to fix things so when she has to move out she is a little more self sufficient. It is good to see how well my children are turning out.


I learned a new recipe tonight, dim sum. What a wonderful meal my children and I had.


Destiny and Faith’s two favorite things were each other and their doll house.   They get along so well.


Ambry is a light sleeper and with the younger twins now more active she gets woke up a lot in the middle of the night and has resorted to sneaking into my bed to get a good quite night’s sleep. How can I deny her that when this house is so small?


Finally after selling a lot of produce and selling the old washer we were able to buy a new one. It works a lot better and so far hasn’t broken down at all.


Gideon and Asia are so cute together. They are the best of friends and they spend all their spare time together and since the Angel house is smaller than ours she comes to see us.


The girls and their half-sister have had many intense conversations. Look at my little Ambry and how hard she is concentrating on her chess game.


I was finally able to move my garden into its own area. Things are beginning to look up.

What it is time for another birthday? The younger set of twins are turning into children? I guess it is time for a little makeover for me.



What do you think? New hairstyle and party dress. I think they suit me .. for now. 


First Destiny


Then Faith


Destiny is my little tom-boy. She loves the outdoors; she is Athletic and is brave. Can’t wait to see how she grows up.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2917749


Look at Faith… she grew some pretty hair, but rolled the snob trait, but on top of that she is clumsy and artistic. What a combination.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2917770


I was finally able to afford some fun source of entertainment for my children… a trampoline. Every time I am able to afford a big purchase it makes me giddy and happy.

Birthday’s … Birthday’s the Strom family has Birthday’s….

Now it is time for my only boy in the house to age into a Young Adult and soon after to move out on his own. He came to me a couple of days before and told me that Asia wanted to age up with him and they wanted to get a place together. He told me that they are just best friends, but I still question the motive behind it. I sure hope those two kids figure out that they are a good match.


Ladies first … Gideon is such a gentleman or perhaps he is dragging his heals about becoming a Young Adult?


But when it was his turn he aged with grace and maturity.


**sorry something happened with his upload L**


You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2917727

What a stunning couple they would be if only they would just realize that best friends can make the best life mates.

Asia moved in with us for a few days until she and Gideon found a place.  


After the party Ambry decided to call her dad. She, like her sister Riley, found it important to keep in touch with their fathers.

I guess this update is full of birthday news because A few days after Gideon and Asia turned into Young Adults it was time for the Angel twins to age up as well. 


First it was LaRae. Vaavaavoom what a looker she has become. She likes to pose in her swimsuit. What a scandalous young woman she is.

Download her here:  http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2918154


Next was my unique JayLeece. 

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2918148


LaRae was never the best cook and after she aged up she decided she wanted to serve the guests some food, but ended up setting the stove on fire. Luckily no one was hurt. 


When the party was over it was time for Gideon and Asia to move into their new place that they had found the day before, but waited to move so they could be home to help out with the twin’s party.

I hugged my third child and told him to be happy and work hard to accomplish what he wanted out of life.


A few days later it was time for Ambry to become a teen so she was able to help out with the next baby/babies. 


She has really turned into a beautiful young lady and stylish to boot.

You can download her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2931396

After Ambry’s party LaRae and JayLeece moved out of the Storm household.


I told them to work hard and be happy.




I hugged them and then my babies left the small nest that I raised them in.

I decided that it was time to get moving on with my 100 baby challenge. I decided that out of the four men I met at the Laundry Mat the Troll man interested me the most out of him and Bob. I called him up and explained the rules of the challenge to him. It didn’t take him much thought at all and came over ready to be a part of it.


Because of his bad luck with women he asked that we could show some intimacy before we tried the baby making. We cuddled on my bed and made out and before we knew it we were under the covers trying to baby number 9. The first time wasn’t very productive, but the 2nd time around sounds of lullaby’s filled my room.   


