Ashby Lemi – Baby 37and 38


BABIES 37 and 38


There is a little bit of “adult” content in this post. I believe it is done tastefully but I wanted to let your readers know before you read.


After the holiday season things did not settle down for the Lemi’s.  Just the opposite happened.  Things began to change and not necessarily for the best.

Asher and Jackrabbit went for an early morning ride every day, but two weeks after New Year’s Asher went to get the horse from his stall to find him lethargic and very sick.  The Vet came and took a look at him and Asher was told that his pal didn’t have much longer to live.  Asher was beside himself wondering if it was something he did wrong in the care of the horse, but the Vet assured him that it was nothing he did wrong.  Sometimes animals get sick and all we can do is let them go back to their maker.  Asher spent night and day with Jackrabbit and after two days he passed and Asher was left with a huge hole in his heart.

The day after Rian, Riker and Rollin moved out Mask began disappearing and daily Riker would have to bring him home explaining the cat came looking for him.  After about a week Ashby couldn’t deny the bond the two had and she allowed Riker to keep the stray cat he found so long ago.  Riker and Mask are so much happier being together, but the Lemi household was left with this huge emptiness that no one talked about.


The adults threw themselves into the raising of the children in the household, but nothing they did could fill the void they didn’t know existed between animal and sim.  It never occurred to either of them that they could adopt a new pet.  Pet’s in the Sim3 world was so new, so they just pushed away the longing and moved forward with life.

Go Go Cindi-Lou.

 The Christmas triplets were fast learners and before Ashby and Asher knew it the triplets had learned all their skills.


A family picnic to the park was planned before it was time to age up the triplets.  They had a grand time playing, talking and enjoying family time.


“Today you will age up into a fine young man.  You will work hard and become a man like your step-dad Asher.”  Ashby cooed to Scrooge as she waited for the guests to show up for the triplet’s birthday.

The party was a success and the triplets aged up so beautifully.

Scrooge got his mother’s eyes and his father’s hair coloring and skin tone.  He loves his sister’s, but can’t help rolling his eyes in irritation every time Ashby makes him post for pictures with them.  He can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110775

Cindi-Lou has her grandma’s hair coloring and she is too cute for words.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110770

Marlie, gosh what a child, she is stunning but has a little bit of a rowdy streak.  She is going to be a handful for Ashby and Asher.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5110776

One night Ashby and Asher got a call from their son Keskey asking for them to come over.  Ashby had other plans already so Asher set out to see his son.  They hadn’t seen much of Keskey because he was out trying to make his mark on Sunset Valley as a firefighter.  It took up a lot of his time.

“I didn’t you know had a dog son.”  Asher greeted the cute female dog.

“That is part of the reason I invited you over dad.  I have a gift for you.”  Keskey lead Asher to the living room.

“A gift for me?”

When they entered into the living room Asher saw three cute puppies and a big smile on Keskey’s face.

“My dog had puppies’ dad and I know you miss Jackrabbit.  I know a dog will not replace a horse, but I want you to have one of these puppies.”

“I can’t take one of these cute pup’s.”  Asher said as he leaned down to scratch a cute little female on her head.  The puppy wagged her tail and rubbed against Asher leg.

Asher and Keskey had a great time catching up and when Asher left……


He left with little Miss. Sassy would not leave his side the whole time he was at Keskey’s house.

Sassy was a great addition to the Lemi family and everyone loved her.  She had a sweet disposition and Ashby was so thankful to her son Keskey.

And yes Ashby has gone back to her Original hair color.


Ashby and Asher got an offer from the city to house two foreign exchange students.  Ashby thought that taking in someone from another country would be beneficial to the children. It would give them an opportunity to learn about other people and their cultures and lives.  Asher couldn’t have agreed more and Fawna (left) and Flora (right) Channing came to stay with the Lemi’s for their senior year of high school.


However, no one predicted a love connection.  Ever since Woody had turned into a teenager he started wearing black and withdrawing from his family and steered clear of making friends.   He tried to play up the “Goth” image in hopes that people would just leave him a long.

Ashby thought it was a phase, but what was really going on was much deeper.  Woody Lemi hated being a 100 baby challenge child.  He hated that everyone in Sunset Valley knew who his mom was, what she was doing and who he was without an introduction.  He knew that he was lucky in the fact that his parents were at least married when many of his siblings and other challenge kids don’t even know their fathers, but he hated his mother’s choice in life.  Another thing that annoyed him was the fact that some many people knew more about his siblings then he did, and he refused to read this blog to find out more.  He just hated the life.


When Fawna and Flora moved it that all changed.  He really liked both sisters, and loved that they didn’t know anything about him, and enjoyed spending time with them, but instantly a connection was formed between him and Fawna.  Soon they began to talk more one on one and in depth about themselves, and when he moved in for their first kiss he was amazed that she didn’t pull back or laugh at him like he thought she would.


Then it was prom time and without a need to even ask the two planned on going.  They had become inseparable, but every day Woody questioned how Fawna felt about him.  Sure they kissed and talked and shared intimate details about one another, no words of love had been uttered and what if this is how friends acted back in her country?

At prom Flora told them that she was going to go and spend the night at her best friend’s house and when they got home the house was empty.  There was a note from Ashby told him that she and Asher went out for the night and would stay in a motel and the triplets were at Aunt Violet and Uncle A.J.’s house. This was the first time that the two of them had been alone together in the house.

Woody headed to his room to change out of his tux and was surprised when he turned around, to throw his shirt in the laundry, to see Fawna standing in the doorway.  He watched her close the door and turn back to him as she unzipped her dress.  She let it slip to the floor as she planted her lips firmly against his and as she guided him to his bed he knew they were about to embark to a place that neither of them could return from.


