Ashby Lemi – Baby 39




            Soon after Song and Rue were born Asher was visiting Capri and Carter.  They knew how much he missed Jackrabbit and their dog had a litter of puppies.  Let’s just say that the girls turned on their “but daddy” look and Asher came home with the Lemi’s second puppy Sake.  Look at these two I think Sassy and Sake are going to be the best of friends.

            Before the Lemi’s knew it the toddlers Song and Rue were children.  Ashby had a small party with a karaoke machine the children loved it.

             However the one that Ashby had a hard time dragging away from the machine was Scrooge.  Is there a singer in the making?  His LTW has nothing to do with singing.   How will this all go down?

            He would get ready for bed and then sneak back outside for one more song.  Song couldn’t resist joining him to dance around.  Ashby had to break down and buy one of their own.

            Cindi-Lou and Song soon became great friends.  You couldn’t find one without the other.  Rue would look at the two of them and think to herself, “Aren’t I Song’s Twin?  Cindi-Lou already had two siblings of her own.”  Rue just didn’t understand how Song and Cindi-Lou bonded.

            Song was making friends all over the house.  When she wasn’t found playing with Cindi-Lou she was playing with her other best friend Sake.  She and that dog were inseparable.  I can’t even imagine how it will affect little Sake when Song ages up someday and moves out.

            Now who is this guy you may be asking?  Well let me tell you.  This is Cooper and he was once an imaginary friend.  How is that possible you may ask, well let me tell you.

It was close to prom and Bay, who had become really great friends with her cousin Wing Angel, was dateless.  Wing was very popular with her exotic looks and her sweet personality and had may suitors.  She was actually going with two boys to prom, now before you think badly of the girl just know the three of them were going as friends and nothing more.  No matter how hard Bay tried everyone either didn’t want to go to prom or already had dates.  She was becoming hopeless and almost didn’t go, but then a great idea hit her.

            “Mom, I need to talk to you.”  she approached Ashby with a level head.

“What is it darling?”

“I would like your permission to change my imaginary friend into a real boy.”  Bay said calmly.

“What?  Bay what are you talking about?”

“I read in the newspaper that the science facility has come up with a potion to make imaginary friends real, but only someone eighteen and older can get this potion.”

Ashby stared at her daughter in disbelieve.  When she doesn’t say anything Bay continues.  “I know it will be another mouth to feed and it will make your challenge standstill, but it won’t be for long because soon after prom I will be aging up to move out and I will take with me.  Please mom….I just *chokes* can’t go to prom without a date.”

The look on Bay’s face broke her mother’s heart.  Bay never asked for anything really so how could Ashby say no to her one big request.  She knew her beautiful daughter would be moving on soon and she always wanted to make her children happy.  “Now Bay I want to say that I have taught you better than this.  It shouldn’t matter what other Sims think of you only what you think of yourself.  I want you to remember that.”

“I will.”  Bay held her breath waiting for an answer.

“Okay I will go check it out while you are in school on Monday.”

Several days later Cooper was part of the Lemi clan and he and Bay spent a lot of time together.


            Then the big day had arrived.  Cooper and Bay dressed in red, the theme of the prom was “Our Hearts Will Go On”.  Cheesy I know but they liked it.  In the week they had together before prom the two took swing lessons and they showed off all their great moves together.  These too really seemed like they were made for each other.  They were completely in sync with each other.

            Not only did they dance, but they enjoyed other activities together such as karaoke and video games.

Cooper had been watching all the other couples the whole night and observed guys kissing their gals and as they walked home that night he draped his jacket over her bare shoulders, pulled her close to him and sweetly kissed her maroon lips.  From that moment on Bay knew she was in love.


“Happy Birthday to you” “Happy Birthday day to you” “Happy Birthday Happy Birthday”  “Happy Birthday to you”

            It was time for another Lemi pool party birthday and the children were all excited.  They had a grand day of swimming and eating, playing tag and talking with friends and loved ones and then it was time to age up.

            First up was Bay and Cooper.

Gosh she acquired a great style and her red hair and brown eyes complement each other really well.  She had perfect skin like her mother and she was ready to take on the world.

            What a cute couple these two make.  I think they may just make it.  What do you think?

            Since Bay and Cooper were leaving early the next morning for their new home Ashby insisted getting her “Good-bye” picture at the party.  What do you think?  Does Bay resemble her mother or do you think she got more of James’ look?

            “Play that funky music white boy.”  Scrooge grew up with music still in his blood.  His instrument of choice, just like his mom, was her old electric guitar.  He has inherited a unique look.  He got a lot of his dad’s features with his mom’s eye coloring.  What do you think of Scrooge’s look?

            Marlie, Marlie, Marlie….what a pretty girl you turned out to be.  She got her grandma’s hair coloring and she loves the outdoors.  She is super sweet and a joy to have around even with her slob trait.

Cindi-Lou loves make-up and has become quite girlie in her teenage years.  Her hair is lighter than her sister’s and she got real pretty steel-blue eyes but she is just as sweet as her twin and the triplets are so very close.

