Ashby Starr – Baby 3






            After I brought the girls home I decided that I need a little bit of a change myself. Mom watched the girls and I went to the stylist and this is what she came up with. I am pretty happy with it. I love the colors and I love my new hair. I can’t wait to get out in Twinbrook to show off my new style.




            Taking care of my girls is something I will treasure forever. They were the best babies a mother could ask for. I loved giving them their bottles and hugging them and playing with them. I was very tired at the end of the day and I never got a full night’s sleep, but as every mother learns it is worth it in the end. 


            The time with my babes seemed to fly by. It was time to age them up into toddlers so that I could get started teaching them their skills, such as walking, talking and going potty in the big girl potty. I knew this was something I had to do if I was going to be serious about this challenge. 

            I planned a small private evening party. I called Bryce but he was working late and as much as he wanted to come he just couldn’t get out of work. That is politics for you. 


            Harmony has my eyes, her dad’s dark skin color and black hair like her dad’s and her grandma’s when she was younger. However, she didn’t get the purple like her dad has or any of the yellow or blue that my hair has. So my best guess is that she got her dark hair from her grandma Mirid.

You can download Harmony here:


            Hannah also got a trait from her grandma Mirid and that is her dark blue eyes. She has my hair and more my skin tone than her dad’s. 

You can download Hannah here: 

            I want the girls to have their own identities so I didn’t dress them a like, but I did do their hair the same. What cute, precious girls I have.


            “Jinx you owe me a cola.” You know one of them would say that to the other if they could talk. The girls, although they don’t look alike, are very similar. They both love the dollhouse and putting their toys in their mouths.


            I got started right away with teaching the girls their skills. “Book..Book…” Harmony took to talking like a fish takes to water.


            Me thinks I have a genius on my hands. Look at Hannah she is a natural when it comes to making beautiful music on her little xylophone.


            Mom likes to call me really early in the morning. It is almost as if she forgot how little sleep a mother gets. Anyway, when she calls I tell her all about the girls and how fast they learn and how said I am knowing that I will have to age them up pretty soon because if I am going to have another baby soon I will need a little bit of help around the house. 


            Sometimes I get a bit too ambitious and try to fix things that I have no business trying to fix. Thank goodness I didn’t get killed.

            The girls finally learned their skills and it was time it was to age them into children so that they could get acclimated into school and a new routine before I brought home a new baby.


            Harmony is beautiful with her dark hair and skin. Her steel grey eyes that she got from me and her grandpa Lawrence will capture the hearts of many boys.

You can download her here:


            What a pretty girl. Hannah’s blue eyes and red hair is bound to get some attention as she grows up.

You can download her here:


            Hannah got the genius trait and I couldn’t be prouder. “And check mate!” What a smart little girl.


            I want to be the mother the supports her children and allows them to grow and flourish into anything they want to be. I make sure I hug and dote on my girls every chance I get.


I knew it was time I had to go out there and find the next daddy for my challenge, but I was enjoying the time I had with the girls. Fate then stepped in and Willy Wildey came knocking on my door.

You can download him and his brothers here:

He came inquiring about the 100 baby challenge. He, like Bryce before him, had moved with his brothers to Twinbrook when he heard about Harmony Storm’s 100 baby challenge. He had hoped that he could meet her and see if she would allow him to be part of the challenge, but he couldn’t seem to find her around. He went to the house that she was rumored to live in, but it is empty. Then he got a letter from an anonymous sender who told him that I was partaking in the challenge and he hurried right over.

This was strange to me. This was the second man to show up on my doorstep, who wanted to be in Harmony’s challenge, after receiving an anonymous tip that I was doing the challenge and the first one was even before I had annoyed that I was going to take it on.

Who is sending these men my way and why?


For a long time I just chatted with him, trying to get to know him, but when he was tired of just talking he pulled me in for a kiss. I was taken aback, but knew that he was serious about being part of this epic challenge. 


Soon after we went upstairs and got on with the baby making. 

Willy ended up hanging around the house for a few days after I got pregnant. It was a bit smothering, but at the same time I was glad to have another adult around for a while.


Not long after Willy left I got a very strange call. The caller I.D. couldn’t identify the caller nor did I recognize the voice. I couldn’t tell if the caller was male or female and I could barely make out what the person was actually saying, but it sounded an awful lot like, “Be careful or your fate could be the same as your cousin’s.” It was followed by a sinister laugh and the line went dead. The voice and the call sent shivers down my spine.

I wanted to spend all my time on finding out who called me and how they were connected to Harmony, but I had a family now and I needed to make sure they came first, so I put the call out of my mind for now and went to check on what the girls were doing.


Harmony was enjoying our fireman’s pole and


Hannah was chatting with her dad, Bryce Badger, online.


I was making dinner the first time I felt the new life move inside of me. This feeling got me pretty excited to meet him or her.


Gosh look at my baby bump. I seem to be much smaller then when I had the twins. I wonder if it is going to be a single birth or if there is something wrong. Am I not eating right? Should I be worried?



A few days later I called mom over for a visit. I told her my concerns and she told me that I shouldn’t worry so much. She agreed to spend the night to help ease my mind and to help with the girls.

That night my family was blessed with a little boy.


I am pleased to introduce all you bloggers to Greyson Starr. He was born with the Brave and Athletic traits. I for one can’t see what life brings to this little boy.

Thank you for reading

I know this installment was more of an “update” then surrounding the mystery of Harmony. There will be more about Harmony in the upcoming posts. I hope you will stick around as I lay out that mystery.

Please comments are welcome. I am eager to hear from you. Please post on my fb page or here.



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