Harmony Storm 100 baby Challenge – baby # 4&5 is here


The Harmony Storm

100 Baby Challenge:

Baby 4&5:


****WARNING**** some of the content hints at adult situations without being graphic. If you are younger than 16 make sure your parents are okay with you reading my 100 baby challenge.

Please enjoy!!!


Xerxes was a great big brother. He loved spending time with this his siblings. One of their favorite past times was playing peek-a-boo.


I enjoyed giving my kids advice and I loved it when they came to ask. Xerxes expressed his concern about me doing the 100 baby challenge, but I assured him that I would be okay and that I would show each and every one of my children love and kindness.


It was time for Riley to become a child.   A lot of people showed up for the party, but it doesn’t appear that Trace was enjoying the party too much. Perhaps it is because it always seems like we have the kid’s party at night, or perhaps he knew that it meant the Gideon would soon be turning into a toddler. Again the guilt of having to age my children up so quickly entered my mind, but I pushed it quickly aside to enjoy the moment with Riley.


As the age stars surround my little girl I began to wonder what she will look like. Will she be smart, will she be kind, and will she have a lot of friends? The excitement was filling me and I just looked upon her waiting.


Riley was such a lovely child. It appears she got all of my looks for the most part. My eyes, hair color, skin color…. I still help thinking that she could still develop her dad’s bunny ears as she gets older. She also got the insane trait. It should be such a treat raising a girl who isn’t always quite right.


There was always a lot of work to be done around the house. I was very lucky that my kids helped me out. 


It was very rare that I was able to get time to myself and when I did even that was usually tarnished. I remember one time I went to dinner after selling some of my produce and two men got into a fight over me and who was going to be the next daddy in my challenge. Needless to say I didn’t talk to either of them that day.  


I felt bad that my kids had to share a room. It was small and cramped, but it didn’t stop them from having big dreams of wealth and fun. I also feel bad for my older children because when the baby wakes up so do they. *sigh* I hope that someday I will be able to afford a bigger house.



Xerxes and Riley were always very good about doing their homework. Both loved to be outside and would mostly do it there, but sometimes I found them on the kitchen floor. I hated that I couldn’t afford that buy them a desk or a table and chairs. We were rapidly growing out of the house, but we didn’t have the means to move.


Africa Angel would not leave my mind. There was something about him that drew me too him. I wasn’t sure if it was his angleness or what it was, but I knew that I had to have him in my 100 baby challenge. I called him up one day and the first thing he did was kick over my trash bin and get on the phone. I guess it was my own fault for thinking an evil angel would act nicely.


We spent some time taking and getting to know one another. I complemented his wings and told him my favorite color was red. I told him that I had a thing for men with Mohawks for Trace, the love of my life, had a Mohawk. I told him about my 100 baby challenge, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to participate just yet. The man both thrilled me and intimidated me.


Besides when I caught him stealing candy from my wee little babe, Gideon, with my other two children sleeping I really had to ask myself if I wanted to risk getting a baby with the evil trait.


I knew I had to get down to business and pick a daddy soon. Once I did that I knew I would need a little more help around the house. I spoke to Xerxes and he agreed that it was time to grow into a teenager. He really wanted to help me around the house and with his younger siblings more.

We had a grand birthday for him. We invited everyone for a sprinkler party, we couldn’t afford a pool nor could we afford to rent the public one either. Everyone had fun playing in the water and then it was time for Xerxes to blow out the candles and enter maturity.


With Africa’s daughter and myself cheering for him Xerxes turned into a teenager.


My boy was a unique looking lad. He had gotten most of his father’s looks: the wide nose, the receding hairline, and the weight. However, he did inherit my eyes and ears, but the skin…. I once thought of it as ashen, but now I can see that it is green, just a very light shade of green. Will all my kids have green skin?


Xerxes was amazing. He jumped into action right away and went and picked up the crying Gideon. He snuggled him and played with him and I was really touched that he was so loving toward his brother.


Before he went to bed, after his party, he did the laundry. I was so very impressed with my boy.


Xerxes was a very kind person. Riley felt very lucky to have such a great older brother that she found herself asking for advice from him and she so wanted to be like him when she grew up.


As I mentioned before Riley had rolled the insane trait and she did very odd things. One of them was that she brushed her teeth in the kitchen sink. And I wondered why my sink kept getting gunky with toothpaste. 


Talking to herself


And swimming with her clothes on instead of a bathing suit.



