Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – babies 7&8

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 7&8:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!


Finally I had saved enough to buy us a desk and a new computer. **SORRY THE PIC GOT DELETED** It wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked and the kids loved it.



The older kids, who normally lacked for something to do other then help around the house or homework, took every opportunity to play on it.

I made a very hard decision and that was to age up all of my kids on the same day. We threw a huge bash.



First it was Xerxes and Riley. The house was full of peo
ple that wanted to celebrate with them and they could barely get through the crowd to their cakes, but they managed.

Xerxes wish is to be a Surgeon someday and Riley just wanted to learn whatever and whenever she could.


Xerxes turned into a fine young man. I just knew he would do great things once he left the nest.


Riley… my beautiful, strange Riley…. She was still stunning to me. Her sense of style was a little different for my liking, but I knew I didn’t have to worry about her.


Next it was little Gideon’s turn. We had to have his cake outside because there just wasn’t any room in our tiny house.


What a cool looking Teen I have. Do you see any of his father in him? Even though it appears he has gotten a lot of my features, skin and hair all I can see is Trace. His hair is not what I would have chosen, but boys will be boys and he has to be himself.


Next is LaRae who loves the aging up processes and does a little dance as the age stars take her over.


My, what a pretty little girl she has turned into. I was worried about that short hair, but it grew in nicely. I think she got the best of both her dad and I. She got the traditional Storm Hair, her dad’s skin (although hers is darker red then his) and her eye color is a nice mix of Africa and mine.


Okay JayLeece let’s jump into childhood. 


Wow look at her. Her dad’s hair stands out very much against her green complexion and oh what interesting eyes my darling has. Looking at her I remember all the fascination I had with her father and I had to remind myself, once again, that I shall not have a favorite child.


And last but not least was my sweet Ambry. 


How sweet is she? Yet another child with the Strom genes (skin, eyes and hair minus the white and blue streaks), do I have very dominant genes? 

The huge birthday party was crazy. It was fun and there was lots of cake and the guest seem to have had a good time, but I will never do that again. First, because it took us all days to recover from it and second I felt like I took something away from each child having to share their aging up with their other siblings. From now on I will have each of them on different days, well except for twins they still have to share.

A few days later Xerxes and Riley were ready to move out. They found a little house and just like that they were gone from the Strom house. How I miss them, but I knew that all this was part of the challenge.


The twins were becoming the best of friends. They chatted and told each other everything. Whether it be to complain about our small messy house or talking about the birthday parties we had quite often.


They played games such as tag and always had a good time with one another.


In addition to his painting Gideon wanted to learn to cook. I allowed him to make meals such as mac and cheese and autumn salad to get him started.


The twins also found there niche. LaRae, like her older brother, found that she loved to paint. It was shame that the only time she really found time to do it was at night before bed. Wish I could afford a house with a studio in it for my children to create and use their talents.


What talent my child has. She was able to sell her first painting for $2.00, which isn’t much but she was so proud she could contribute to the household.


JayLeece on the other hand enjoyed writing and her first book, My Life As a Angel’s Daughter, did fairly well and she made a profit of $274.00. Soon after this book was published she started her 2nd book called AG263 and she is still working on it. 


Sweet Ambry she is my good girl. She doesn’t fuss much when she is put in her highchair.


Ambry and I went to sell my produce where I ran into Logan Gorgon (thanks to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher) and Basil Greensnip. The three of us had a nice talk why Ambry played on the sidewalk.



LaRae and Gideon continued to paint and helped the family out with money. I wanted to keep all of their art and hang it all over the house, but they insisted they wanted to sell them so they could help me with the financial burden. How did I get such amazing kids?


Ambry, just like her other siblings, loved the blocks. She spends hours playing and gaining skills.



I was ecstatic when Xerxes and Riley came to visit. I was so happy to see my eldest two children. We chatted and caught up. It was nice to know they were happy.


Ambry and I went to the Art Museum and who should I meet, but Dean friggin’ Winchester (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher). He and his brother Sam are famous ghost hunters and I was so excited that he was in Twinbrook. 

I am not sure what came over me but I jumped right into telling him all about my 100 baby challenge. He was intrigued and wanted to talk with me more about it so I invited him over to my house.


I admired him for his strength and his work as a ghost hunter. He confessed to me that he and Sam moved to Twinbrook to get out of the ghost hunting business. Sam hopes to find someone to settle down with and both he and Sam wanted to become firemen. I was disappointed to hear that, but understood where he was coming from.


We talked some more about the challenge and I told him the rules including the one that there is no commit with me and it would be up to the dad if they wanted to keep in contact with their kids after they are born.


He decided that it sounded like something he wanted to be part of and we kissed our first kiss. Wow he knew how to kiss. 


And we kissed some more. 


And then it was time for making baby # 7.


During this pregnancy I decided that I wanted to do some more fishing. I walked to the river that surrounds our place and took a couple of hours for myself.


My children continue to bond and Gideon is an awesome loving big brother. 


When I announced that I was pregnant again to Gideon he was very excited and tried to feel the baby. However, it was too soon for that.


I know I have other kids already, but I decided that it couldn’t hurt to pick up a baby book and read up on the “new” things to learn about pregnancy and what to expect.


Gideon finally earned enough money for half the price of a guitar, just like we agreed, and he quickly started strumming on it. JayLeece enjoyed what she heard and enjoyed watching her brother mess around on his new instrument.


Gosh what is happening to my girlish figure? Hahah.. baby bump much?


JayLeece also loved to feel my tummy as she eagerly awaited the birth of her new baby brother or sister.


Is there love in the air? Gideon has been inviting Asia Angel over a lot and I overheard him asking if she was single.


When the time came for baby # 7 it was quick. I didn’t have time to go to the hospital so I had another home delivery.

And to my amazement I had another set of twins.


I am pleased to introduce you to Destiny Storm (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher for the name)



Faith Storm (thank you to Krazygirl1988/Val Fisher for the name)

Two more girls, but look they don’t have green skin!!


Stay tuned for next time:

Will Harmony have any more boys?

Will LaRae and JayLeece get angel wings?

Will Gideon and Asia become an item?

Thank you as always for reading.

Please comments are welcomed and encouraged.


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