            These three are Ashby’s third set of triplets.  The frist one being Simi/Stella/Sunshine and the 2nd her first set of Christmas triples Kemper/Kole/Kenyon.  Love to see how different these three are.

            Now that the Christmas girls are teens they spend more time together whispering about boys and talking make-up and clothes.

Song and Cindi-Lou were still close, but the age gap finally bridged and it was different when they hung out and soon it became less and less.  However, with this change in Song’s life she didn’t run to Rue like Rue had hopped, but spent more time with Sake and her friends at school.  Poor Rue could not figure out why her twin didn’t want to spend time with her, but she held her head high and found other things to occupy her time.

The day after the birthday’s Bay and Cooper moved out and Asher went out-of-town to a cooking convention.


            Asher was gone and the kids were at school all day and Ashby started to get bored.  With no potential dad in line she decided to roam around Sunset Valley, there were new venues in town and she wanted to check them out.

            “Mom”  Ashby heard as she walked into the new community lot, that she can’t remember the name of, and looked up.

“Capri.”  Ashby opened her arms and embraced her daughter after she bridged the gap between them.  “How have you been my love?”

Singing filled the air and the two women diverted their attention to it.

            To see Stella (baby 5) and Hannah (baby 2) singing a duet together.  It warmed Ashby’s heart to see two of her children spending time together.  She and Carter stood there, with Ashby’s around Carter’s waist, watching the girls sing until the song was over.  Afterwards they all had lunch together and Stella told Ashby about the mechanical bull on the second floor.  Ashby, who has the adventurous trait, decided she must check it out.

            Ashby, I don’t think the bull is for you.  haha.

After she was thrown from the bull she approached the bar for something to ease her pain.  While sitting there the bartender made a comment about how limber she was and that she should try out the new profession that opened up for sims.  Ashby inquired about this new job and was told that she could be an Acrobat if she worked real hard.

She thought it sounded fun and since the hours were very flexible she thought it was a great way to spend her time when she had a lull in her challenge.

            And here is her new work attire for now.  You start out this career as a mime.  She looks pretty confused hear, but I have faith she will figure it out.

            Or maybe not.  Well Ashby did catch on and it wasn’t longe before she was able to upgrade her “tricks”.

            “Tada.”  She was so glad to be out of her mime outfit and into her jugglers one.

            Careful Ash those could be dangerous.

            One day Ashby had a knock on her door and when she opened it she was greeted by these three men.  The man in the middle is Russett Garnet, the guy on the left is Amethyst Eggplant and the one of the right is Caribbean Aquamarine.  They explained they were part of a group called the Birthday Brothers.  There are 12 members all the same color as the birthstone of the month they were born in and all 12 had the name of their birthstone in their name.  They wanted to be in her challenge.  They knew that if she agreed it would be a lot of “catching” up because it was March already and all 12 wanted to participate.

Ashby thought about this for a while and these man just had such great feathers that she couldn’t pass it up.  So she agreed and told Russett to meet her at the clinic the next day.


            While Ashby waits for her new addition lets play UPDATE.

The poll that was on my blog asked who you wanted an update on and Journey and her girlfriend Sami Blood was chosen.  I had pictures for this update, but unfortunately I somehow lost them, but I can still provide you with this update.

~~Joureny and Sami~~

            Soon after Journey and her girlfriend moved out drama started to happen.  As Ashby predicted Sami wasn’t as committed to Journey as Journey was to her and within months found herself pregnant.  She never did tell Journey who the father was and all they did was fight. Journey calls her mom and goes to her house often but refuses to leave Sami she desperately wants to work it out.  Sami had twins Conrad and Bertha.

~~Woody and Fawna~~

            The two of them have two children now.  You have met Razz and now meet Cassandra.

 ~~Bay and Cooper~~

            These two didn’t waste anytime.  They had a son named Raul.




            Finally Little O’Deen Garnet Lemi joined the Lemi family. 

            And Asher came home.  These two love each other so much.  If the world only knew……….

Thank you as always for reading.  Your interest keeps me going.  I appreciate all of you. Please I would love to hear what you have to say.  Leave me a message here or on FB at Ashby Lemi.


12 thoughts on “Ashby Lemi – Baby 39

  1. What a great chapter! 🙂 I love the that Ashby has an awesome profession as a acrobat, that job got to be a lot of fun. 😀
    It was nice to have an update on Ashby’s family.
    Keep these awesome posts of yours coming. Your an amazing writer! 😀

    ~Dawn Turner

    • That you so much Dawn. I really appreciate that ❤ The Acrobat profession is a lot of fun so far. I can't wait to see what else Ashby's accomplishes. Thank you for reading and taking the time out to comment.


  2. Aww! I loved the prom and the way you incorporated all of the fun Showtime interactions! Ashby will make a great acrobat, I’m sure 🙂 Have I ever mentioned that I really like the way you write this, with commentary? Well, I love it! 😀 Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to seeing more birthstone Dad’s! 😀 ❤

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