But I encouraged my kids to be themselves and when Riley came to me asking why she was different from the other kids at school I hugged her and told her it was good to be different. She was a special child and she had a good heart and that was all that mattered.


I again invited Africa over and this time he brought his son Benito with him. Again I had to rethink if I wanted to have him participate in my 100 baby challenge. We talked some more and the more I stared at his beautiful wings the more I wanted to have an angel baby.

I loved the idea of having an angelic baby. One who may end up with beautiful wings and who will be looked upon by others. I know the vanity in my came out tremendously when I was with Africa.


While Africa and I talked Gideon slept and Xerxes and Riley played in the sprinkler. The two of them had such fun together.


I was able to venture out again, man I loved those times when it was just me, and while I was out I met David Opsisits (Thank you to bug15998). He was really unique looking with his blue skin and kind eyes. I reminded myself that I needed to keep him in mind for my challenge. How great would it be to have a baby with cool blue skin like his?


While I was out I had the unpleasant pleasure of seeing Africa’s wife Brazil and their son Benito bonding. She was stunning with her blue wings and hair. I felt guilty that I was going to seduce her husband, but not once did I change my mind about doing so.


Africa came over the next night and I decided that it was time to begin to pursue him to be a part of my 100 baby challenge. I showed him my best moves when the two of us danced together.


I have heard that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so I impressed him with my key lime pie recipe.


But when I finally got the courage to ask him to father baby # 4 he refused kindly and told me that despite his evil trait and other bad habits he loved his wife and children and he couldn’t betray them.

This only made me want what I wanted even more.



Riley really wanted to get to know her dad and she called up Mr. Colors and asked if he would come over. The two of them got along really well and she deiced that she was indeed going to get to know her dad better.


He had bought her a music box that she loved to listen to and sway along with.


When time allowed us we would have a picnic in the yard. It was quite a treat to spend time outside with my two children who loved being out side.


A few days later I invited Africa over again. I sweetly requested that he be the next daddy in my 100 baby challenge and this time he seemed interested instead of against it. 

I found out that he and Brazil had a fight and even though they were staying together and he loved her he had told her that he wanted to help me out with my challenge. I wasn’t sure I liked the fact that Brazil knew, but my need for him to be a daddy was more than my concern for his wife.

Wow I had really turned into a hard core bitch. I think it was because my heart was hardened for the fact that I couldn’t spend my life with Trace because of this darn challenge.


We went for it, but the first time didn’t take. 

Right after he went and stole candy from Gideon again and I had to allow myself to calm down before we tried again. Those angelic wings still called to me even though he was evil.


It was time for Gideon to age into a Toddler. If I was going to have another infant around soon it would be better to have a toddler instead of two infants.

My parities were getting popular. It was crowed in my little home, but we always had a good time.


 What a sweetie my boy was with his green skin, grey eyes and black, white and blue hair. It seems like he got most of my looks. It seems that my genetics are dominating in my children. Perhaps when he gets older her will sport the Mohawk like his dad.


After the party Africa and I tried again, this time the sweet notes of the lullaby filled the basement and I was content.


During my pregnancy life was the same. I taught Gideon to talk.


And I watched him as he learned music skills on his xylophone.

 Xerxes taught him to walk.


Xerxes would take Riley fishing and


Swimming, and always help her with her homework.


Riley spent time with her dad and loved that he was a unique person like she was. 


It was time for a change. I recruited Xerxes help and we moved my bed upstairs and moved all the kid’s beds down to the basement. I was able to paint the walls and put in a couple of better lights. We moved the washer outside and I sold the dryer and got a clothes line.


After school one day Xerxes went to the park, but it didn’t seem like he knew how to use the slide. Did I take away his childhood too early? He sat there for the longest time and finally he allowed himself to slide down. 


I tried to stay active during my pregnancy and playing tag with Riley was good for the cardio and also bonding time with my child.


Riley was thrilled that another baby was on its way and asked to touch my tummy often. She would talk to her new sibling and gently rub circles with her hand.


As Xerxes played with her as a toddler Riley played with Gideon. She enjoyed that her family didn’t treat her like a weirdo like many people at school did. 


Then the time came and I went to the hospital to have my baby. And to my surprise I had twins. 


Twinbrook and Storm Family please welcome:

LaRae Storm



JayLeece Storm

One Pink/Red baby and one green baby. I couldn’t wait to see how these two girls turn out. 

Stay tuned….



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