Bablies 4,5,6 & Bennett


BABY 4, 5, 6 and Bennett



            Here is my new look for now. I hope the next daddy likes it. I feel a little like a rock star even though I don’t sing or play the guitar. 




            I have to admit that I was rather shocked the Greyson was a single birth. I mean I did everything that I had read in other 100 baby challenge blogs. I listened to kid’s music all the time, even though I refer Custom Music, and I watched kids T.V. every chance I got, but still Greyson was the only child that came out of my pregnancy. 

            Don’t get me wrong I love the little man more than anything, well except for my other two children, but having multiples will sure help this challenge go a bit faster.

            I was also very excited that he got his dad’s wonderful pink skin and I couldn’t wait to see how he aged up.



            The girls understood that Greyson needed me at this stage of his life so they did other things to occupy their time. They read books, played games, did their homework, and most importantly started to become best friends. They knew that life as a child of a 100 baby challenge wasn’t going to be a picnic, but they also knew it was going to be great and who better to share the ups and downs with but your twin sisters. Having a twin meant that you had more than just half siblings and sharing a mother. It meant you shared the same mother and father and even though they too adored Greyson they knew their bond was going to be something to treasure forever.


            The infancy of a child in the 100 baby challenge is short lived for they must age into a toddler so that the mom, me in this case, and start working on their skills such as walking, talking and using the loo by themselves. 

            Here is my little boy, my Greyson as a spunky tot. His father’s pink skin looks good with his steel eyes, that he got from my and I got from my dad Lawrence, and his dad’s and well his grandmother’s black hair.

You can download him here:


            I got another one of those mysterious calls. This time it wasn’t a voice threatening me, but a static filled panicked voice. The voice sounded scared and all I could make out was “find my kids”. 

            “Harmony, Harmony is that you?” I yelled into the phone, but the line had already gone dead. 

            This scared me and made me nervous. I made a phone call to the local authorities and asked that they try to trace my last call. They told me that it would take a little while and that they would call me back; when they did they didn’t have any news for me. The call was too short lived to be traced.

            Harmony where are you? What has happened to your kids?



            Look at my little boy learning his skills in the blocks. Do you think he will roll the genius trait like his sister Hannah? 



I was taking a break, while Greyson slept and the girls were at school, to play the latest EA game on my computer when I got an IM from Vi Newbie. Just in her typing she sounded excited and asked me if I was listening to the radio. I told her I wasn’t and she told me I had to turn it on immediately, apparently I had won something. Sure enough when I turned it on there was an announcement stating that I needed to call this phone number. When I dialed I got a hold of the radio station I use to listen to back in France. Before I got the news about Harmony and moved back stateside I had entered a drawing to meet my favorite French rock and roll band, the Classic’s. The radio station had been searching for me since and even though the time frame for me to receive my prize had past the lead singer/guitarist Classic Rock still wanted to meet me.  

Arrangements were made and Classic Rock was on his way from France to stay with me and my kids for a couple of days. This was insane. I was super excited so I got back on my computer and IM’d all my 100 baby challenge moms; Vi Newbie, Della Wriner, Cadence Sierra, Cheyene Dakota,  Elizabeth Reting and Christy Quinn. They were all very excited for me and told me that once Classic Rock left I would have to blog all about it.

I set off right away to get the house ready for a famous person to enter.


You can download him here:



            It was late when he arrived, but I had stayed up to greet him. I was nervous and all I could talk about was how much I loved his music and how big a fan I was of his. 


Once I realized that I had babbling I was embarrassed, but he just smiled at me and asked if there was a place that he could rest. It had been a long flight and he was very tired. I showed him to the guest room and the house grew quiet for the night. 


            My sleep was cut short when I heard my little man crying from the nursery. I went straight to him. Poor baby had a bad dream. I picked him up and snuggled him until he calmed down. I was finally able to put him down and got a couple of more hours sleep myself.


            The next day Classic asked Greyson and I would show him around town. I showed him all of Twinsbrook and we had a good time. At the end of the day we stopped by the park where I took some time to teach Greyson to walk. 




            When we got home that night I decided that I needed to get into better shape. I had decided, after finding out how great of a guy Classic was, to ask him to be part of my 100 baby challenge. In my mind’s eye the only way that he would say yes was to look like one of those rock star fans. I admit it now that it was a stupid idea and if someone doesn’t like you for who you are then they don’t deserve to be a part of your life. 



Gosh were does the time go? It is already time for my little angles to become teenagers. I threw them a poolside party. 


            First it was Harmony.

You can download her here:


            What a beauty she is. I think she looks more like her dad with his dark skin and hair, but she has my eyes. She is going to break some hearts I think.


Next was her younger sister Hannah.

You can download her here:


            The girls pondered what they wanted out of life. Finally Harmony decided she wanted to be a brain surgeon, but by the end of the party Hannah was still undecided.





            Even though she didn’t know what she wanted to make of her life she knew what things interested her. She took to the martial arts like a fish to water. She loved it so much that she would take a break from her school work and with book still in hand kick and punch at the training dummy. It wasn’t long and she got good enough to earn her white belt.

            Way to go Hannah. Mom is so proud of you darling.



