Ashby Starr – Introduction





Ashby Starr:

            Hi my name is Ashby Starr, and I have moved back to Twinbrook to take on the 100 baby challenge. Some of you may have known my beloved cousin Harmony Storm. When I found out she disappeared in China my family and I rushed back to Twinbrook to find out what happened. 

            Growing up Harmony and I were as close as two cousins could be. We spent as much time together as we possibly could. She was my best friend and I was her’s. It was helpful that our mothers, sisters, had us just months apart and lived down the street from each other. However, it was difficult for Harmony’s mom, Callie Storm, to accept that her sister, Mirid Storm now Starr, married into money and she was a single mother.  As the years past Aunt Callie became more and more bitter toward her sister who got pretty much anything she wanted.


Lawrence Starr:

Mirid Starr:

            When I was eleven my father, Lawrence Starr, got offered a great job in France. He didn’t need to work, but loved books and old relics so when a famous museum offered him a job he wanted to jump in with both feet, but he had my mom and me to think about. He sat down with mom and since her relationship with her only sister was very strained and neither one of them had other family left they decided they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have me exposed to another culture. So away we moved to France. 

            Harmony and I kept in touch with letters, phone calls and email and I have been following her blog about her 100 baby challenge. I enjoyed seeing all of her beautiful children and knowing that she was happy.

            About a week ago I got a call from my niece JayLeece Strom telling me that her mom, Emmett, Diamond, Onyx, Steel, Mordechai and Cervantes went on vacation to China. Their trip was planned for three days and have had been gone for almost a week when she called me. 

            She told me that she had been receiving a couple of emails from her mom a day telling her how much fun they were having and how she wished that she could have taken all of her children on vacation, but thanks to Emmett’s dad leaving a lot of money to them at the Forgotten Mansion she would be able to do more things like this for her upcoming children. JayLeece also told me that Harmony told her that she had met a man named Cheng Hong who had agreed to be part of the baby challenge and baby 16 would soon be on the way. She was excited to have a baby from a far off land. The family was scheduled to fly back late on their third day there and Harmony had sent an email to JayLeece telling her that she was going to do one of the many adventures that were out there.  Since that email no one had heard from Harmony or any of the 6 children that were on vacation with her.

            With this information in hand my family and I packed up, tied up loose ends and moved back to Twinbrook.  


            My parents bought a beautiful Oasis home (created by glitzyangel) and immediately picked up the phone and started making calls regarding Harmony and her children.


            Knowing I was about to embark on the 100 baby challenge and being from money I decided to buy the Racket’s 7 bedroom estate, and make it kid ready.  I know that having money and starting off in such a big house is breaking the rules of the challenge, but you have to remember my lifetime wish wasn’t going to be to have a family.  I was going to travel the world and be a free spirit, but I have chosen to honor Harmony instead.  During this challenge I have to be true to myself, but yet still maintain as many of the rules as I can, so I will be adding my own twist on things.  I Ashby Starr am vowing to partake in the 100 baby challenge, but I am also going to adopt as many kids as I can.  Our economy is really bad now and there are a lot of children out there that need a good home.  I will adopt children of all ages and sporadically throughout this challenge, but my ultimate goal is still having 100 children of my own before I become an elder.  

            I will also not give up on my cousin Harmony and I am going to find out what happened to her and her sweet children.

            I hope to see every one of you along this journey of mine and am eager to report to you as I go.

                                         Your’s truley Ashby Starr


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