Ashby Starr – China & Babies 1&2




                Once I was settled in I started make calls to Harmony’s children. The all agreed to come and see me except for Ambry. The disappearance of her mother and her siblings were too much for her to handle and she left Twinbrook with a note that said she would let the rest of the family know where she was once she is ready. This broke my heart. 


            First Xerxes, his family and Riley came over. I began right away grilling them for anything they could remember or could tell me about the emails they got from their mom in China. They pretty much told me the same as JayLeece had told me. How they were having a wonderful time and how she has met the next daddy in the challenge in China.

            This was beyond frustrating but I wasn’t about to give up. The five of us had a nice visit, but we all knew that something heavy was in the air. These types of visits should be for a mom and their children not a 2nd cousin. However, it was wonderful getting to know these people better.




            Next Giedon and Asia, LaRae, JayLeece; wither her kids, came to visit. Again the visit was great and I enjoyed getting to know Harmony’s children, but my mission was still at hand and I questioned them to see what they remembered and what the police were saying. They didn’t know much that could help and JayLeece was very angry with me for bringing it up. Her children were devastated about their grandmother’s disappearance and they were trying to move forward instead of living in the past. I could respect that and the rest of our visit was very short.




            Lastly Destiny, Faith and Leonidas came over. Destiny, who is a cop, told me that there was a large amount of money taken out of her mom’s account during their third day in China. I told her that JayLeece didn’t tell me that and she reminded me she was cop and had access to things that JayLeece didn’t. I found this odd. We continued to talk about it and neither one of us could figure out why money was withdrawn or where it went. 

            Leon just wanted justice and his mother found. “It would be nice if they could find someone to put behind bars.” I agreed with him.

            Overall the visits I had with Harmony’s kids had been wonderful. I loved getting to know them and meeting Harmony’s grandchildren. 

            A couple of days after they had left I was visited by this man:

            His name is Bryce Badger. He told me that he had moved to Twinbrook in hopes to participate in Harmony’s 100 baby challenge. He went on to explain that he had heard about what happened to her and he was greatly disappointed. He was about ready to leave Twinbrook when he found out that I was partaking in the challenge so he decided to take a chance and come and visit me.

            This was odd to me because I hadn’t officially begun to look for daddies nor had I really announce that I was doing the challenge. I asked him how he knew that I was going to do the challenge and he told me that he had received an email that had no from name on it. 

            We both found this odd, but I found him to be charming and honest so I asked him if he would like to spend the day with me and we could get to know one another.



            We discovered that we both loved to dance. We spend the majority of the day talking, laughing and dancing. However, I could not commit to having him as part of the baby challenge just yet, because I wasn’t ready to start. I explained to him that the disappearance of my cousin was weighting heavily on my mind and I felt that I needed to travel to China before I started the challenge to see if I could find any clues about what happened to her.

            He told me that he understood and to look him up once I am back stateside and ready to partake on the challenge. He was very serious about being daddy number one.

            After he left I logged onto the computer and booked a ticket to China for the next day. 


That night I couldn’t sleep so I spent my time playing on the goggles. I had great virtual adventures and I was ready to travel to China.


            The view from the plan was breathtaking and despite my task at hand I was happy to be taking a vacation in China.





            I set out straight away going to the local shops inquiring about Harmony. I showed her picture around and many of the vendors were being vague and some even said they didn’t remember seeing her. Even though their words were saying Harmony hadn’t been there, their eyes were saying another thing. I mean it is really had to forget a green Sim. No matter how hard I questioned them no one would admit to have meeting or seeing her or her kids.

            I didn’t understand what was going on, but I didn’t let it deter me. Destiny had told me the name of baby 16, dad’s. His name was Cheng Hong. I looked him up in the local directory and set off for his house. What I found there was just more disappointment and something very peculiar. The Hong household was empty. The front door was wide open and it looked like a hurricane had hit the inside. It was almost like someone came in, grabbed the few things they needed or wanted and then fled. The atmosphere and the condition of the house left me feeling unsettled.