I am not sure if having a troll baby was going to be different or not, but I did notice that I started to show much earlier than my other pregnancies.


Destiny and Faith really enjoy jumping on the trampoline together. Look at Destiny she is really getting good at it.

The night I went into labor I was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep so I took an evening stroll. While out I ran into Gideon and announced that I was pregnant again.


He was excited for me and couldn’t wait to meet his new brother or sister.

He was tired so he headed home.


I still wasn’t tired so I sat on the bench and took out one of my baby books and started to read. A couple of pages in and I knew it was time to head to the hospital.


I calmly walked to the hospital where the Troll Man met me.


After this stay at the hospital I came home with my 3rd son. Please meet Leonidas (Leon for short) Storm (thank you Alex Ferrell for Leonidas and thank you Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher for Leon).

Look I have a baby with blue skin. 

I can’t wait to find out what he is going to grow up to look like.

Stay tuned.


Thank you as always for reading. 

Feedback is both encouraged and welcomed.


Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – babies 7&8

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 7&8:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!


Finally I had saved enough to buy us a desk and a new computer. **SORRY THE PIC GOT DELETED** It wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked and the kids loved it.



The older kids, who normally lacked for something to do other then help around the house or homework, took every opportunity to play on it.

I made a very hard decision and that was to age up all of my kids on the same day. We threw a huge bash.



First it was Xerxes and Riley. The house was full of peo
ple that wanted to celebrate with them and they could barely get through the crowd to their cakes, but they managed.

Xerxes wish is to be a Surgeon someday and Riley just wanted to learn whatever and whenever she could.


Xerxes turned into a fine young man. I just knew he would do great things once he left the nest.


Riley… my beautiful, strange Riley…. She was still stunning to me. Her sense of style was a little different for my liking, but I knew I didn’t have to worry about her.


Next it was little Gideon’s turn. We had to have his cake outside because there just wasn’t any room in our tiny house.


What a cool looking Teen I have. Do you see any of his father in him? Even though it appears he has gotten a lot of my features, skin and hair all I can see is Trace. His hair is not what I would have chosen, but boys will be boys and he has to be himself.


Next is LaRae who loves the aging up processes and does a little dance as the age stars take her over.


My, what a pretty little girl she has turned into. I was worried about that short hair, but it grew in nicely. I think she got the best of both her dad and I. She got the traditional Storm Hair, her dad’s skin (although hers is darker red then his) and her eye color is a nice mix of Africa and mine.


Okay JayLeece let’s jump into childhood. 


Wow look at her. Her dad’s hair stands out very much against her green complexion and oh what interesting eyes my darling has. Looking at her I remember all the fascination I had with her father and I had to remind myself, once again, that I shall not have a favorite child.


And last but not least was my sweet Ambry. 


How sweet is she? Yet another child with the Strom genes (skin, eyes and hair minus the white and blue streaks), do I have very dominant genes? 

The huge birthday party was crazy. It was fun and there was lots of cake and the guest seem to have had a good time, but I will never do that again. First, because it took us all days to recover from it and second I felt like I took something away from each child having to share their aging up with their other siblings. From now on I will have each of them on different days, well except for twins they still have to share.

A few days later Xerxes and Riley were ready to move out. They found a little house and just like that they were gone from the Strom house. How I miss them, but I knew that all this was part of the challenge.


The twins were becoming the best of friends. They chatted and told each other everything. Whether it be to complain about our small messy house or talking about the birthday parties we had quite often.


They played games such as tag and always had a good time with one another.


In addition to his painting Gideon wanted to learn to cook. I allowed him to make meals such as mac and cheese and autumn salad to get him started.


The twins also found there niche. LaRae, like her older brother, found that she loved to paint. It was shame that the only time she really found time to do it was at night before bed. Wish I could afford a house with a studio in it for my children to create and use their talents.


What talent my child has. She was able to sell her first painting for $2.00, which isn’t much but she was so proud she could contribute to the household.


