Ashby Lemi: Babies 29, 30 and 31


BABY 29, 30 and 31



            A couple of weeks after the babies came home Ashby went out and bought her and her family matching jerseys.  She decided that a family picture was in order and this is what she got.

What a beautiful family the Lemi’s are.

            “Oh today is your birthday my sweet baby.”  Ashby cooed in Carter’s ear as she hugged her tight.

            “And I can’t forget you my little darling.”  She said to Capri.

She put the baby back in her crib and moved to the dresser to pick out new outfits for her girls when they became toddlers.

“Babe, can you come down here?”  Asher called from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m getting things ready for the girl’s party.”  She called back down.

“I know but I really want to show you something.”  His voice was very insistent.

Ashby sighed and put down the cute toddler shirt she was holding, nice thing about being a challenge mom you are prepared with a lot of different clothing, and headed down the stairs.

“What is it Asher?” When she got to where he was standing she saw two peculiar looking dolls.  “What are those?”

“I’m not sure, but they came from… well… from anonymous.”  Asher crunched his face up in confusion.

“Who on earth….?”  She asks taking the dolls from Asher and turning them around in her hands inspecting them.

“Here is the note that was sent with them.”   Asher hands her a note that looked like had been through a lot of trouble to get to its destination.

Ashby set the dolls down and read:

Dear Ashby and Family,

                                    I know this is an odd thing receiving a letter and a gift from a stranger, but I really am not a stranger.  I am sorry I can’t revel my identity, I truly wish I could, but I have reasons why I can’t. 

                                    Anyway, I am sending you these two dolls for your newest members Carter and Capri.  My children had them growing up and I want your twins to have them now.  They will bring them great fun, comfort and companionship when they need it the most.

                                    If you look closely to the dolls shirt you will see a name on it.  I would like King to go to Carter and Bow to go to Capri. 

                                                            Please know these are sent with love,



“This is strange.”  Ashby observes and looks up at Asher, “Was there no return address on the package?”

Asher shakes his head no.  “Odd very odd.”  Ashby says, “Do you think they are safe to give the girls?”

“I think so.”  So it was decided that as part of their birthday presents Carter and Capri would receive these two odd dolls.


            It looks like little Carter name be a carbon copy of her mama.  She has Ashby’s eyes, skin tone and hair color.  Not one of her father’s, Basil Greensip, genes are apparent, but she sure is a cutie.

            Capri looks just like her sister in facial features and skin tone, but it appears that she has inherited her grandpa Lawrence’s hair coloring.

These two little girls are beautiful and they make their parents so very proud.

            These dolls that the girls received were very peculiar.  They seemed to move on their own and follow the girls around.  Wait that can’t be possible, can it?

             The girls seemed to love them.  Capri loved the outdoors and it was a fight for Ashby to get her inside so Ashby always let her play just a tad bit longer with Bow.  Ashby of course would just be up on the deck keeping a very watchful eye on her.

            Carter too loved to snuggle with King and did so with every spare moment she had, which was a lot because what responsibilities do toddlers have?  LOL

            Keskey was a wonderful big brother.  He was so happy about having siblings that he would come home from school and right after homework was done he would play with his sisters.  Peek-a-boo seemed to be a favorite game among the children.   Carter and Capri loved Keskey too.  In fact I think when they were learning how to talk Kes, their nick name for him, was one of their first words.

            “Ride em’ cowgirl.”  Ashby encouraged Carter to use her imagination and make believe she was on a ranch riding a blue steed.

            “And you my dear are a pirate princess.”  Carter giggles at her mama’s stories.

            At bedtime Capri went down with no problem, after of course her extra play time outside with Bow, because she loved it when her “daddy” read to her.  Let me explain the girls knew who Basil was because he sent emails that Ashby read to them, video chats, cards and phone calls, but they had taken on calling Asher daddy.  Basil knew about it, for those of them that wanted to be part of the children’s’ life Ashby always filled the dads in on what was going on, and surprisingly he was fine with it.

            On the other hand Ms Carter was the staler of the two.

“Mama, I have a secret.”  She said in her cute little girl’s voice.

“What is it Love?”  A small smile played on Ashby lips.  Most nights Carter told her something just goofy and silly.

“Kes doesn’t believe me but King is real.”  Carter giggled.

“You are such a goofy girl.”  Ashby tickled Carter and carried her upstairs to her crib.

            Time went along and on one of her trips to the E-store Ashby found this bizarre stand with a book.  The sales person told her that it would teach her magic.  She was skeptical, but bought it out of curiosity.  When she got it home she began memorizing the spells in the book but just a bit frightened to try it out.  Perhaps she will have tried one of them for the next post.


            Keskey decided to try painting and wouldn’t you know that he was a natural.  I wonder what his biological parents were like.  Were they painters, actors, or scientist?

             “Sister, it is our bifhday.”  Capri tells Carter.

            Carter replied with just a single word, “Cake.”

Ashby and Asher, who at this point kept the children’s aging a private affair and this meant family so A.J. and Vi were invited, set up cakes for their daughters and watched them grow into splendid children.


            Carter was a stunning child who loved the thought of flowers in her hair.  Ashby made her a flower crown and the child was insanely happy.  In conjunction with her insane and virtuoso traits she rolled the Party Animal trait.  I think Ashby and Asher are going to have their hands full with this one.

            Capri was a little more conservative, and in addition to her Absent Minded and Neurotic traits she rolled the Coward trait.

These two girls were very different but they were sisters and not just mere sisters but twins.

