Ashby Starr Bright – babies 21 and 22





            Hello my name is Nina Nestor, and I am from the same small country as Victor Noosebaum. Prince Victor has hired me to come to Twinbrook USA, follow Ms. Ashby and her family around and continue her blog for her. You see in one of their phone conversations Ashby expressed how hard it was to maintain her blog while taking care of her children. Prince Victor didn’t want her to stop blogging and now I am here to continue telling her story for her. So let’s get started.



            Ashby, as she often does after every delivery, changed up her look. She decided to go with an up-do with a simple dress. Another set of triplets in the house is going to make things a little busier around the house.


            Things went along normally with not major events. Ashby took care of the babies, the children grew and the teens attended school and did teen things.

            Then it was time for the triplet’s to become toddlers. Ashby needed to get them started on their skills so they could grow into prospering child, teens and finally young adults.

            Here is little Roisin fully clad in her purple outfit. Judging from her red eyebrows she may inherit her mother’s red hair. She certainly got the signature Starr eye color and skin tone.


            Look at little Ms. Callum. She too has gotten the red hair, and her mother’s eye color, but her skin tone is a little lighter, a nice combination of Ashby and Victor if I do say so myself.


            And last by not least little Ms. JayLeen. It seems like she has gotten more of Victor’s rounder face, but has inherited a lot of her late grandma Mirid, the black hair and dark blue eyes. 

            *****Ashby is having some trouble uploading some of her kids to the exchange, but you can find any of them that have been uploaded under her user name Xur28 on thesims3.com*****


            I was right, two red heads and a brunette. These three are so darn cute and they get along real well, but in observing them it seems like JayLeen is a little bit withdrawn from the other two, but I am excited to see them grow and develop.


            Bren has decided to take up inventing. I wonder if this will be something she will enjoy or just a passing phase.



            What are these two doing out so late. I know it is the weekend, but if they aren’t careful they are going to be brought home by the police and I don’t think that Ashby needs that kind of stress. I would love to tell these girls to go home, but I was hired to write not to get involved.


            It is moment’s like this that I am really glad I took this job. Ashby taking the time just to enjoy her children, it really touches my heart.


            Perhaps I was wrong about JayLeen she and Callum seem to be getting a long splendid. They are such funny little girls. Are they seriously comparing boogers? These little girls make me laugh.


            Peek-a-boo JayLeen I see you. I thoroughly enjoy watching these little girls and this family. They are so loving and understanding and when I came into this job I thought that a family of 21 would be distant and strange, but they aren’t. It is a pleasant surprise to watch them.


            It took several tries to get these three active girls to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of them all together, but when Ashby got excited about the prospect of these types of pictures I knew it was worth it. I guess she always wanted to get pictures like this but being a challenge mother sometimes made her a little absent-minded.


            I don’t know Ms. Ashby very well, yet, so I am not sure if this is normal behavior but she seems to be withdrawing from her family slightly. She has been working with the triplets on their skills, but as soon as she puts them to bed she takes off. Sometimes it is fishing, other times it is to play her guitar and others just to be alone. I sure hope she is okay.



            With as many children as Ashby has she is bound to run in to one or two every time she goes out. Kenyon and Kemper gave their mother a tight hug and unleashed months worth of catching up.   The Grinch triplets seemed to be doing well. Although they are all three still single they are happy living their lives one day at a time.



            With mom being away it was up to the teens and children at home to help out with the triplets when needed. When JayLeen and Callum both woke up with bad dreams the ever so sweet Bren and Heavenly were there to comfort them. Roisin seems to sleep quite heavily and rarely wakes up until it is time to wake up.



            After the twins got the toddlers settled back down they took some time to play peek-a-boo with them before putting them back in their crib. It is just wonderful to see how well adjusted the Starr Bright children are and it still surprises me that a family of the 100 baby challenge can like this. Perhaps someday, after I am done reporting on this challenge, I can observe other challenges.


            Look who is finally walking. This was the last skill the girls needed to learn before they could become children.


            What a little beauty little Roisin has become. With features much like her mothers, I am sure she will be catching the eye of little boys far and wide, even if she does have cooties. However, she did get the slob trait and despite her classy looks she has some undesirable manners.


            Wow look at this beauty. Callum is stunning and all girl, she loves playing dress-up, dolls and house and she loves to take care of her sisters even though she is in the middle of the three. It seems that she too has gotten most of her features from her mom, but not matter if that is true or not it is panning out that Ashby and Victor have beautiful children.


            And the youngest of the bunch, JayLeen. Except for her skin tone and face shape she looks nothing like her sisters. If her skin was darker she would be the spitting image of her grandma Mirid. JayLeen lives in her own special world of fairies and kindness. She is very artistic and if she would be allowed she would spend all of her time writing or painting.



            Day night, night day JayLeen painted. Her talent was revealed pretty early and Ashby couldn’t be prouder of her little girl.


            Boy aren’t these girls are so ambitious. Bren, Heavenly, Roisin and Callum all are increasing their logic skills together. It won’t be long until Bren and Heavenly will be teenagers.

            And speaking of aging up it was time for the Holy twins to become Young adults.