            To celebrate her white belt Hannah thought it would be fitting to shoot off some fireworks. They were breathtaking and all of Twinsbrook talk about them for weeks.



            I am really starting to enjoy living in Twinsbrook. I have started to make friends. Apple Seed, Xerxes Storm’s girlfriend, and I have become quite good friends. Other then my fellow 100 baby challenge mothers I would have to say that Apple is my best friend right now. 


I am pleased to announce that my baby, Harmony Starr, has her first crush. It is a crush at a distance for now, but I can’t wait to see if something comes out of it. His name is Arch Wakefield, which is weird because he is the son of Plum Tree, but his last name is Wakefield.  Isn’t he handsome? 

You can download him here:

**Here is his mom Plum Tree**

You can download her here:



            Classic had been with us for a week now and he was thinking about moving on. He told me that he had decided to stay in Twinsbrook because he could record his next album here and not in France. I knew it was time to ask him to participate in my challenge. I was a bit shy when I approached him.


            At first he misunderstood and was excited to become my boyfriend, but I had to gently let him down and re-explain the rules to him. 


            He took it as rejection at first, but after I went through all the rules and how honored I would be for him to be a daddy to one of my children he decided to think about it.


            It didn’t take him as long as I thought it would have taken him to come around. Being the hopeless romantic he was he gazed into my eyes and told me he would be the honored one.


            He caught me off guard with a little kiss and then it was….


            Baby making time.


            It is times like these when we 100 baby challenge mother’s wish we weren’t partaking in the challenge so we could settle down with a great guy. Classic was really great with my kids. This picture isn’t really what it seems. Classic is teaching Greyson how to potty train. Greyson took the teaching a lot better from a man then he did from me or the girls.


            As the sun began to rise the next morning we could all hear Classic playing his sweet music, but when we all went down for breakfast he was gone. He left a sweet note that thanked us all for allowing him to be a part of our lives and that he would hold each of us special in his hearts. He went on to tell me that when the baby was ready to make sure to give him a call for he would like to be a part of his child’s life. 

            What a beautiful, unique and special man he turned out to be. Not at all like the typical rock star that I had built in my mind. I was more excited to meet my baby/babies now that I knew what a special father they had.


            It was time for my little boy to age into a child. I decided a nice destination party would be the thing. I made a few calls and Greyson aged into a scrapping young chap at the beach.


            What a strapping young chap with his father’s skin tone and dark hair and my steel grey eyes.

You can download him here:


            It is moments like this that warms a mother’s heart. My three children sitting down together doing their homework, the older two are helping out their little brother. I just want to take these times and hold on tight.



            Do you recall when I started this blog I expressed that I was going to adopt children as well as have them? The adoption agency called me and they finally have a special child for me to adopt. He is kind hearted but they were having trouble placing him because his is a little older then what most people want to adopt now-a-days. I jumped at the opportunity and told them to bring him over right away. 

            It was late when Matilda, the social worker, arrived with Bennett. I was outside working on my garden, I know weird, but it something that relaxes me before bed.  I was so pleased to meet him and he was so friendly right away.



            After the social worker left Bennett and I took some time to get to know each other. I told him that in the morning he would meet his new Sisters and brother and soon there would be a baby in the house. When I announced my pregnancy he was ecstatic. He had only wish that he would find a home where he was wanted and not ignored and he couldn’t believe his good luck that he now has siblings. He asked if he could rub my tummy and I obliged.

            I told him about the 100 baby challenge and he seemed a little leery about it, but I’m sure with time he will come to love being in a big family like this.

            As we talked he told me that he really wanted a new style (clothes and hairstyle) to go a long with his new life. We went up into Greyson’s room (now his as well) and this is what he came up with:



You can download him here:



            He is such as handsome boy. If he didn’t have the blond hair you could almost mistake him as my biological son with his sun kissed skin and steel grey eyes.

            The next day Harmony and Hannah told me that their dad had started to date Arch’s aunt, Plum’s twin sister, Olive Tree. 


You can download her here:


            Hannah went on to explain that once she and Harmony aged into young adults that she would like to get to know them. I told the girls that would be up to them and that I encourage them to at least get to know their dad better if nothing else.

            Harmony was the most upset by this turn of events. She was worried that if her dad was dating Arch’s aunt then they couldn’t hang out. I explained to her that she and Arch aren’t related in any way and if the two of them liked each other it was okay explore their friendship. This advice seemed to make her happy.


            Oh my look at my little girl. She is already a yellow belt. She is doing great with her martial arts. 


            Then it was time for me to head to the hospital. Classic came as soon as he was called and when I finally left I walked out with not one, not two but three little babes. 

            I had three beautiful daughters:


Simi Starr (Thank you Missy for the name)


Stella Starr


And Sunshine Starr.


Thank you as always for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts about it. You can comment here or on my FB page.

I know this update wasn’t as eventful as I was hoping. I had a grand plan for this story, but since Harmony’s game went kaput I can’t re-download the kids that were in here house hold so I have to rethink of what I want to happen this blog. So the next entry or two won’t be what I had planned, but I still hope you continue to reading Ashby’s journey.


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