At the party Asher’s brother A.J. and his fiancée Violet informed them that their new house was ready to be moved into.  This was fabulous news.

            Who on earth is Carter playing with?  She keeps telling us it is King, but all we can see is her hitting the air with her pillow, silly kid.

            It took the Lemi’s a couple of weeks to pack and prepare to move to the new house, and once they got to the new lot it was so worth it.  Vi and A.J. had done a wonderful job and Ashby knew that she and Asher had make the right decision to continue the challenge.  They knew they were going to be a happy thriving family in this new house.


            Even though it was Saturday the girls wanted to get their homework done so they had all day on Sunday to help unpack and get to know their new house.  The atmosphere of the kitchen was perfect for learning and feeling calm while having a meal.

            This is part of the boy’s room.  Asher and Ashby are forever grateful that even though Vi and A.J. were going through some things they took the time to make them this lovely home.


            This is the girl’s room.  Carter and Capri were super excited that their aunt, well soon to be, remembered their favorite Sims band and hung a poster of them in there.  The first night in the house Carter didn’t even try to stall going to bed.

****AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thank you Molly aka Violet Newbie, for taking time out of your busy life and you sims playing to make me this beautiful home for my sims.  Your friendship is a blessing.  *hugs* ****


            It was time for Keskey’s birthday into teen hood, but first Ashby wanted a family picture.  It seems like since the death of her other children she has been more set on getting pictures.   Carter refused to look at the camera and Keskey couldn’t help but roll his eyes at his sister.  This was the best of the set that were taken.

            Keskey Lemi is a handsome boy, but how did he get so skinny?  I have watched the boy eat.  I guess it is just in his genetics.

It was that time again and after interviewing a few candidates Ashby and Asher, yes he was part of the decision making of the challenge now, decided that the next dad would be their good friend Terrance Phillip.


 Terrance owned the local gas station and repair shop.  He wasn’t interested in settling down right now and didn’t know if he ever would be and thought that having a child with his DNA would be a good thing.

Ashby made their appointment and after a few weeks she found out that it had been successful.

As she began to show she got a crazy idea that Asher was no longer attracted to her.  She thought that he had decided that her having a child with other men was disgusting and he no longer wanted to be with her.

Where did she get these ideas you ask?  Asher had been working late and usually fell asleep on the couch when he got home.  The reason for this was that he was trying very hard to get a promotion so that he could provide better for the family and when he got home late he didn’t want to disturb Ashby so he just crashed on the couch.

Finally one night she waited up for him and when he came in the door he saw her standing at the top of the stairs.

“What are you doing up Sweetheart?”  He asked as he climbed the stairs to her.


            As he climbed toward her she busted into tears rambling to him all her fears.  When he reached her he took her in his arms and held her close.  He whispered into her ear how much he loved her as she sobbed against his shoulder.

When she had calmed down some he pushed her at arm’s length, looked deep into her eyes and pulled her into a kiss of a lifetime.  This one action eased her mind.


            “And Carter comes around the corner taking the lead.”  Carter shouts in an announcer type voice.  Carter was a very odd girl, but loveable and enjoyable to watch.

            Keskey is very popular in high school, but he seems to be a one woman kind of guy.  He has himself a girlfriend, but has yet to formally introduce her to his family or to me.  Hopefully by the next installment I can tell you, the reader, who she is.

            Then one day while Ashby was at the market she went into labor.  The hospital was only a few blocks away and since this was her 29th child Ashby decided to waddle there on foot.  On her way she called Keskey, Asher and as agreed Terrance for he was going to be there instead of Asher.

            Keskey went looking for the twins to let them know that their mom wouldn’t be home for a couple of days and when she came home she would have a new baby with her.

Capri was ecstatic that she would have a new baby sister or brother and after Keskey told her the news she went to find Bow to tell her the news.  Keskey just rolled his eyes at his odd sister and went to find Carter.

He found her dancing in her room alone.  She was really into the music and didn’t hear him come in and when she twirled around to the music he scared the living daylight out of her.

“What do you want?”  She asked him hatefully.

He never took Carter’s tone serious and told her about their mother.

            As he closed the door behind him he heard Carter yell, “Noooooooooooooo….”

            He stood on the other side of the door listening to her rant about the baby.  She was determined not to let the new little one take her place with their mom.  He cracked the door a bit and saw her standing in the middle of the room yelling and pretending to choke herself.  Carter tends to overreact and over dramatize everything.  Make sure her playful acts weren’t causing real harm he shut the door behind him.  Soon he heard the music again and knew that Carter had moved on.

            A couple of days later Ashby returned home with:

            Rian Phillip Lemi.  How exciting is this?  This is the first of Ashby’s children to get their grandma Mirid’s skin tone.  With her mom’s hair and eye color and her grandma’s skin tone Rian is a beautiful girl.  At birth she rolled the Neurotic and Good traits.

            Riker Phillip Lemi.  He got his dad’s skin tone, hair color and nose shape.  We aren’t sure where the eye color comes from, but he is a most handsome young man.  He got the Disciplined and Genius traits.


            And Rollin Phillip Lemi.  What a beautiful boy with his Grandma Mirid’s hair coloring and his father’s skin tone, eye coloring and nose shape.  He rolled the Clumsy and Eccentric traits.

            Here are Ashby’s 2nd set of Multi-gender triplets (her first actually being Twins Elvira and Ash) with their father Terrance Phillip.  Would love to hear any thoughts you have.


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