JayLeece on the other hand enjoyed writing and her first book, My Life As a Angel’s Daughter, did fairly well and she made a profit of $274.00. Soon after this book was published she started her 2nd book called AG263 and she is still working on it. 


Sweet Ambry she is my good girl. She doesn’t fuss much when she is put in her highchair.


Ambry and I went to sell my produce where I ran into Logan Gorgon (thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher) and Basil Greensnip. The three of us had a nice talk why Ambry played on the sidewalk.



LaRae and Gideon continued to paint and helped the family out with money. I wanted to keep all of their art and hang it all over the house, but they insisted they wanted to sell them so they could help me with the financial burden. How did I get such amazing kids?


Ambry, just like her other siblings, loved the blocks. She spends hours playing and gaining skills.



I was ecstatic when Xerxes and Riley came to visit. I was so happy to see my eldest two children. We chatted and caught up. It was nice to know they were happy.


Ambry and I went to the Art Museum and who should I meet, but Dean friggin’ Winchester (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher). He and his brother Sam are famous ghost hunters and I was so excited that he was in Twinbrook. 

I am not sure what came over me but I jumped right into telling him all about my 100 baby challenge. He was intrigued and wanted to talk with me more about it so I invited him over to my house.


I admired him for his strength and his work as a ghost hunter. He confessed to me that he and Sam moved to Twinbrook to get out of the ghost hunting business. Sam hopes to find someone to settle down with and both he and Sam wanted to become firemen. I was disappointed to hear that, but understood where he was coming from.


We talked some more about the challenge and I told him the rules including the one that there is no commit with me and it would be up to the dad if they wanted to keep in contact with their kids after they are born.


He decided that it sounded like something he wanted to be part of and we kissed our first kiss. Wow he knew how to kiss. 


And we kissed some more. 


And then it was time for making baby # 7.


During this pregnancy I decided that I wanted to do some more fishing. I walked to the river that surrounds our place and took a couple of hours for myself.


My children continue to bond and Gideon is an awesome loving big brother. 


When I announced that I was pregnant again to Gideon he was very excited and tried to feel the baby. However, it was too soon for that.


I know I have other kids already, but I decided that it couldn’t hurt to pick up a baby book and read up on the “new” things to learn about pregnancy and what to expect.


Gideon finally earned enough money for half the price of a guitar, just like we agreed, and he quickly started strumming on it. JayLeece enjoyed what she heard and enjoyed watching her brother mess around on his new instrument.


Gosh what is happening to my girlish figure? Hahah.. baby bump much?


JayLeece also loved to feel my tummy as she eagerly awaited the birth of her new baby brother or sister.


Is there love in the air? Gideon has been inviting Asia Angel over a lot and I overheard him asking if she was single.


When the time came for baby # 7 it was quick. I didn’t have time to go to the hospital so I had another home delivery.

And to my amazement I had another set of twins.


I am pleased to introduce you to Destiny Storm (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher for the name)



Faith Storm (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher for the name)

Two more girls, but look they don’t have green skin!!


Stay tuned for next time:

Will Harmony have any more boys?

Will LaRae and JayLeece get angel wings?

Will Gideon and Asia become an item?

Thank you as always for reading.

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Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 6 is here

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 6:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!

Author’s note*****I was trying to write this in past tense as if Harmony was writing after all 100 babies had been born (kind of like a book on her life, but then I realized that if something happened to her so going forward I am going to write in the past tense like it just happened. Hope that makes sense. ******



It had been a few days since the twins were born and I was tired. Now is a good time for Gideon to age into a child. With the skills he had already learned he was ready to go to school and learn more.


What a handsome boy. However he looks more like me then his daddy. His choice of clothing is a little different, but I always let my kids be who they wanted to be.


The next day Riley asked if she could age up into a teenager. She wanted to help out with the twins more. Even though I was a little reluctant for my first girl to become a teenager I agreed because bottom line I really did need the help.



