Ashby Starr – Levi & Babies 11,12 and 13




Here is my new look? What do you all think? Sheik, old fashioned, perfect? Haha… I think I like it and I really love my hair this way. 

Well life at the Starr’s has been kind of mundane, the same ole’ routine day after day. I am not complaining, well perhaps I am a bit. For an adventurous Sim like me days, weeks, moths or heaven forbid years like this can put us in a rut, a bad mood. I am doing my best not to take my mood out on my kids, but I think they sense something is up. My trip to Bridgeport with Vi Newbie both helped my mood and soured it. It reminded me of what adventures I was missing but at the same time gave me the much needed break from everyday life.

It wasn’t long after the Vampire twins were brought home that it was time to age them into toddlers so that we could get them started in learning their skills. I have to admit that vampire toddlers are much harder than other toddlers. 


Ash Starr:

Elvira Starr:

Perhaps I am just tired, I don’t know, but the kids are learning their skills very slowly. Even with the help of their older sisters.

Ash is the only boy in the house right now and I have to tell you he is getting spoiled rotten. I wonder if that is why he is being stubborn about learning his skills. His big sisters do everything for him.


Sunshine has taken up the piano and she hopes to someday follow in her dad’s footsteps and become a rock star.

It was almost time for the Rock-Star triplets to age into Young Adults, but they asked me if we could hold off on that for just a little bit. They found a Sims Pageant, the Ms. Sim 2010 Pageant, they wanted to enter. Well I should be more specific, Simi and Stella wanted to enter but Sunshine really wasn’t that interested, but she had agreed to do so because her sisters really wanted this to be a triplet boding experience.

I agreed and they were off to the store for new clothes. They wanted my help taking the pictures so I took a headshot of each as well as one of them in their formal wear and their everyday wear. Stella had the hardest time choosing which pictures to use, but when all was decided they set out to drop off their application and participate in the interview. 

I wanted to share their entries but something happened with my computer and those pictures have been deleted. Ugh…stupid computers.

When they got back they told me all about their time away. The three, correction, the two off them (Simi and Stella) were talking a mile minute. Telling me how nice everyone was and that they ran into Violet Newbie and were introduced to her daughter-in-law Raven Newbie. Sunshine seemed distant and distracted. 

When I asked her what was wrong she told me that nothing was wrong, but she had a weird feeling about Vi Newbie’s daughter-in-Law Raven. I asked her to explain and she really couldn’t. She told me that the girl was very nice and she enjoyed talking to her, but there was something about her that was nagging at her. She didn’t know what or why but the feeling was very prominent.  

She then presented me with a picture of the girl.


When I asked her where she got it she told me that she had swiped it from the pageant. I was furious at first that one of my children stole something but when I looked at the girl in the photo I too got a weird sensation about her and that something about her seemed “familiar”. 

Her skin tone was unique, even for a Sim, but it was her eyes that spoke to me the most. They had a kindness that I have seen before, but I just couldn’t place where. 

It was time for the Triplets to age into Young Adults and I couldn’t be prouder of them. 

 Simi Starr YA:

Stella Starr YA:

Sunshine Starr YA:

Simi Starr: Once she aged up she was on the computer getting a job with the police force… She wanted to be a super spy.

Stella Starr: She is going to be a great creator of monsters some day. They accepted her in the science career as soon as she made the call.

Sunshine Starr: She is going to follow in her daddies footsteps and become a rock star. She ran out and got a job in the music profession. 

Then my girls were gone and I miss them terribly, but I am very excited to see how they change the Sim world.


During their party the Paparazzi showed up taking pictures and watching every move my kids made. I am not sure I like the fact that my town has decided I am a celebrity.  

Once the Rock-Star Girls were moved out and we rested from their party it was time to age up Jury and Journey into teens.



Jury Starr Teen:

Journey Starr Teen:

The following Monday when the girls were at school I finished teaching the vampire twins their skills and decided it was time to age them into children. I know it sounds a bit selfish, but I just needed a little time from kids who needed all my attention. After a breather I knew I would be ready to have the next baby/babies.



Ash Starr Child:

Elvira Starr Child:

While the kids were in school I kept myself busy with my garden and other activities that I had neglected because my children always come first, but I couldn’t get Raven Newbie out of my head. I decided that I would call Vi and ask if she and her youngest at home, Lars and Laytin, wanted to come for a visit. Since the drive is long we decided to make it an overnight visit.

