Ashby Lemi – Baby 33



Time always goes by so fast in the Lemi household and before they even got use to having a new baby in the house it was time for Woody to age into a toddler.

Ashby made arrangements for a big party.  Everyone who loved Woody was there: Big Brother Keskey, Aunt Vi, Uncle A.J., and even “aunt” Christy Quinn.

The kids played on the outside toys while the adults had some much needed catch up time.  Ashby was surprised that Keskey was still single.  He is such a handsome boy, but she knew that he was happy and that was all that mattered.

What a carbon copy of his folks.  Woody Lemi is going to be just as handsome as his daddy.

It didn’t take long for Capri to figure out that with Woody a toddler it would soon be her and Carter’s turn to become young adults and leave the nest.  She really didn’t like the thought of leaving her mom and Asher.  She loved being a Lemi and she wasn’t ready to leave.

The next few weeks after the birthday party she became distracted with school and being a teenager.  She stopped stressing about having to leave and decided just to enjoy the time she is at home.

When she won prom queen at prom she was thrilled.  She walked around the house with a dreamy look on her face.  The only thing that could have made it better is if she had a boyfriend to share the honor with.

Ashby got her family together for a family photo and since October is the month for breast cancer awareness she had them dress in pink for the cause.

Top left: Rollin, Rian, Riker, Ashby, Carter, Capri, Woody and Asher; and a stunning family they make.

Having only one child and Asher and the other kids gone all day, gave Ashby plenty of bonding time with her 32nd baby boy.  They had skill lessons, snuggle time and even took long walks around town.

Even though in the back of her mind having on child at a time meant that her challenge would take longer, she really enjoyed having this one on one time with her boy.

Things started to change in the Sim world and Sunset Valley wasn’t missed.  One night after homework and dinner the kids heard a pleasant musical sound coming from outside.  When they peeked out the window they saw an ice cream truck.  They were so amazed and got very excited.

Asher and Ashby, who had heard that this was traveling around the neighborhood, distributed money and allowed the kids to get a nice ice cream treat.

Rollin, who isn’t into sweets, pocketed the money and went into his room to play video games.

Rian got a fun pink ice cream cone with sprinkles.

As Riker exited the house he heard a faint meow from the corner of the porch.  He looked over and saw a dirty, hungry cat.  He reached down and the cat sniffed at his hand and then began rubbing around his legs.  Riker ran in to get a saucer of milk for the sweet little guy but when he can back out the cat was gone and so was the ice cream truck.

Knowing their birthday was right around the corner the girls were very dedicated to their school work.  They came home each day and settled down at the kitchen table and dug right into their homework, but they always reward themselves when they were done.  They enjoyed jamming along with some Flo Rider and other music.

“So what kind of party do you two want?”  Ashby asked them one night at dinner.

“I want to wear costumes.”  Carter chimmed in with a mouth full of food.

“Oh I know.  Let’s have one of those Murder Mystery parties I have read about.”  Capri replied.

“Sounds fun.  Where can we find the stuff for a party like that?”  Ashby asked.

“I will look online before school tomorrow.”  Capri smiled at her mom.

With the kit purchased, the costumes made/bought, and the menu planned it was time to celebrate the twins birthday into young adulthood.

“Mom, Dad…they don’t have cavemen and panda’s in this game.”  Capri was mortified about how they were dressed.

“I love it.”  The always unique Carter chimed in.

“Well lets get this party started.”  Asher avoided feeding Capri’s annoyance.

The family had a great time acting out the game and in the end it was discovered that  Rian’s character was the killer.

After the game it was cake and then the girls aged up.

Carter, wow what a beautiful girl.  She is a carbon copy of her mom and got none of her dads looks.  She is still as unique as she was the day she was born.  Her nose ring actually brings out her features.  Carter Greensnip Lemi

Capri was just as stunning as her sister.  She too didn’t get any looks from her father, but wow what a stunning girl she is.  Capri Greensnip Lemi

Ashby got her good-bye picture with her girls and then her girls left the Lemi household.

The next morning, Saturday, Riker left the house early and came back around noon.

“Mom… Mom.”  He yelled as he crashed through the door.

“What is it son?”  Ashby said as she came around the corner.

Standing at the front door was Riker holding the dirty cat that he first saw a few weeks before.

With desperation in his eye Riker cleared his throat.  “Mom can I keep him?  I have been going around town finding him and taking care of him, but today when I went looking for him I had to stop a dog from picking on him.  He would be safer here and I would take care of him and my allowance would go toward food.  Pleeeeeassse.”

Ashby looked at her son and saw the connection he had formed with the cat and how the cat looked up at him with gratitude and adoration.

“Riker do you promise that you will take care of this animal?  Asher and I will help for the next week, but after next weekend when you are teenager it will be your sole responsibility.”