What a beauty she turned out to be. She looks much like me but look she inherited her father’s bunny ears after all. I was so taken back by the beauty she has become.


Riley and Xerxes still like to fish but a lot of times at separate times now that they are both teens and they help out around the house. Xerxes even sold a fish for a small profit and was proud that he could help with the household funds.


Gideon on the other hand was a very artistic boy. He started to paint, but what he really wanted was a guitar. I told him that I would love to buy him one, but the household funds were not increasing fast enough for me to do so, but if he could find a way to help I would go half with him.

 It didn’t take him long to discover that he was good enough at painting that he could sell them.


His first painting sold for $32.00


And his second one sold for $95.00


As always I encouraged my kids to do what they loved and to keep increasing their skills.


It was time to get a move on for the next baby. I called up my old friend David Opsistis (thanks goes to bug15998) and invited him over. We talked some and then I told him that I felt very comfortable with him and that I would love for him to participate in my 100 baby challenge.

After some consideration he agreed. He had been thinking about starting a family and he still may, but this was a great opportunity to get started.

We embraced.


I gave him a little peck on the lips to show my gratitude. I hadn’t realized my baby Gideon was in the room. How shamed I feel that I exposed him to this part of the challenge.


Before I could suggest we move into my bedroom he grabbed me into a passionate embrace. Again I felt shame that Gideon was still in the room knowing that his dad was the love of my life.


I pulled away from him and pushed him into my room. I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. I told him that I didn’t want my children exposed to such actions. 

With David I didn’t have use reveling lingerie or lure him. It was easy and fun. No love between the two of us but a lot of respect.


Not long after I was back to puking my guts out. I questioned why I had chosen this challenge, but when I thought of my kids: Xerxes, Riley, Gideon, LaRae and JayLeece it was all worth it.


With a new child on the way it was time for LaRae and JayLeece to age up into toddlers. 

First it was LaRae:


Look at her dark red skin, my eyes and hair color, but what is with the short boy hair? 


Next it was JayLeece’s turn. The girl’s father had attended their birthday party.


What a beautiful child with her green skin, red eyes, and red and yellow hair. I shall not have favorites. I shall not have favorites.



The girls enjoyed a lot of the same things. They both loved to climb into the toy box and play peek-a-boo out of it or throw the toys out.


The loved playing together and blocks was one of their favorite past times.


JayLeece was a destructive child. She loved to chew on the dolls heads.. how weird is that?

During my pregnancy I did the usual. Taught the girls to walk, talk and use the potty.

I entered a eating contest in hopes to win the cash prize but right in the middle of it I went into labor.

I went to the hospital a couple of days later I came home with:





Little Ambry Storm.

Another green baby!!! Besides LaRae will I have any other children without green skin?


Stay Tuned:

Will Harmony have children that don’t have green skin?

Will the twins get their fathers wings?

When will Xerxes and Riley have to leave the house. 


Thank you for reading. I would love to hear what you have to say. Comments are welcomed and encouraged.



Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 4&5 is here


The Harmony Storm

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 4&5:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!


Xerxes was a great big brother. He loved spending time with this his siblings. One of their favorite past times was playing peek-a-boo.


I enjoyed giving my kids advice and I loved it when they came to ask. Xerxes expressed his concern about me doing the 100 baby challenge, but I assured him that I would be okay and that I would show each and every one of my children love and kindness.


It was time for Riley to become a child.   A lot of people showed up for the party, but it doesn’t appear that Trace was enjoying the party too much. Perhaps it is because it always seems like we have the kid’s party at night, or perhaps he knew that it meant the Gideon would soon be turning into a toddler. Again the guilt of having to age my children up so quickly entered my mind, but I pushed it quickly aside to enjoy the moment with Riley.


As the age stars surround my little girl I began to wonder what she will look like. Will she be smart, will she be kind, and will she have a lot of friends? The excitement was filling me and I just looked upon her waiting.


