Ashby Starr Bright – babies 16 and 17


BABY 16 and 17




                As always with new babies I sport a new look. I colored my hair back to red but without the yellow and turquoise highlights. I am really enjoying this new look. I hope the rest of you do as well.


                Newbie and Quinn were very good babies. They required a lot of attention but their personalities and demur is very sweet.

                After losing Connery I have decided that I am going to have my children baptized from now on and since Gabriel proved to me there are angles I decided that it is better to be safe than sorry. I called up my children’s name sakes, Violet Newbie and Christy Quinn, and asked them if they would do me the honor of being the boy’s godmothers. Violet agreed to be Newbie’s Godmother and Christy agreed to be Quinn’s. 

                I know it is a little unusual to have different Godparents for twins, but no one said I lived by the rules. I also told both women that I wasn’t choosing a Godfather because if either one of them ends up settling down after their challenge then we will just make their spouse’s the godfather by proxy. 

                We had a nice ceremony where Pastor Pratt baptized my kids and announced that my two best friends were their godmothers. We had a nice picnic lunch afterwards and I was glad to spend some time with my children and friends. 





                I try to encourage my kids to be all they can be and when Kenyon came to me expressing an interest in art I told him to go up to my room and see what he can do on the draft table. Also the following week I had him signed up for art classes after school.

                My boy is actually pretty talented and I hope he keeps up with his art as he gets older and moves along in life.


                Kemper is very attached to the babies in the house and I loved watching him with Newbie and Quinn. Once the twins were born Kole wasn’t seen around much. He stayed out late with school activities and went to friend’s house. I am not sure if is uncomfortable with the new babies, if he is feeling neglected or what his issue is. I really should sit him down and have a talk.




                Before I knew it, it was time for the twins to age into toddlers. Here is little Newbie Starr Bright. You can’t see it in this picture very well, but he got my eye color and even my red hair and I didn’t even have red hair when he was conceived. 

                Newbie Starr Bright:



                Little Quinn got my eye color as well and I think his dad’s hair color. I am not sure on that because with Gabriel’s buzz hair cut I really didn’t know what color it was. 

                Quinn Starr Bright:

                Both boys are little angles and I love that they are in my life. 


                It looks like the boys are going to be good friends. I really do hope this is the case. They are really lucky to have each other. 



                They wanted to do everything together. When one was potty training the other wanted to be. However, Quinn took a bit longer to learn that skill. He was not too sure about the potty chair. 


                For a little insane Sim Kenyon is the most advanced of the Grinch Triplets. He is always trying and learning new things. He is perpetually grumpy and wakes up on the wrong side of the bed many days, but I love him more and more every day. Perhaps someday he will a master chef or a famous painter. The world is at his feet and I can’t encourage him, as well as his siblings, enough to go out and take the world by storm.


                I miss Connery everyday but having these precious tots’s around help keep me distracted from thinking too deeply about the pain in my heart. Newbie is the faster learning out of them but Quinn is my cuddler. 

                I am so glad that Gabriel convinced me, even if he had to use his angle powers, to have these boys. I just wish he were around to see how beautiful they are growing up to be. Well I guess he is looking down on them. I am eager to see them progress and grow.




Magic Storm:

                I recently had a visitor. I don’t really know how to describe our visit. I can only really say that it was awkward.   My Aunt Magic, Harmony’s Mom, came to visit my parents. She and my mom haven’t seen each other in years and except for Magic telling my mom about Harmony’s disappearance they haven’t even really spoken. 

                I think I have mentioned before that my aunt Magic has always been jealous of my mom Mirid. She believes that mom got the life that she was supposed to get. 

                During their uncomfortable visit my parents told her that I was doing the 100 baby challenge to honor Harmony. They told her about Connery and my children and Magic decided that she wanted to see me after all these years. I haven’t seen her since I was a little girl. 