Afterwards they lay there together and he protectively held her.  He knew he was in love and nothing could come between that love.  He was trying to figure out how to tell her when her velvet accent rose from the bed, “I love you.”  He had to choke back tears as he leaned over, kissed her on her temple and whispered into her ear, “I love you too.”

Scrooge took up animal collecting.  He brought home a snake and called him Dante, a turtle he called Precious, and a gecko that he called Pete.  He was very responsible in cleaning and feeding these little creates, but Ashby wasn’t thrilled Precious became a little escape artist.  They spent more time looking for her then actually caring for her.

As mentioned before Marlie was a little trouble maker, but she had taken a real shine to Sassy and Ashby encouraged her to play with the dog whenever she could.  She hoped that Sassy could be a distraction for Marlie’s meddling ways, but only time will tell if this “theory” is working.


It was time for Woody’s birthday and his entrance into Young Adulthood.  Fawna and Flora aged up the same time.  Fawna was scheduled to head back to her county a week later, but Flora had already applied for a work visa right after they moved and it was granted so she moved to start her adult life in Sunset Valley.


Oh what a handsome young man he became.  He sure was a product of Ashby and Asher Lemi with their steel grey eyes and flawless facial structure.  He was sure to make his parents proud.  He stopped wearing all black but he couldn’t get rid of wearing hats.  He requested to say in the house for a few more days before moving out and Ashby agreed.  She felt that he had big plans and she didn’t want to miss a step of it.


Bay too sensed a change coming as well and she wasn’t looking forward to her big brother moving out.  The two of them had gotten real close and she was afraid that he would leave and forget all about him.  She began diving into the chemistry set in hopes it would keep her distracted from the thought of her brother moving out.


The day after they aged up Woody found Fawna in the back yard longingly looking into the distance.  He presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and saw the tears in her eyes over the gift.

“What’s wrong babe?  Are you already thinking about the trip home?”  He didn’t want to go back to her country.

“Yes, but the thought of how I don’t want to leave you more than home itself.”  Was her reply and this gave his heart hope.


He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him.  This startled her and she dropped her beautiful flowers.  “What if I could keep you here with me?  Would you stay?”  He breathed nervously into her ear.  She pushed him arms length away and just looked at him and that is when he dropped to one knee.


“What are you doing?”  She exclaimed and tried to pull him back up.

He remained firmly on the ground and removed a box from his pocket.  “Fawna Renee Channing will you stay with me forever in Sunset Valley and be my wife?”

The ring was small, but she didn’t care.  She loved Woody with all her heart and was over the moon that he felt the same way.  Without a thought to it she accepted and leapt into his arms crying and laughing at the same time.  She kissed him all over his face and neck and they fell to the ground in a heap of happiness.


Ashby was so impressed with the impact that Fawna had on Woody and how much the two of them loved each other.  Everyone knew they had a short time to plan a wedding in order to keep her in Sunset Valley, but Ashby would not allow them to get married without a Bachelor/Bachelorette party.

She sent Asher and the “guy” away from the house for Woody’s party and she threw Fawna a grand party where Fawna got to meet several of Woody’s sisters.

The party was a grand success and Fawna felt so lucky that she was marrying into such a great family.

The couple was so thankful to their family for being so supportive but they wanted to get married in private.  The night following the party they went down to the beach, were Fawna set up a little something for them, and said their vows before their maker.



And then it was time for Ashby to get her good-bye pictures and Woody and Fawna moved out.

With Woody and Fawna gone and the triplets in school, and waiting for the arrival of the next dad, Ashby had a lot of time to fill so she took up virtual reality.  The experiences were tripping and fun but she would much rather be spending her time with her children.

Then it was time to embark on another birthday.  It was time for Bay to become a teenager.  Bay was thrilled to see both her dad and Grandma Christy came to the party (for those of you who read Christy Quinn’s blog…let’s say this party was before her accident).

Stunning…Bay I think you got the perfect mix of James and Ashby.  ***Note*** she has deep brown eyes that are beautiful.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091562

I bet you are all wondering who the next father of the challenge is.  Let me introduce you all to Don Turner.  He is cousins with famous challenge mom Dawn Turner.   Asher met him at A.J.’s Bachelor party and the two had kept in contact and when Don mentioned that he might want to be in a challenge to try and understand his cousin a little better Asher brought this to Ashby.  She contacted Don and they decided that it would be a good match.  He was more willing with her due to she does invetro instead of the “old fashioned” way.

He is pretty excited to be a dad now.

Another party?  Yes it is this time it isn’t for a birthday day.  It’s a baby shower for Fawna.  She and Woody are expecting.  Bay, who was now okay with her brother’s new life, decided to throw her sister-in-law and baby shower, but one where men could come as well.  Fawna’s mother even made a trip to Sunset Valley (she is the woman in the sweat suit) to see her daughters and join in on the festivities.

Welcome Razz Lemi to the Lemi clan.  Fawna had a beautiful baby boy who got her hair coloring and features and Woody’s steel grey eyes.

Okay really Lemi family??  Ashby has had 36 children and you are going to still freak out.  Haha I love you all so much.

Welcome Song Turner Lemi to the clan.  She appears to have gotten mostly Ashby’s look.  She got her hair color and her eyes for sure, but time will tell if she will take on the Turner genes or the Lemi genes.  She can be downloaded here:  http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091558


Rue Turner Lemi how cute does she look with the Turner genes, but Ashby’s eye coloring.  She can be downloaded here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=5091560


Thank you all for reading.  Without you I couldn’t continue with this daunting task.  I appreciate you all so very much.

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