Before Vi and her boys came to visit I got a call from the social worker and they had another little boy that needed to be adopted. He was at the toddler age and his name is Levi.


Levi Starr Toddler:

I told her to bring him to me straight away and soon I was the mother to this sweet little boy.


The first time I took Levi to the park paparazzi showed taking pictures. Do I really want this kind of life for my children?



Lars and Elvira


Laytin and Elvira


Violet, Lars and Laytin arrived the following Saturday and I was so happy to see my good friend and her beautiful children. Her twins are vampire twins just like Ash and Elvira are. I knew that these four children would get along well and I was right. 


While the children played Vi and I took some time to catch up. I told her about Emmett being found and that we (Harmony’s family) were still at a loss as to what happened to Harmony. I showed her this post card I received from Ivy Wakefiled’s sister telling me that Ivy went to China with some of her younger children and they too were missing. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or what is happening. 

Vi told me that she has heard a rumor that Ivy Wakefield had gone missing, but the rumors she was hearing is that she may have met a man in China, but no one really knew the truth. 

I really do hope that is the case and another Challenge mother hasn’t been hurt or taken.

I then told her about Sunshine stealing the picture of Raven and how we both thought that there was something very familiar about her.

She then took some pictures of Miles’ family out and showed them to me:


Miles, Raven, Caplin and Fairlight Newbie

Miles Newbie was created by ELMSims3. You can download him here:


 She told me about her daughter-in-law:


                        Raven and her brother Kale were found on the door steps of an Orphanage in Egypt when they were children. Both of them had no memory of who they were, where they had been, who their family was, nothing. The nuns at the Orphanage are the ones that started to call them Raven and Kale and about a year later a nice family, the Bishop family, wanted to adopt them. 

                        Raven and Miles met in Egypt when he was there for work and it was love at first sight. When it was time for Miles to move to his next job he was reluctant to go because he couldn’t bear to leave Raven. He hastily ran out and bought a ring, but it paid off when she accepted his ring and replied with “What took you so long?” They were quickly married after that in an intimate wedding. 

                        When the wedding was over Miles was suppose to be off to his next assignment, but he knew that Raven was a bit worried about moving around so he quit his job and decided wherever Raven goes he was there too. They decided to move to Sunset Valley to be closer to his family and oddly enough her brother Kale and his wife moved to Sunset Valley. 

                        The lovely couple now has two beautiful children, Caplin and Fairlight and the only thing that seems to be wrong with their marriage is that fact that Raven is afraid of intimacy. It seems now that the romance of a new relationship has calmed down and they are settled into a family routine Raven doesn’t want to get intimate with Miles unless they are trying for another child. She is even timid about holding his hand and having him drape his arms on her shoulders. Miles has been confiding in his mom with this and he also told her that Raven is in therapy, her choice, for this. She has been under hypnosis a few times and whatever happened to her before she was “found” is what caused her anxiety. 

            The two of them love each other and they are going to work through this, but she is frustrated that she can’t remember what happened to her and he is frustrated that he can’t help her.

Everyone had a wonderful visit and just as fast as our get together started it ended, this was a sad thing all around. It seems that the vampire children really bonded and they didn’t want to leave each other. Again I find myself having to clarify; Elvira and Violet’s two boys have bonded.  Ash, which got the evil gene tended to torment the other two boys and they aren’t that fond of him. I think Ash prefers it that way, but it does break a mother’s heart to see her child isolated on his own free will.

Our families bid each other a farewell with promises of future visits and Vi promised that she would call as soon as they got home.

I have a feeling that something more was formed while the Newbie’s and the Starr’s were together because not more than five minutes after Violet pulled out of the driveway Elvira got a text and as she read it giggling she quickly left the room. I decided not to address this now for it can’t be more than a little crush, right?

I had the picture of Raven Newbie and I just couldn’t get the fact that her past, as Violet had told me, is so vague and that she just looked familiar to me out of my mind. The only other person I knew that had the same color skin as she did was Mr. Green. With picture in hand I decided to visit him.


We had a great catch up session and when I showed him the picture of Raven his breath caught into his throat, the pictures fluttered from his hands and he muttered the name, “Diamond.”

Me: “What are you saying?”

Mr. Green: “That is my little girl Diamond Storm. I’m sure of it.” 