                The beginning of our visit was uncomfortable but pleasant and then the topic of Harmony was brought up and Magic lost it. She lost it and began shouting at me that it was my fault that my cousin went missing. She told me that if I hadn’t gotten everything I wanted out of life and she got nothing she would never have gotten involved in the 100 baby challenge and would never have gotten hurt. She went on to say that she thinks one of the men who was in or wanted to be in her challenge that has done something to her. 

                I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My aunt was accusing me for Harmony’s disappearance based on my life. This was typical for Magic, but it was still very hurtful. 

                Our visit didn’t last too much longer after that. My mom called me as soon as they got home, and since they live across the street it was almost immediately, apologizing for her sister. I told my mom that it wasn’t her fault and to not worry about me I know who my Aunt Magic is and it didn’t bother me. That was a little white lie. I couldn’t allow my mom to get upset even more about this. You see she has been sick for some time and she didn’t need that added stress.

                After Magic left and hopefully doesn’t come back, I couldn’t get it out of my head that she thinks a challenge father or a potential challenge father could have done something to Harmony. Doing the challenge I hadn’t had a bad experience with the men I have chosen, but I know others who have. Vi and Della Alex were both raped and there have been others that have had questionable experiences with some of the men who have come into their lives. 

                Could one of these men have hurt Harmony, or worse? Could the 100 baby challenge be the reason why my cousin is missing? Many thoughts whirled around in my mind. I decided that I would call the police chief that was still working on Harmony’s case and let him know Magic’s theory, but that would have to wait till the next morning.


                I really enjoy when my children bring home friends. It allows me to be introduced to other families in Twinbrook, I don’t get out as much as I want because I always have babies to look after, and it shows me that my kids can be independent and when they are ready to move on they will be okay.

                It is especially nice to nice to see my Grinch Boy’s make friends because they stigma of being the Grinch’s son can be a little much sometimes.   Here is Kole with this new friend Fellow Stine. 


                Now he is trying his hand as sculpting. My boy is so talented, what can’t he do. Oh wait I know the answer to that question. He can’t do his homework. I have been having trouble with keeping this boy awake after school to do this homework. He comes home, takes a nap, eats and then works on his talent, and sometimes does his homework.

                I have been called into the school for a parent teacher conference about Kenyon. They say he falls asleep in school and that he is always grump and disrupts the other students. I just don’t know what to do. It is times like these when I wish there was a “man” of the house to help guide my boys. Their father isn’t any help because he encourages this type of behavior. I may have to call on my fellow challenge mom’s for advice. 


                Kole and Kemper are so good with Newbie and Quinn. Kenyon isn’t very fond of the boys, but to each their own I say. I am so thankful to have the help in teaching the Angel Twins their skills. These two boys will grow up to be great fathers someday.


                I had another one of my dreams, or was it? I haven’t mustered the courage to as Kenyon if it was real or not. I am afraid of his answer. I dreamt that I came downstairs for a snack and Kenyon was there asking for Connery’s autograph. The sight was too much for me to handle and I dashed back up to my room. Could Connery’s ghost be haunting us or was just another dream conjured up by my missing him?



                Having children is wonderful, but it also has its frustrating times. Quinn and Newbie are like night and day. They are both exciting to watch and teach, but Quinn seems to be the one who gets bored easy and then a tantrum follows suit.


                My blasted aunt came over for a second time. It was late and she woke my sleeping tot’s with her loud voice. Then she had the Gaul to complain when they started to cry. I have no idea what she wanted but my dad escorted her back to their house. I just wish she would leave me and my family alone.


                Yippie look at my baby go. Oh wait who taught him how to open the door? Great now I am in trouble. 



                Before I knew it, it was time to age up the Angel twins and sends them off to school. 

                I think Newbie got more of my looks then his dad’s. He sure got my eye color and skin tone.

Newbie Starr Bright:



                Facial features it appears that Newbie and Quinn look alike and they both have my eyes, but Quinn’s hair color is different. I can only guess that he got the brown hair from his grandma Mirid and the blonde streaks from his dad.

