Ashby Lemi’s – Baby 58


Jenixa was a shy and sweet little girl and I have to admit that I was thankful for a single birth for a change.  My last single birth was little Bay, daughter of James Quinn and granddaughter of one of my best friends Christy Quinn.   In no time flat Jenixa was potty trained, walking and talking and the holiday season was just around the corner.


Although Jenixa was a shy young toddler she really took well to her siblings.  Hardy, who really stayed to himself, except for his twin Raven really took a liking to Jenixa as well.  I would often come into the kitchen to feed her to see that he had already gotten her a bowl of baby food.  It was great to see my two children, bond, and that even though Jenixa was a single birth she was loved by her siblings nonetheless.


Raven found that she really enjoyed spending time with Weaver, the two of them would spend hours playing rock scissor paper, or just sit and contemplate the universe.  Weaver, who was also a kind soul didn’t have a lot of friends.  Although people really liked him.  He liked to spend time alone trying to figure out the questions of life and philosophy, but I knew that someday whether it was during his teenagehood or his adulthood, he would find somebody that he  would connected with on a level of love.  I was sure of it.  He deserved it.

The holidays were upon us and I received a phone call from two of my sons, Bennett and Levi, who still lived in Twinbrook, asking if Asher and myself would come for a visit for the Christmas break.  I explained to the boys that I had five children in the household currently three being teenagers, two children and a sweet little toddler. Bennett assured me that his house could fit all of them, and he would love to meet his younger siblings.  Levi also agreed that he too would like to meet his siblings, although he wouldn’t be staying at Bennett’s house with us, but he would come over often during our visit.

Soon a trip was planned to Twinbrook, the city where I started my challenge, the city where I was born and raised.  Thinking about returning to Twinbrook brought forth thoughts and memories of my parents and my childhood, but despite the sad feelings I was excited to see the old stomping grounds.

Four days before Christmas, the family was packed, and we were on an airplane to Twinbrook.  The cab ride to Bennett’s house was interesting with the kids, pointing at the snow and laughing about the prospects of snowmen and snow angels.  My children had seen snow before coming from the island and from Summit tides.  They had only seen snow on movies and in books and on Christmas cards and they were all excited about playing in the snow and all the fun activities that come with that.


It was late when we pulled up to Bennett’s house and we saw two figures standing outside waving at us.  I knew Bennett had told me he was seeing somebody, but he never told me details about who, for how long or when they met and as I opened the door to the taxi I recognized the girl immediately.  It was my own god-daughter Marmalade Faye.

I was happy these two kids found each other.  They really seemed to complement each other well.  Although Bennett was older than Marmalade.

We got all the kids into the house and into bed with very little argument.  I think the airplane ride and all the excitement of going on a trip really wiped them out.  After they were all tucked in Asher and I went downstairs and the two of us, Bennett and Marmalade sipped on some hot chocolate and took some time to get caught up.  Bennett and Marmalade told us they met when she had come to Twinbrook for a little weekend trip.  As soon as they met they were connected and she rented a little house and she had been living there since.  So far they were very very happy together and I was very happy for them.


Over the next few days and nights we Lemi’s decided to partake in the winter activities that we would’ve missed out on had we been at home in Sunlit Tides.  We were like kids again making snowman and creating snow angels laughing and kidding around with each other.  We drank hot chocolate when we got cold and once we warmed our little toes and fingers we would go back outside and play some more.


True to her nature Jenixa took a liking to her big brother Bennett.  During our whole visit the two of them were practically inseparable.  I got the small feeling that the only problem in Bennett and Marmalade’s relationship could have been the fact that one was ready to have kids, while the other one may not have been.  The winter activities were extremely fun and they made me wish that we had winter in Sunlit Tides.



It didn’t appear that ice skating was a Lemi forte.  Every time Asher stepped out on the ice he looked like he was in complete terror of falling, but the children gathered around to cheer him on.


“Mom, please remind me never to try the sport again!”  Weaver yelled to me as he was slipping and sliding all over the ice.  My boy didn’t seem to like the sport of ice skating very much but I was proud that he tried.


“Raven, I don’t think you’re doing that right.  It doesn’t seem like you have the snow packed enough for us to build up on top of it.”  Lavinnia put her hands on her hips and a frowned at her sister.

The two girls put together the snowman, but the entire time they work together, they continue to spat.


Finally, the girls got three tiers of snow balls on top of each other.  Lavinnia began patting it nice and tight so that they could create a face when Raven stood back and sighed heavily.

“Lavinnia, you aren’t doing it right!”

“What you mean I’m not doing it right?”  She stopped patting the snow and looked at her sister.

It was Raven’s turn to put her hands on her hips and she gave her sister a very nasty glare.  “My dad is the best snowman maker around and he doesn’t do it that way.”  Raven, who was a daddy’s girl, always found a way to bring Logan up in conversation.  Now mind you, we do not have snow in Sunlit Tides, so how she thought he was the best snowman maker around who knew?