“Yes mom..I promise I promise!” He cried in excitment.

“Well then if you promise you can keep it.”

Riker set the cat down gently and ran to Ashby and threw his arms around her.  “Oh thank you mom.  Thank you!”

 That evening Riker, Mask (that is what Riker called him) and Asher went to the new pet store in town and bought all the things Mask would need to be a part of the Lemi family.

The weekend and the triplets birthday was upon the Lemi family and the kids wanted their party with just family at the park.  They played all day and then that evening they had a nice picnic of grilled salmon, made my Asher, and then it was time to age up.

First up was Rian.  She is a cute girl with her fathers features, and her grandma Mirid’s skin and eye color, with Ashby hair color.

Next up was the middle twin and cat owner, Riker.  He got his fathers hair, eye shape and skin color, but the rest of the features are more of Ashby.

And last but not least Rollin.  He got a his grandma’s hair color, his father skin and and eye coloring and a nice combination of Ashby and Terrance’s features.

These three could be trouble with their good looks and their close bond.  I guess we will see.

Mask was making himself comfortable in the Lemi household.  He could be found playing with the various toys Riker bought him or basking in the sun.  Riker had been true to his word and he and Mask are the best of friends.

It wasn’t long and the Lemi’s were adding a new pet to the house.  It seems that Rian has the same kind heart as Riker and one day she decided to walk home from school instead of taking the bus and she came across this bird.  His wing was broken.  She spent some time getting it to trust her and once it did she scooped him up and brought him home to nurse him back to health.  She called him Kokoro (thank you to Sonny Wells for the name).

One Sunday morning there came a knock on the door.  Asher was at work and the triplets were out doing teenager things and Woody was taking his nap.  Ashby wasn’t excpecting anyone and found it curious that she had a visitor.

She opened the door and found a young man standing there.  “Hi I’m….”

“James Quinn, What are you doing here?”  Ashby said excitedly.

“You know me?”  He asked with a grin on his face.

“Of course I do.  Your mom is one of my best friends ever.  What do I owe this honor?”  Christy Quinn

“Well this is a bit awkward, but..”  he rubbed the back of his neck fishing for the words.  “I would like to participate in your challenge.”

The request made Ashby smile.  She loved the thought of having a child that would be Christy’s grandchild.  She already had one of Violet Newbie’s grandchildren and now Christy’s.  This just made her day.

They made plans for Ashby to make an appointment at the hospital and two weeks later she had been inseminated.  With a promise to call him once the baby was born James hugged her and bid her farewell.

The pets were a big hit in the Lemi household, but it was questionable if they liked each other.

With all the new things in the Sim world Asher decided to take up a new hobby and took a riding class.  When he came home he came home with a new addition to the family.

Meet Jackrabbit.  He is the new addition.  Everyone fell in love with him right away. The house and yard are now very crowed, but everyone is very happy.

With her due date just around the corner Ashby threw a party for Woody to age into a child.  She invited family and friends who all came excited to see the little one age up.

“Wow mom, you are big.”  Carter chuckled as she entered the house.

“Why thanks.  That makes me feel so beautiful.”

“Hello little baby.  This is your big brother Keskey.”  He called to the baby.

“You don’t have to shout son.  The baby can hear you in your inside voice.”

“Mom can I feel?”  Carter asked placing her hand on her mother’s stomach.  “Wow this is amazing.”

The birthday swirls took over little Woody and he aged into a handsome young man.  As you know he was named after Addy McKnight (her maiden name is Woodrow) so Ashby sent her a picture of him and she asked her if his outfit attire was done on purpose.  At first she didn’t get it but then it struck her.  hahah.  Woody from Toy Story was a cowboy.  Woody just loves Asher’s horse so much he wants to be a cowboy.

Without further ado I introduce you to baby 33 Bay Quinn Lemi.  She was a very healthy baby girl who was born at home as Ashby was working out.

About a week after Bay was born Ashby got Rian to watch her and she and Asher took some time to just be with each other.  It was their time to reconnect and keep their relationship strong despite the fact that she is having children with other men.

Before anyone knew it Bay was ageing into a toddler and her party was huge with her grandma Christy, her father James, her aunt and uncle Vi and A.J. and her siblings.

What a beautiful little girl she is too.  Her father’s eyes and nose, Ashbys skin and hair.  She is going to be a heart breaker.

Ashby decided she was going to try and start getting pictures of the kids with their fathers to make scrap books for them.  It was something she found important and James was more then willing. He was a proud papa and a wonderful friend.

Here is Bay with her parents and her grandma Christy.

Bay’s auntie Vi and Uncle A.J. bought her this fun swing for her birthday.  She absolutely loves it and Ashby is so thankful for her family.

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