Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 10

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 10:



My Ambry is a very smart girl, but she can’t cook a lick. It seems like she inherited her sister LaRae’s luck with cooking and fires.


The Troll Man turned out to be a loving father. He was so proud that someone allowed him to be a father and that he had a boy. He came over as often as he could so that he could see little Leon.


Now I understand the stress relief a trampoline can give someone. Flying though the air this way makes me forget that we live in such a little house and bills are always building up.


Ambry is going to make someone a wonderful wife and mother someday. She is very attentive and super smart.

Before anyone of us knew it, it was time for out little Leon, the only boy in the house, to age up into a toddler.



We had a big party and all of his siblings and his dad showed up for the event. With his family looking on Leon aged into a very sweet toddler.


Well it appears that he got more of his dad’s looks then mine, but a mother’s heart doesn’t love a child based on their looks but the bond they have between them and the kind soul they become. I am determined that Leon will be such a good boy that people will see past his looks and into his heart.

Download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2950080


I really enjoyed it when my kids come for the sibling’s birthday parties. I feel complete when my kids are all under one roof. We laugh, we talk, we hug and we eat cake. We eat lots of cake. I am surprised none of my kids are heavier than they are.


Like his siblings before him Leon loved his blocks. Will he be an architect someday? What a bright future my son has before him.


What a very sweet boy.


**Update on Xerxes and Gideon**

Not long after Xerxes and Riley moved into their new home Xerxes met Apple Seed (created by buckyandchey), she was a well know Doctor from her land, but had to start all over in Twinbrook due to the education system. It is quite annoying for her to say the least. 


She and Xerxes hit it off immediately and they have fallen in love.  They aren’t engaged or married, but they are boyfriend and girlfriend and whether or not they ever get married they will have a bond forever in my grandson Jeremy Seed.

You can find her: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2824749



So much like his dad, my sweet grandson. 


Gideon and Asia have moved their relationship forward as well.


They are living together and enjoying one another at this time, but they have yet to make a commitment. I believe it will just be a matter of time.


I was really happy to see Jeremy when he came home with Destiny one day. We were able to catch up and he was able to get to know his aunts and his young uncle.


It was time to get cracking on finding the next daddy for my challenge. I was wondering around time when I met a vampire, a real live, or should I say undead, vampire. His name is Malakai Rose (thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher)

You can find him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2939274

I think he used his vampire powers, because I hadn’t made a conscious decision to ask him to be part of the 100 baby challenge when I found myself at his house and in his room.


The first night I was there we talked and made out on his bed, but nothing more. When I left in the morning was left wanting more.


Even though Faith rolled the Snob trait she loved to play peek-a-boo with little Leon. The two of them are so cute together.


While meandering around town Ambry ran into her dad, David, and they had a nice talk. Since she turned into a teen she hadn’t been the best in keeping in contact with him. 


Destiny and Faith still love their trampoline and they are so unafraid. It thrills me watching them flip and jump higher on it.


A couple of days later Malakai called me up and asked me to come over. Once again he used his magic on me and took me in his arms and passionately kissed me. Yowza… that man knows what he is doing.


He told me he wanted to be the daddy of baby # 10 so that he had someone to leave his legacy to. He told me that in doing so I would have to agree to one thing, and that was after I was for sure that baby # 10 was conceived that my family and I would have to move in and once the baby was born he would move out. 

I reviewed the rules of the 100 baby challenge and did read that rules can be changed or modified, but the rules state that neither I nor my kids could get jobs. This wouldn’t be a job. I could not hire anyone to help me out. I wouldn’t be hiring him and marry any of the daddies of the 100 baby challenge. Well I have no intention of marrying him. I thought about having a vampire baby and it thrilled me so I agreed to his terms.


Soon after the making of baby # 10 was underway followed by the sweet sound of the lullaby.


Not long I started to show and was at Xerxes house annoying that I was pregnant again. He was thrilled. We talked for hours about our families and I was so happy to see my little, or not so little, boy happy and healthy.


Then, per my deal with Malakai Rose, it was time to move. I called the movers and off we went.


We moved to the Forgotten Mansion (created by glitzyangel)

You can download it here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2907381

It has three bedrooms and a nursery, three bathrooms with laundry room and plenty of room for my kids to run and grow in. However, the grounds weren’t big enough for us to take out trampoline and that really upset Destiny and Faith, but I assured them there would be plenty of other stuff for them to do.


The lower level


The upper level.


Look at all the stuff there is for the kids to do. It is a little creepy, but we, The Storm Family, fit right in.


Oh wow it is time to head to the hospital. Wow it doesn’t take long at all for a little vampire baby to be born.


Twinbrook welcome our first vampire child Emmett Storm. 

Now normally I would end my blog with the birth of my newest baby, but I have more to tell before I am done for this entry.


I took my first bath since starting the 100 baby challenge. It was heaven. Our old place just had a shower and this new one had two three bathtubs and one shower.


It is time for the 1st birthday in the new home. Leon is aging into a child. How exciting.


Well…..he really got is dad’s looks but my hair. 

You can download him here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2980884


The next day it was time for Ambry to age into a young adult.


I hugged her tightly and shed some tears as she got ready to move out of the house. I was a bit worried that she didn’t have any siblings to move out with, but she was ready and I knew, deep in my heart, that she was going to be okay.


She called a taxi and before I knew it she was out of our house. I knew I would see her around town and at her sibling’s birthdays, but I was already missing her.


The next day it was time for Destiny and Faith to age into teens.

First up the oldest twin Destiny, she thought very hard about what she wanted to do as a teen and how she wanted to conduct herself.


Faith was just having a good time. She was so excited about becoming a teenager.


Destiny Storm, what a pretty girl, she got her father’s skin tone and my eyes and hair. 

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2974749


Faith Storm, She is the spitting image of her father except for my eyes.

You can find her here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=2974750


Thank you avid reader for returning again, stay tuned for baby 11. 
Please feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.


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