“Your dad doesn’t know how to build a snowman.”  Lavinnia let out a belly laugh and began to work on the snowman again.

Tears began to well up in Raven’s eyes and she screamed at her sister the top of her voice. Storming away she went to look for Weaver.


It was finally Christmas Eve.  We decided for a fun family outing we would go to the winter festival to celebrate the day.  We all bumbled up in our outerwear and headed down to the festival.


After seeing Asher and her siblings ice skate Jenixa toddled over to the ice skating rink.  Pointing to the ice she said in her little voice, “Skate Mama skate.”

I rented a pair of skates for her and luckily the ice skating rink was pretty empty.  It took a while but finally little Jenixa was able to skate to me as I crouched down just a little ways away from her.

Screenshot-13 (2)

Screenshot-19 (2)

During our time at the festival.  We partook in several activities including a snowball fight, drinking hot chocolate, snowboarding, and at the end of our night we enjoyed a bonfire together as a family.

Screenshot-71 (2)

The next morning, Christmas morning, the kids got up and dressed in their new holiday outfits.  Rounding the corner from the staircase they were greeted with a beautiful tree and presents all-around.

Screenshot-73 (2)

The children received an abundance of gifts and they were grateful for every single one of them.  It was fun watching them opening their presents and squealing with glee when they received the gift that they had put on their list.

Screenshot-69 (2)

The day was extremely fun and I was blessed to able to share it with my family.  Since we were leaving the next morning Asher and I decided to take in a concert that night.  Bennett and Marmalade agreed to watch the kids and we got dressed up in our fanciest clothes that we had brought.

Screenshot-24 (2)

The band was great in Asher and I had a good time.  When the concert was over a strange thing happened to us.  The drummer approached us because he had recognized to I was.  He told me his name was Avery Muse and he was the son of challenge mom Kimari Devine and that he had read some of my blog.  Will the three of us spent the rest of the evening chatting and when we left I had given Avery my email address because he had expressed interest in being in my challenge.

The next morning we got the kids up very early, got them dressed, got all of our bags together and headed out for the airport and headed back home to Sunlit Tides.


We had been back in Sunlit Tides for three days before Logan was able to come over.  During that time Raven had paced, complained, whined and even cried as she hadn’t seen her daddy yet.


Logan walked into the house and Raven threw herself into his arms.  “Daddy, daddy, I miss you so much.”

Hardy leaned up against the window frame looking at his dad.  “Hey, dad, glad to see you.”  His nonchalant attitude actually made Logan laugh, compared to Raven’s ambitious one.

We had another holiday with Logan, where he brought his kids gifts as well as the rest of the kids in my household.  This was surprising, but knowing Logan it wasn’t surprising at the same time.


Logan had bought Raven a doll house for Christmas but little Jenixa somehow got it in her head that her uncle Logan had bought the doll house for her.

“Thank you uncle Wogan.”  She cooed as she pulled on the little dolls head.

Raven began to protest but Logan put his hands on his daughter’s shoulders and whispered in her ear, “You and I will go to the store together and get you a new present.  You go ahead and let Jenixa have this one.”  The prospect of having any time with her dad made Raven smile and she agreed.


The following week brought on a new year with a new year we had new ages in the Lemi house.  It was birthdays all around.


My triplets grew into stunning young adults.  From left to right we have Luna, Weaver and Lavinnia.  They left shortly after their birthday and I just knew that the world had great big plans for them, and I couldn’t wait to find out what that would be.


Hardy and Raven grew up into such fine teenagers.  They were a couple of cards and could never take a serious picture together.  They were a fun couple of teenagers to have in the house.


Jenixa what are you so frightened about?  What a cute little girl she grew up to be.  However she seemed to be frightened almost all the time.  Such a shame that she is so scared of everything and she didn’t even get the coward trait.  I can’t imagine what’ll happen the first time she sees Hardy, change into a werewolf?

After the birthdays my triplets moved out, and all of that was left to do was wait my latest pregnancy out.  Avery had a gig in Sunlit Tides soon after the holidays we got together for coffee.  He explained he really did want to be in my challenge so we called up the center and had a treatment schedule for before he left town.


The wait was worth it for when little Lolita was born my heart skipped six beats just looking at her pretty face.  I knew she was going to be a great addition to the Lemi family.


I wonder what my dear Raven is daydreaming about?  I walked in on her writing in either a journal or maybe she was writing a letter not sure which, but she looked like she was in the daze, in a dreamland.  Perhaps it’s a boy?


Until next time from the Lemi family: Lolita, Raven, Asher, Ashby, Hardy and Jenixa!

Thank you as always for reading.  Please, I would love to hear what you thought of this post.  Leave me a comment here below or on my Facebook page at Ashby Lemi.

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