Quinn Starr Bright:


                Speaking of my mom, Mirid, she passed away. My already broken heart was shattered. Growing up and even in adulthood I was close to her and now she was gone. We buried her in very sunny part of the cemetery. I think she will be happy there, but will I? Will my dad? My futures kids are going to miss out on so much not being able to meet their grandma. 



                One day while I was “visiting” my mom, which I found that I did a lot now that I didn’t have any babies or tot’s in the house, I was tapped on the shoulder by this handsome gentleman. It was Violet’s son Brogan Newbie. 

                I was so happy to see him and asked what he was doing in Twinbrook. He was very blunt and to the point that he wanted to be in my challenge. I was taken aback by his request. I mean I have known him since he was a very small boy, how could this little boy be here asking to be in my challenge?

                ME: “What? I..I…” 

                Brogan: “Ashby, I have admired you from a far for a long time and I have had a crush on you since I knew what a crush was. I know there is no way that you could return my feelings, but you could allow me to be with you one time and join your challenge.”

                ME:  “But Brogan you’re just a little boy.”

                Brogan: The laugh that emitted from him was far from a little boy’s laugh and he grabbed my shoulders. “Ashby, look at me. Really look at me. I’m not a little boy anymore.”

                And he wasn’t either. When I finally allowed myself to look at him for who he was and not as my best friend’s son I saw that he was anything but a child. He was handsome and sweet and made me tingle, but I wouldn’t admit that last part.

                ME: “Well I can see you are a man now, but it would be weird. You are my best friend’s son for heaven sake.”

                Brogan: “So, that that means is you know me. You know I am from a good family. You know that you can trust me and you know that I understand the 100 baby challenge being a child of one.” 

                All of his points were good, but I still couldn’t get the fact that he was Violet’s son out of my head.

                His hands were still gripped around my arms and he tried to pull me in for a kiss, and I quickly pulled away.

                ME: “Brogan, STOP IT! I said no.” 

                I came off a bit more angry then I intended too because the truth of it I did want to kiss him. Was it because I was lonely without Connery? Was I really attracted to this young man? I didn’t really know, but my head was telling me I had to be the grow-up here.

                Brogan: He gave me a big smile and then said, “I will let you think about it. In the mean time why don’t we go get a bite to eat?”


                I reluctantly agreed and we had a very nice meal at the Bistro. Afterwards he took me to the theater where we decided to take a tour.   While we were backstage in the dark I felt hands grab my shoulders from behind and pull me into a closet. Once Brogan’s lips found mine I was no longer able to be the adult and baby number 16 was conceived in a closet at the local theater. 


                He walked me home afterwards and he spent the night, but we did nothing but talk and cuddle all night long. Early the next morning, after breakfast, he headed back to Sunset Valley.




                Newbie and Quinn, for being so different in personality, seem to get along very well. They start their mornings out with a chat and the end their night with a game. It is quite nice to see this especially since the Grinch Triplets aren’t real close to one another.


                The months went quickly and I tried to plan a lot of family time. I knew once the babes were here they would take a lot of my time.

                “Go boy go…catch that huge fish for dinner tonight.” I try to always encourage my kids.


                “Mom, why does your tummy look and feel like a basketball?” Newbie asked.


                “I’m not sure.” I answered with a shrug, “But there is a baby in there. You and Quinn were in there once.” I informed him.

                “What? Quinn and I were in your basketball?” 

                Kids they are so darn cute. I explained to him about the baby and he walked off with a disgusted face. I couldn’t help but laugh.


                I was tossing the football around with Newbie when I went into labor.



                Newbie, who has never witnessed anything like this before, freaked out. My little manly boy screamed like a little girl, but everything was fine. I ended up delivering two healthy baby girls outside.


                And introducing Bren Starr Bright.  


                And Heavenly Starr Bright.


Thank you for everyone who reads my blog. I am truly appreciated of you. I hope are enjoying Ashby’s challenge and I assure you that soon it will be revealed what happed to Steel Storm and in later posts we will find out what happed to Harmony. I would love to hear what you think. You can leave a message here or find me on facebook under Ashby Starr Bright.


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