Riley was such a lovely child. It appears she got all of my looks for the most part. My eyes, hair color, skin color…. I still help thinking that she could still develop her dad’s bunny ears as she gets older. She also got the insane trait. It should be such a treat raising a girl who isn’t always quite right.


There was always a lot of work to be done around the house. I was very lucky that my kids helped me out. 


It was very rare that I was able to get time to myself and when I did even that was usually tarnished. I remember one time I went to dinner after selling some of my produce and two men got into a fight over me and who was going to be the next daddy in my challenge. Needless to say I didn’t talk to either of them that day.  


I felt bad that my kids had to share a room. It was small and cramped, but it didn’t stop them from having big dreams of wealth and fun. I also feel bad for my older children because when the baby wakes up so do they. *sigh* I hope that someday I will be able to afford a bigger house.



Xerxes and Riley were always very good about doing their homework. Both loved to be outside and would mostly do it there, but sometimes I found them on the kitchen floor. I hated that I couldn’t afford that buy them a desk or a table and chairs. We were rapidly growing out of the house, but we didn’t have the means to move.


Africa Angel would not leave my mind. There was something about him that drew me too him. I wasn’t sure if it was his angleness or what it was, but I knew that I had to have him in my 100 baby challenge. I called him up one day and the first thing he did was kick over my trash bin and get on the phone. I guess it was my own fault for thinking an evil angel would act nicely.


We spent some time taking and getting to know one another. I complemented his wings and told him my favorite color was red. I told him that I had a thing for men with Mohawks for Trace, the love of my life, had a Mohawk. I told him about my 100 baby challenge, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to participate just yet. The man both thrilled me and intimidated me.


Besides when I caught him stealing candy from my wee little babe, Gideon, with my other two children sleeping I really had to ask myself if I wanted to risk getting a baby with the evil trait.


I knew I had to get down to business and pick a daddy soon. Once I did that I knew I would need a little more help around the house. I spoke to Xerxes and he agreed that it was time to grow into a teenager. He really wanted to help me around the house and with his younger siblings more.

We had a grand birthday for him. We invited everyone for a sprinkler party, we couldn’t afford a pool nor could we afford to rent the public one either. Everyone had fun playing in the water and then it was time for Xerxes to blow out the candles and enter maturity.


With Africa’s daughter and myself cheering for him Xerxes turned into a teenager.


My boy was a unique looking lad. He had gotten most of his father’s looks: the wide nose, the receding hairline, and the weight. However, he did inherit my eyes and ears, but the skin…. I once thought of it as ashen, but now I can see that it is green, just a very light shade of green. Will all my kids have green skin?


Xerxes was amazing. He jumped into action right away and went and picked up the crying Gideon. He snuggled him and played with him and I was really touched that he was so loving toward his brother.


Before he went to bed, after his party, he did the laundry. I was so very impressed with my boy.


Xerxes was a very kind person. Riley felt very lucky to have such a great older brother that she found herself asking for advice from him and she so wanted to be like him when she grew up.


As I mentioned before Riley had rolled the insane trait and she did very odd things. One of them was that she brushed her teeth in the kitchen sink. And I wondered why my sink kept getting gunky with toothpaste. 


Talking to herself


And swimming with her clothes on instead of a bathing suit.



But I encouraged my kids to be themselves and when Riley came to me asking why she was different from the other kids at school I hugged her and told her it was good to be different. She was a special child and she had a good heart and that was all that mattered.


I again invited Africa over and this time he brought his son Benito with him. Again I had to rethink if I wanted to have him participate in my 100 baby challenge. We talked some more and the more I stared at his beautiful wings the more I wanted to have an angel baby.

I loved the idea of having an angelic baby. One who may end up with beautiful wings and who will be looked upon by others. I know the vanity in my came out tremendously when I was with Africa.