Me: “How can you be so sure?” But I knew how he could be sure. Just as I was sure I had seen the kindness in those eyes before. That look in the picture was a look Harmony had given in so many of her pictures. As soon as he has said her name I had felt in my heart that he was right.

Mr. Green:  “Ashby, don’t tell me she doesn’t look familiar. She has her mother’s expression and my skin and eyes. This is my daughter. Do you know where I can find her?” 

I gave him all the information I knew and he quickly excused himself with a promise that he would let me know the outcome. 

When I got home I had the feeling of thankfulness. I was thankful that I knew where all my children were and that they were safe. I couldn’t imagine being in Mr. Green’s position. His children; Diamond, Onyx and Steel, had disappeared years ago along with their mother. There had been no word about any of them or from any of them, and now to think that one of them was alive with a family of their own and you had no participation with your grandkids and your child’s life. I felt like crying; crying for Harmony, for her children and for the father’s of the missing children; Mr. Green and Lady Guy and even for Malakai Rose. Even though he has found his son he missed out on so much and Emmett doesn’t remember anything that has happened to him or who he is really. He doesn’t remember his mother or his missing siblings and even though the siblings that are left in Twinbrook have gone to visit him he doesn’t remember them and to me that is heartbreaking. 

I didn’t want to break down in front of my kids so I locked myself in the den and logged onto the computer. I pulled up my email and immediately a smile broke out on my face. I had an email from someone who could always make me feel better. The thankfulness overtook me again and I was thankful for him, my children and this challenge. I was getting ready to reply to his kind words when I got an instant message from him. We spent the next couple of hours chatting and then Levi needed me. I bid my friend farewell and with a smile that wouldn’t quit I climbed the stairs to my little boy.


I have noticed that Elvira has been on the computer more and more and she told me that she, Lars and Laytin have all become best friend’s and she loved having other Vampire children as friends. She even let it slip that she was going to marry one of them someday. I think it is cute, but Vi and I have talked about it and we are both a little concerned with the increased disagreements between her boys in regards to Elvira, but they are still children we decided to keep an eye on it, but it is still too early to really address something like this.

While chatting with my girls (the other challenge mom’s) and playing around on facebook I found a few Holiday pageants to enter. 


The holidays are right around the corner and we as a family thought it would be fun to enter. We got busy and got a tree and decorated it. 

Jury took this picture of me…she is trying her hand out in photography. 



Well here are our entries. I am still working on figuring out the editing, but I am sure I will eventually get it.


After we took our pictures for the completion I made so dinner. I am getting pretty good at this cooking thing.

I left the fire place going overnight and it got so hot that a fire started. My brave Journey and I were able to put it out and no one got hurt. Thank goodness.

Then the routine of life started over again.

Before I knew it Levi had learned all of his skills and was ready to age into a child. We opted for a quite private party.


Levi Starr Child:

What lovely violet eyes he has and such flawless skin. What a handsome boy he turned out to be.

A couple of days later Jury and Journey were ready to age into Young Adults and move out on their own.



They didn’t want a big party either but they both wanted their dad there. Journey and he are already close, but for some reason Jury and he are not so it touched my heart to take this picture.



Jury Starr YA:

Journey Starr YA:

The day after they moved out Ash and Elvira were ready to be teens. They wanted a big party and Ash insisted that I put Plum Tree on the guest list. I am not sure what that is all about but I knew that he had taken a shine to her at my last pool party.

The party was epic and my Vampire twins are so very beautiful and special. 


Ash Starr Teen:

Elvira Starr Teen:

The two of them quickly got into a routine and after school Elvira was normally found on the phone with one of the Newbie boys and Ash was over at the Tree residence visiting Plum.

With only three children in the house now and all three of them in school during the day I decided that it was time to find the next dad to the challenge. It was difficult jumping back into my challenge because for some reason my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I couldn’t explain for sure what the change was, but also I am not a Sim who just gives up on a whim.

I decided that it was time for Froggie Lilpad to be called up. He had been waiting patiently for me and it was his turn. I called him up and he agreed eagerly to come over after work. It was pretty late when he arrived but I had a nice little surprise waiting for him. I had bought new lingerie especially for him and I had set the mood out by the hot tub. 


We took some time for a little chatting. I asked him how his day was and he asked me about my family. Then he asked the unexpected. He just simply asked for a first kiss. He was so cute so I obliged and then we got into the hot tub. 

