Ashby Lemi – Baby 32



Life at the Lemi’s picked up with a teen, two children and three toddlers.  Ashby and Asher found that all of their free moment’s were taken up by potty training, teaching a toddler to walk or talk, helping children with homework and talking their teen though trivial teen drama’s.

 Even though it was work Ashby enjoyed every minute of it.  She couldn’t help but laugh at the silly things her kids said when teaching them to talk.

“Book…say book.”


“No not why, book.”


“You are just the cutest thing in my life.”  She would reply and scoop him into her arms.

She would tickle him until they were both breathless from the laughter.

Rollin, Riker and Rian are they the sweetest little angles ever?  Once they learned how to walk it was hard to keep them out of trouble.

Carter and Capri had been enrolled in ballet since they were able to walk and the two loved spending time after homework out in the backyard practicing their dancing.  They had a big recital coming up and Capri had gotten the lead role.  Carter was a bit jealous, but in all honesty she wasn’t as coordinated as her sister.

Soon it was time for Keskey to age into a Young Adult.  He asked Asher and Ashby if he could have his party at the beach.  After some deliberation about it, it was decided that his party would be held there.  Ashby called and made a reservation and the party planning began.

Everyone had a grand time.  The girls; Carter, Capri and Rian, especially loved it.  When it was time for Keskey to blow out the candles Ashby found it hard pressed to get them off the playground equipment.  She made a mental note that she needed to bring them to the beach more often.

Man you would never guess she was the mother of 31 children (30 of them she gave birth to).

Keskey made a wish that he told no one about and blew out his candles.

You would think that by the time a sim aged into a Young Adult they would be use to the age sparkles, but they always made Keskey nervous.  Once they completely took him over he was satisfied with the outcome.

“Real Men wear pink” was his motto.   He turned into such a handsome young man, and Ashby knew that he was going to have to fight off the girls left and right.

Two weeks later Keskey was graduating and as they exited city hall Aunt Vi snapped this family photo.  They went back to the house for yet another party this time no one was aging up.  This time it was celebration of Keskey graduating.


 In true Ashby form she made sure someone was close by with a camera to take some candid shots of her, Asher and their son Keskey.

 Then with a loving hug to his parents and a promise to visit often Keskey was out the door.  He was heading off to college and was leaving before summer break because he wanted to get settled and he had a summer job lined up.

Little Capri was very attached to her big brother and when he left the house she worked herself up to the point of being sick.  Ashby put her to bed early and read her a story.  She reassured her over and over that Keskey would be back and that he had promised that he would make it to her dance recital.  Finally she drifted to sleep, but she wasn’t a 100% convinced that Keskey would keep his promise.

The recital was near the end of the summer and true to his word Keskey was in the front row with his camera taking pictures of his baby sisters.  Capri was the happiest little fairy princess that one could have hoped for.

Rollin was very attached to his mommy and loved her to read to him.  She would bring him up in the little reading room their aunt Vi and Uncle A.J. made and they would read for hours.  He was mesmerized by her voice and especially loved it when she would make little actions with her hands in a small attempt to act out the story for him.

The other two didn’t really like books and reading as much as Rollin, they were more interested in running around getting into the bigger kids stuff.  Which Carter especially hated.

School was getting ready to start soon and Carter wasn’t sure how she felt about that.  She hadn’t made any friends yet and she hated getting stared at for being a challenge kid.  She would sit in her room for hours thinking about how she could make her school days better.  When she remembered that the triplets were going to be school age before the start of school made her feel a little better.  Knowing that there were going to five Lemi’s in the same school really eased her mind.

Then it was birthday time again.  This time they would throw the party at the park, what better place to have a child’s birthday then at the park?

 Rian was up first.  What a beauty she became with her mother’s hair, her grandma’s skin tone and a beautiful combination of her mom’s steel eyes and her grandma’s blue eyes.  Ashby styled her hair with a cute flower headband.


Riker was next, and what a surprise.  He turned out to be quite wholesome and was very eager to begin school.  He had a nice combination of genetics from both Ashby and Terrance and was quite handsome on a geeky sort of way.


Last by not least was Rollin.  What a cute young man.  He was a skater type and liked baggy jeans, colored t-shirts, cool hats and of course skate board.  He was so stoked that he got one for his birthday.  He certainly had a lot of his father’s looks and Ashby heart filled with pride as she looked upon her three beautiful children.

 They had to move the party back to the house when the rain started, but Ashby didn’t let that stop her from getting some pictures.

Soon it was time to decide on a father for baby 32.

One day, after several days of going through “applicants”, Asher grabbed Ashby in the kitchen and pulled her close.  “Baby after all the hard work we have been doing we need some us time.  I am calling dibs on baby number 32.”  With that he nuzzled his scruffy chin against Ashby neck, something he knew she loved.

She giggled as she leaned closer.  “You can have dibs on whatever baby you want my love.”

In her early stages of pregnancy there was a huge mishap, but lucky there was no damage to the baby.  Riker was a scientist at heart and he would spend many hours at the chemistry set.  He made a concoction and asked Ashby to try it.  This elixir turned her into a ghost for a few hours.  Asher quickly took her to the doctor after it wore off and she was assured there was nothing wrong with the baby.

Ashby was loving that baby 32 was her husband’s.  Removing the extra man factor made things so much easier and allowed them to spend extra time together.  They loved hanging out on the swing set in their backyard.

“So do you have a boys’ name picked out?”  She asked him in a playful way.  Ever since they found out the gender of their young one she would tease him about this.

“You are better at picking names out then me.  Do you have one?”

“I do.  I was thinking a name sake for another challenge mom.”  She told him her idea and he was in agreement.

“I am Rollin the great and you will bow to me!”

“I am Prince Riker and this is Princess Rian.  We will rule you with a kind hand and a loving heart.”

While the kids were downstairs playing Ashby woke up from her nap because the baby was really moving.  Asher tried to calm him down by rubbing her stomach, but all the did was help her go into labor.

Welcome to the world Woody Lemi.  He is named after fellow challenge mom Addy McKnight.  Her maiden name is Woodrow and that is where his name is taken from.

They barely got Woody home when it was time to throw another birthday party.  This time it was a good old fashioned pool party.


First to age was Carter.  What a cute, hip, cutie she turned out to be.  She looked so much like Ashby, she could have almost been her carbon copy.


Then Capri’s turn, and what a stunning young woman she was.  With Grandpa Lawrence’s hair color she was a looker.

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