From teens


To Young Adults



            Twins? Yes the boys have similar features, but twins? What handsome young men they turned out to be. They were worried about leaving their mother with how distance she has gotten, but they knew this was part of the rules and they hugged her tight, said their goodbyes to their sisters and promised to call and stop by often. After they left I saw tears spilling out of Ashby’s eyes and she excused herself to her room.

            She knew that it was time for find the next father for her challenge, but before she set out on the task Bren and Heavenly expressed that they wanted to age into teens a few days early. Ashby thought about it for some time and finally agreed.


            Bren is breathtaking. She asked her dad, Brogan Newbie, for contacts as a give and he wired the money to Ashby asking her to set up an appointment to make that happen. Ashby would have been willing to do so, but expressed to me how happy it made her knowing how close these two girls are to their dad and that he was the type of guy that would be there for them. 

            Bren got her grandma’s eye coloring, her mom’s redish hair, but her skin tone and facial features are more like Brogan then Ashby.


            Then there is Heavenly and her name really suits her looks. She got Ashby’s eye color but everything else looks more like Brogan.

            The Newbie – Starr Bright girls are beautiful.


            Callum I think you can take her. The girls had been out fishing with Ashby but when curfew rolled around Ashby sent the girls home and she stayed to fish some more. I wonder what could be so important that a mother couldn’t go home with her children to find them dinner.


            With Ashby away Heavenly decided to learn to cook and make her siblings a real dinner instead of having them eat cereal or soup. She read the instructions to the tee and made a decent meal. She really enjoyed cooking and decided that she was going to get better at it.



            When Bren became a teen she asked for piano lessons and as easily as painting came for JayLeen beautiful music came for Bren. Every time she played the family couldn’t resist gathering around to listen.


            Peek this little bear just showed up one day and she can be found in various rooms and places at the Starr Bright house. She is too cute for words and the kids enjoy having her around.


            Finally I know what was so important to keep Ashby away from her family. The death fish…she was trying to catch the death fish. So what could she want with it? Is she going to try and bring Connery back? Wait didn’t he make her promise not to do that?  My instinct is to ask, but I will just wait and see what happens.



Ambrosia is what she has made and she sat down and ate it. Why did she do such a thing? You, reader, know her better than I can you answer that question?




            Before Ashby started her challenge she traveled to China in search for her lost cousin Harmony. There she learned some songs and when JayLeen heard her singing one she was interested to learn it too. Ashby taught JayLeen who had to teach Callum and when Roisin saw the two of them singing together she didn’t want to be left out so she went to Ashby to be taught. Now singing can be heard all over the house. It is quite nice to hear the singing and the piano music floating out of the house as I approach. 



            The time came for Bren and Heavenly to age into young adults and move out of the house. Ashby threw then a party and Bren was super excited when her mom’s good friend and her Godfather Asher Lemi was able to attend. The two spent a good time catching up before she and her sister aged.





            The two sisters love each other so very much and they were excited to go and see the world. Their dad had arranged a trip for them to see their grandma Violet and they were very excited to see her and spend some time with her. They knew that their grandma was going through a lot of stuff right now so their plan was to be there when she needed them and the rest of the time they were going to explore Sunset Valley and perhaps get to know some of their aunts and uncles and of course spend some quality time with their dad Brogan.


            When the triplets saw me taking pictures of the twins they asked for theirs to be taken. This was the best of our session and they are so fun to photograph.


            Callum has taken up star gazing and before she was a teenager she had discovered and named a medium yellow sib giant star The Connery after her mom’s late husband, a large yellow sub giant start The Callum after herself and a new planet which she named Casbar.  


            Then without warning the next father of the challenge showed up, his name is Adam Watson and he is a friend of Ashby’s friend Christy Quinn. I apology dear readers for my lack of a better picture of the gentleman, but he is very handsome with his multi colored hair and built body. He arrived on Ashby’s doorstep and explained that he was out to be in as many challenges that he could be in. Ashby liked his look and his niceness and allowed him to participate.



            Ashby’s pregnancy went along just fine. While the girls were at school she went out and mingled with her friends, neighbors and her children. When she ran into her daughters Journey and Stella she couldn’t resist taking time to catch up and announce her pregnancy. 


            During her pregnancy Ashby decided to take up inventing and it looks like she really got into her work. She invented a couple of toys for her future children and she made a harvester for one of her neighbors. 


            Days before Ashby had her baby(s) the triplets aged into beautiful teenagers.


            Roisin went with a funky hairstyle that suits her face perfectly. She is spunky and fun and she has a great personality despite her “slob” trait.


            Callum is still the most girly out of the three and went with a side braid and her favorite time frame is the Fifty’s and she went to a vintage store and find a fun yellow poodle skirt.


            JayLeen, the ever free spirit is stunning with her piercing eyes and smooth features.



            The day before Ashby went into labor Newbie called her. He told her that he had participated in fellow challenge mom Dawn Turner’s challenge and they have twin boys Dallas and Tucker Turner.   Newbie was so very excited about being a father and Ashby couldn’t be happier about being a grandma. Although she did wish that they lived closer so that she could visit them.



            Labor was brought on a bit early for Ashby when a meteor stuck their house. Thank Sims God that everyone was fine, but clean up took days. During the commotion two beautiful girls were welcomed into the Starr Bright home and they were both safe and health.

Readers please welcome the newest Starr Bright’s:


Royce Starr Bright and


Rooney Starr Bright.


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