            I didn’t know what else to do, face it I am no P.I., so I decided to head back to the local merchants to try and have some fun. There I met Shen Su. He was very nice and I was attracted to him. 


            The market was very slow so we decided to go outside and throw around the football. The two of us also had a picnic and I told him all about my cousin and why I was in China and what I was planning on doing when I got back stateside.

            He understood about the challenge and told me that if I wanted him to participate then all I would have to do is ask. I contemplating asking him to be daddy #1, but I had all but promised that spot to Bryce. When I told him as much he just told me to keep him in mind and that he had always wanted to visit the USA.


            During our talk Shen gave me a good idea to go and take the same adventure that JayLeece reported that her mom had emailed her about. I met the man in charge of that adventure and I was off.






            I completed the whole adventure and even though at times the tomb was scary and creepy nothing happened to me nor did I find any clues that Harmony had been there. This brought up a lot more questions. However, I had a great time. This is what an adventurous Sims life should be like. I found the relic I was looking for and returned it to the man that assigned me the task. 


            My “vacation” was over before I knew it. I got Shen’s number and promised to keep in touch. Once back in Twinbrook I headed straight to mom and dad’s before going home. I report to them about what I found out, or really in this case what I didn’t find out, in China. They were excited that I as back and when I officially announced that I was going to start the 100 baby challenge they were both on board. Well that was until mom had a chance to really think about the rules of the challenge.

            “Honey, don’t you think may people will think of you as a loose woman?” She questioned as her voice quivered.

            I knew that she was worried as to what her old friends would think of her only child. “Yes mom many will find me easy, cheap or loose, but overall I think many Sims have come to accept the 100 baby challenge because there are so many challenge mothers out there now. There is Violet Newbie, Cadence Sierra, Della Wriner, Shenae Dakota, Ivy Windfield,  Elizabeth Reting and of course our own Harmony Storm. All of these women are or were,” I bowed my head when I thought of Harmony, “amazing. I am sure all of them had people citizen them and put them down, but they all over came and they have amazing lives and children.”

            My mom knew I was right, but she was never one to back down so quickly. “But honey, you were going to travel the world and accomplish all of your dreams.” 

            My dad finally stepped it, “Mirid, our Ashby does have the adventurous trait but she also has the family trait. Our little girl is smart and funny and she will make herself happy in whatever she chooses. We just need to be strong and stand beside her in anything she chooses.” 

            Now can you see why my mom was okay with leaving her sister and friends to be with my dad? He is such a great and supportive guy.


            As I drove home I decided that I better get started on my challenge and decided that when I got home I would call Bryce and see if he was ready to try for baby #1.


            He came over straight away and without any further ado we got started. The sweet sounds of lullaby filled the room in no time and I was already excited to meet my little one or ones.


            Yuck morning sickness, no wait it isn’t even morning. If this keeps up I am going to have a long pregnancy. These were some of my thoughts as I experienced pregnancy for the first time.


            Comfort, rest, relaxation, these are the things my body craved during my 1st pregnancy so I spent as much time at the spa as I could. It is heavenly there every 100 baby challenge mom should treat themselves to a day at the spa.


            The day I went into labor I went for a walk to town.   While having lunch at the Bistro I ran into Xerxes, Harmony’s eldest child, and announced my pregnancy. Like I really needed to announce it look how big I am. He was very excited for me and was honored that I was carrying on his mom’s life goal.

            Shortly after talking to him I went into labor. I hailed a cab and quickly go to the hospital. On the way there I called Bryce and when I pulled up to the hospital he was there waiting for me. 

            The delivery was painful and long, but it was so worth it when I gazed upon my two perfect baby girls.

            After thinking long and hard of names I feel I have picked the best names I could have for these two angels.




            Harmony Starr

            I knew that naming my oldest daughter Harmony was the right thing to do. I also believe that running into Xerxes right before going into labor was a sign that I had made the right decision.


            And Hannah Starr.


Thank you for reading. I hope you are enjoying the new adventures of Ashby Starr. Comments are always welcome and you can post on my facebook page or here. I would love to hear from you.           

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