While Africa and I talked Gideon slept and Xerxes and Riley played in the sprinkler. The two of them had such fun together.


I was able to venture out again, man I loved those times when it was just me, and while I was out I met David Opsisits (Thank you to bug15998). He was really unique looking with his blue skin and kind eyes. I reminded myself that I needed to keep him in mind for my challenge. How great would it be to have a baby with cool blue skin like his?


While I was out I had the unpleasant pleasure of seeing Africa’s wife Brazil and their son Benito bonding. She was stunning with her blue wings and hair. I felt guilty that I was going to seduce her husband, but not once did I change my mind about doing so.


Africa came over the next night and I decided that it was time to begin to pursue him to be a part of my 100 baby challenge. I showed him my best moves when the two of us danced together.


I have heard that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so I impressed him with my key lime pie recipe.


But when I finally got the courage to ask him to father baby # 4 he refused kindly and told me that despite his evil trait and other bad habits he loved his wife and children and he couldn’t betray them.

This only made me want what I wanted even more.



Riley really wanted to get to know her dad and she called up Mr. Colors and asked if he would come over. The two of them got along really well and she deiced that she was indeed going to get to know her dad better.


He had bought her a music box that she loved to listen to and sway along with.


When time allowed us we would have a picnic in the yard. It was quite a treat to spend time outside with my two children who loved being out side.


A few days later I invited Africa over again. I sweetly requested that he be the next daddy in my 100 baby challenge and this time he seemed interested instead of against it. 

I found out that he and Brazil had a fight and even though they were staying together and he loved her he had told her that he wanted to help me out with my challenge. I wasn’t sure I liked the fact that Brazil knew, but my need for him to be a daddy was more than my concern for his wife.

Wow I had really turned into a hard core bitch. I think it was because my heart was hardened for the fact that I couldn’t spend my life with Trace because of this darn challenge.


We went for it, but the first time didn’t take. 

Right after he went and stole candy from Gideon again and I had to allow myself to calm down before we tried again. Those angelic wings still called to me even though he was evil.


It was time for Gideon to age into a Toddler. If I was going to have another infant around soon it would be better to have a toddler instead of two infants.

My parities were getting popular. It was crowed in my little home, but we always had a good time.


 What a sweetie my boy was with his green skin, grey eyes and black, white and blue hair. It seems like he got most of my looks. It seems that my genetics are dominating in my children. Perhaps when he gets older her will sport the Mohawk like his dad.


After the party Africa and I tried again, this time the sweet notes of the lullaby filled the basement and I was content.


During my pregnancy life was the same. I taught Gideon to talk.


And I watched him as he learned music skills on his xylophone.

 Xerxes taught him to walk.


Xerxes would take Riley fishing and


Swimming, and always help her with her homework.


Riley spent time with her dad and loved that he was a unique person like she was. 


It was time for a change. I recruited Xerxes help and we moved my bed upstairs and moved all the kid’s beds down to the basement. I was able to paint the walls and put in a couple of better lights. We moved the washer outside and I sold the dryer and got a clothes line.


After school one day Xerxes went to the park, but it didn’t seem like he knew how to use the slide. Did I take away his childhood too early? He sat there for the longest time and finally he allowed himself to slide down. 


I tried to stay active during my pregnancy and playing tag with Riley was good for the cardio and also bonding time with my child.


Riley was thrilled that another baby was on its way and asked to touch my tummy often. She would talk to her new sibling and gently rub circles with her hand.


As Xerxes played with her as a toddler Riley played with Gideon. She enjoyed that her family didn’t treat her like a weirdo like many people at school did. 


Then the time came and I went to the hospital to have my baby. And to my surprise I had twins. 


Twinbrook and Storm Family please welcome:

LaRae Storm



JayLeece Storm

One Pink/Red baby and one green baby. I couldn’t wait to see how these two girls turn out. 

Stay tuned….