Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – babies 14 and 15

100 Baby Challenge:

Babies 14 and 15


It is time for my Winchester-Storm twins to grow into beautiful Young adults.

Destiny looks stunning in purple.


Faith what beautiful skin you got my girl.

Soon the girls would be moving out on their own so I talked with Leon and explained that I would need help with the smaller children once the girls were gone and told him I wanted to age him into a teen early.


He was happy about that. 


Here is my unique boy as a Teen.


Emmett has taken a liking to our goldfish and he makes sure Nicolas is fed every day.



Next it was time to age up the triplets into toddlers so I could start working with them on their walking, talking and using the potty. Once again, as in my early years of parenting, the cakes caught on fire and it was a disaster, but this time I had some older children around to help me clean up and the triplets were able to age up. Ambry girl don’t just stand there help me put this fire out!


Little Diamond, her skin is so dark, but she is so very sweet.


Onxy Storm, he got my hair.


Steel Storm, he got my hair and skin color, but his father’s distinct facial features.



Diamond and Onyx love their cars. 


The triples play so well together.   Here are steel and Diamond playing with the doll house.


Leon I told you that Steel had to develop some of his skills before I would allow him to watch tv. How can I get upset at this sweet scene? Two brothers watching TV. 


Homework homework homework there is always homework at the Storm house.



Leon is a handy kind of guy and helps me fix up the stuff around the house.


Next it was Emmett’s turn to age into a Teenager. We had a grand party with his dad and all of his siblings. My loner vampire boy sure has a lot of people who love him.


He may look a bit scary, but he is a sweet sweet boy.


I received a call from Destiny and Faith telling me they are both dating. Destiny is dating the Troll Man (yep Leon’s dad) Created by Monchi98.

Faith is dating Willy Widley created by Krazygirl1988.

I also got a call from JayLeece telling me that she and Bob Plum have had a baby together. His name is Noah. Oh My I am a Grandma!!! I gave her a small lecture about not calling and telling me she was pregnant, but quicky after expressed my happiness and excitement to meet him.


**HAHA** look at the weird glitch.

Leon helped me teach the triplets to walk, talk and use the potty.


Go baby go!! Look at how well Onyx is walking now.


In a moment of weakness and loneliness I agreed to be Lady Guy’s girlfriend. The rules state that I can’t marry any of the fathers, not that I can’t have one of them as a boyfriend. He understood my challenge and what I had to do but still wanted me to be his girlfriend. He also agreed to be a daddy of my next baby.


We went upstairs and got busy with the baby making.


After we went downstairs to get something to eat and he made a nasty comment about my other children. I don’t tolerate that kind of talk in my home and realized that I made a mistake by saying yes to being his girlfriend. 


I broke up with him then and there and told him to leave my home. 


The next day it was time for Leon to become a Young Adult.


Very much like his father he is.


Peek-a-boo I see you Diamond.


This pregnancy went by quickly and without any excitement. Lady Guy hasn’t tried to contact me nor did he show up at the hospital when the baby…or should I say babies…came.

When I left the hospital I left with the rare baby carrier and two beautiful baby boys.

Please welcome:


Mordechai (thank you Supernatural for the name) Storm



Cervantes Storm (thank you Krazygirl1988 AKA Val Fisher for the name)

Now that the Green-Storm triplets have learned all their skills as toddlers it is time for age them up into children.


Diamond Storm.


Onyx Storm


And my little Evil Steel Storm.


Once again thank you for reading. 

Comments are welcome and encouraged.

If you are interested in any of my sims you can find me on thesims3.com under Xur28 and if you are interested in any of the daddies from other users you can find them under my favorites.



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