Our time was fun and relaxing but when it was time for the making of baby 11 he promptly got out of the hot tub and told me that he couldn’t do this after all and headed for home.

I just sat there in puzzlement. After all this time he just bails, he chickens out? I just didn’t understand.

A few days later I had an unexpected visitor, it was the Grinch. He barged into my home without even being asked to come in. He started talking a mile a minute and what he said floored me.


The Grinch was created by BUTTONSGINGER and you can download him here:

Grinch: “Ashby Starr, I am here to ask you a favor. I know I am not known to seek out the help of others and frankly I don’t even want to be here, but my time here is not going to last forever and I have decided that I would like an heir to take over my Grouchiness when I am gone.   I don’t relish the idea of making this heir, but I have decided that you would be my best option to have this heir. I can have a child with you and not have to see you again ever and you would raise that child until it is ready to take over my reign. So what say you Ashby Starr?”

I am sure my jaw was on the floor. When I was finally able to talk I asked a question that I don’t think he was expecting. “What if he or she gets the good trait and they don’t want to take over your Grouchiness?” 

He crossed his green arms over his chest and stuck out his chin at me. “I guess we will cross that bridge if it comes up. So what say you Ashby Starr, are you in or out?” 

Despite his nasty tone I decided that I would take him up on his offer. Christmas was approaching fast and the Grinch was a very popular Christmas character. It would be fun to have baby/babies of this nature in the house around Christmas time, because even though he didn’t like it as an adult the Grinch did love Christmas as a youth. 


There were no formalities with the Grinch, my children were at school, we went right up to my bedroom and soon the room was filled with the lullaby. He left quickly after that mutter how disgusting I was. 


So now I am pregnant with the Grinch’s child/children and I want to take some time to tie up some loose ends. I need to let you all know what happened while I was in Sunset Valley for Violet Newbie’s Birthday party (her blog can be found here: ).

While there I met this man named Asher, well I met a few new people during this trip to Sunset Valley but that will be saved for a later time, and after a few drinks in me we went back to his house. There we, well let’s just say I am not proud of my actions. However, Asher is a great guy and he was kind and nice and didn’t judge me. I was glad because even though I was ashamed of my behavior it was nice to be with a guy outside my challenge. Well my body didn’t know we weren’t doing the challenge and soon we had a beautiful son named Derrick. The reason he hasn’t been in my blog before this is Asher had begged me to allow him to keep Derrick with him. It was a hard decision for me to make, but finally I felt this would be the best thing. He would be one of my children that didn’t have to be labeled as a 100 challenge baby. Asher emails, calls and writes to me all the time and now that Derrick is a child I get pictures and calls from him as well. I am so proud of the son he has turned out to be and I love him dearly. Asher is a great dad and I am blessed to have both in my life.

I got an email from Mr. Green yesterday and he had gone out to where Raven and her family lived. When he told her who he was and what he wanted she wouldn’t believe him or even talk to him, but I guess Miles finally convinced her to at least hear him out. After he told them his theory and about Harmony she called her brother Kale and he and his wife Crimson came right over. The tale was retold and something seemed to make sense to the twins, but they still needed the proof. DNA tests were done and the results are these two people Raven and Kale Bishop are really Diamond and Onyx Storm. Tears were shed all around and especially when the twins found out they were really triplets and their brother Steel was still missing. 

Mr. Green also explained that is was hard to call his children Raven and Kale, but they had been going by that name longer then their birth names and he would find a way to get use to it. The three of them and their families are now joining the search for Steel and Harmony. I hope someone comes up with something soon.

I also heard from Violet on this subject and Miles had told her that Raven finding her father, or really her father finding her, has really helped her in her therapy and she doesn’t seem as scared now, but they have a long way to go.

I will finish this post later for I must head to the hospital now.

Well I am back home now and I am exhausted but my three beauties are sleeping and I just wanted to take some time before I head to bed to finish this blog and get it posted.

I had another set of triplets…all boys:


It appears they all got their father’s pigment. I am excited to have toddlers, A Child and teens in the house for Christmas. I hope that SimClause is good to us all.

Well my friends I must wrap this up. Oddly there is someone at my door at this late hour.

Thank you avid reader for continuing on this journey with Ashby and I even when the blog updates are so far apart. I hope you enjoy the drama and love and excitement I have planned for Ashby and her family. 

I would love to hear from you so post your comments here or on my facebook page you can find me under Ashby Starr.

Until next time……



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